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Let’s Celebrate!

Francis informs us that today is the world blabla day for the blabla care of blabla creation, or something of the sort I can’t even care to look up.

Without knowing the exact name, I think you know what this is about: the “new age” cult of the earth our atheist excrementator in chief loves so much, because it allows him to push his socialist agenda.

I think I will, for once, take the guy’s words at heart and suggest that you, my dear reader, care for and suitably celebrate this day so dear to Francis’ heart.

Get your internal combustion engine car and have a nice drive somewhere where God created natural beauty. Celebrate the cosiness of your house by switching on every light you have in it, thanking the Lord for the beauty of that nature that makes Sister Electricity possible. Have a nice dinner based on a huge Porterhouse steak as you think of all those cows happily grazing God’s green earth. Consider eating said Porterhouse in the garden, with your Brother Gas heather celebrating the great gift of fossil fuel.

What a beautiful way to celebrate, support and affirm God’s wonderful Creation in so many aspects! What a wise, exhilarating prayer of thanksgiving! Can there be any doubt that Frankie will be absolutely on your side, and – in spirit, of course – want to hug with you that 100 miles away tree that is, on this special day, so specially moving?

Think of this: with that belly, I am sure Frankie himself knows a think or three about Porterhouse steaks, with abundant potatoes to make his wonder at God’s gifts complete.

Yes, Frankie. You have persuaded me.

Creation really is a beautiful thing.

“There’s Too Many Polar Bears Now!”



Funny, isn’t it? 

The Religion Of Man-Made Global Warming says the polar bears are dying. But the polar bears don’t know it, and they keep multiplying. 

The fact-free, empty heads of the Liberals will surely find some reason to keep believing in their false religion. 

Sane people – people who get up early in the morning, go to work, care for their home and family, cook for their children and teach them to pray – keep living in the normal world, which keeps going on in its normal way whilst good-for-nothing failed students and future failures in life keep obsessing about various stupidities, making profiteers a’ la Al Gore very rich in the process. 

You just can’t eliminate stupidity. 



President Trump Just Mortally Wounds A Bogus Religion

The bogus religion of earth and bogus science was dealt a deadly blow yesterday as President Trump announced his Country's exit from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

The childish reaction of the bunch of morons elected by the European voters is a stunning expression of denial of the “not my President” kind. It will work in the short term as the morons try to make themselves beautiful with their moronic voters, but it is clearly doomed as reality sets in and the European industrial machinery feels the pinch of costly, idiotic regulation whilst the US industry thrives. Nor is the EU in a position to bully the EU into complying with their environ-mentalist requests as they would do with lesser Country.

It would appear the biggest loser is China, which had profited of Limp Wrist Obama to secure a position of scandalous advantage and will now rapidly lose it even as the US look very closely at their imports from China. But I do not think this reflects reality.

The biggest loser is the new cult of man made global warming, which now lies on the ground with a hole in his belly pretty much as big as the United States. It will never recover, and will die of a slow horrible death as even European corrupted elites wake up to simple economic realities. Watch the narrative slowly unravel as the European Economies are confronted with the bill of their collective stupidity.

Welcome back to environmental sanity, world.

Once again, thank God for the USA.

A great Country in the midst of idiots.



Dilbert Blasphemes Climate Change

Oh my, I hope Scott Adams goes around armed….


Why “Green” Is “Gay”


Shut up, dear….


Nice blog post on the Moonbattery blog about the WaPo discovering how masculinity is dangerous to the planet. It is that kind of fake “research” that leads you to very sad reflections about how much money is wasted in modern universities.

Yours truly would like to add his own two cents to the issue. It won’t please everyone. But hey, this blog never does. 

Environ-mentalism is emotional tosh. However, it is emotional tosh on a planetary scale. Therefore, it tends to attract more easily women, who on the one hand have a stronger instinct for nurturing and protecting, and on the other end are more prone to emoting.

Men go out, earn bread for their families, cut trees, wage wars, discover continents, invent new things. Women stay home, cook for their men, keep the house clean, are naturally caring and nurturing. No amount of emancipation tosh will ever erase this fundamentally different hard-wiring of the sexes, which remains true as a (beautiful) reality of nature and, in fact, corresponds to the deepest, most intimate aspirations of both of them. This, irrespective of rare exceptions in one sense (Joan of Arc, Margaret Thatcher) or the other (Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter).

This has always been so. It will always be so. The great P.G. Wodehouse expressed this difference and used it to comic effect in his usual wonderful way:

when a girl suddenly asks you out of a blue sky if you don’t sometimes feel that the stars are God’s daisy-chain, you begin to think a bit.

The problem is not the feminine tendency to emote more than men do. This is a beautiful, God-given trait of the (once) gentle sex. The problem is the absence of men who are men enough to tell them to shut up and go back to the kitchen when they start emoting about the “environment”.

Women have always been the emoting sex. However, they had around them men who were able and willing (being men) to control and keep in check their bouts of emotionalism. Both sexes knew this, and understood the added value of the other. Women knew (being women) that they needed men to keep their emotionalism in check. Men knew (being men) that it was their duty to keep said emotionalism in check.  Therefore, women’s emotional overflow remained, on the whole, one of the harmless, somewhat endearing sort.

This equilibrium, this natural collaboration of the sexes went to the dogs when men stopped being masculine and started to want to “think like a woman” (= fag) or “discover their feminine side” (= fag), or in any way try to ingratiate women to themselves ( = weakling) rather than being the Tarzans of their Janes; something which, believe it or not, most Janes would like an awful lot, though they might not admit it.

This is why we have this dying, but still pernicious environ-mentalism. The emotional appeal of the unspeakable tosh is not countered – on the individual level, which is what counts in the end – by thinking men willing to assert their natural authority over their women and tell them to stop emoting, start thinking, and think of dinner instead. On the contrary: a generation of single mothers has created an army of half men who, literally, think like a woman and, raised without an importance male presence around, were never able to grow into their natural role of naturally assertive, naturally leading, men.

The problem of environ-mentalism is, at its roots, a problem of diffused effeminacy among men, and betrayal of femininity among women (yes, the one goes with the other). It is a collective short-circuit in the ability of entire nations to put in place a proper, healthy relationship between the sexes. It is a complete failing of reason in the face of a tidal wave of feminism, effeminacy, and outright faggotry.   

The solution is the return to healthy inter-sex relationship: manly men willing to lead the life of their women, and feminine women eager to accept the leadership of their men.

You don’t read such things often. Therefore, it is the more important that you read them here. 









Proof Environmentalists Are Stupid


This is not a joke


Meet the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

 This appears to be a group of uncoordinated, or rather disorganised extremists (but you can recognise some of this in every enviro-bitch you have met, I am sure) advocating no less than the destruction of the human race in order to avoid suffering to humans and – which seems to be more important – our oh so beautiful planet. 

I had to read for a long time into this before convincing myself that this is not a long, sophisticated joke. There are really people who think humans must extinct themselves in order to be friends of the planet and, in some way, humanitarian.  In these people’s Hall of Fame Hitler, Lenin and Stalin can’t be very far away from the top.

The site contains snippets of involuntary humour like:

When every human chooses to stop breeding, Earth’s biosphere will be allowed to return to its former glory

Great progress will be made toward improving the quality of life on Earth by countering greed with responsibility, ignorance with education, and oppression with freedom

Making babies seems to be a blind spot in our outlooks on life.

We call The Movement VHEMT, but it’s undoubtedly been given other names throughout history. None have been recorded, as far as we know.

We know we’ll never see the day there are no human beings on the planet 

and the winner of the biscuit:

we should voluntarily phase ourselves out for the good of humanity

The madness of all this beggars belief. It is not only that only the gloomiest atheist can even conceive a “solution” like this one. It is the idea of the destruction of the human race being “humanitarian” that makes one laugh out loud.

Alas, whilst I do believe that your average environ-mentalist is stupid, what is behind this thinking is very probably simple egoism.

