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“Gay” “President” To “Marry” “Gay” “Bishop”?

The First Fag President of the once glorious United States has invited the first so-called “gay” so-called “bishop” of a so-called “church” to give the final so-called blessing at some speech or other some days ago. With the usual class, the “bishop queen” twitted “OMG!”, thinking he is a screaming, stupid, self-centred adolescent girl. Which he is not. Adolescent, I mean. Anagraphically, at least.

On reading this, I reflected on the perversion of modern times, when Christianity has become such a faint remembrance, and perversion so mainstream, that even a POTUS can get away with what Barry just did without being flayed to death.

Today, on Good Friday, we can reflect on how many, in a position of power, crucify Christvevery day not (only) with their private sins, but by openly attacking Christian morality at every level: social, legal, and religious.

And then I thought: what if Barry would, faithful to his “inclusive” creed, suddenly discover a same-sex attraction for the girlish “OMG” “bishop”? Look, Obama is enough of a spineless wimp, to the point that he has even openly admitted he doesn't smoke out of sheer fear of his wife. And then there's Michelle O.: a woman with jaws good for a Spielberg movie, and whose entire demeanour and attitude to life says she would so much have wanted to be born with a willie, but she had to find an emasculated puppet in order to become the President Of The United States By Proxy. Oh, the injustice of modern times…

What if, then, Barry were to embrace his already rather developed inner faggot, and discover a sudden same-sex attraction for the ageing wannabe bishop “OMG!” Robinson? Let's look at it.

The so-called bishop's “lover” would have to recognise that the “Spirit” has led the so-called bishop to this new “experience”. He would have to be “supportive”, of course. That's the first obstacle gone.

Michelle “Jaws” Obama would have to recognise, at least in public, that even her husband – whom she certainly considers a third-class loser, first-class nuisance and utter idiot – has a “right” to his “happiness”, and it would be too late now to start defending traditional roles. The daughters are also, in fact, old enough to be “punished with a baby”, so they should not be shocked too much at something so “normal” like their father undergoing a “new phase”. That's obstacle two (and, as far as they count anything, mini-obstacles three and four) gone.

And then there is the most important obstacle: the voters. But you see, the beauty of being a POTUS at the second mandate is that you don't have to stand for an election ever again. If your name is Barry O. you can just sit and relax, polishing your image for the well-paid speeches to come. Playing more golf, if possible. Things like that. Voters are not your concern anymore. Your wife is, of course. But only if she is near enough to strike.

The voters would be, obviously, severely tested. One thinks of the Black vote, to a good extent not consisting of atheist trannies. But hey, if they plaud the POTUS when he invites the faggot bishop to bless people, why should they criticise him when the President himself practices what he preaches?

And so we are nearing the happy end: in this XXI century of ours the President of the United States could leave his wife and family and run away with an homosexual so-called cleric and the majority of the Country would have no other choice, if they have a shred of coherence left, than to look and applaud.

Then Michelle would be free to go on and have – if technology allows – her own little operation herself.

Happiness all around.



Episcopalians: The Wages Of Stupidity Is Extinction

Too stupid to survive.

Read here the scary (for them) figures telling a tale of free fall and rapid advancement towards annihilation of the sect of the Episcopalians.

The decline is now so rapid that it can be measured in appreciable percentages almost year-on-year. It is a slow death only because people generally take a long time to die, but it’s clear they are clinically dead already. I’d love to have the numbers of the conversions from the Church or from other Christian ecclesial communities, and to know how many of them are perverts or people to whom, say, the Sacra Rota has denied marriage annulment (it happens still in the US, I am told…) and who have decided the best way to escape Truth is to become a member of the lie.

Funnily, the poor cretins are now trying to discern how they can better market themselves, not realising this marketing mentality is what has doomed them in the first place. They will probably react by becoming even more like the perverted world out there, thinking if they are like the world the world will like them. The liberal mainstream mentality is now utterly heathenish, and so they have become.

They call it being “relevant”. Whoring for Satan, more like.

