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The Spirit Of “Mad Dog” Mattis, Or: Make Catholic Blogging Great (Again)!



The appointments of President Elect Trump continue to surprise. There is a freshness, a bluntness, an utter disregard of the whining comments of professional blabberers in many of his appointments that is utterly exhilarating; Trump’s attitude is most evident, I would say, in the choice of people like Bannon, Sessions, or Mattis.

Mattis’ appointment truly is an example of how much can be achieved if the President does not care of what the MSM will say. I link here to a fairly comprehensive list of Mattisisms   that I hope will not only amuse and entertain you, but will also be found instructive.

Please consider this chap is being appointed minister of Defence. I cannot recall anyone remotely similar to him (with the partial exception of our very own Francesco Cossiga, who was more diplomatic and was never defence secretary, though he was undersecretary) appointed to the same office in any Country I have inhabited.  

I always hated the pussyfooting, the terror of being considered impolite, the utterly unmanly self-censorship of so many who write Catholic blogs, and seem obsessed with what would happen if their neighbours read their blog and discovered they have called Hillary “bitch” (as an aside, it seems to me this kind of sensitive blogger is the most likely to tell all his neighbours he does, in fact, write a blog; so it’s vanity and virtual faggotry at the same time, and they feed from each other). This pussyfooting is, all too often, the indication of a mentality that either does not understand the stakes, or does not care for them. Every soul has infinite value. You do what helps in contributing to the salvation of as many souls you can, in every way you can. Politeness is, in this context, infinitely irrelevant.

I am sure General Mattis can be very polite if he wants to. But clearly, he also understands when the stakes are high enough that it is time to go the other way. If more of this spirit were present in the Catholic blogosphere, it would help our cause an awful lot.  

Keep your politeness for afternoon tea, and call Hitlery a bitch.

Make Catholic Blogging great (again).




#MAGA Monday: The Whole NBC Enchilada!

I spent a couple of hours yesterday evening browsing through this, and comparing it with my own experience. 7 P.M. Eastern Time was Midnight here in the UK, so I could easily compare the unfolding of the events on NBC with my own night, spent (without closing an eye, and I will remember this until the day I die) on much better informed sites until victory became a factual certainty, and then switching to the MSM coverage to enjoy watching them cringe.

Those who followed the event with people who knew what they were talking about (Sundance at The Last Refuge/Conservative Treehouse is a prime example, but I also found the NYT county-by-county live “map” report extremely useful) knew Florida was clearly gone around 9:20 P.M. Eastern time. The NBC people kept talking about Michigan, but they completely slept on Pennsylvania and Wisconsin turning Republican, which they discovered (or pretended to discover) way too late in the evening. They also clearly stopped talking about Florida when the facts had already spoken, but they did not want to admit the inevitable. It was deception every minute of it, carefully veiled at the start and more and more panicked (and resentful) later. 

You can have a lot of fun watching here how the events unfolded and the tide supposedly turned (“turned” for them, I mean. I went into the night knowing from the start Trump was the favourite). You can also clearly notice how the relatively neutral tone at the beginning of the night turns increasingly more bitter as the events belie the leftist narrative. Insults to Trump start to abound after it becomes clear he is winning *big*, and every pretense of impartial journalism is abandoned by many of the blabbering heads. 

One last thing I would like to note, as it seems to me it has not been sufficiently reported. 

John Podesta appears and says every last vote must count. You would think this is the result of the  decision to wait that all votes are counted before conceding. However, pretty much at the same time as Podesta was speaking Hitlery was calling Trump to… concede. The cowardly dyke had decided to lie once again, to her own biggest fans! She wanted to have the control of the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world, but she could not face people who have donated a lot of time, money and effort to her and tell her she has lost. The reports that she sobbed hysterically for hours, had to be restrained when she tried to physically attacking Podesta and got drunk appear entirely realistic. 

Still, one should be gracious to the loser. Therefore, I will limit myself to saying that Hillary Clinton is a huge piece of shit. 

Enjoy the video, and come back to see it again when you feel like it. Browse around, pick a time, jump back and forth, and literally enjoy the show…


Queen Bee Cried Inconsolably


Brutal video concerning Hitlery, basically the lesbian version of Uday and Kusay without the balls.

If the report is true (it matches the character; you know it is) we have all the scale of the drama we have just escaped.

Able to cry for hours inconsolably, to the point that even hours after the defeat she can barely be understood.  Able to blame Comey for an investigation she, and she alone, has caused with her arrogance and despise for the law. Able to blame Obama for not doing enough to stop Comey, and here we really see the attitude of the witch totally accustomed to get away with everything.  

The stupid, whining bitch was talking of “glass ceiling”, as if real qualities were not necessary to be President. The stupid, whining bitch wanted to lead a Superpower and wasn’t able to stay away from a drink or three. The stupid, whining bitch has so little leadership, so little understanding that even now she is unable to see that she is the only one responsible for her own political undoing and, very possibly, jail.

