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Ireland Chooses Satan


Clearly, St Wolfgang was not Irish…



Only 22 years after sodomy acts were decriminalised, Ireland has today rather overwhelmingly (“yes, show perversion to my children” has taken 62% of the vote) in favour of the legalisation of that oxymoron called “gay marriage”.

Ireland had it coming, and now their children will have to live with the mess that the fathers have created.

The first culprit is, obviously, the Irish clergy. I do not know whether there is another Country where the demolition of Catholicism has been pursued so aggressively as there. A collective cupio dissolvi that must please the likes of Francis and, of course, Timothy Radcliffe.

The Buggers Broadcasting Communism are not getting tired of showing to children and families the photos of fags and dykes kissing. They truly want perversion to become mainstream. They enjoy a day in which Christ is crucified again so publicly, and so blatantly. They spit on Christianity and are proud of it.

Serves you right, you lukewarm “nice” Irish Catholics. Serves you right, you “let us not obsess about homosexuality” crowd. Serves you right, you “there are bigger fishes to fry” types. You will now have to live in a society in which not only perversion has full legal societal approval, but in which you and your children run the risk of being persecuted *merely for saying you do not approve of sexual perversion*, as the Gaystapo insists in their satanic practices being considered a “human right”.

You will now have your children exposed to sexual perversion, and will have to fight – if you want to, which I doubt – against a tide of popular opinion that for your children will be a matter of course, and the societal received truth. Some of your children will become pervert, and go to hell through it. Many others will go to hell without being perverts, but just for making their satanic work.

God knows I do not wish any soul to go to hell. But this here is not about what we are wishing, it is about what we are observing. It’s happening under our eyes, and it is clear Satan’s nets are all out, and the catch will be so plentiful it makes one’s blood chill.

No, you stupid men and women of Ireland. You go to hell without me. I will die in the religion of my forefathers and, wretched sinner as I am, hope to find some mercy in my weak, but sincere efforts to live a Christian life, and in my adherence to what I know to be Revealed Truth.

You, stupid men and women of Ireland, have no excuses. You know very well what the Church teaches. You chose to ignore Christ’s religion to create your own.

I do not wish for anyone of you to go to hell. I will keep praying for your final repentance as it is my duty of Catholic. But I do not feel the slightest shred of compassion for those among you who will be sent to their eternal damnation after such an open rebellion to Christ.

Be your own God, pay the price.

One day, Satan will show you an entirely new meaning of “same sex loving”.




Bishop Nice


The bishop hated the pro-lifers’ noise outside of the pub.

“screaming at one another is not acceptable from people who are pro-life”.

Yes, we live in such stupid times that a bishop chides people who try to have babies not murdered for “screaming” at their opponents concerning abortion.

Oh, these pro-life activists. Such uneducated people. Their screaming disturbs the bishop’s postprandial nap, or afternoon pint with his buddies.


If you think this is a joke, it isn’t.

I received from reader Phlogiston1667 this link, and the daft smile the bishop puts in front of the camera speaks volume about the usual V II article we have in front of us here: one who is very good at smiling at the world, and at bullying Catholics. 

Another typical trait of the V II tools is that, with the excuse of “having to find ways of speaking the truth in love”, they are very happy with not speaking the truth at all.

And in fact, it is evident to anyone with a brain that if you speak the truth in any meaningful way, someone will call you uncharitable. A bishop might even tell you you are “screaming”, which is obviously a no-no in polite society.

This time, the former auxiliary bishop makes clear he will not allow Catholicism to disturb his quiet once he is in charge of a diocese. Hey, this is an appointment of the Age of Francis. What else do you expect.  

Sorry, my dear baby. You will have to die.

We like it quiet here.


Meet Father Pansy

Not one for whingeing and whining: Don Camillo

The Irish Times has an article about the situation of discomfort experienced by many priests in Ireland. The chief whiner seems to be a Father Hoban, whose world fell on his head when he received a couple of rather vulgar phone calls and who nowadays feels, how should I put it, not very popular.

The interview deals with other issues, but what striked me most is this: that a priest should complain because he experiences social isolation or hostility.

Without going in detail about the personal situation of this particular priest (from what one reads around rather a professional whiner, and one of the trendy ones), I would like to expand a bit about this situation of uneasiness experienced – in a more or less whining way – by many Irish priests.