The Episcopalians have become like the world, and now the world does not know what to do with them. If Obamism is one’s religion, one certainly does not need any unrecognisable parody of a Christian sect; be it the Episcopalians, or any other.

Will the slow death of the Episcopalians be a lesson to our dear leaders, starting from He Who Shall Be Believed Humble? I doubt. Our shepherds, drunk on popularity and approval, actually think – as far as the marketing mentality is concerned – exactly like the Episcopalians. The huge difference is that the Church is not only Indefectible and supported by the Holy Ghost, but also protected by the bastions of the Depositum fidei, which makes Her unassailable from attacks in Episcopalian style.

Francis or no Francis, the Barque of Peter will never sink. The Episcopalian ship of fools is already inclined and it will sink – as sects go – very fast.

Die, Episcopalian Mickey Mouse Christian sect. Die.

It serves you right.


Mrs Robinson

Fag in priestly rags: Gene Robinson

We all know homosexuals want a stage and revel in public attention, which is why so many of them become actors or politicians. Gene Robinson, the strange man – I hope he does not find the word “man” offensive; in which case, I will revert to “bitch” without any problem – who thinks he is a retired “bishop”, is clearly both.

In his endless goodness – or desire for a stage; one of the two – the probably best known man (oh, that name again… so…sexist! As if one were not, oh, free to oh, choose his own, oh, gender…) among the US so-called “Episcopalian” sect wants to instruct Pope Francis on how to run the Church properly. The suggestions aren't very Catholic, as you can expect from a scandalous inverted. Still, Mrs Robinson's suggestions aren't the reason why I write this blog post. The reason is that he dares to open his mouth in the first place.

Mr Robinson says many Catholics experience a “painful disconnect” between what the Church teaches and what they “feel in their heart”. So what, would a Catholic say, it's a clear sign those Catholic must stop “feeling” and start thinking… Not so for Robinson, who evidently thinks with his… well, certainly not with the brain.

It is not only that the concept of Truth, or even universal moral values, has gone entirely lost in one of the countless acts of sodomy the, ahem, man will have to answer for. It is that Robinson fails even at the standard that he has himself chosen.

If the faithful being “disconnected” is a sign of being wrong, how wrong must be one whose so-called “church” is dying fast, and of whose decline he is without any doubt one of the most evident causes? Seriously, how stupid is that? Where's the argument?

The inverted goes on saying many Catholics want (in their “hearts”, I suppose) abominations like so-called same sex marriage, and atrocities like abortion. This keeps, he goes on dreaming, many people outside of the Church.

Let us forget for a moment that one must really have no idea of what the Church is to even think she might change the Truth like Robinson changes sex of his “partner”. The point here is that he suggest that the Church adopt the same policies that are killing his own ridiculous Mickey Moise church so fast…

Therefore, dear Francis – says Robinson – you should listen to what I, the charitably self-appointed head of your marketing department, says and “embrace” all these perversions and atrocities. Then, you'll become like the Episcopalians.

Now, that is a road to success!



She felt ready for the priesthood

I was reading around on the Internet about the usual rubbish of the usual wannabe “priestesses”, demanding Christianity be reshaped in their own image.

I started to wonder. I am no expert of mad feminists, but do these wannabe priestesses support… priest celibacy? Would they be ready – in the logically absurd case they were allowed to become priestesses, and cats to bark – to be celibate priestesses? Again, without being an expert of the madhouse one can comfortably say most of them wouldn't, and those who would “would not want to impose their view on others”.

Therefore, we can safely assume the aspiring wymyn priest would want to be priest, but not celibate; or better said, they would clamour the Church is wrong on both male priesthood and priest celibacy. Hhmmm…

Then one wonders how many of those females believe in Transubstantiation. Again, I do not work in a psychiatric hospital, but it seems self-evident to me that if they do not believe in male priesthood, which is clearly infallible teaching but is also common to other religions (Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism), they will have the biggest problems in believing in something so apparently outlandish like Transubstantiation, something absolutely unique to Catholicism and only supported by people determined to parrot them. Hmmm…

What the wymyn think of Papal infallibility, I do not even want to mention: they think you can improve on Jesus; therefore, the only logical consequence is they must think Popes must also never be infallible…


So there we are, and we have:

1. A rabid feminist

2. Who doesn't believe in male priesthood

3. Or in Transubstatiation,

4. And thinks Jesus caved in to social pressure

5. And the Pope is never infallible.

But… wait….!

