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The Pope Who Won’t Meet His Cardinals




VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - JANUARY 29: Pope Francis holds his weekly audience in St. Peter's Square on January 29, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. After his appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, today Pontiff was also found to be represented in a graffiti in Rome that portrays him in a superhero vest. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

“I don’t talk to you!”

Oh, the irony! 

The Pope of “dialogue”, being opened to the “other”, talking to the “peripheries”, listening to the “Spirit”, will not talk to his own Cardinals, who come from all over the world to bring him exactly that openness, and that dialogue, and that voice of the peripheries, that he is always blabbering about. 

I doubt this is because the Cardinals care about personal hygiene and, therefore, do not smell of sheep in the accustomed Argentinian fashion. I rather think it’s because there would be a huge elephant in the room, called Dubia.  

The Cardinals could address Francis formally about it. They could give him some formal letter, or petition, or imploration, or even warning (I don’t believe this; but he might know something we don’t know). They might talk about it with him or among themselves. Even if no one dared to mention it, the embarrassment would be huge. It would be like being at the reception of, as they say in Italy, “the wife of the hanged man”. The elephant would still be there, and he would be pissing on Francis all the time! 

This being the situation, Francis must have decided that openness is only good if people are open to his heresies; that dialogue is only good when he is the only one talking; and that the peripheries are only good if they are his own stinking Argentinian slums full of clearly unrepentant trannies, prostitutes and homos available to his own priests’ dirty desires.

Remember when the Evil Clown failed to show up at the Beethoven concert? This is another stunt of that sort: if I don’t like to do this, I will simply avoid it. The childishness and selfishness is the same, but this time it is about more than an ignorant peasant bored by Beethoven.

Go on, Francis dear. Make an ass of yourself in front of everyone again. Show the world what a petty, ignorant boor you are. This could be getting mighty interesting in the next months. 

We are beginning to enjoy the show. 




Queering The Church Some More


alarm bellAntonio Socci sounds the alarm concerning the Cardinals being rapidly appointed by Francis.

Now, the number of Cardinals who can be elected Pope will be still roughly limited to 120 (a number Francis has to power to modify, but has not done up to now). One could, therefore, not say Francis is being overzealous. On the other hand, he is being certainly attentive to appoint as many Cardinals as he can within the framework set up by his predecessors since Paul VI.

There is no doubt in my mind Francis does it in order to subvert the Church and make of it a dependency of his own Castroite ideology. There is also no doubt he will use the occasion a) to send signals about what must be done to advance one’s career, b) to reward some of his own minions, and c) to create a wall – as robust as possible – in case he feels like giving open battle in October. I also think he wants to help the homo lobby, with which he is now very evidently linked, in a sort of evil symbiosis, after their obvious help in having him elected Pope.

Socci, and others who fantasise an invalid election of Pope Francis -blithely forgetting papal elections aren’t nullified by administrative irregularities or even worse events like, say, open corruption (search this blog for more; the matter has been discussed ad abundantiam) – obviously poses the question of what will be of these red hats when Francis either kicks the bucket, or resigns.

The problem is, neither Socci nor his companions have an answer to this, because there is no way their appointments could be nullified, bar something huge – say: an ecumenical council declaring Francis heretic either during of after his pontificate -, in which case the nullification of the appointments would have to be traced back to the decision of such a council, not to the technicalities of the election.

We will see what the new names are. I trust the Lord that He will keep His promise of Church indefectibility. I am under the impression that Francis will not appoint exclusively utter bastards in the new position, because this would cause a massive backfiring and a compact wall of bishops against him at every possible occasion; rather, I think he will appoint a mixture of utter bastards, half bastards, garden variety yes-men, and a couple of orthodox ones to save the appearances and, of course, allow the Pollyannas to once again thank the Holy Ghost for the precious gift of this oh so wonderful Pope. The problem with this, from his perspective, is that many a yes-man and a number of half bastards might not hesitate one second to switch allegiance if, at the death of TMAHICH, the demand for a Catholic Pope should become a lion’s roar.

I do not believe these rumours and comments about a dying Pope, though he is the person I wish to see “six feet under” the most in the entire planet (nothing personal, of course; just trying to be a good Catholic who loves the Church infinitely more than this disgraceful clown). Francis’ references to him not being around in ten or so years’ time seem to me nothing but the coquette remarks of an old man fishing for compliments and wishes of good health, rather than the revelation of serious health problems.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and He can strike Bergoglio dead anytime; therefore, there’s no reason to examine at lenght every pound or three he gains or loses, or how strained his Jesuit face appears.

Francis is trying to queer the Church, and to make of it a more than vaguely Castroite social justice warriors’ machine. He will succeed to an extent. He might succeed to a great extent.But he is a fool if he thinks that he will succeed in the end.