Nowadays that everyone has an ersatz-religion in his pocket, not reproducing out of simple desire to have a bigger car, bigger house, better holidays and no fuss isn’t really uncommon. But you see, it sounds just as selfish as it is. 

Therefore, it is necessary to flip this selfishness into something noble, to throw around in parties and offices. I am sure the “members” of this “movement” think it works. Alas, there is a problem with that. 

They will be considered mad. 

And selfish anyway. 



Environ-Mentalism: Soon in A Seminar Near You



This article would make for barely believable reading, if we did not live in barely believable times: a Rabbi working for a so-called ” interfaith” group starts to investigate Catholic seminaries in order to see whether they are environ-mental enough. 

The exercise is sponsored by a Julia Burke Foundation, and the reader is left wondering whether this is Jewish money gone mad, or Catholic money working for Satan. 

One also notices the sheer number of those foundations, and groups of any kind, that must be around doing nothing, or doing damage, with money that they haven’t earned and which must be, in many cases, the result of the perversion of the intents of the original donors, in a comparable way to the lesbian “nuns” now abusing the generosity of countless devout Catholics of generations past.

How many institutions and foundations are there around, funded either by Catholic or infidel or atheist money, working against our faith? 

But even if this were exclusively Jewish money, it is utterly disgraceful to see that a faithless Pope is actively encouraging infidels to make our religion as faithless as possible, contaminating it with purely secular elements that not only do not have anything to do with our faith, but run frontally against it. Environ-Mentalism is a purely secular construct, born of the atheist thinking that there is no God, and therefore our earth, created by a casual combination of who knows what (a combination of nothing with nothing, which in the genial mind of the atheist then creates an immense universe), is in constant danger of being destroyed by these evil human ants also born our of sheer randomness.

Francis is now clearly trying to poison the well, that is: the seminaries. A non-Church made in his image and resemblance, glorifying the First Non-Christian Pope as it celebrates the golden calves of the heathens, is what he has in mind. And before you object that this is all an initiative from outside the Church, reflect that this is how faithless clergymen utilise the heathen: as a Trojan Horse to heathenise the Church. The understanding among the people of all faith and none is just an excuse to make more difficult to understand the faith. 


 “Rabbi Neril will be meeting with leaders of Catholic institutions in Rome in June to further cooperation in this area”

says the article, whose author stupidly repeats the obvious slogan of the “vital area” of environ-mentalism.

“Vital”? Really?? What kind of children are allowed to be published nowadays? 

We must pray for the end of this pontificate, and for a Catholic Pope as the successor of Francis. We can’t just look as this evil man and the enablers always surrounding people of power demolish Holy Mother Church. 




The “Environ-Mentalist” Reblog

The Environ-Mentalist Reblog

Quick! Switch On The Air Conditioner!!



Yes! Do it now! The earth is on the verge of a massive cooling!

Run to your A/C! Go start that car and make it run at idle! Take a holiday involving some intercontinental flight!

But wait…


Global Cooling, this was the same phenomenon sold to us in apocalyptic tones when I was a boy! And then, it was sold by the same anti-Western agit-props who are now telling us we are soon going to fry, or at least get severe climate change shocks!

You know what? The best weather forecaster cannot forecast absolutely anything with a reasonable chance of success beyond a handful of days. What do we know? We know that the earth has phases in which it tends to become warmer and phases it witch it tends to become colder.

We know this because we have seen it happening in the past couple of thousand years. But how it happens, and how long each phase goes on, is as per today not in our power to predict with any accuracy.

Some things we know, though. There was a time when Greenland was so green that they called it that way. A time in which England was a reputed producer of wine. A time in which patrician palaces in England were built with porticos open to the interior, and people dressed in tunics as a matter of course.

No one fried. The world was, actually, extremely prosperous. The melted arctic ice did not flood England. The wine tasted just fine.

I do not believe anyone who tells me he can reliably forecast the climate changes in the next 100 years. But I am a Christian, and believe that Creation is good, and that anyone who thinks God created a planet that his creatures can destroy by producing perfectly natural, harmless emissions (or, in the end, by multiplying according to His command) should be seen by a doctor and watched very closely by a man dressed in white.

That would be funny. A man in white watched by another man in white.

“Mom, who is that man in white?”

“The one near the madman? It's a nurse, dear…”



Official: 1 September Is Catholic Idiot Day

who am I to judge?

The Evil Clown has found another way to keep pushing his utterly secular, environ-mentalist agenda. I hope to be the first to call “bullshit” on this. If not, I assure you I posted this as fast as I could.

Not only we have Catholic Idiot Day on 1 September, but we are also informed that we must ask forgiveness for “sins committed against the world”.

Boy, the world must be really offended. If I ask him for forgiveness very, very hard, will he forgive me? At least a bit? Eh? no? Come on, world, be a good world, give me the hand!

Good Lord.

I remember when the Church thought Her role to save souls, not trees. Today, the very pope helps you to damn yourself as a pervert or adulterer, whilst he asks you to ask the world for forgiveness.

What a clown.

What an evil, evil clown.





Volato Si…


I am not an expert in the matter, and I would therefore be grateful for anyone attempting a calculation of the total co2 emissions caused by the latest papal folly: an entire aeroplane of entourage and journalists flying the other side of the ocean, touring several countries and back, in order to spread more nonsense and feel a bit at home for some days. Another six weeks or so, and the exercise will be pretty much repeated…

I am also grateful for any news of the pope ordering to switch off the a/c in the residences that lodged him and his entourage. Mind, I am sure he did so (everything else would be the height of hypocrisy…), but just to be sure…

It appears to me that if it never necessary for a Pope to travel, it should be even less desirable for a pope breaking our … ears with talks of co2 emissions, air conditioners, and the like. A pope's role isn't in being seen around. He isn't an Hollywood actor, or the attraction of an itinerant circus. A pope is called to be a good Pope, and if he is that no travel is necessary; not ever, and particularly not for one who tweets and blabbers with journalists every time he isn't eating, or in the bathroom.

No, it is not necessary for Francis to travel. But he seems to like it a lot, and stuff the emissions…

This is not only a pope unprecedented in his hypocrisy. This is a Pope unprecedented in the arrogance of putting his hypocrisy in front of the whole world and not caring for it one bit. “Hey, I am the Pope”, is the clear implied message, “and I do whatever I want, because I can. ¿Está claro?”

How I miss old Benedict…



Laudato Si: Francis Gets A Well-Deserved Lecture

The entire article is here

I report below some of the most interesting comments. Emphases mine. 

Wealth enables people to afford better environmental stewardship. Pope Francis should champion economic development as a solution both to poverty and to environmental degradation. Unfortunately, at least as regards climate change, the leaked draft of the new encyclical does the opposite.”

The Vatican’s partnering with the United Nations climate agenda is nothing short of an unholy alliance. The papal encyclical, no matter how nuanced it may read, will simply be used as a tool to support UN global warming ‘solutions’ that are at odds with most Catholic teachings on issues such as abortion, contraception, overpopulation, and helping the poor nations develop. The Vatican appears to be taking an unprecedented step by seemingly endorsing a specific UN climate treaty.

“The climate activists are no doubt getting a PR boost from the pope’s entry into the climate debate. But ultimately, the pope’s views on climate science will do little to alter the opinions of Catholics about global warming.

“Throughout the last two years, in preparation for the encyclical rollout, the Vatican has relied solely upon global warming alarmists in its rush to judgment to meet the UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goals’ timetable. Additionally, during this process, the Vatican consulted primarily with and continues to rely upon radical population control proponents who exploit discredited climate change science to justify their extremist population reduction policies under the nuanced UN ‘reproductive sexual health’ rubric.

“Instead of welcoming our heartfelt disapproval of papal experts who promote policies in direct contravention of Catholic moral teaching, the Vatican authorities mocked and scoffed at our serious and faithful objections, by calling us ‘Tea Partiers’ and ‘deniers.’ This callous and flippant response exposed the Vatican’s political agenda.”

