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Fags Vs Fags

Eltonia was a fuming fag...

Both Dolce & Gabbana (the two fags who created the brand of the same name) expressed themselves against so-called “gay marriage” and other modern ills, calling in vitro children “synthetic” and in general defending the only family that can be called such.

Invariably, Eltonia Joan (whom the world knows as Elton John) got a tantrum, and I can picture him whilst shredding all his – certainly numerous – Dolce & Gabbana clothes whilst insulting the two with a very high pitched voice, wowing never again to look like a fag clown in Dolce & Gabbana's, but only in other people's clothes.

What do we learn from this queenfight? That there are degrees of evil exactly as there will be degrees of punishment in hell. The ones, if they die in sodomitical mortal sin, will be damned. The others, if they die not only in the same mortal sin, but having vocally furthered even a mock sacrament and the adoption of the little ones by their own ilk, will truly desire that they were never born.

As Eltonia Joan abandons herself to her latest tantrum, the reality of hell is as concrete and inescapable as it always was. May the one or the other repent and go back to sanity one day, there should be no illusion that the modern inhabitants of Sodom will be punished as harshly as the biblical ones. Perhaps more so, then Eltonia & her oh so “gay” partner can't even claim they do not know what God's position on the matter is.

Fags call for the boycott of fags. This is not going to be pretty. Perhaps Dolce & Gabbana will backpedal like the Barilla family (another set of prime candidates for hell, if you ask me) already did. Perhaps they won't, and who knows, this controversy may spark in some fag some serious reflexion about right and wrong.

I will stop short of praising two open promoters of a perverted lifestyle like Dolce and Gabbana, because it would seem to me the same as praising Hitler for not gassing Italians qua Italians. Still, I can't avoid noticing that Italy is, as we write the year of the Lord 2015, a country where even scandalous fags have a higher probability of having a modicum of common sense within them, whilst the likes of Eltonia are treated by heroes by an entire Country, desirous to send itself to hell with the express train.

Satan is having a big party. But I doubt he dresses as badly as Eltonia Joan.



Converts To The Church Of Francis

Hhhmmm... Probably not SSPX Seminarians

On the usual wrong site, there was the usual pathetic attempt to explain why it is good that Elton Fag is so appreciative of the Unholy Father.

The thinking seems to be that when there is trust this is the first step on a path that might lead one to the Church. Not one word of this makes any sense.

Elton John has shown a massive support for Francis as opposed to the Church. He supports him not because he says what the Church says, but because he doesn’t. He pits Francis against the Church, and chooses the former.

If Elton John had said something along the lines of “Francis is leading me to reexamine my convictions in light of the teaching of the Church” we could see that Francis is, perhaps, slowly working. If Elton John had at least said “I still struggle to cope with Her teaching, but Pope Francis is leading me to examine the Church with a new appreciation of her sincere role for the salvation of souls” we could say that at least trust is advancing. But the man’s approbation extends solely to Francis, not to the Church.

This is an unrepentant sodomite living in sin with his faggot concubine, and even “adopting” poor unfortunate creatures! There is no word of repudiation of his ideology! How does this show “trust” in the Church?

Francis is working. No doubt about that. He is working at keeping people out of the Church, or in opposition to Her. If you are looking for excuses to reject the Church’s teaching, Francis clearly is the man for you. A man openly saying, himself, that he is not interested in converting anyone. Heresy and rebellion, dished right from the top. Elton Fag sees it, and pushes Francis as much as he can. What he wants, is that you convert to the Church of Francis, the arch-enemy of Catholicism…

This is not trust in Catholicism. This is warfare against it. Warfare helped by the fifth column inside the Church: Francis and his heretic fellows.





Francis, The Perverts’ Hero

Elton John, the pathetic freak show, has just stated that Francis is “his hero”; seasoning his stupid utterances with the usual bollocks about his own perverted concept of “love”. It is clear here that the pathetic freak show is referring to Francis' failed attempt to pervert Catholicism toward sexual perversion.

This will make headlines worldwide.

I wonder how many Pollyannas will start to open their big blue eyes after this. A man who is everything the Church considers scandalous and abominable praises a Pope for trying to bring the Church on his side. If this does not open Pollyanna's big eyes, what ever will?

Open your big blue eyes, Pollyanna. This is a papacy fit for atheists and perverts. By continuing in your increasingly more stubborn blindness, you are endangering your soul.


Christmas 2030: Frank And Christy Adopt Little Jennifer

“If gay marriage was OK – and I was uncertain on the issue – then I saw no reason in principle why a union should not be consecrated between three men, as well as two men; or indeed three men and a dog.”
Boris Johnson, when he still said what he thinks.

