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“Educate…” What?!

Too much of this stuff, and you might come up with "Educate Together".

You would think a traditionally Catholic country like Ireland – a country which, if memory serves, had its own basic school system provided largely by the Church for a long time – would not care for politically correct bollocking, at least considering there are no dramatic divisions in the midst of society as far as religion is concerned.

You would, wouldn’t you? Well turns out you are (once again) too smart for the Irish Government. From the article linked I learned two things:

1) The Irish government wants to keep children away from Catholic schools, and calls its “inclusive” model “educate together”.

2) The parents disagree.

Funny, isn’t it? “We cannot enlarge capacity in the Catholic school”, says the Government, “because there are enough places in the school parents do to not want to send their children to”. Isn’t it a beauty, the Irish democracy, where the government tells the citizen what they have to want, and provides for them protecting them from their unhealthy desires?

Also, I wonder where the supposed rage against the Church, all too often portrayed like a bunch of predatory evil men, has gone. We have here a situation with 150 places a year in the Catholic school, 260 baptisms a year, and an overwhelming desire  to send the children to be educated in  a Catholic way. Shock! Horror!

“I want my kids to say their prayers in school, before lunch, before class, as I did.” says a good mother. I am sure she represents the opinion of many in the community.

“Educate together”, take a hike.


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