The uncontrollable crying could, if you ask me, actually be the result of much more than the loss of the presidency. It could be the result of the sudden realisation that she has lost the system of power that kept her swimming in money and away from jail; that she is now, in other words, alone against the power of very angry FBI ranks and file, and without Comey, Obama or the DoJ covering for her every crime. Not a reassuring thought if you have the past (and present) of Hillary Clinton. 

When you have lived in a bubble for thirty year it is hard to discover the president and First Lady have stopped following you on twitter. But then you reassure yourself, thinking that with the unavoidable victory everything will be fine again. When the victory fails to materialise, suddenly the orange jumpsuit becomes a far more concrete prospect.

I will not join the unavoidable list of the “live and let live” people. Hillary represents exactly that kind of political rot that should not be allowed to fester more and more. She should be investigated thoroughly and without any favour and, if found guilty, she should be punished exemplarily. 

The first female candidate to the Presidency to end up in jail. That would be news. 

Orange, they say, is the new blue. 



Advanced Parkinson’s: This Makes Sense To Me



This video makes a lot of sense. It squares with the episodes already mentioned on this blog, and highlights other occasions of behaviour compatible with the disease.

Tomorrow begins the third wave of Wikileaks revelations, which have already caused – notwithstanding the insisted silence or downplaying of the MSM – so much damage to Hitlery.

There are messages around (apparently on 4chan and elsewhere) claiming to come from Wikileaks, and announcing a knockout blow for the very next days.

I do not know whether this is the case – in my eyes, the time for the knifing is now, as in the silence of the MSM it will take many days to spread any news enough that the MSM can't ignore it anymore -; however, if the source is correct than the revelation from inside sources that Hitlery has Parkinson's would certainly put an end to this race. Several people must know. These people were obviously careless with their emails. They can easily have discussed Hitlery's Parkinson's problems among themselves.

Another element must be discussed. As clearly seen in the case of JPII and as the video confirms, Parkinson's often leads to dementia. Imagine a violently bitchy demented president with the nuclear codes in her hands. In case, I hope someone kills her in time.

However, you should not be worried about the woman.

I trust there will be enough treatment possibilities in jail.

If she likes her doctor, I am sure she will be able to keep her doctor.




In Jail Together

No visitation rights, Bill….


For those of you who haven’t followed, this article has a succinct explanation of Servergate. However, Servergate and the attached criminal offences (the obstruction of justice later, if not also the criminal negligence earlier) clearly committed by Hitlery and her accomplices are, at the moment, possibly not the biggest problem of Hitlery. I would count at least other two.

Firstly, the news now emerged that the Clinton Foundation has clearly been under investigation all the time. This will be huge fun to watch, and implicates Bill and (to a far lesser extent, I think) Chelsea, too.

Secondly, the very recent official confirmation that Hillary was given questions from the audience in advance, and shamelessly used them in her Primary debates. This is a smoking gun. This is officially being caught cheating. The CNN now tries some damage limitation. Only a Libtard could think they were not OK with all this.

Flashback for Italian readers: the events of these weeks (and particularly the vast acceleration since Friday) remind me of the weeks leading to the demise of Bettino Craxi and, with him, the factual annihilation of the Italian Socialist Party. The dynamics are exactly the same, and the eruption of popular rage whilst only the corrupt, the interested and the outright idiots try to defend the indefensible is following the same pattern. As it happened in Italy then, lesser fishes will now be helped to survive in order for the bigger fishes (old Bill not excluded) to get caught. Wiener is collaborating with the FBI. He has no interest in protecting Huma or Hitlery. He will be very motivated in protecting himself.

A pervert and his possibly lesbian wife, alone, could shoot the Clinton Clan down. Imagine the possibilities!

We are witnessing more than a politician’s setback. We are witnessing a revolution.

The Witch of the West is not dead yet.

But boy, she is in trouble.




Pray That Trump May Win


Please, Lord….


I read around that we should pray that the candidate wins, whose chances of salvation are improved by his victory. I disagree. 

Every soul is infinitely important, but what is at stake here is a bit more than the souls of the two candidates. Not only 330 million souls will be, one way or the other, impacted by the results of this election; but also countless others, from Western Europe – always influenced by the events the other side of the Ocean – to many poor African Countries whose anti-Christian bullying will continue unabated.

May Trump, and even Crooked Dyke, save their soul. I wish them well. But their own ultimate destiny – which is, by the way, already decreed in heaven – is not the matter here.

It would be better that Trump wins even if the man will end up in a very deep pit in hell because of unrepented sins. It would be better that Clinton loses even if she were, in hypothesis, to see the light and die at peace with the Lord before she dies.