I am heartily sick of hearing people say “why this shouldn’t be allowed” and “why are you against that” concerning matters of obvious moral relevance. When such words are uttered, you can be sure that “they don’t harm anyone” is not far away.

Whenever I hear such expressions, it seems to me that “not harming other people” has become, in the mind of many, the only perceived criterium of morality. If one wants to commit suicide but “doesn’t harm anyone” (beside himself, I think it’s meant), then he should be free to demand to be put to sleep like a dog; the same reasoning applies to many of the other absurdities nowadays smuggled as “human rights”.

Christians have a different system of values, but they are not the only ones having values different from “provided that he doesn’t harm anyone”. In fact everyone has them, they merely forget it whenever appropriate. Ask your liberal interlocutor what he thinks about incest and bestiality and you’ll see him recoil like an artillery gun in a WW II documentary, but without giving a satisfactory answer as to why homosexuality should be allowed and incest and bestiality forbidden.

The reality is that the only reason why homosexuality is not forbidden anymore, but incest and bestiality still are, is simply that some perverts are better lobbyists than others. Look at suicide and euthanasia and you’ll see the same process happening again.

If we apply to everyone the same criteria of “human rights” I fail to recognise why, say, two siblings of 22 and 26 – both perfectly happy with their respective “partner” – should not claim the same “human rights” of two males, or two females. The dangers for the offspring’s health can certainly not be a criterium as liberals tend to be great supporters of contraception and abortion. Besides – and if we want to be really progressive – mandatory sterilisation would certainly put an end to the issue. It goes without saying that the “couple” would then be free to adopt, making the joy of the gutter press by every “Zachary”.

Also very funny is the argument about anyone (say, a male dog of adequate dimensions and an assenting adult female) being “harmed” by sexual intercourse when it is evident to the least enlightened that the introduction of a human penis into a human sphincter is an equally disgusting but certainly a more difficult and potentially harmful exercise. Still, the same people who are disgusted at the mere mention of the girl don’t have any problem in talking of “same sex relationships”, and I’d love to know why.
I imagine that this is what 50 years of liberalism have done to their brains, and to their conscience. Dr. Goebbels would be proud.

A society where everything that doesn’t cause harm is allowed is a society open to every form of disgusting behaviour. Of course, in reality every society has some moral criteria; but modern society has substituted the coherence and solidity of a divinely founded system of values with a random approval of some perversions and punishment of others without any coherent motive as to why.

If you approve of Elton John and “partner” living together and adopting a child then you must explain why you don’t want to have Frank and Christy, the couple in “sibling partnership” down at the 23, informing you that they have adopted little Jennifer; or why you don’t want to be invited to the civil partnership ceremony between Joanna – the mature woman who is always the first to say “good afternoon” and is never short of a smile – and Thunderbolt, the three-years old male of West Highland White Terrier so much devoted to her. (Disgusting, uh? Well, now you know what I think when I read about the parents of “little Zachary”…..).

If you want to have morals, you must limit the “freedom” to be gravely immoral. You can’t have a system in which freedom and individual conscience is the basis of morality because this is a social system open to debauchery of every kind.

Next time you hear of more or less famous “civil partnerships” think of Frank and Christy, or of Joanna and Thunderbolt.

If you don’t wake up, one day they could be your neighbours.


The Sodoma Experiment, Part IV: The Many Parents of Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John

Soon to enter the lucrative and fashionable uterus market

New details continue to emerge about the Sodoma Experiment behind the birth of “little Zachary”.

I had written in an older post that I assumed that Dame Elton would have chosen his rented useful wisely (meaning: attractive, possibly intelligent though I imagine he thinks he is fully sufficient for that).

It would now appear that

1) Dame Elton has been registered as the “father” of the child. Besides wondering how, in this case, the other man is called (my hypotheses: “significant male parent”; “diversely endowed mother”; “civil mother”), this has fuelled speculations that Elton John might be, in fact, the biological father of the child. Therefore, a further motivation to this act appears to emerge: to protect what he must surely consider the most genial DNA on earth from extinction. Cheaper than building a mausoleum, though one can’t exclude that this might be the next logical step……

Seen in this way, the Sodoma Experiment is clearly another Christmas Gift that Elton John has made to himself. I wouldn’t want to be a “son” discovering that my so-called “father” got me after all other toys had become boring but hey, it’s just me…

2) From the same source we apprehend that the woman who rented the uterus was not the one who “donated” (“donated”? Really?) the egg. In my naiveté, I had assumed as much in an older post of mine, but my ability to understand the mind of such people proved far short of the mark.