“Over the past 18 years, the best measurements of Earth’s global temperatures (by NOAA and NASA satellites) show no warming whatsoever. The total warming since 1979 has been a fraction of that predicted by the IPCC, and of that tiny warming, most can be attributed to natural causes, such as volcanoes. That leaves room for, at most one- or two-tenths of a degree due to carbon dioxide, which projects to half a degree or less of warming by 2100. Half a degree is not noticeable by any human and can have no serious consequences. This mere half a degree is not a prediction from supercomputers, but a simple observation based on the best global data, and it shows that catastrophic, or even harmful, global warming is not a reality.

“In short, over the past two centuries humans have, through productive and beneficial endeavors, added one molecule of CO2 to each ten thousand molecules of air. The feared and forecast dire consequences of that molecule are not coming to pass. Attempts at curtailing those human endeavors to remove that molecule would be flawed policies that will fail to solve a non-existent problem.”

“Pope Francis’s goal of preserving God’s earthly kingdom for future generations is shared by every ‘skeptic’ of man-caused global warming. But he will not preserve it by putting his moral authority behind a UN agenda that considers it a sin for the poor to use affordable, ever-cleaner fossil fuels to power their lives. More than a billion of the poorest people in the world would remain in abject poverty for generations if they are to rely on windmills, solar panels, and other unreliable and expensive sources of energy.”


What a shameful day, when a pope accepted to prostitute the prestige of an encyclical letter to promote his own popularity on fashionable political issues, of which he understands nothing anyway.



Environ-Mentalism: Don’t Make A Fuss, Says Grima Wormtongue





You cannot believe the kind of rubbish the fake catholic sites will print in order to deny reality. 

After the huge uproar even before the release of the encyclical (no surprise about that, when Enviro-Dr-Goebbels advises the Pope) we are told (here the link that does not link) that we should simply relax: hey, Popes have always loved a tree, right?

This is the usual smoke bomb of the Catholic libtards, and it might be useful to say a word or two: there is an immense difference between being a friend of the environment and being an environmentalist. Catholicism teaches to use Creation with respect, it does not teach to make of Creation a religion.

Francis made a first huge step in the wrong direction in that he accepts the environ-madness of Prof. Schellnhuber & Co; so much so, that he allows the man to be of the three (and the only layman) who introduce the rubbish work to the press. Having made the first, hugely wrong step, other absurd mistakes (none of them promoted by past Popes, let alone Church teaching) will be unavoidable: the world government madness to keep environment and poverty in check, the enmity with even normal Western lifestyle, and the like. Further steps the Evil Clown will not openly endorse, but they are the unavoidable consequence of such thinking: population control in form of massive recourse to contraception and abortion.

Grima Wormtongue can tell us not to fuss as much as he wants, but this encyclical will be a huge shame for the Church. Not because it will introduce any new “truth”, but certainly because it will show to the posterity what kind of talking ass was made Pope in 2013.

The likes of Prof Schellnhuber shape Papal policy on the environment. This truly says it all. 



When Dr Goebbels Advises The Pope

"Do not ignore physical realities, Ja!?"

“Do not ignore ze physical realities! Verstanden??!”


The soon-to-be-released encyclical about the environment – no doubt, the biggest collection of rubbish ever published by a Pope – will be presented by three men. One of them if Prof. John Schellnhuber, a well-known climate Nazi.

professor Schnellnhuber should, I think, be posed a simple questions: seen that no one believes that his own fantasy-targets about emission reduction will be reached, where does he think the global population should stabilise to avoid planetary food wars, and how does he think the target should be achieved? 

You see, our Enviro-Goebbels is already on record with saying that around 4.5 degrees Celsius of increase in earth temperature would reduce the earth population to around 1 billion. So, if we do not reach the 4, and do not manage to keep the Co2 emissions under control, what is the sustainable earth population at, say, a 2.5 degrees increase in say, anytime between 2070 and 2100? Four billion? Five? Perhaps, if we want to be generous, six? How many million, nay, billion babies will have to be aborted to make this happen? You see: prof Schellnhuber has no doubt at all that a massive global warming is going to happen. He calls nebulous fantasies “physical realities”, as if they were, erm, real! So, in the fantasy world of Mr Schellnhuber – a world, as you will understand, much appreciated by the Evil Clown – a massive adjustment will have to happen anyway: not down to one Billion humans if the worst case scenario does not become reality, but somewhere between the nine Billion projected for 2050 (and the much higher number projected for 2070-2100) and that number.  

So, what does the man propose to do to avoid food wars and worldwide tragedies on a lesser, and sustainable, scale than the ones in the 1 Billion scenario? What exactly? 

I tell you once again: abortion. Abortion on a scale probably not even Dr Goebbels would have considered human, at least considering the untold number of Aryans it would involve. And please do not hide behind the contraception finger. In England there are in the region of 180,000 abortions a year, and contraception is available in a way that would be almost inconceivably costly to actuate in poor countries. This, of course, leaving behind for a moment the Catholic stance on contraception, in which neither the Pope nor Prof. Schellnhuber (by the by: a Catholic, that one?) are interested. 

“But Mundabor! Mundabor! Prof Schellnhuber does not say we must abort billions! He says we must reduce emissions!”

Poppycock. The man may be deluded, but he is not retarded. He knows that his fantasy objectives will not be reached. Never ever. He complains about that very openly, when he says that Western democracies refuse to take his own apocalyptic fantasies (which he calls “physical reality”, so he has no doubt at all they will come to pass) into account in their own planning and legislating activity. Madmen can be very lucid. 

Therefore, there can be only one way: reduce the humans now before they kill each other in 50 years’ time. This is the unavoidable conclusion of this environ-mania. This is the only way any thinking man starting from such sick premises can go on thinking in a coherently sick way. This is the only rational consequence of the environ-mania the Evil Clown is so aggressively promoting, out of his own hate for the West and desire of humble self-aggrandisement.

This man, my friends, has played such an important role in the writign of the encyclical, that he will be one of only three relators, and the only layman. An utterly unbelievable Pope has allowed a papal encyclical to be substantially shaped by a man who considers his own fantasies “physical realities”. It beggars belief.


A man can be, at the same time, evil and astonishingly incompetent. If you think of people like Chavez, for example, it is obvious that in these men a strong ideological hate goes hand in hand with an exceptional degree of economic stupidity, and inability to look three inches beyond their nose.

Francis is such a one. He is evil, but he is also plain stupid in his inability to even think three steps further the path he is asking us to take. When one like Francis decides to write an encyclical about the environment, we can’t be surprised one like Prof Schellnhuber will be the one who shapes the most of its “scientific” part.

The blind (religious leaders, and climate bogus scientists) lead the blind. They are so radical (Schellnhuber, because he is; Francis, because he is accomplice, and too stupid to understand he must not link his name to such nutcases) that their “effort” is condemned to failure and ridicule from day one. They do not care. Schnellhuber lives in his fantasy world, and have made a good living out of it. Francis will, like Chavez, push his own form of hatred, uncaring of consequences, for the short term popularity advantages it will give him among his clients (all but the Catholics) and his groupies. 

These people are environmental Nazis.

To such a scale, that it is reasonable to say that even Dr Goebbels would have been terrified.  



Reblog: Environ-Mentalism: “First Things” Blog Goes All Mundabor On Pope Francis

Environ-Mentalism: “First Things” Blog Goes All Mundabor On Pope Francis

The Truckload Of Papal Environ-Mentalism Will Arrive June 18

Now available as Enviro-Evil Clown...

On June 18 the new encyclical about the Environment will be released, for the joy of mainstream plate-licking journalists and bloggers and the laugh of the sane part of the planet.

My forecasts below. If I am right, you read it here first!

1. It will be very long. If you write rubbish, at least write a lot of it. It will impress the simple. The “apostolic exhortation” aptly called “I will make you sleep”, or the like, is a very bad omen.

2. It will be full of the tritest, most populist slogans about the rich damaging the poor by ruining the environment, and the like. New socialist or environmentalist commandments, or at least socialist and environmentalist capital sins, might be invented, or it might be discovered they were there already. There will be an awful lot of Socialist propaganda mixed with the environ-madness. Francis isn't one known for restraint on that matter. He will use the occasion.

