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Dies Natalis Romae Invictae

Fasces_lictoriae.svgToday is the 21 April, Dies Natalis Romae Invictae.

Sensible Italians remember today the birth of the second most astonishing phenomenon ever appeared under the Sky (after Jesus and His Church, of course).

The Catholics among the sensible Italians will also know that the First Rome was the instrument chosen by God for the development and spreading of the Second Rome.

As a born Roman, Civis Romanus, I allow myself to feel particularly proud today. Not my merit, I know. But proud nevertheless.

As image for this blog post I have chosen a most impressive symbol of Roman might: the Fasces. As you can see from the image, it was made out of many small rods, all bundled together to form a thick cylinder. This cylinder was then so strong it could be used as support for a weapon, generally an axe.

The first and most cited symbolic meaning of the Fasces is brutally evident: each one as an individual is small; but when put together in close collaboration, the group will be an indestructible, lethal weapon.

Most of my readers are, of course, not born Romans.

How will they celebrate today, then?

I suggest a beautiful way how we can, simple rods as we are, unite in this Spring Sunday in a powerful Catholic Fasces:

Dump Starbucks.


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