He will, ultimately, fail; but not without great loss and devastation, and loss of souls.






Consistory: Don’t Be (Too) Afraid

Attila. Now giving an encore as Pope.

The new, reported yesterday, of a new Consistory for Mid-February has, no doubt, put more than one in panic mode. The longer Francis is in power, the more polluted the college of Cardinals will become. There is simply no chance that Francis may be content of making his own circus show, whilst leaving things more or less unchanged. This is the one who made Baldisseri Cardinal, and Cupich Archbishop (and, who knows, perhaps soon Cardinal, too…).

I do not know what will happen if Francis uses the Consistory to show how sngry he is, and to take a petty revenge on the Bishops who – indirectly, but clearly – booed him at the Synod. But from this little corner of Catholicism I suspect that if things become too colourful, the pressure to have Francis declared a heretic after death, Honorius-style, will grow, and at that point the question of the validity of Francis' appointments as Cardinal may well be posed.

This is, though, only a secondary consideration, and a not very probable one. More probable is, I think, one of the two:

1) The Lord, in His Goodness, frees us from Francis; either sending him six feet under, very probably to hell, or moving him to abdicate in some other way (heart attack, or the like).

2) The Lord works in the minds of the Cardinals in such a way that they prepare a “surprise” after Francis' demise, electing a much better candidate than it would otherwise be expected.

I am certainly not at ease with what is happening. It is clear to me that the longer this papacy, the more terrible and long lasting God's punishment will be. I dread to think what ten or fifteen years of Francis would make of the Bride of Christ. At the same time, I know that when the good Lord has decided that we have been punished long enough, or hard enough, He will put things right in the way He considers best, either with a slow recovery or with a spectacularly saintly man.

Don't be, therefore, too afraid. The amount of humiliation and disfiguration the Church will have to endure has been decreed already, and its end too. Our role is to participate in this plan so that, with God's Grace, we may merit salvation by being among those who have furthered His cause. Our role is, also, to endure whatever punishment God will send on us Christians and Catholics with Christian resignation, without rebelling and thinking that we know better, or this mess is too much for us, or the gates of hell must have prevailed.

Francis may think that he can reshape the Church; or he may, more modestly, think that he can give a lesson to the Bishops and assorted “Neo-Pelagians”. But always remember this: God can strike him down instantly, anytime. He could be dead as I write this, or as you read it. One little touch, and he's gone.

Terrible times might well be in store for us. Still, we won't be punished one bit harsher than we have deserved. Francis will not be sabotaging the Church one second longer than God allows him to.

I suggest you keep this in mind, and train yourselves to meditate on this often.

In the years to come, it might well become a necessary exercise.



Francis Appoints New Cardinals. First Thoughts.

Big mistake.

Big mistake.


Francis has, then, appointed the first squad of his demolition troops. They are the avant garde of the army meant to make Catholicism barely recognisable in the years to come. My first thoughts in casual order:

1. No US Americans.

Chaput, head of the extremely prestigious Archdiocese of Philadelphia, might have been considered. Too Catholic, perhaps? On the other hand, one can not imagine Che Guevara would, if elected Pope, have done differently.  Perhaps some US observers hoped for a red hat for Archbishop Kurtz, the newly elected head of the US Bishops’ Conference. The latter won’t be waiting for long, I would say. On the former, I have more doubts.

2. Mueller makes it.

Further evidence it is good to be the text editor of a former Pope, even if you doubt (or, ahem, re-read) Catholic dogma. It is astonishing that this man manages to pass for somewhat “conservative” among the uninformed, though there are (even) worse people than him around. Mueller is a friend of Liberation Theology. This probably saved his skin when the new man came in power. At least one hopes his red hat will give him some weight in the months to come (see below).

3. No Other Germans.

This must be worth a bottle. Zollitsch, the Archbishop Emeritus of Freiburg and Head of the German Bishops’ Conference, is in the front line on the unholy battle to sanctify adultery. He is now retiring, but is clearly still very influential and very “exposed” as the main nuclear warhead of the German clergy. If he had received a red hat it would have been very bad indeed. A thought: the Germans might be just “lio” enough for Francis, but perhaps they are just too rich, too “First World”. No favelas by you? Tsk, tsk…

4. Loads of “periphery”.

Argentina, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Philippines, Haiti, Nicaragua. Can’t imagine there are many “hawks” among them. Poli is most certainly one of the “Bergoglini”. I will have to read more about the others. Whilst this is a relatively small sample, it seems to be Central and South America fared pretty well. I think it’s fair to forecast an increase in populist statements and enthusiastic support of Francis’ confused anti-capitalist wannabe economics from these corners.

5. Four Italians.

I’d be glad if I could trust them as being orthodox Catholics. Nowadays, who can?