3. It will, on the whole, espouse the cause of the environ-mentalists in full, and contain a lot of pseudo-science simply taken for granted. If you thought that the recent visit of thinking scientists and the revision it triggered would have the effect of the madness being taken away, you can abandon all hope now: the short delay clearly means there has been no more than some cosmetic adjustment and removal and the most scandalous phrases. On the whole, the encyclical will continue to stink. Which, it being rubbish, is fairly obvious.

4. It will contain images of speech and rhetorical flourishes of the stupidest sort, like the environment being “poor”, or the Apostles being the first environmentalists, and the like. The Holy Ghost will be credited with an environmental awareness never suspected before. The gullible will swallow it whole. I am very curious to see what the Frankie Boys will come up with.

5. It will either contain, or imply, the idea that this new “orientation” is Very Big News in the history of the Church, as the Holy Ghost has now decided we use the kettle far too much. Cue an entire army of faggots explaining to us how the Church now “modernises her thinking”. How do they say that in Italy? Oh, yes: aggiornamento. Francis, the Historic Renewer. Francis, the Enviro-Pioneer. Francis, the Eco-Marx.

6. It will be earth-related. Supernatural aspects will only be abused to serve the Enviro-Socialist propaganda. If you consume too much energy you don't love Jesus. Rubbish like that.

6. It will embarrass Francis' memory for all times to come. Future generations will be astonished at the childishness and stupidity. They will not know most of the “off-the-cuff” comments, therefore they will meet this madness unprepared.


“But Mundabor! Mundabor! How can you criticise the encyclical without even reading it?”

Heavens! Where do you live, on Mars? Did you need Hitler to release the Nuremberg Laws in order to know they were complete rubbish? No, you didn't. You knew what kind of chap Hitler was and you knew what the work was about.

Well, exactly…

A Pope is playing environmental prophet, and you think anything less than horrible may come out of it? Don't make me laugh…

A propos laugh, prepare yourself for many,long ones. It's the healthiest reaction. And the best treatment for the Evil Clown.



Vatican: Climate Commies In The Corner

Sandro Magister reports that the announced Clown Encyclical in favour of Environ-mentalist has been postponed because, in its present form, it has no chance of being approved by the CDF.

This is both good and bad news. The good news is that there are still enough people in the Vatican asking Francis not to make an ass of himself at least when writing encyclical letters. Another good news is that Cardinal Müller is once again on the side of common sense, and is willing to stop the worst nonsense at the cost of incurring the ire of Heresy Supremo.

The bad news is that such a reaction could mean that Francis was really such an evil idiot that he wanted to present his own anti-Westerner, protocommie enviro-ranting as a teaching conforming to Church tradition and binding for all Catholics. Whilst this would not have made the madness less mad and the ranting binding in any way, this would have further increased confusion among Catholics.

We are also informed that a delegation of scientist visited Rome in the last days, and put an end to the “science” rubbish. I am sure my readers are far too intelligent to believe Francis can be swayed by logical arguments. Rather, it is clear the delegation was one of the ways used by the CDF to put an end to the worst excesses, sparing us from an encyclical letter influenced by the likes of Raul Castro and Cardinal Maradiaga.

Talking of the latter, it seems to me he is losing some clout in the splendid corridors of the Vatican. It seems to me that whilst Francis does not care a straw about everyday, off-the-cuff heresy and assorted madness, he has decided to draw a line when his pontificate can be seriously and permanently damaged. An encyclical has a character of permanence that an off-the-cuff half drunken video cannot have, and will shape his perception after his death in a far more significant way. Add to this that to set his protocommie rants in stone with an encyclical would ensure constant flak from people with a brain for as long as he lives, and would cause severe embarrassment even among those with half a brain still functioning. If Magister is right, this seems a price he is not ready to pay.

We shall see how this develops. Magister could be badly informed, though I think he seldom is. At the very, very least there is resistance brewing. Still, it seems reasonable to me to take the rumours seriously, because they make a lot of sense seen the circumstances.

Let us take every good news gladly, and savour it for very long. We aren't left completely at the mercy of an atheist commie loony. The machine seems not to like the man very much, both in some top positions and – I am absolutely sure of that, because I know my people – at the level of administration, where one thousands little obstacles will be put in his way in that subtle, but effective way Italians manage so well.

Still: please, please free us from this scourge, o Lord.


Finding A Job For Francis

There is an excellent blog post from Louie Verrecchio imagining what Francis would say if he were… a Catholic interested in Catholicism instead of a faithless, wordly old man interested in his own self-aggrandisement. I suggest you click here and read the post in its entirety.

I would like here to develop a bit on the point and wonder whether this disgrace of a Pope could not see in environmental issues a way to achieve popularity the easy way.

We all know Francis has already put a huge bomb under the chair of the Church, but the reaction of sincere Catholics who actually believe in heaven and hell defused the bomb before the explosion. The following months showed even to the most stupid (and Francis is not so stupid) that a huge conflict awaits him if he pulls a stunt in Kasper style next October. The events in October also indicate that this here is not a brave man; and we already know that he is a real Jesuit, intended here in the usual meaning of “sly, oily, slippery, accommodating little piece of work”.

What is, then, such a man to do? Could it not be that faced with the choice of being remembered as the Pope of Destruction or the Pope of the Environment, he would choose the second role and a quiet life?

Francis might be content with becoming the Apostle Of Mother Earth. The White Mandela for the stupid masses looking for the World Uncle. The Friend Of The Squirrels. You get the point.

This is easy to do, and not fraught with the potential for self-destruction a Kasperite Campaign starting in October would have not for the Church (which is Indefectible) but for his own very backside.

The issue of the environment would allow him to reach both these objectives: self-promotion among the unthinking masses, and avoidance of a nuclear conflict that could well destroy him in the reputation, if not in the office.

A Pope lives of his being seen as the spiritual guide of Catholics. As the spiritual guide of hippies amidst the ferocious condemnation of Catholics no Papacy has ever been, is, or will ever be worth a dime. And yes, the world at large would still recognise who are the Catholics; even – actually, first of all – those who insult them all the time.

I do not know what the man thinks. I think he is cunning, but I do not think he is intelligent. Actually, he seems to me clearly less endowed than average in that department. He might well feel safe in October, and perhaps use his own environ-mental popularity overdose to think he can pull the Kasper-stunt without danger. But this is rather far-fetched, and contrasts with the obvious CV of a man who was, all his life, not prone to vocal conflict, particularly when dangerous to him. Francis always went for the easy way: the populist rhetoric, the Pinocchio masses, the rides on the bus, the ecu-maniacal stunts, all that pleases the crowds, without ever risking being transferred to the Tierra Del Fuego.

Enviro-Idiot. That would be one possible role for Francis, particularly if it helps him to spare us a nuclear conflict of communion for adulterers. He might well warm to the job. I even hope he will, so that his mind is occupied – and his ego satisfied – elsewhere. Until we get freed from his presence, and pray and hope that a better successor will be given to tend to us.

How we have fallen. Reduced to hope that a Pope might be inducing by wordly popularity to forgive Christ a tad less, or not spit to his face like a mad Roman soldier…

One day all this will be gone. Let’s hope that day comes soon.



Environ-Mentalism: “First Things” Blog Goes All Mundabor On Pope Francis

What the .. frack?

What the .. frack?


On the “mainstream” blog “First Things” there is an excellent article from a Maureen Mullarkey about the latest blunder of The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) and, expanding from that, the clownesque, stupid, socialist, godless, self-centred boundless egotism of the man. Follow the link as long as you can. Kudos to Rorate for making us aware of the article.

In case the blog post be taken down, below are some of the pearls. Emphases mine.

Handwriting has been on the wall along the Viale Vaticano from the get-go. At the beginning of his pontificate, Francis revealed himself to be fastidiously attuned to image. He refused to give communion in public ceremonies lest he be photographed giving the sacrament to the wrong kind of sinner. So, when he agreed to pose between two well-known environmental activists and brandish an anti-fracking T-shirt, we believed what we saw.

