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There Can Be No Devolution Of Truth. It’s Time To Walk Out.




In the absurd days we are living, with Circus Bergoglio now dishing us a number after the other, there has also been talk of allowing the individual bishops’ conference to do with Doctrine as they please. As in these cases you always need a fashionable word to cover old heresy, the idea has been called “devolution”.

The absurdity of this is apparent.

The Church has never been run by bishops’ conferences. The church is run by bishops, led by a Pope, who may or may not choose to be helped by Cardinals. The bishops’ conference as a hierarchical level in the Church simply does not exist; nor could it ever, because Christ never appointed any. The idea that a bishops’ conference may have any right to impinge on Doctrine in any way whatsoever is just bonkers.

Nor can it be said that, if bishops’ conferences have no hierarchical authority, a bishop has; and therefore any bishop could implement those “merciful” changes he thinks fit. Even my cat knows that no bishop has, ever had or could ever have such authority. The Truth is one. Therefore, the Church can only be one. There can be no multiplicity of doctrines more than there could be multiplicity of churches. Multiple doctrines would mean just that: multiple truths and multiple churches. Bishops cannot do anything of the sort, and everyone knows it. Which is, by the way, exactly the reason why bishops’ conferences are mentioned in connection with this latest madness.

Least of all it can be said that the Pope could make such changes. Whilst the Pope can be, in limited circumstances, infallible, his infallibility is always – and cannot but be – linked to what the Church has always believed. To put it in a blunt way: if the Pope wakes up one morning and “infallibly” proclaims the “dogma” of some heretical novelty he can never be infallible, he can only be heretical.

Truth can never be manipulated. The very concept of truth demands this as a logical consequence. As there can be no manipulation, there can be no devolution. As there must be unity, there can be no multiplicity.

Now, should we be scared that the Evil Clown will do something of the sort? To be blunt, with such an ass as Francis you never really know, but I don’t see it happening. I don’t see it happening because if Francis had had the gut of such a heretical feat, it is reasonable to think that he would have put it in place already, with a sudden papal ukase, counting on the shock effect and his authority as a Pope. Nor is this a new thinking of his, and he has already put his heretical reflection on record, as Rorate Caeli rightly observes. Therefore, the heresy has been in the mind of the Evil Clown for a while. Not even the most deluded mind can think this chaotic synod, causing concern and protests everywhere, brought him one inch nearer to it.

So: if Francis did not trust in the surprise effect then, why would he proclaim open heresy now? It would be far more difficult to achieve his objective now that it would have been then. He has been warned already. The opposition is worldwide spread and known everywhere. There is no realistic possibility that he can get away with it now, no matter how many sacrilegious little bastards – real or invented – are involved.

Realistically, no pope with a functioning brain, however heretical, would dare rising such a nuclear conflict.

I am sure Francis is heretical. What I am not sure of, is whether he has a functioning brain.

Ideally, he should not be given the ability to act in the first place. A decisive blow of historical import would destroy his ability to damage the Church forever. The Synod he wanted to use as an instrument of heresy would become the instrument of his undoing.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.

Time to walk out.



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