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Mary Ever-Virgin: Blog Post Of The Day

Virgin Is Not Virgin

The Mary Ever-Virgin blog post of the day micro-award goes to EF Pastor Emeritus, a Catholic priest running a blog with a remarkable knack for punching posts.

His blog post, very aptly titled, contains the following statement:

 I look forward to reading how the new prefect will explain his apparent or alleged denial of “Ex intacta Virgine” when speaking of Mary and Christ.

and in fact, I wonder what kind of convoluted reasoning will be necessary to explain to us that virgin is not virgin, war is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strenght. He might persuade some contemporary German, but if we had been in the XVI century and I had been his defender I would have suggested him to plead mental insanity.

I have resigned myself to the fact that the Vatican II doublespeak will only cease when those who promote and continue to promote V II have gone to their more or less pleasant reward.

For the moment, it is consoling to read a priest write the following words:

The Doctrine of infallibility does not, of course, apply to appointments made by a Pope. D.g.,   and an appointment is not a teaching. I therefore with good conscience continue to accept Papal teaching in both the ordinary and extraordinary magisterium despite some stupid appointments made by popes throughout history.

Kudos to E F, Pastor Emeritus with a knack for truthfulness.


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