It was a portentous image. Press toads hopped to their keyboards to correct the evidence of our lying eyes. Francis was neither for nor against fracking, you see. Nothing of the sort. He was simply using a photo-op to assert blameless solidarity with the victims of ecological injustice. (Both a decisive definition of such injustice and its particular victims went unspecified.)

If that restyling were true, then the more fool Francis. But Francis is not a fool. He is an ideologue and a meddlesome egoist. His clumsy intrusion into the Middle East and covert collusion with Obama over Cuba makes that clear. Megalomania sends him galloping into geopolitical—and now meteorological—thickets, sacralizing politics and bending theology to premature, intemperate policy endorsements.

Francis serves an environmentalist mindset that, unlike the traditional ethos of conservation, views man as a parasite (Western man in Francis’ marxisant variant) and understands wealth in pre-modern terms as a zero-sum game. It discards the West’s great discovery—realization that wealth can be created. The endgame is transfer of wealth from productive nations to unproductive ones.

Orthodox environmentalism resents human sovereignty over the earth we inhabit. It begrudges ingenuity in the transactions we invent with nature and with each other. Its radical form, which beckons Francis and Vatican academics, is atavistic, even animist. Discount the gospel gloss. What matters is the spectacle of the Church imitating the world by justifying political agendas based on still-contended data and half-baked Gramscian dogma.

First Thing is a “mainstream” Catholic presence, with all the problems of the case. The author of the blog post indicates an emerging trend: more and more of those who have been very reserved, or shall we say innocuous, towards Francis are losing patience in front of continuous provocations, of the obscene show of a man revealing himself more and more as clearly obsessed with his own persona, and utterly subversive in his own way of thinking and acting. I add to this an evident childishness in radicalising his rhetoric as his bogus science and economics (let alone theology) are criticised more and more widely.

It’s getting far too much even for the mainstream; far, far too much, and there are voices who say this loud and clear.

Enough. Enough. Enough.

Ideologue. Meddlesome egotist. Megalomaniac. Theology bender. Gramscian dogmatist.

Yep. Maureen Mullarkey got it about right.



Facing Fidel


Communist Subversive

Communist Subversive

I have few doubts the environ-mental encyclical of Pope Dope (aka TMAHICH, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History) will be released within the year, officially documenting the shame of this pontificate for all centuries to come. It might be interesting to reflect a bit about the situation of the Catholic Neocons in the matter.

Like most people with a working brain, Neocons reject environ-mentalism. They will be, very soon, confronted with a massive example of this atheist madness, from the very Pope. It will be impossible to ignore the message, because this time we will not be in front of an off-the-cuff comment, but of a very official document. Every Neocon will have to pick a side, and to take a stance. What options will he have?

1. Hide behind the finger, and trying not to ignore, but to deflect the issue. Admit that one is “confused”, and finds the words of the Pope “unusual” and “surprising”. Perch oneself just at the top of the fence and stay there, hoping no one notices the discomfort or the ridicule of such a posture. It won’t work, because Francis is the character that does not allow anyone to sit on the fence: either you are a revolutionary, or a counter-revolutionary.

Pope Lama

Proto-Communist subversive

2. Espouse the madness, and cave in to enviro-terrorism. Very few will do it, perhaps even among the Pollyannas. Every Catholic with a bit of a Catholic instinct knows that you do not follow blindly whatever the Pope says. It takes a SS-mentality to change one’s stance and follow the Pope on this.

3. Draw the consequences from the Pope’s statement and say it bluntly: this is in principle no matter of faith and morals and actually, if we look at it seriously, Francis’ stance goes against faith and moral. That’s it. Yes, the Pope is wrong. Get over it.

My suspicion is that Francis’ new anti-Western push will move a good number of tepid Neocons toward position number 3; particularly so, because the issue of environ-madness is a highly emotional one, and they are not going to be swayed on this by one they do not even like. When this happens, these very Neocons will be forced to reflect that a Pope who abuses the instrument of an encyclical to promote his own pet peeves, or to promote an actually anti-Catholic agenda, isn’t worth much and is abusing of his office as Pope.

I suggest to my readers that whenever they come into contact with such Neocons they take the initiative and ask them how they view the Pope’s stance on the Environment: whether they unconditionally approve, or think that this is a matter for an encyclical letter, and the like. After the obligatory “hhmmm” and “uuuhhhhmmmm” some serious thinking might well be about to start.

Francis is driving Neocons to the wall. He is leaving them nowhere to hide. His blunt activism will require of them to make a choice.

Hopefully, the right one.



The Preservation Of The World


Help! It's Dying!

Help! She is Dying!

From Ludwig Ott’s “Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma”, some snippets either written from the author of citing other sources.

 “God, by His Providence, protects all that He has created”.

“If His Providence did not preserve all things with the same power with which they were created in the beginning they would fall back into nothingness immediately”.

“St Thomas points out that the preservation of creation is really a continuation of the creative activity of God”.

It is obvious that mankind has the duty to treat God’s gift with due respect. It is only natural that a sound care for the environment is not only common sense, but one of the ways in which we respect Creation and honour its Creator.

But the statements above make one thing abundantly clear: the planet is not for men to destroy. This power is simply not given to them. Not only this, but God is continuously at work to preserve the existence of the universe; a universe which would instantly cease to exist, if the preservation of its existence were to cease for only one moment.


Only a heathen or atheist world can come to the conclusion that Creation may be at the mercy of the creature, rather than being in the sole disposition of the Creator. Conversely, the heathen and atheist world obsesses about the oh so horrible catastrophes decades down the line, without a thought for the most sobering reflection that, actually, every moment could be the last moment anyway, without having to wait for any of Al Gore very lucrative fantasies.

This is just another reflection of the arrogance of a world that thinks that we are gods, and can therefore shape the destiny of planets. Only a person who does not believe in God, or has never stopped to reflect what it means to believe in God, may come to such a level of stupid gullibility as to believe that a natural element like Co2 may devastate the planet and, more stupidly still, believe that it be in the power of humans to devastate the Planet with a perfectly non-polluting element like Co2. Compared to these people, witch hunters were actually rather enlightened spirits.

Atheism is madness. It leads to all sorts of superstitions. It makes people lose the most elementary coordinates of sane thinking. It introduces them to a fantasy world made of ghosts, and leads them to deliver all their economic system and way of life to the very ghosts their godless or heathenish superstition has created.

The worldwide leader of this godless, superstitious, at the same time presumptuous and hysterical crowd  dresses in white, and his name is Francis.



Francis’ New Year Resolution?

Whenever Monsignor Ricca saw Pope Francis, global warming increased...

Whenever Monsignor Ricca saw Pope Francis, global warming increased…

I have touched upon this briefly yesterday, but I would like to say a word or two more today.

Could it be that Francis’ newly announced environ-mental offensive heralds his (unofficial, of course) surrender on communion for adulterers? Let me expand…

I do not know whether Francis has a shred of common sense remaining to him; but if he has, he must have noticed that he has mistreated the patience of the Catholic world for long enough as to cause what can now be only seen as a serious backlash. A man with a modest dose of wits about him would understand that there are limits to what he can do without becoming, himself, the victim of his own folly.

I would, therefore, think it improbable that a rationally thinking man – a man, that is, not drunk on his own power and popularity – would decide to engage in two huge battles that must provide him with an awful lot of criticism: sacrilege concerning the Sacraments, and an highly ideologised, secular anti-Catholicism concerning the environment.

Rather, this newly announced secular jihad could tell us that he has decided to deflect the attention from a theme that has seen him losing, and direct it towards an issue that, he thinks, will see him winning; if not in actual fact – the world will continue to care pretty much zero for environmentalism, net of big words and proclaims – at least in the enduring popularity he thinks it will procure to him.

Let us reflect what will this 2015 become if Francis decides an all-out confrontation on both issues: on the matter of communion for adulterers he has already had his Jesuit nose punched all right, and all those who have eyes could see it bleed for many weeks. On the environ-mentalist jihad, ferocious criticism has now been falling on him from all corners, for several days. Heck, when even Vittorio Messori thinks he must timidly distance himself from the worst of Francis’ antics, you know the man is rapidly becoming toxic.

