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God Save the Queen, indeed..

Wish you good health! Source: Mexicoinstitute

As the Daily Mail reports, Prince Charles yesterday informed us that Islam is, as far as its “spiritual principles” are concerned,  more environmentally friendly than Christianity. That is to say that Christians are supposed not to kill the planet but they do not take this reaaally  seriously after all, while Muslims are at the forefront of environmental awareness….

In Islam there is “no separation between man and nature”, he goes on saying. I assume that this means that when a Muslim beheads a Christian it is as if he were beheading, say, a goat or a duck or cutting the top of a tree.  This does sound rather new age-ish  and very environmentally friendly and whilst it might not lead to a decreasing in the number of beheadings of Christians, it might prove useful to make Prince Charles feel smug and oh so attentive to the sensitivities of his Muslim subjects.

The Prince went so far as to appear the only human being (Christian, Muslim or Environmentalist) still insisting in using the expression “an inconvenient truth” without understanding  the laughter and ridicule it causes everywhere.

This is the “Defender of…” what!?

I wish Queen Elisabeth a long and happy life.


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