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Why, Oh Why Are Lesbians So Fat?

I wonder why they're obese...

I wonder why they’re so fat…

‘The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has awarded $1.5 million to study biological and social factors for why “three-quarters” of lesbians are obese and why gay males are not, calling it an issue of “high public-health significance.” ‘

This is the beginning of an article explaining to US Citizens with a brain how their own super-indebted government wastes their tax money to further an homosexual agenda and keep (as in: “kept woman”, “kept liberal”) stupid liberals in possession of some even more stupid degree in non-gainful employment.

The good news is that the “study” will not only research why dykes are obese, but also why fags tends to be abnormally thin. So it’s $750,000 for each category of perverts. Boy, that’s cheap.

So, why are dykes fat and fags thin?

Dykes are fat because they hate not only themselves, but their own god-given feminine nature. Therefore, they deform themselves to the level of barely recognisable humans, and carry around 300 or more pounds of rebellions against patriarchy, homophobia, and the likes. A dyke is a freak show inside. No wonder many of them become freak show outside, too.

Fags, on the other hand, are thin because many of them are either ephebophiles themselves, or want to be screwed by those who are. Hence the necessity of looking like a boy. You see the same in the models – both male and female – walking around in many catwalks in the West, all of them looking like boys.


That was fast.

One and a half million dollar of the taxpayer saved.

But wait: this means that there will be no scrounging opportunity for “researchers” who are absolutely sure to vote for the Democrats! No opportunity to further an atheist, anti-Christian agenda! No leftist brainwashing opportunity! Aaaarrgghhhh!!!!


When Sally Killed Sally

A dyke on the run.

And it came to pass a dyke was found bludgeoned to death in her own apartment in San Diego, Socialist Republic of California.

Her live-in pervert and, according to the Law of California, legally wedded wife, has disappeared together with the two dogs. The dogs, who were not married to any of the dykes – not even in a “partnership”; California isn't enough “diverse” for that yet – are not suspected of the murder as it seems difficult they could have bludgeoned a rather corpulent dyke to death. The other dyke – the “missing” one, who weighs 200 pounds, KFC bless her – very much is.

In the last 50 years, I have heard a lot of feminist screaming about wife beaters, male domestic violence, and the generally violent attitude of the patriarchal male-dominated society every time an episode of domestic violence of jealousy drama made the headlines.

I am, therefore, absolutely certain (cough) the same feminists will now start to decry dyke beaters, dyke domestic violence, and the generally violent attitude of the lesbian dyke-dominated society. And what about the fact this particular dyke is Black, and the murdered Dyke is White?


I am, coming back to the topic, certain that the concerned hags will now start to demand for comprehensive public data concerning so-called same-sex marriages, aimed at answering the all-important question: is it safer for a woman to live together with a man, or with another dyke?

The hags will not believe me when I tell them perversion is the root of many evils, and a person in the thrall of Satan to the extent of living in a so-called “same sex relationship” will have other ways in which Satan works on him; then Satan wants to secure his prey as fast as he can: which is why fags and dykes exhibit such an astonishing degree of violence, depression, psychosomatic and other diseases, and suicidal tendencies.

They (the hags) will not believe me. But they should start paying attention to the statistical figures. I am sure they will be enlightening for many.

In time, we will have the same statistics concerning the abuse of children “adopted” by perverts. I do not doubt they will be terrifying.

Congratulations, obese and stupid West.

You are killing your civilisation at astonishing speed.




Not Quite The Angels


These two delicate flowers have been just arrested for massively abusing “their” three children.

Yes, these are aren’t sisters, or cousins. I would say it is California, but this reality will become increasingly more common all over the West whilst Pope Francis, ever suspicious of everything looking like orthodoxy or a good living, tells us we must not look like saints in holy cards.

Well, these two dykes certainly don’t.

“The girl, who appeared to have suffered the most extreme abuse, was chained to the floor to prevent her from getting any food, they said”.

“[They had] “hardly eaten for months.”

[The girl looked] like a concentration camp victim.”

What a brave new world.

Dykes are allowed not only to keep their babies, but to adopt new ones. Then we complain such things happen. One truly understands how pedophile priests could be moved from one place to the other after some “training course”, and everyone thought it was all fine. As for the pedophile priests, there will be more and more of these cases in the years to come. Children will be subjected to the worst abuses in the worst cases, and will grow up emotionally maimed and with all sorts of dysfunctions in the less worst.

Political Correctness makes blind and stupid. These children are just three among very many who will pay the price.


Dyke Moved By Pope Francis. New Book Is Out.

No, it's supposed to be a woman.

No, it’s supposed to be a woman.


“I think I was brought pretty close to tears when Pope Francis said, ‘Who am I to judge?’” said Pike. “It was just a tremendous feeling of being welcomed for the first time — just to even be identified in that context.”

Ms/Mss/Mr/ Dyke Pyke was oh so moved when she heard Francis’ words. She isn’t sated yet, but she just had that “tremendous feeling”. 