There’s more.

Francis may have a long pontificate (God forbid!), but chances are it won’t be so long. The risk of a massive backlash after his death or resignation – say: because he has health problems;  or it turns out he sniffs cocaine; or he was found in a gay sauna together with his favourite nancy boy, Ricca – are rather high, and will remain so for a while. Therefore, every public supporter of him must ask himself what will become of his job once Francis is gone and sanity has, at least in part, come back on the shores of the Blond Tiber. Messori’s article is, if you ask me, a professional insurance policy as much as it is a (mild) criticism. Others will follow his example. Francis will soon become the Pope even his supporters consider fashionable, and highly advisable, “not to understand”.

Then there is the matter of worldliness. Whilst the Pope has always had a right to respectful silence when he avoids talking bollocks in religious matters, he has no such rights when he gets in the middle of the public fray concerning political debate. If he thinks he can choose side on a purely worldly – and stupidly so – matter without being criticised by everyone pretty much in the same way as they would criticise everyone else, he is even more deluded than we thought.

He must, surely, understand that if he gets in the middle of the saloon fight, he will punched just like everyone else. He must know that there is a limit to the amount of criticism he can be subjected to without his reputation as Pope being completely shattered. He must, or he truly has lost his mind in an utterly drunken, megalomaniac drive.

All these elements lead me to at least hope that Francis will dedicate 2015 to social justice warrior issues in order to deflect attention from his caving in in the matter of communion for adulterers. To hope it, that is, in the measure in which I hope this man has a dose of common sense remained in him.

This last hope isn’t very strong, but it is there. Francis shows sign both of getting the lesson (for now) when he gets punched in the nose and of looking with the lantern for said punching, so it’s difficult to say if he is a sane man with a partial loss of the sense of reality, or a completely delusional madman with short periods of sanity thrown in here and there.

It will be an interesting 2015, for sure.

Let us spend it punching for the right cause. 





Pope Francis, The Environ-Mentalist






Dalai Francis

Dalai Francis

I was a child in the late Sixties/early Seventies, and the world was already nearing a global catastrophe. Or so the Leftists said.

Oil was about to be depleted. The global cooling (you have read correctly) was a very big issue. We were too wasteful, too superficial, too self-centred. We were destroying the Amazonian Forest. We weren’t as wise as the Chinese and Russians, who refused “consumerism”. We were too many, all four billion of us. Soon there would be no place anymore for all of us. Not enough to eat, see. Terrible wars would ensue.

 As I grew up, it went on. Nuclear power plants would soon kill us all. The German forests were clearly dying. The Polar Bear was almost no more. The oil reserves were still about to be depleted. It was, clearly, all our fault. Particularly because Ronald Reagan wanted to kill everyone is a nuclear holocaust.

 AIDS came, and soon it was phantasised as a global threat, when those who were threatened were, largely, perverts. Doesn’t mind. The scaremongering soon attracted more money for fag research than for cancer research. AIDS became the New Deal of an entire generation of bogus scientists looking for research money, tenures, fame, and women. We were still very bad.

The Nineties came, and with them new global, or regional, scares: “Mad Cow” would, obviously, cause millions to die prematurely, and if you had eaten liver sausage for the past two decades a will was a very sensible idea. Polar bears were, inexplicably, still almost-but-not-quite extinct, but the Amazonian forest was now dying really fast, exciting tree huggers to a paroxysm. The Amazonian forest produces, they say, 20% of the world’s oxygen, so you can prepare so say farewell to jogging, swimming, bicycling. Sorry, mate. This is where Capitalism has led you. The ozone layer was also about to be destroyed, and the Australians were all in a frenzy. No dying in your own bed for you. Skin cancer will take care of that. Ah, we must be paying for our sins…

In Germany, the frenzy was followed with typical German, reckless abandon. Two extremely cold winters ensued. Germany and Europe forgot all about it. Waiting for the next scare.

Pope Lama

Pope Lama

 The second wave of anti-Capitalist global warming mania exploded between 2006 and 2008, and has suffered a massive setback since 2009; but everyone who hates the West cannot be persuaded to let it go. They think they are still in with a chance.


 Because a world that has forgotten God has become so unspeakably stupid that it believes that God’s creation is as fragile as an antique vase, and it is ready to be shattered in thousand pieces unless you do what Francis – and other revolutionaries subversives  – tell you to do, all the time.

And no, yours is not to reason why. Ipse dixit. Shut up.

 They do not believe in God, Francis and the other revolutionary subversives. But one thing they do: they hate the West. All of them. They will use every excuse to tell you how bad you are, how wrong your way of living is, how selfish and materialistic your “mode of production” (commie speak at its best, peddled to us at school as if it were something wise) always will be.

Look at the prostitutes in the slums of Buenos Aires instead. Look at the children born out-of-wedlock; look at the corruption, the misery, the brutish godless world always engendered by abject poverty unwilling to improve, or to seriously pray, much less afraid of damnation. There is the virtue, my boy.

Smell like a sheep. It will do you good. Look at our Pope, the stinkiest of them all.

This revolutionary, subversive mentality changes global scare like you change a car, every so and so many years. Whenever one scare is exposed, a new one is invented. But the war is always the same, and it is fought always by the same revolutionary prophets of doom. These prophets of dooms hate the West, they hate Christianity, and they hate you. Francis is now making a bid to become their worldwide leader.

To the anti-Capitalist rhetoric of “inequality”, Francis is about to add the other anti-Capitalist rhetoric of Environ-Mentalism. As always, he will go into this head on, like a stupid child, either too arrogant and stupid to understand his own immense arrogance and stupidity or, more likely, confident that his role as Pope will allow him to get away with pretty much everything that does not imply denying dogmas or the Sacraments.

Perhaps he has decided that the war for the communion for adulterers is not to be won, and his all-important image must therefore be polished in another way. Perhaps he is just so drunk on himself that he doesn’t think of anything until he smashes his nose against a wall, as in October. Perhaps he is just hugely stupid in that arrogant, Castroite, atheist way of his.

And where is Christianity in all this? Where are sin, repentance, salvation, damnation? What does this man do to further one aspect of Catholicism? In what is every word he says different from what every idiot – or the Dalai Lama, which is the same – could say?

Francis is shoving down your throat a new religion in which a fantasy Christ is but a prop to his socialist and environ-mentalist madness. He does not believe in the message of the Gospel, and he does not want you to believe in it. He is the bearer of a new gospel, that he is smuggling into your own house and family under a bad disguise of the old one; a fake like a cheap Chinese knockoff pretending to be the real thing and peddled by illegal immigrants on the sidewalks of Rome, for those stupid enough to think that buying the lie will give them a whiff of the truth.

Francis is the illegal immigrant selling you the fake Gospel. He hates you, your morals and your prayers, your fear of the Lord and your faith. He hates your respectability more than anything else. He also hates the doers, the risk-takers, the hard workers, the pioneers, the tough men and women who, all together in their own way, built the wonderful Christian, Western Civilisation of ours. He hates the Capitalism that produces amazing wealth, because it is intolerable to his petty, envious mind that some may have – much less inherit – more than others. He cannot stomach that some are smart and some dumb, some industrious and some lazy, some tenacious and some quitters; he hates that some are huge gamblers, and at time their gamble pays huge dividends; and that some are just fortunate, and may God bless them too. If Francis can stomach it, he can’t stomach that their good fortune – or the fruit of their labour – is not taken away from them; because in his petty, envious world everyone must be a loser so that there are no winners. Francis is the kind of person who would complain of “inequality” in Connecticut – one of the richest States in the US and, therefore, one of the richest corners of the planet – because of the many billionaires who live there, making in many ways life easier for all the others.

This is the source – beside a boundless personal vanity – of Francis social and environ-mental concerns; concerns that are typical of those who do not believe, and most evident in him who does not believe at all.