Clinton is an epochal threat for the Christian West. She is a bomb under the chair of Christian Civilisation. Compared to this, her ultimate destiny pales into insignificance.

Trump is, perhaps, the last hope to ever revert the course of the XXI Century and go back to sanity at least in part. He will be forced to promote Christian values by simple, elementary political interest. How many women he will “grab by the Ryan” has no bearing on this. 

Let us not lose sight for what is at stake here. It’s much more than a freaking dyke. 

Pray that Trump may win. Pray every day, as intensely as you can. Do penance. Pray more. 

And if you get a bad night, full of dreams that Trump has lost (as just happened to me) order this book,  and vow to keep fighting until the Lord in His goodness releases us from this vale of tears.




Hidden Dykes



Drunk Dyke




After Yoko Ono’s revelation that the two had a bitch-to-bitch fling,  and we therefore officially have a Dyke as a candidate to the Presidency, we must now reflect about Hillary’s well’known admiration for Adolf Hitler; no, wait, I mean the petticoat version, Margaret Sanger. 

It seems to me that, in many of those people who relentlessly hate Christian values, the motivation for their hate is to be found in hidden, deeply disturbing tendencies.

The “progressive” priest or bishop, the “open-minded” politician, down to the many oh so “tolerant” commenters on blogs and fora all have the same trait: they are perverts, but they don’t tell you. And this perversion colours, dominates their entire existence; because they are put instead of the fundamental choice of deciding whether they are intrinsically bad, or Christianity is.

One can’t be – no matter what they say – a Lesbian on the side; every Dyke must know that her tendency is something big going on in her life; something that puts her head-on against the Church.  

Look at Crooked Dyke, then. She has been a Lesbian her entire life. It is, therefore, obvious to every thinking person that a life of pro-abortion, Nazi-like propaganda was simply the product of a deeply disturbed personality. 

You are a dyke. Therefore, you hate Christianity. Therefore, you hate the patriarchal society Christianity so strongly defends. Therefore, you support the killing of babies as a way of “empowering” women and extol the Nazi “virtues” of Margaret Sanger. But at the end of all this, the fundamental premise remains: that you do all this because you are a dyke.

Alas, these politicians, priests, bishops and commenters never tell you this, until they get outed of ones forces them to come out (a politician can lie to her tomb, but your garden variety commenter will find it far more difficult to deny, once repeatedly challenged, what he thinks such a defining part of himself).

And there we have it. I wonder how many closeted fags and dykes influence our political and religious discourse under the disguise of being “social”, “caring” or otherwise “progressive”. I talk here not only of Clinton, but of people like “Tucho” Fernandez, Father “I will sue you” Rosica, Cardinal Schoenborn, or Francis himself. How many of them are hidden dykes? How many of them are secret queens? 

Never trust anyone who tells you something blatantly against common decency and Christian morality. Whenever you hear such a one, ask him in his face if he is a homo. His facial expression might tell you everything you need to know about his argument.




Meet Hillary, The Dyke Candidate


Lyrics: “Imagine there’s no White House/ It isn’t hard to do…”


After the First Gay Mulatto, the United States might have the First Dyke

Not sure if she would fully qualify as “First Woman President”. We would have to ask some good priest.  

It is very telling that the young dyke felt attracted to, of all people, the Very Epitome Of The Great Bitch. If you asked around which woman in the US is more hateful than Hillary, I bet a lot of people would answer “Yoko Ono” without hesitation.

Now, let us look at the implications of this:

Trump may be a tad on the bragging, testosterone-laden side. But his weakness goes with nature.

Hillary is more than a tad on the bitchy side. And her bitchiness is clearly against nature.

What is worse? A man producing himself in some locker room braggadocio, or a Dyke at the White House?

Still, do you think this will damage Crooked Dyke much? I doubt it. People who tell themselves “Christian” and are willing to overlook one million babies killed in the womb every year will certainly not change their mind because the Crooked Bitch is also a dyke. That’s the kind of  “Christians” they are. As for the liberals, being a pervert isn’t a problem for them, so they will profit to feel good with themselves again. 

I hope Trump pounds on this, though, very hard. It may take some black vote out of the Crooked Witch. Apparently, they are starting to discover Hillary does not care a straw for them anyway. 




The Donald Can Still Lose



It is now several days after the first debate, and I see contrasting signals. I will not publish all links, but I think the relevant information will be available with some research.

I agree wholeheartedly with Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich.  The first said (can’t find the link) that Trump “won” because after the debate it was clear that everyone sees him as a legitimate contender, as Presidential material. The second stated that Trump had a long-term win  because whilst the Hillary clan can feel well about her performing as they had hoped, Trump had the better arguments on the issues. 