I know who this is…

This is an Episcopalian Witch!



Episcopalian Madness… (?)

This comes courtesy of Rorate Caeli, and one must say these Episcopalians have most certainly lost their senses…

Thank God they aren’t Catholics. Considering what is happening to holy and orthodox people like the SSPX priests, they would have the Vatican steamroller driving over them in no time…


… surely?



OK… forget that…


Let’s try again….



A beautiful Mass in the Spirit of VII in Brazil…. Extremely solemn Novena….

Don’t get me wrong, I think the tune is fantastic, fantastic! But I wonder whether it might be… perhaps… not totally appropriate?

To stay in tune with the youth without losing sight of our beautiful liturgical tradition, I would suggest a couple of spirited Brazilian tunes which would, with their reverence and solemnity, give a solid contribution to the great flourish of the “spirit” which we now see happening all over the world after the historic event of Vatican II. The second video in particular has what in my eyes are great suggestions for a more relevant liturgy, while the first is, alas, too much male-centred.

Either way, they would make great suggestions for relevant, inclusive post V-II liturgical music, I am sure…


Episcopalians, On Their Deathbed, Appoint Loretta “Bishop”.

It appears very clear from the WSJ article that the parody of Christianity known as the “Episcopalians” are approaching death more rapidly than generally expected.

Last time I looked, they were supposed to still have around 2 million members. It appears now they might be reduced to around half that.

They did not start to die like flies, of course, though I suspect the average member age (do they say “member” over there? or is it chauvinistic?) must be rather comparable with the age of the typical UK altar “girl”. What has apparently happened is that not simply individual, but entire congregations, and delegates from whole States simply walk away.

Mind, this is not a great compliment for those who are involved, as they should be asked how they could stay until today in the first place; also, to leave an organisation that is not recognisable in any way as Christian anymore shouldn’t be a very difficult feat.

Still, the phenomenon seem now to have assumed such proportions as to impact the very way the central organisation works. Gone is the big Manhattan building, gone the expensive double chamber for the representatives; gone will soon be, no doubt, the lavish gatherings.

This organisation is dying a horrible death, with multiple legal confrontations to chase the assets of the communities deciding to walk, whilst becoming even more of a circus after adding to the female “bishops” the homosexual and in future (as soon as they find a candidate) the “transgendered” one.

I have the perfect candidate for them: Monty Python’s “Loretta”.


Episcopalians In New York State: When Confusion Becomes Comedy

It's a sin if they live together; but not if they are homos; but again yes if they are homos and can marry, says Mouseton's bishop.

This might well make your day.

There’s an Episcopalian soi-disant bishop in Long Island who has decided to, erm, take a moral stand. Therefore, whilst he has up to now allowed that his homosexual soi-disant priests lived together in sodomitic “luuv” without blinking an eye, now that the State of New York has decided that unrepentant sodomites may, erm,” marry” he will not tolerate it anymore and….. will require them to “marry”, too.

This funny episode is truly indicative of the confusion of these circus articles, now completely delivered to secular thinking. It is already beyond every stretch of Christian logic how two homosexuals would be ever allowed to live together in an official, “under the sun” sodomitic convivence and for this to be fine according to their bishop; it is even more delirious to accept this when one of the two is a supposed mickey mouse “priest” of this cartton bishop. But it truly represents a new and unheard-of stage of confusion to demand that, now that a secular instance has created a purely secular legal instrument, it be a religious requirement that a religious comply with it.