As she is a stereotypical dyke, I thought it right to inflict the picture to you. You may show it to your children as a cautionary tale. If they have the appropriate age, that is.

The soi-disant Catholic, who is an “organizer” in her community, says Francis’ action “stir her heart”. I am glad he did not have to stir her body, for which much more vigorous statement would have been be necessary (“I am a Muslim”, or so).

Believe me, you don’t want to be punched by this one. I’d love to be her grocer, though. No discriminations here. “And this is your fennel, Mssss Hamilton” (insider joke for Italian readers, this one…). 

This is the kind of message that is now being repeated everywhere. From faggots to dykes, and from priests to cardinals, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon of “who am I to judge”-ism. 

What does the Bishop of Rome do to set the record, ahem, straight?

Ahem. Well…

oh … but look. He has a new book out about… himself!

How very ‘umble. Eh? Ah? No?




Trannie, But Not Very “Gay”…

It was widely believed the email below did not come from any of the girls.

It was widely believed the email below did not come from any of the girls…

“Are you drunk, sicko get the f*** out of my inbox it’s midnight. You expect me to show up there after you told me I could face discrimination from you flock of subhuman morons? F*** you. You’re lucky you haven’t been served with a human rights notice. F****** Nazi c*** s***** f*****. You know you gotta be pretty f***** naive to believe the filthy b******* you spread. Do the world a favor and go kill yourself. Your f***** family too.

Master of theology master of F****** b*******. Must be proud.

Creepy pedopriest”


This is the content of an email sent from a trannie to a Catholic priest obvisouly trying to save the trannie’s soul. Father Z has the story.

Let us just say I couldn’t even fill all the asterisks, but then again I am not mother tongue. Must be American, though, because he spells “favour” without the “u”.

No, this is not a very gay person. None of them are. When one sinks in such a pit of perversion, one becomes like this chap* here.

Others have remarked about the naked hatred transpiring from this rather rainbow-colourful message. I will point out, instead, on the “human rights notice” the man is talking – or rather dreaming, for now – about.

Make no mistake, this is the world these perverted bastards want to create: a world in which every challenge to their own disgusting perversion puts one at risk of outright persecution. No, not absurd at all. They have managed to take the moral high ground, and spread the mascara all over it. Unless we wake up, before not too long it will be a “hate crime” to call a pervert a pervert.

This is what we deserve for fifty years of stupid, effeminate “sensitivity”, during which reality was considered by Christian themselves more and more “inappropriate”; until even the use of every word these dang cretins do not like is considered taboo by the very Christians who should consider such perversions a taboo in the first place.

Christianity is marching toward persecution not because of the tiny minority of perverts, but because of the vast majority of Christians who, in their desire to feel oh so good and sensitive, have allowed these freaking faggots, dykes, trannies and assorted minions of Satan to achieve the status of “premium victim”, when they are among the worst offenders not only in the eyes of God – which is the most important thing; if you believe in God, that is – but in that they would do all they can to impose the acceptance of their own perversions to everyone as something to celebrate, and would not hesitate one second in perverting your child, your daughter, your sister, or yourself if they only could.

These people should be buried under a tsunami of ridicule and mockery, instead of being encouraged with the stupid, effeminate, all-understanding sensitivity of our times. If this had been the case, we would now not be confronted with abominations of all sorts, and would not be now more and more threatened with the attack to our very Christian principles, as we are accused of being “homophobic” for being Christians.

Make no mistake: unless there is no reaction to this PC mania and niceness madness, the “human rights notice” for failing to please a disgusting pervert is coming! Stop being a sensitive sissy, and go back to be a robust Christian! We will not send these perverts back in their satanical underworld by being “sensitive”. On the contrary: our weakness will embolden them more and more, until we will be the ones who are called perverted!

We must not accept this. We must rebel to this verbal self-castration. We must call perverts faggots, dykes, trannies. When we say “gay”, it must always be as a mockery. We must show them how disgusting they are.

Mockery wins wars. Ridicule and shaming are most powerful weapons. Social stigma works. It works so well, in fact, that it is the pervert’s first enemy, an enemy they are obviously trying to outlaw. The social control afforded by apposite description of disgusting realities will better protect your loved ones from the snares of the devil, and might even be useful to reform the one or other of the pervs – those who aren’t reprobates, at least -. The accommodation and desire to appease everyone will lead to your children being exposed to tranny propaganda in their very elementary school, and woe to you if you say something against it. But again, if you are one of the sensitive flowers it’s not more than what you deserve.

Do not hide under the PC rubbish of the “god loves the sinner”. God loves souls as souls, not trannies as trannies. A pervert who dies unrepentant goes to hell, whilst repentant perverts are ashamed of their perversion and do not advocate “rights” of sort for it, or for them. 

Wake up.

Wake up.

Wake up.

Political correctness is killing us. Has been for fifty years. Political correctness is wrong, stupid, and a danger to Christianity. The tranny who wrote the email above is your future, and the future of your children. 

Wake up.


* born with a willie = chap. No matter how perverted. One’s sex is given by God, not the surgeon.

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