6. Quisling gets a hat.

Vincent “Quilsing” Nichols also made it. Unsurprisingly. He is just the kind of enemy of Christ Bergoglio would want to promote. Of course, Murphy O’Connor is now above 80 so one could say this is “expected”. But it is also generally “expected” that the archbishop in Philadelphia makes it to Cardinal, which doesn’t happen if the man in charge appears to be a Catholic.

It is, of course, too soon to see whether Francis wants to give a new balance to the college of Cardinals, away from powerful countries like US and Germany and on to the “peripheries” of the “oppressed” poor countries. 

In the next days, we will no doubt get a lot of coverage about the past statements of at least some of the new men. I don’t thing this will make good reading.


New Consistory, With Some Surprises.

Today’s train was missed by a couple acquaintances of this blog.


Strange news today with a mini-consistory announced and six new red hats to be created in November.

None of the new Cardinals is from Italy; five work outside of the Curia, and actually outside of Europe; only one appears – for what I know – to have a reputation of “liberal”; and one cannot avoid noticing both Nichols & Mueller have missed this train.

If I were to dare some reflections, they would be as follows:

A mini-consistory might indicate the Holy Father feels the time allotted to him might be coming to an end. I can otherwise not imagine why he would not wait another six months, perhaps twelve, and then have a more substantial Consistory. Perhaps he wanted to send a signal to countries where Christian are at risk of violent persecution. Perhaps, again, he feels his time is running out.

Archbishop Mueller has been left out. I am not very surprised as the man came to Rome mainly because he is a pal of the Holy Father, and has managed to make a lot of damage since. Whilst I am sure the Holy Father likes and protects him, there are clearly limits to the reputational damage he is ready and willing to bear.
No doubt, he plans to deliver for his Kumpel before long; Mueller certainly wishes him good health.

III) Nichols is also (provisionally) out and this is in my eyes more surprising, particularly considering the extreme prestige of his position and the fact he has been a Cardinal-in-waiting for w hile now. Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols is the notorious enabler of the dating service for sexual perverts usually going under the name of “Soho masses”. Rumours of action from Rome have been around for some days; I can easily imagine the two matters are linked, and the bad Archbishop is now asked to deliver at least in matter of blasphemous, openly practiced perversion.

I can also imagine the very tepid resistance put by “Quisling” Nichols to the “homo marriages” in the UK (Lord Carey is very active and the most recognisable face of this campaign; Nichols tries to be noticed as little as possible) might have not helped him much.

Again, this is a high-profile appointment of the current Pope, and a rather scarily young Archbishop of Westminster to boot. I find it entirely possible the Holy Father is now concerned about the way he will remembered, and a red hat for Nichols might – perhaps – be more than he wants to be remembered for.

IV)  The news of the Consistory was leaked a couple of hours before the official announcement. If the leak was “steered”, there should be no excessive surprise at other, unwanted leaks happening; if it wasn’t, well it’ s worrying.

I will gather more information about the new six Cardinals in the next days. It seems to me, though, that all in all it could have been worse.


New Cardinals named.

No time yet for a more detailed analysis and please forgive the absence of the usual embellishments.

Both Dolan and ++ Vincent “Quisling” Nichols will have to wait. Italian troop raised around one-third in one go and provided that they are orthodox, this little Italian heart can’t be displeased.
High incidence of Vatican elements anyway. I think both these elements might work for Scola at the next conclave.

The names are all here.

Feel free to add your own thoughts on the Cardinals you already know.

The 80 years rule is making the position of Cardinal more and more detached from that of elector, as the latest numbers show.

More on this as soon as I can research a bit.


New Consistory Imminent After All?


Sure to make it: Archbishop Burke


The rumours are more and more frequent on the blogosphere and it would seem that a new consistory is imminent.

As the date of the appointment would be the Feast of Christ The King, which falls on the 21st November, and as it is the usual praxis to announce the names one months in advance of the official appointment it would seem that within a few days we’ll have the name of the new red hats.

Whilst one does not doubt that unpleasant names will be inserted in the list (I think here in particular of His Disgrace Vincent “Quisling” Nichols, often the object of less than pleased entries on this blog), there is reason to hope that this new batch of Cardinals will, on the whole, give us conservative Catholics added security that the successor of Benedict will be a step forward; or at the very least, not one backwards.

Besides the unavoidable disappointment here and there (Benedict has already disappointed more than once in his UK appointments and he is obviously not willing to risk an open confrontation with the clergy of England & Wales) it will be nice to examine the new candidates one by one and try to assess how much the new appointments shift the average toward the conservative side. I am also glad that this consistory finally arrives as – always speaking in general- the more Cardinals of Benedictine appointment there are, the better it is.

But we still don’t know and we’ll have to bear some uncertainty for a couple of days.

As I think Pope Benedict would say: Abwarten, und Tee trinken…


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