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Heresy, Sodomy, And Corruption: Bergoglio’s Deep Church At Work And Why Trump Should Get A Closer Look At It


This long Marco Tosatti interview to Archbishop Vigano’ reads like a horror tour of all the major plagues of the Church in the XXI Century: doctrinal subversion is fuelled by sexual perversion, amplified by corruption, and the three work together in trying to destroy the Church as the Bride of Christ. In the mind of Bergoglio, Cupich, & Co, the Church should be nothing more than a convenient, comfortable place whence atheist, communists and sodomites promote all the causes of Globalism, as they lead a cushioned, often outright perverted existence themselves.

I invite you to read the article in its entirety (it is not short) because, not for the first time, Archbishop Vigano’ exhibits a lucidity of thought that helps the layman to understand the mechanisms currently at work in the Church better than many denunciations made by outsiders. This is a guy able to explain to you in simple words, say, why an administrative procedure instead of a criminal one is chosen, what the practical consequences are, and why this inserts itself in a broader plan of general prostitution of the Church to the interests of the world in exchange for money and protection from the Western press; a press, I add, which is clearly unwilling to investigate too much about the dirty laundry of an organisation so aligned with them and their secular agenda they can’t even believe it.

Speaking of prostitution: the alleged payment of billions of dollars to the Vatican by Chinese authorities could become a very interesting topic in the next years.

On one hand, you would not expect the United States to embark in a deep review of the internal affairs of another Sovereign Country (the State of Vatican City). On the other hand, the last years have certainly caused the White House to look very, very attentively at the traditional – and less traditional – ways in which Peking (see what I am doing here?) is seeking to gain influence in the West.

Remember this: Archbishops Vigano’ has President Trump’s ear. In fact, it seems to me that this detailed interview had as its main addressee – besides the denunciation of Bergoglio’s schemes to an authentic Catholic audience – the White House itself.

“Look closely at what is happening there”, Vigano’ seems to say. “Look at the way the Chinese have bought the Bergoglian apparatus, and have been corrupting the Church for many years, in order to promote an Anti-Christian and anti-American agenda in the West”.

The way the Archbishop describes the Chinese influence within the Vatican, and the many reasons why this influence is welcome (in order to line the pockets of many), practically expedient (in order to keep the attention of the press away from sodomites and pedophiles), and politically charged (in order to decrease the American influence over the West) will, I think, find attentive ears in Washington; because at this point this is not merely an internal affair of the Church, but an important square in the chessboard of the Sino-American relationships (or, hopefully, lack thereof).

Archbishop Vigano’ is God’s gift to the Church. I do not agree with everything he says, but there can be no doubt that we have in front of us a man of great integrity, vast competence, and in possession of a  very, very sharp mind.

Let us pray for him today, then. Like President Trump, he is one of those sent to us to help and comfort us in these times of distress.


Well, I Had To Smile…


The way the Bishop of Rome starts to tackle administrative simplification in the Vatican is by…  creating another administrative layer and using the usual tricks of the political trade: a new organism with a new name, more red tape, and lots of grandiloquent talk.

Both IOR and APSA remain (obviously; only revolutionary nutcases would have thought the Vatican would close its own bank), but now there is an Ueberministry  meant to do what was supposed to be done before, too. Or do you think before today there were no auditing, no controls, and no accountability rules? Cue subterranean power struggles for who gets the money to spend, and who controls whom. That at the end someone might be held accountable, is not certain. The Commander-in-Chief is one who puts his perverted buddy at the head of the Vatican bank, and leaves it there when the scandal erupts. Oh yeah, this is the one who wants to clean up the Vatican.  

This reminds me all too much of the usual politicians’ reaction: let’s change some names, move a couple of offices here and a couple of competences there, and create a new organisation with a new name that we can put on our flag. 

The height of the hypocrisy is to say  the wealth of the Vatican must be used to help the needy. Clearly, someone seems to think up to yesterday it was used to buy Mozzettas. 

Now don’t get me wrong: it might even be that in future corruption in the Vatican will be reduced, and accountability become more effective. But as always, if this happens it will be because there is a real will to make it happen and men willing to fight for it; not because more red tape has been created, more potential for conflicts of attribution and rivalry between various organs has been generated, and a new name has been fed to the press.

I hope the transparency begins by telling us how much the army of consultants hired by Francis is costing. Hey, “the Church must use its wealth to help the poor”, so one thinks he is entitled to know… 

I will wait for the results for a very moderate amount of confidence. For the moment, I notice the methods are the same used everywhere else.

At least we have some good news: at the head of the new Ueberministry was put Cardinal Pell.

It could have been Maradiaga.


Non Praevalebunt: “Vatileaks” In Perspective

This “Vatileaks” matter does not cease to amaze me.

It seems there are even people who demand or suggest the Pope should resign, as if the Vatican had always been an immaculate garden full of delicate flowers, now invaded by weeds. Then there are the faithful who are shocked, probably because they know next to nothing of history and think corruption in the Church started around five months ago.

Then there are – and they are also not new, but they’re amazing nevertheless – those who seem to think the Church must make an effort to earn I do not say their approval, but even their allegiance. The latter group seems to think the Church is something like a political party, to which they can give their support or take it away.

It is, therefore, perhaps fitting to say a couple of words about the matter. This may seem stating the obvious to some (which it is, and the reason why I often do not even mention these matters) but might be of some benefits for others, perhaps more recent readers of this blog or stumbling on this page by the virtue of Google.

1. Corruption in the Church is as old as the Church herself. Even among the first batch of twelve – handpicked by Our Lord Himself, and with the immeasurable benefit of knowing Him in the flesh – the betrayal rate was one in six, though one repented so let’s settle for one in twelve, which is around 8.33%. Those who know what happened afterwards are, certainly, not very alarmed from what is happening now, at least as far as the degree of corruption is concerned. Benedict IX sold his papacy, for crying out loud!

2. The Church is not a party, but the bride of Christ. I am utterly astonished that those people who say they have left the Church because they disagree with Pope Benedict’s policies never say to you they don’t identify with their Fatherland anymore because they don’t like Obama (or Bush, or Merkel, or the Chameleon, or Berlusconi). They don’t say this to you, because they perfectly well know it would be a very childish thing to say, and would let them appear rather stupid. But hey, if it is about the Church of Christ, one can throw away the membership card as he likes…

3. Excessive worries are a sign of weak faith, because the Church is indefectible. As Cardinal Consalvi brilliantly told Napoleon, the clergy has been trying to destroy her from the start, and has never managed it. The idea the Church may be  marching toward destruction is as intelligent as the fear of Asterix’ villagers  the sky may be about to fall on their head. Of course, one has the right to be angry – and if you ask, has the duty to denounce the filth in an apposite manner – but let us never forget total defeat is not an option here, merely some more or less protracted phase of dismal military operations and shocking, if never definitive setbacks.

I sometimes forget to point out to these simple facts. I do this, because to me this is such a matter of course than it would not occur to me to remind you of this more than it would that tomorrow the sun will go up in the east.

Therefore, let us be attentive not to cover the scandals – oportet ut scandala eveniant is valid for the Church too – but at the same time let us not think that the Church is now suddenly in danger, or the sky is about to fall on our heads.


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