Clearly, our “man” couldn’t find any woman providing him with the ideal egg and the ideal uterus at the same time. No, it had to be the best of the best (he does it with everything else, too) and in matters of Sodoma Experiments there are clearly no boundaries. Therefore, a carefully selected egg was chosen to be implanted into a carefully selected uterus.

It will be interesting to be there in the kindergarten when the boy is asked: “and what about you, little Zachary? Who are your parents?”

3) The entire affair is so romantic that Jane Austen pales in comparison. I can imagine future generations of poofs choosing their E&U (“egg and uterus”) together amidst little cries of excitement. No doubt, the “Daily Telegraph” will be delighted to publish their letters to the editor: “Little Elton has been delivered today. His delivering uterus is a 1.85m tall blonde Chernobyl-free Ukrainian and his egg has been donated by a Russian rocket scientist and recent Playmate Of The Year”.

I hope that this matter will inspire the lawgivers of the West to put an end to such tragic perversion of procreation, and of Creation.


The Sodoma Experiment, Part III: The Accomplices

By all the disgust about the astonishing feat of these last days (two perverted children “adopting” – or something like that – a third child, this one very young) we have somewhat overlooked the fact that in this case, astonishing behaviour is shown on several levels.

Let us take, for example, the mother. I mean by that the rightful owner of the uterus considered fit enough for an aging rock star and his chosen boy toy. No doubt the lady can use the cash as, for what I know, the physiological process of pregnancy is neither of little consequence, nor entirely pleasant, nor devoid of some (residual, nowadays) health risk. This without considering the bikini shape, as I am risking the assumption that one able and accustomed to have almost any whim satisfied will choose to have his boy or (more importantly) daughter as pleasing to the eye as technology and money can make possible.

The mother, then. I can hear all the circle of friends and acquaintances emitting various  rumours and hushed cries of faked joy swearing about how “beautiful” this is. How “sweet”. How very “exciting”. By the money probably involved, the word “remunerative” might also have fallen in; though of course not in the presence of the sweet angel bearing the new life romantically injected into her after the documentation was finalised.

What is more to the point is that the lady prostituted her uterus for the well-paid pleasure of a strange royal family composed of two queens, and that all those who have helped in doing so (the doctors and medical personnel; or the lawyers caring for the, no doubt, ponderous legal side of the matter) have abetted this prostitution.

Think of it: in most Western countries the law does not allow to organise an establishment so that men can have an hour of (sinful, but humanly rather understandable*) pleasure, but in the same countries it would be allowed to rent a woman not for an hour of pleasure but for nine months of a complex biological process; not to satisfy an extremely common human craving, but to satisfy the extraordinary whim of a very rich person; not to satisfy a sexual attraction whose existence (even if wrongly directed in this case) is preordered by God and considered holy, but to satisfy a perversion God has never made possible in the first place and only a perverted use of technology in Mengele-style has made achievable. The madame of the establishment which Elton John might have visited to get a whim out of his system (if he had been a man; which he isn’t) would have risked jail, but the doctor who implanted a baby on the uterus of his choice doesn’t.

Funny world. Where are the feminists when they could, for once, be of some use.

The mother, then. Methinks, she reasons that this is only a biological exercise; that once the child has been given away he will be soon be if not forgotten, at least not remembered as her own lost child; that by all the money received in the process (I can’t really imagine her having financial cares, ever again) she’ll be able to go on with her life, have her own children, give them better chances than this would otherwise have been possible, & Co. Doesn’t work that way, though. Volens nolens, she is the mother. Nature is stronger than rationalisation and clever thinking. Nature doesn’t care for the content of legal documents. Nature will claim from her, one day, that motherhood that she has sold, prostituted away.

We see it happening in these tragic era, with female suicides on the rise largely because of abortions committed several decades before. We have seen it happening in all ages past, with mothers forced to give their babies to the care of an orphanage pining for their lost motherhood (involuntarily lost, poor souls) for the rest of their life. We see it happening even in men, developing an extremely keen sense of loss after divorce and partial isolation from their children. Think of the sorrow of the woman discovering one day (a day far away perhaps, but a day that will invariably come) that this was her child, made by her and sold. Wouldn’t want to be her, not for all money in the world.  

Far less tragic appears in comparison the position of the other accomplices and one can’t exclude that they will live and die in utter disregard of the evil they have contributed to create. Still, even for them the day will come when account must be given. I hope and pray that for them awareness and repentance may come before it’s too late.

I wish everyone a happy, prosperous and spiritually fruitful 2011.