In other words, this mickey mouse “bishop” is saying that he had no qualms, from a religious point of view, with two poofs living in “luuuv” Sodom-style; but that the very same behaviour he was fine with before is not fine now, when a purely secular instance has created a purely secular and purely optional legal instrument. This man is desperately trying to take a “moral stance”, looking for his morals everywhere but in Christianity.

This is the same as if the Church would say that drinking tea is perfectly fine, but as the law now gives one the legal possibility of drinking his tea with absynth, then tea-drinking Catholic priests must put the absynth in their tea.

Drinking tea (or sodomy) is either a sin, or it isn’t. It can’t be fine today, and a sin tomorrow according to what a bunch of prostitutes politicians in Albany say. Last time I looked, Christianity didn’t allow any secular authority to decide what behaviour constitute a sin. Of course you must respect the laws, and of course to disobey to a law can often – and not even always – be a sin. But the New York State hasn’t given anything else than an option to (oh, that word!) “marry”, so the bishop is desperately running after some form of politically correct “respectability” for something he doesn’t even condemn as a sin! Blimey!

Tellingly, Mouseton’s bishop gives his sodomite priests nine months (the time to make a baby; funny, that…) to decide what to do. He recognises, namely, that these people might be together only for the sake of each other’s perverted sexual gratification and not really having any long-term “luuuv” project. But that they lived together until yesterday, with that he was fine.

Oh well, I imagine the bishop of Mouseton isn’t bothered by these stupid Christian details….


“This Garbage Has Got To Stop”. A Michael Voris Video.

Brilliant post of Michael Voris about a strange, but probably not so unusual experience in Ireland. In this once most Catholic of countries, a non-baptised non-believer starts to see the light and to have a vague idea that the Church might be right. But in his understandable desire to deepen the matter he is confronted with a solid wall of common places, rather meaningless truisms and desire not to offend anyone (in Italy we call it buonismo, “good-ism”). Even his Catholic friends can’t really help him, because whilst their intention are good, their instruction is bad and they are therefore unable to adequately articulate and explain their faith.

We have here so much of what is going on all over the West: a great desire of spirituality, to which the Church’s shepherds react with such a load of politically correct platitudes that this desire is, to all intents and purposes, negated.

I smile when I hear that the troubles of the Church are due to the fact that society has grown “materialistic”. This utterly ignores the army of people now looking at oriental religions, or at other strange spiritual movements. They do so because the kindergarten, “Dalai Lama-cum-Mandela” Christianity that has been imparted to them was of such self-defeating stupidity that they do not even imagine what beauty and greatness real Christianity has. When your local priest or vicar goes on all day saying the same shallow platitudes you simply lose faith in the ability of the shop to teach anything meaningful to you. When the only value a priest or vicar can impart is the one of “tolerance” and/or “niceness” it is obvious that this person has absolutely nothing to say, and the BBC can easily take his place.

The Church has filled her ranks with inept shepherds unable to transmit the message and meaning of Christianity and, in many cases, probably not even aware of them anymore themselves; the Anglicans and Methodists have done much worse and I doubt whether others, like some Episcopalians, can still be called Christians. As a result, the need for spirituality – which has always been there, and will always be there; even when not properly fostered – has lost itself in a myriad of small creeks rather than finding rest where the Truth lies.

For the last fifty years, the Catholic clergy have done everything possible to blabber the Church out of existence whilst they felt so “hip” and “with it”. The attempt has, predictably, failed, but not without leaving a huge trail of destruction. It is now time to start reconstructing what has been destroyed, and in my eyes the reconstruction must start whence the decadence started: the bishops.


P.s. on a lighter note: the clear attempt of the street cleaner to stop the advancement of Catholicism at 5:00 has been valiantly stopped…

“Allahu Akbar”, Say The Episcopalians

This is not a joke; just, I am afraid, the last idea of some idiot Episcopalian who has completely forgotten what he should stand for.

Read here about this lates Episcopalian exploit. Cupio dissolvi at its best.

And if you happen to be one of those misled souls, do yourself a favour and convert to some Christian organisation (I would suggest the Only Church; the only one founded by Christ) before it’s too late.


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