There is nothing that Francis would not sell you to further his anti-Western, anti-Catholic, anti-morality agenda. In 2015 it will be poverty and global warming; but it could be AIDS and global cooling, Mad Cow disease, the end of oil extraction, the extinction of the baby seal or the Polar Bear, or the cutting down of the Amazonian forest: every rubbish would be equally good to sell you his agenda.

As always, there will be many takers: the losers, the envious, the lazy asses, the Pollyannas, the alternatives of all sorts, the perverts, and the outright stupid. Francis’ audience from day one.

I smile already at seeing how much this enviro-moron in white will cover himself in ridicule if he dares to, as reported, dedicate no less than an encyclical letter to Environ-Mentalism; thus childishly trying to play Leo XIII as he consigns himself to public mockery for all centuries to come. He will be made into little pieces, ridiculed by everyone with a brain in front of everyone with a brain; not very many, perhaps, but enough to destroy this other dream of greatness of this petty, old, vain man. If the Synod has shown anything is that the world is, as I write, not quite as rotten yet as Francis believes. With his encyclical Francis would, very probably, explode a hand grenade in his own Ford Focus.

He should try with the encyclical if he feels like it. Let’s see what good it does to him. I am reminded – as, probably, many of you – of “dirty Harry’s” words in the movie:

Go ahead.

Make my day.















Meet Desmond Tutu, The Environ-Mentalist

In a rather hilarious intervention at the vigil of one of those “climate change” reunions where well-fed people cause Co2 emissions travelling around the world, being princely fed and housed, and telling us how bad we are, the wannabe bishop (anglican, therefore fake) Desmond Tutu has called climate change “a global enemy”.


  The real global enemy (the devil) isn;t mentioned with a word, which is strange in one who says he is a bishop.

With great faith in Providence and in the inherent goodness of God’s creation, Tutu goes on to blather: “We can no longer continuing treating our addiction to fossil fuels as if there were no tomorrow, or there will be no tomorrow.”

Beautiful! Forget the Revelation, or the Antichrist. The world will end because we keep driving driving cars. God will come down and say “I had planned to have the world end later; but you have been naughty boys who do not understand the internal combustion engine; therefore, I see myself forced to suspend the show before the time”. 

But what does Tutu want to do? Revolutionary things, really. When you stop at the gas station, a writing at the pump will warn you: “this stop gravely harms the planet’s health; and your wallet, my dear, because you see, we must make you to stop”.

No Formula 1 sponsored by petrol company, too. Diseducative. Would you tolerate company adv sponsorism racism? Eh? Ah? Uh? No? Well, for Desmond “barnum” Tutu it’s exactly the same ballpark. 

Let me quote:

“Never before have human beings been called on to act collectively in defense of the Earth. As a species, we have endured world wars, epidemics, famine, slavery, apartheid and many other hideous consequences of religious, class, race, gender and ideological intolerance”.
So, there you have it: slavery and apartheid are on the same level of “gender intolerance” (means: calling perverts perverts) and “climate change”.
Boys, this one likes a whisky.
But then again, this is the man who is on record with the following pearl of utter satanic evil: 
“I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. No, I would say sorry, I mean I would much rather go to the other place.”
Don’t believe me? Try here.
No, I would say, sorry, Desmond: you have just officially chosen the Devil against basic Christian teaching, and said so openly.
The Lord allows us to see very clearly that these people are property of the devil. As they put God completely out of the equation, they obsess with an ideology that is anti-Western and anti-Capitalist first, second and third, which frontally attacks Christianity and promotes the work of the Devil as it tries to masquerade under a facade of “humanitarian” concern. A concern in which God is out of place as “homophobic”, and which is therefore a parody support of the Creation against the Creator. 
If one swallows such a lie, how can he say he could not see the punishment coming?



The Enviro-Pope


The signals are multiplying the Bishop of Rome might be about to join the ranks of Environ-Mentalism. Which, considering the man, isn't much of a surprise.

Now: everyone loves kitten, beautiful sunsets, and the environment; I have also never heard anyone saying we should have more smog and less forests. Where I start having a huge problem is when either of these two situations happen:

1. The BoR think he can take Jesus as hostage to say that Capitalism is so very bad because it “damages the environment”. Can't remember a single word of Jesus about that. If I have missed it, for two thousand years Christians have happily been doing the same, wisely using the world God has made for them instead of thinking that they are the problem, and the Earth pretty much the main object of Christ's concern. Can't wait for some clerical faggot telling us it is against the “spirit” of Jesus' teaching to eat meat.

Flash news: one day, not one planet will exist anymore. But not one soul that has ever been created will cease to exist. This gives some idea about God's priorities. Yes, we need the planet, and we prefer a beautiful planet. But the Planet is there to serve us, not the other way round.

This Maradiaga-UN-Francis attitude is a socialism, or anti-capitalism, via the backdoor and with the excuse of Christianity. It is a further step towards taking heaven out of Christianity and making of it a man-made religion meant to satisfy purely earthly concerns and desires, and stupid ones at that. This attitude is so like Francis, that I consider it very probable that the announced Encyclical about the “environment” will touch upon this subject in the accustomed superficial, populist, and utterly stupid manner.

2. The BoR (in hypothesis) rapes Christianity to the point of even taking stance in favour of the “man-made global warming” theory; which besides having been showed a ridiculous scam for retarded children meant to feed an army of “scientists” with tenures and privileges has also been, until some years ago, a favourite weapon of the modern champagne Viet Cong troops. The BoR would certainly reach new depths of ridicule if he were to lend what credibility he has left to his office to this sectarian, protocommunist, nutcase, utterly un-scientific madness.

Only an Atheist can think men could destroy the Earth, God's creation. Only an idiot could think God's Creation has a massive planning deficit and is now endangered by… more souls being born, and these souls living more prosperous lives. Only a very naive person fails to recognise in the corruption in the Third World – particularly Africa – the main reason of them remaining “third world”.

I wonder if Bergoglio has any faith left in him. All his thinking and acting squares perfectly – but the very rare speeches in front of a specialised audience – with an atheist, and very socialist, view of the world.

We will see what the Encyclical Letter contains; but it seems difficult to think a Pope who surrounds himself with the likes of Cardinal Maradiaga can write or think anything even vaguely intelligent on the subject.

The exploitation of Christianity to push a secular agenda is always a shame. The exploitation of Christianity to push a sectarian ideology for sandal-wearers and assorted pot-smokers is an even bigger shame. But the support of a Pontiff for such madness would, in this particular Shame Contest, certainly take the biscuit.



Extreme Environ-Mentalism










These people are truly ready for the madhouse.

They would need medical attention, but I am sure they refuse Western medicine anyway.

It’s truly scary.

These people vote. I mean, unless they are incapacitated they at least have the right to.

Scary. No, really.

Many thanks to reader Jewel, who alerted me to the existence of such articles.


Now that you have been brave, recover and relax with Ali-G’s take on tree-huggers and the two first-class gayboys teaching him non-violent resistance …












Francis: Outside Of “The Community” There Is No Salvation.

Sing with Francis!

“No one saves oneself. The community is essential”.

This is, alas, Francis tweeting.

The tweet is a good example of his papacy: senseless waffle, 100% Catholicism-free, that confuses the faithful and means either nothing or something very bad, but it certainly sounds cool among the uninstructed, the teens and the stupid.

Promptly, 5825 people with no clue retweet, and 5,290 put this sugary sounding rubbish among the “favourites”. I can imagine the excited girlie talk: “I have just favourited the Pope!”. “I have retweeted him! Isn't he sooo cool?”. “Yeah! totally wicked, totally!”.

So: what does this nonsense mean? One of three, I would say:

1. Nothing. It sounds good, though. “Community” sells. Can you feel the fluffy feeling? We are the world, we are the children…

2. We must help each other. When we help each other and the environment we will earn salvation because we have been so supportive of one another, and of the environment; and we know already from Francis that God always forgives, but Nature will frock you very hard if you displease her, and she will not forgive you at all. Cool tweet, then. So Pelagian.