In the last days I have made the following observations: 

Trump could have destroyed Hillary, and he didn’t. I think in part he was afraid of appearing too aggressive, and been seen as not enough “Presidential material”. However, from what I have seen and read I think hubris played a part: Trump had just neglected to properly make his homework, as one must do if he want to profit of all the occasions given to him, or create them when they are not given to him by a scandalous “moderation”. Can’t imagine the Gipper failing to prepare because he thinks his personality will carry the day anyway.  

As to the polls, it seems to me that, in general, they are less encouraging now that they were before the debate. Whilst I discount most of the polls, even the ones I like most (because I like the methodology and found the results consistently serious and trustworthy) and follow most closely, Rasmussen and LA Times, gives mixed signals: LA Times indicates a consolidation of Trump’s advantage, but Rasmussen indicates the train has stopped, at least for now. 

My impression is that Hillary’s warship was badly taking in water and had a broken helm the morning of the debate, and is now at least in a position to float and manoeuver again. USS Trump got very near, but failed to finish USS Crooked. 

As to “who won”, the question is badly posed. Crooked Hillary is a glib serpent with 30 years’ experience in politicking, Trump is – his mastery of the screen notwithstanding – navigating new waters. Again: as long as Trump is seen as a credible candidate, he wins, because exactly this is what everyone says is the biggest obstacle for him. Every debate and every TV appearance help Trump to become “normality”, and he is well on its way to gather full support form the Republican voters. However, I am amazed at the bad faith of all those pretended professional journalists who think that the Trump camp can steer a sudden, spontaneous, worldwide conspiracy to manipulate all the instant internet polls, and only the two or three thousand picked by them, with a widely overrepresented Democratic component, reflect reality. Still, there’s no ground for rejoicing: Trump isn’t pulling away, which is exactly what he would have done if he had been better prepared – and a tad more assertive – on Monday. 

Another – and last – element I find worrying: I have read an article (can’t remember the link) about the voter registrations. They do not show any dramatic surge in those states with many disaffected, non-voting, old-ish Whites. This indicates, I think, that no Trump landslides are to be expected in states like Pennsylvania or Ohio, though Trump might well take the first and he is doing quite well in the second. As the registration deadlines in th evarious states approach, this is an opportunity that will be lost.

Mind, I am not pessimistic. I still think Trump can win, and win in a landslide. I think that the polls, in general, tend to underrepresent his vote in the same way as they regularly failed to catch his audience during the Primaries. However, it seems to me that Trump is, once again, being his worst enemy out of excessive security and undue cockiness. He must learn the lesson from the first debate fast, because he only has other two occasions, which I think will attract a smaller audience than the big novelty of the first debate.

The man has a huge talent. But Donald Trump keeps being his worst enemy. 







Is Hillary’s Health Problem… Alcohol?


How Hillary prevents “dehydration”…


This one here makes for interesting reading.

Or from here: (emphaisis mine)

A person is more susceptible to pneumonia if they are elderly, have a weakened or compromised immune system, are a cigarette smoker, are an alcoholic or are suffering for some other illness

Or you can read here about (again) the Bronko’s episode, the drinking contest, the (you don’t say?) “accident” of (cough) falling.

Or do you want to know more about what happened in Cartagena?

And several more episodes..

Now “barking Hillary” makes more sense?



No, this is not a “light” problem. Before knowing she was going around barking, I remember reading an article on the “American Thinker” stating her entourage had suggested to her she goes into a clinic to deal with the “problem” before starting the campaign, in order to both keep the issue under control and defuse the otherwise unavoidable rumours, hints and allegations. She apparently declined stating it was not necessary, and the author of the article went on wondering how a person who already has an issue with drinking will react to the prolonged stress of a long, ferocious battle for the White House.

I think I might know how this ended up.







Meet The “Deplorables”





The video and excerpt is here

Still, I do not resist and have to put the most interesting part here below. The emphases are mine.  

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” she said to applause and laughter. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

There is more than this. Already the fact that this woman already uses “marriage equality” for something she would not even dare to mention even a few years ago tells you she will treat you like you are the Ku Klux Klan. 

This is one of the rare moments in which Crooked Hillary shows her real face. Not the advisor-led platitudes, the trite slogans, the tired divisive propaganda. No. Here, Crooked Hillary showed her blank hatred for you. 

You must realise (I know you do; but this is indirectly addressed to your relatives, friends, and coworkers) that Hillary hates you like she hates Monica, more than she hates Monica. She hates you with a passion. She wants to destroy all you represent, all you believe in. She will not hesitate in going against you personally, against your freedom, against your livelihood.

This woman must be stopped. And the way to stop her is to refuse to be  a sanctimonious Judas   , hold your nose (if needs be) and

vote for Trump. 

You may not believe (as I do) that Trump really can “Make America Great Again”. But you are not allowed to be so blind that you do not see what a disaster America would become with 4 (or 8) years of this harridan in power.

You are a Deplorable.

She will crush you.

Don’t let her thread on you. 




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