* Before the usual idiots and feminists come out saying that “Mundabor approves of prostitution”, let me make clear that I don’t.

The Sodoma Experiment, Part II: “Telegraph” Not Much Better Than Dame Elton


What this blog post is about.

I have written only yesterday about the extraordinary times we live in; times when an old pervert who, together with his perverted (er, what….. mistress?) decides to have a new and unusual toy can easily “rent a uterus” and, through the help of sperm of not yet revealed origin, provide to what he probably calls “procreation” and certainly “fatherhood”.

Today, the “Telegraph” has an additional article about that. The article shows at the same time the pit in which the “Telegraph” has descended, the indifference to perversion of its journalists and more broadly the indifference with which vast parts of society – even among those calling themselves “conservative” – looks at abominations of this sort before happily moving back to the enjoyment of Cheryl Cole’s secondary sexual characteristics.

The article’s position first. It is in the “celebrities” section of the Telegraph’s “news” internet presence. From this we infer that a) the “Telegraph” finds it necessary to have a “celebrity” section, and b) the “Telegraph” considers celebrity gossip “news”. Not many years ago such rubbish would have been considered something for the working classes; which, by the way, is still the case.

The content of the article is also revealing. Elton John’s childishness is heavily criticised, his decadent habits utterly (and, I must say, rather amusingly) exposed. Still, not one word about his perversion, the scandal he gives, the monstrosity of men “adopting”. Yes, the sperm-uterus-concoction used in this case does cause a certain discomfort, but I fail to detect any moral message in that. Basically, the fact that the man buys a tram and has it shipped through a couple of oceans is seen as morally reprehensible, the fact that he is an openly homosexual old perv living with his concubine isn’t.

So much so, that the article’s author considers clearly reprehensible that an Ukrainian child suffering from Aids could not be adopted by the “couple”. How backwards, these Ukrainians who continue to insist on a family being….. a family! “With a rubber stamp, a small boy’s life chances were crushed”, says Ms. Woods in an emotionally charged, X-Factor-cum-Dickens moment….. (I failed to cry, though. It must be me).

What? Crushed because the poor child has not been adopted by….. a couple of homos? What “adoption” is this? What “family” is this? And for Heaven’s sake let us set aside the donations. Donations don’t buy one the right to be above the Law and I am rather pleased that the Ukraine showed more integrity than Madonna’s Malawi (or whichever other tin-pot African post-colonial disaster it was).

So there we are: two homos go around a) trying to adopt children and – failing that – b) proceed to hire alien uteruses (and perhaps even sperm; who knows, they might have quarrelled about who is “the father” and I really wouldn’t want to see two aged homos in a kitchen fight…..) and the “Telegraph”‘s journalist doesn’t criticise the obvious monstrosity of all this, but merely the infantile, ego-driven, diva-like character of one of the two (good Lord, there we are again…) “fathers”.

Sometimes I have the impression that just as we speak, up above dear old Abraham is haggling with God again, trying to spare us the angel’s visit…….


The Madness of Our Times: Elton John And “Partner” Get A Child

Now available as "Fathers", too.

As reported in a clearly festive and non-judgmental mood by what is becoming the most lavender-reeking newspaper in England, the once great “Daily Telegraph”, Sir (or should I say: Dame) Elton John has now – probably tired of other extravagancies – hired a uterus and procured a baby to be adopted by his lady-male-friend and himself.

The fact that this symbol of perversion is now 63 does not add anything to the monstrosity of the matter (men, and I mean real ones, have had children at old age in all ages past, particularly if they had the need to ensure descendants to family or kingdom), but helps one to understand to what extent the perversion of modern times makes a god of every ego-driven whim.

The man is not only old. He is homosexual to boot. His desire to “adopt a child” is not due to his thinking that Golden Retriever puppies are not original enough, or that – after Madonna’s episode – taking a black child away from his father and enlarged family is not so cool anymore. No, his uterus-hiring exercise is the product of the same militant poofdom which prompted him to have a so-called civil partnership contracted on the first day of this becoming legal in what was once a great Empire and has now become a laboratory for perversion experiments.

Dame Elton has an agenda. His decision is not about a man wanting to become a father, but about a fag wanting to show that he can become a father. For this, Labrador puppies are not good enough.

No doubt, this latest monstrosity (which would have terrified the most rabid feminists of 100, or even 50 years ago and would have been considered an absurdity even by homos themselves until very recent times) will be saluted by Satanic England as the newest achievement in the march toward “equality” and celebration of “diversity”.

These are the times we live in and even the supposedly conservative “Telegraph” sees it fitting to make of this just another “celebrity” article.

Time to wake up, folks.


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