3. We need the Church to be saved, because there is no salvation outside of the Church. But wait, let us not say “Church”. It's so controversial. Muslims and Jews could get angry and say I am not inclusive. I can't do that. Particularly now that I am getting “man of the year” awards like it's going out of fashion, and the Dalai Lama is green with envy. So, let me find an inclusive word instead; one that faithful of every religion and none will find acceptable. Oh, yes, “community” will do admirably. “The community is essential”. Ok, only God saves in the end, and there is no salvation outside of the Church. I know that, so it's all fine. Hey, I am a son of the Church, no? No problem then: “community” it is.


And so Francis tweets, or approves of, this nonsense. Hundreds of thousands, most of them clearly as Catholic as my cat, read in it the only thing it is possible to read: we, the brave community of the inclusive, help each other to salvation – whatever that means, and without excluding those for whom it doesn't mean anything – by being so inclusive, fighting against “H8”, and loving the Polar Bear Cub.

Nothing to do with Catholicism, of course. But then again so is most of what Francis says. Predictably, the heathenish crowds are extremely pleased. Archbishops – or archdioceses – start to retweet. Because it's so smart.


Mind, I do not say Pope should necessarily not tweet. But if they really want to tweet, and if they really care for the job description, Twitter could be a wonderful instrument to spread the Truth in a crystal clear manner.

“There is no salvation outside of the Church” is, say, a sentence wonderfully fit for tweeting and, in stark contrast to the tweet at the beginning of this post, actually Catholic. Many such brutally Catholic and brutally true messages could be sent through a medium like Twitter. The slanderous insults would have no end, giving another beautiful example of world hating the Truth. The number of those who follow the Pope because they are at least honest enough to know he will write uncomfortable things would probably also rise.

But you see: he wouldn't be popular. He would be hated and vilified. That's just not Francis, the ringmaster of Circus Bergoglio.

“Community” it is, then.



The Turning Of The Tide


I remember very well my sadness at the rapid disappearance – and most people said: inevitable extinction – of the traditional mechanical wristwatch in favour of the new quartz one. It seemed to me an entire world was dying, and an entire planet was embracing a soulless technology and killing the beauty, the magic and, yes, the poetry of craftsmanship. Small firms – then – like Blancpain and Chronoswiss decided this was too stupid, and the surrender to the power of quartz by no means unavoidable. They started producing watches for people who love beauty, and do not live by the second. This was the turning of the tide. A few years later, the mechanical wristwatch was already established as the timepiece at the wrist of the discerning – if, back then, pretty solvent – man of taste. Today, mass production of perfectly affordable, excellent mechanical wristwatches is all but back, and back with a vengeance in terms of general quality and value for money.

Then there was the matter with Communism. Once progressing all over Africa, rolling over vast part of Asia, heavily influencing South America and even infecting many countries in Western Europe, its advancement seemed unstoppable. In those years, the US administration spoke of “containment” of Communism, as if a tsunami was obviously coming their way and the only thing they could do was to avoid being flattened by the impact. Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher changed all this. In my eyes, Reagan’s election was the turning of the tide. Ten years later, Communism was all but bankrupt.

Then there was the “global warming” craze, by 2006 the pet ideal of the stupid and by 2008 clearly advanced to State Religion in countries like the UK. A few people kept swimming against this immense tide, unafraid. I mention here the Cato Institute with its brilliant work, and most of all an homosexual, Proto-communist, far leftist environmentalist with the rare courage to recognise he had been completely wrong all the time: Bjorn Lomborg, the author of “The Sceptical Environmentalist”. Lomborg was persecuted for years, as the Climate Mafia tried to deprive him of income and dignity. He was, last time I look, vindicated, and the new religion was – thanks also to new taxes, heavily challenging the masses who are only in favour of “good causes” when they do not have to pay for it – dead and buried by 2011. This time, the turning of the tide was, even, exceptionally fast.

Another tide is now turning: abortion. One must be blind not to see that what seemed only twenty years ago an unchangeable “new reality” all over the West, but particularly in Western Europe, is now crumbling under the pressure of a new generation of people not ready to accept murder as a way to solve a problem, and not willing to swallow the tales of the self-serving murderesses. This was a slow turning, and it will unfold very slowly in the other direction; but it’s undeniably there. What changed matters here is more difficult to point out. The army of aging women haunted by abortions committed decades before certainly played a significant role; the demographic also helped; the beautiful work of John Paul II was without doubt another big factor. This was a very slow turning, but I don’t think any Cuomo or Obama will be able to do anything against it.

And then there is another tide, that has not turned yet: Sodomy. As perverts and their helpers advance in the Western countries and try to have perversions recognised as human right, a strong opposition develops. Russia, under Putin’s guide, exposes the West’s godless stupidity with admirable energy, and may it long last. Many African countries refuse the drink the homosexual Kool-aid. Resistance develops in countries like France. I am under no illusion that the turning of the tide will come soon here. Rather, years of bitter fight await us. I am also afraid it will get worse before it gets better, as I see Italy unable to resist to the new wave of sugary goodism, and rapidly advancing towards legal protection of sodomy under the benevolent look of the “who am I to judge” Pope. It will get worse before it gets better, but when it gets better it will be because of those who have not shut up when it was very bad; and if we were to shut up now, who knows when it will become better.IN the matter of sodomy, I think the wake-up call will come when the children “adopted” by them will turn up to be victim of sexual abuses in percentages unknown among heteros. Unless, of course, by that time things will be bad enough that no one will be able to see the problem in the first place. hey, if forty years ago anyone had told me one day sodomy would be celebrated, I’d had laughed out loud, too.

Still, let us not lose courage, and let us stay in good spirits.

The same as for the watches, communism, global warming and abortion, one day this tide will turn, too.


Francis In One Line

Stan Laurel2

If anyone were to ask you to explain in short all that is wrong with Francis, you might say this:

whilst sexual perversions advance all over the West, he plans an Encyclical about the environment.


God Help The British Monarchy

One of the problems of hereditary office is that you risk to have someone in office who is a total moron, but still more or less entitled to the office because of birth. Whilst several ways have been historically devised to deal with the problem – a stupid or cowardly King would have had a great deal of trouble in keeping the loyalty of his influential subjects, and would have run a constant risk of being sent to an early grave – the matter has become more evident as the hereditary office has become less important or, as in the case in question, irrelevant to all intents and purposes – with the exception, perhaps, of a bit of pomp and circumstance.

Here in the United Kingdom, the British subjects are living a very special drama now, with the increasingly more disquieting realisation that a moron of stellar proportions is to become, very probably, the King one day.

Said moron has given today another example of his astonishing lack of basic intelligence, by letting the world know that the human race risks to cause its own extinction. Now, if said heir to the throne had had an intelligence higher than the one of a seven-years-old child, he would have known that as Defender of the Faith – what he will be called to be – he is just attacking the faith he is supposed to defend if he thinks that Jesus might be fooled by those little human beings, who are simply faster than Him and deprive Him of the Last Judgment he has promised, and all this out of sheer unwillingness to listen to a moron. No gnashing of teeth anymore, no Judge coming down from the same direction whence he went on Ascension day. “From thence He shall come, to find the planet inhabited”, says the Creed of the Royal Moron. I wonder if even the other Head Moron, Al Gore, would show such basic lack of common Christian sense.

As things are, the probable end of the already rather weakened monarchy in this Country can be avoided only in one of three ways:

a) the Prince of Wales makes all of us a favour and extinguishes himself in an environmentally friendly way by kicking the royal bucket before his long-suffering mother; this reduces Co2 emissions, too;
b) the Prince of Wales refuses the Crown for some reason particular to him – say, that it is not made of hemp as he requested; or that he is not allowed to become the Defender of the Friends of Biggus Dickus, see video above -, or
c) that the Privy Council decides that the man is too much of an idiot even for a role who doesn’t require anything more than smiling and kissing the odd child, and decide to offer the Crown to the infinitely more representative, popular and reliable William for manifest lack of suitability – and brains – of the first in line.

On days like this, it feels so good to have been born in a Republic.


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