1) A priest is not supposed to be popular. He is supposed to be a scandal. If a priest thinks that he must be popular, I know that he will be a bad priest; a priest more interested in his own acceptance than in the health of his sheep’s souls is a priest who will start twisting and turning the Catholic message in various ways in order not to compromise his main aim: to be popular, accepted, “part of the group”. This is Father Pansy, the typical appearance on the parishes of the Western world. Irish priests seem to have been particularly adept at this, as they have managed to almost destroy an extremely strong Catholic tradition in just a few decades. Whining and whingeing seems to me, therefore, not warranted.

2) In my experience, a strong priest is never despised. He will be the object of hostility, perhaps rancor, perhaps even hatred, but he will be respected at all times, and he will have a healthy following of sensible people, intelligent besides being religious. He will save souls, but saving souls always comes at a price. It was never supposed to be an easy job, or a popular one; if the priest believes in his mission, that is, and does his job accordingly. The strong priests will experience hostility and isolation, but he will always experience esteem with it. The pansy, on the other hand, will be despised, because he will be perceived – and rightly so – as a little cowardly weakling, who would do everything to avoid being unpopular. Father Pansy is, nowadays, very easy to find. I would venture to say that in my experience the majority of priests belong to this category. You know what, Father Pansy? If  you are despised, you have no right to whine. 

3) I can’t avoid smiling at reading about a priest moaning because of a couple of insulting messages, or perceived hostility and isolation. Really, what a pussycat. These people should have a couple of balls put under the tree at Christmas, with a pressing request that they may please start wearing them. In the vast majority of the planet, Catholic priests live in daily, physical danger; they don’t have the luxury of whining, because even to show fear would be dangerous; they couldn’t afford a voice message service where people leave ther insults, but are daily at risk that such insults be delivered by way of a stock, or a knife, or a pistol; they wouldn’t get the attention of an important newspaper, their very real danger being utterly ignored by the local press; and they would consider Father Hoban’s life a life of luxury, comfort and security, with or without voice messages and social isolation.

4) It must be unknown to Father Hoban that every day, countless members of the laity are insulted, or openly mocked, because of the decade-long inaction of pansy priests. Still, these laymen and laywomen continue to get the flak for their love of Christ, and don’t go around saying how oh so very cold their social environment has become. Many others choose to lose their jobs rather than having to perform abortions, or being forced to behave against the tenets of their faith. Your humble correspondent had the privilege of knowing a Christian layman from a Middle Eastern country, savagely beaten by Muslims fanatics to the point of getting asylum in Italy; with an eye almost blinded, and several skull fractures, and a walking impairment from the savage beatings (several of those) received. And if you really want to cry tears of rage and tenderness, I’ll tell you how it worked: that the man was *always* asked beforehand, by people armed with sticks, whether he was a Christian or a Muslim; and he *always* answered “I am a Christian”, knowing that a savage, life-threatening beating would be the result. He was left unconscious and half dead on the street on several occasions.

A layman, mind.

Father Hoban should just shut up, and hang his head in shame.


In all this discussion, the mistakes of the bishops are, in my eyes, a bit of a sideshow, at least as far as the likes of Father Hoban are concerned. Had he been a good, respected priest, no failing of his bishops would have been able to dent his personal prestige and the respect friends and enemies have for him. Instead, we read the pathetic moaning of an old man who very evidently hasn’t experienced social isolation until the ripe age of 63; which, if you ask me, is a clear sign that he hasn’t been much of a priest all of his life.

It is very strange, this shock at social hostility, when many laymen (including your humble correspondent) have experienced this very same social hostility (and not without physical threats at times; and not without hate at times; but never with contempt) from a good number of their peers since adolescence, because they opened their mouth to defend their values. Never with contempt, I said, because you’ll see that those who have the gut to believe in what they do are, generally, much respected by their enemies, and never have a problem in finding true friends. It’s the pansies who are despised by everyone, and rightly so.

Molti nemici, molto onore (“Many enemies, much honour”) was a Fascist slogan vastly – and predictably – criticised after the war, but whose profound meaning evidently always escaped our Fathers Pansy.  Their honour is to be the darling of everyone, to the point that experiencing social isolation and hostility can tear their world apart. Poor little pussycats.

This is what Vatican II has given us: a generation of pansies whining because they aren’t the darling of the neighbourhood anymore; and this, after it was exactly their desire to be the darlings that has almost destroyed Catholicism under their wake.

Can you imagine a strong priest of the years before Vatican II whining in this way about the icy atmosphere around him? Thought not. They had to do with violent commies, murderous at times, as in Spain.

Not with voice mails.


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