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Leftist Magazine Spot On On The Curia

That we live in strange and disturbing times is further demonstrated by this article published from the online version of the clearly leftist Italian magazine “L'Espresso”.

The interview to Camillo Ruini in the wake of the latest American judicial abomination is certainly interesting, but what is most interesting are two points in the introductory part of the article:

1. The Pope's silence in front of the homosexual perversion encourages dissenting bishops and even Cardinals.

2. The confusion reigning in the mind of these prelates is a far more serious problem than the inadequacy of the Vatican's administrative structure.

Both points are, of you ask me, very apposite. It's impossible not to notice a massive intervention of the Pope in the matter would change the nature of the conflict. The Pontiff's inaction is, if you ask me, a dereliction of duty for which he will have to answer one day.

As to the second point, I did not think I would see the day when even a leftist magazine ridicules Vatican prelates for being confused in their Catholicism.

V II is the gift that keeps on giving.



DOMA: Catholic Call to Arms

The President needs more training.

CNA has a story about Dan Avila, an advisor to the US Bishop, calling Catholics to arms with words whose clarity can only be lauded.

“We just can’t simply sit back. Every Catholic and every Catholic institution concerned about marriage and the family will need to be able to step forward and advocate for the Defense of Marriage Act as federal policy,”

“Even if there’s no immediate prospect for this bill to race through Congress, the fact is that the pressure is building and the case is being made for the eventual demise of DOMA. All those concerned about the preservation of marriage simply need to pay attention, stay tuned, and be ready to respond.”

“Marriage is the keystone of the common good. When you erase from a policy on marriage any reference to sexual difference, you will force the government to ignore and to be indifferent to the absence of either the man or the woman in the most fundamental relationship that we know of.”

“I would daresay that Congressman Nadler and others who are advocating the repeal of DOMA are not also advocating for the repeal of the requirement that be limited to people,” he said. Many who argue for same-sex marriage have taken positions against recognizing group marriage, even as polygamists have filed suit charging that polygamy bans are discriminatory.

One can’t say for sure that the US Bishop will respond to this call to arm with half the energy it would require; but one thing seems clear to me: this issue is going to stay with us, and it will grow in public awareness as 2012 approaches. By supporting the (hoped for) move to repeal the DOMA, Adolf Hussein Obama has taken sides and he will have to live with the consequences.

It surprises me that Adolf Hussein would choose the side that has lost 31 times out of 31, but this is such a self-deluded child president that one should never be too surprised at seeing him, once again, piddle out of the potty-chair without even noticing the puddle.

I do hope he’ll have more of these brilliant initiatives in the months to come. More liberal, more socialist, more populist, more “change”, more Obama.

Go on, Adolf Hussein; you saw how good it worked in 2010….


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