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Good Riddance

good riddance


I generally avoid making names when criticising other (more or less) Catholic blogs and writers, and I will do the same this time. I leave it to the discernment of the reader to draw their general conclusions (both in particular and in general) from what I am about to write. 

I have a special sort of allergy for those fake “c”atholic, confused, “let’s see where the “spirit” drives me today”-blogs which are at the same time pompous, self-centred and distinctly unCatholic. 

Catholicism can never be reinvented. Experience shows that it cannot be “updated” (update in Italian is “aggiornamento”) without causing extremely grave damage. It does not even need to be polished. The only thing that Catholicism needs is to be learned, accepted in toto, and defended in season and out of season. 

More in general, Catholicism is never about you, nor is any sane person that does not sleep in your bed or in its near proximity really interested in how you feel today. Much less will any sane Catholic care a straw about what strange new interpretation of – actually – very easy things you are concocting right now. 

I remember a CINO blogger who, on the day Amoris Laetitia was released, enthusiastically embraced the novelty, actually coming to the point of wondering how much the Church still has to travel on the way to “understanding” where Satan  (cough) the “Spirit” is leading Her. Alas, she was too fast, and the tidal wave of criticism promptly caused by that demonic work suggested to her more cautious tones in the future. 

This particular episode is emblematic of so much of CINO blog and journalistic activity. They don’t “get” Catholicism, because they do not submit to it. They treat their religion like they treat their own political party. They ponder about what might have been wrong until today within the Church and what (and it is a lot) has to change as if they discussed the pros and cons of a low-carb diet, or of a new type of exercise routine. They think that truth changes and, most stupidly of all, that this rather fickle, imaginary “spirit” has chosen them to be a vehicle for the spreading of, no less, a new and improved truth. 

Listen, CINO blogger or journalist: in Catholic matters the surest indication of what is right is what your devout grand-grandmother would have thought right, and you will discover that your grand-grandmother was actually pretty well-aligned with all the old encyclical letters, catechisms, and other learning material we have received from past ages. There is nothing to innovate, nothing to add, nothing to take away. Any fantasy of a “spirit” leading us to some “new truth” is satanical delusion and willed, mortally sinful, self-deception. 

Yes, your grand-grandmother possibly had less fun in bed than many XXI century women; but then again she lived a far better, wholesome, more serene life than the absolutely vast majority of women today; and she died at peace with the Lord, which is the most important part. Yes, your grand-grandmother did not care a straw for “inclusion” of perverts, but this was because she was Catholic. Yes, your grand-grandmother was possibly not even allowed to vote; but this was never an obstacle to her being a blessing to her loved ones and friends, a precious counsel to her husband and leader, and a loyal servant of Christ. 

One of those fake-orthodoxy-cum-modern-times blog has just closed, apparently because of the “spirit”.

Good riddance.     

A blog that confuses the truths of always with the fads of today has not deserved to be called a Catholic blog; and those who write and spread such rubbish imperil their soul. 

Fake Fatso “Father” Faggot.

Now available in "catholic priest" costume.

Now available in “catholic priest” costume.

I receive, and cannot avoid posting, this piece of unspeakable excrement.,AAAACC1laJk~,tMO2d6O4mickzCfG8Kpt2wQCZRxpuzpo&bctid=3299422611001

This is clearly NOT a parish priest of the Only Church; rather, one of the idiots of bogus splinter groups thinking it’s fine to dress as Catholic priests. The smell of brimstone comes up to here.  

That the man is a faggot he says himself, but you understand it as soon as he speaks in front of the camera. 

Now your truly asks: what kind of diabolical delusion, of stupidity beyond words, can lead these hacks to even think of implying that there are priests of the Only Church who do such things?

The bastards obviously protect themselves by stating the official name of the bogus congregation with its own bogus “ordination”, but there can be no doubt they want you to believe this is a Catholic priest.

They keep one step away from a lawsuit, but I am rather sure most viewers will not get the subtleties.

Heavens, if some Satanist were to say “I am a priest of the Catholic Church of XYZ”, would they make a report on him “celebrating” black masses, with the anchor saying “generally Catholic priests do not celebrate black masses, but look at this one!” ?.

Faggots. All of them. Even the heteros.



On the repeal of "Don’t ask, don’t tell" legislation in the US military

Archbishop Broglio. Source: Army Times.

The American Papist reports about the initiative of Archbishop Broglio, the head of the Catholics in the US armed forces, to try and stop the repeal of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” legislation currently regulating the position of homosexuals in the US armed forces. The statement of Archbishop Broglio can be found here.

Particularly interesting are in my eyes the following passages:

“Catholic chaplains must show compassion for persons with a homosexual orientation, but can never condone—even silently—homosexual behavior”.

“A change might have a negative effect on the role of the chaplain not only in the pulpit, but also in the classroom, in the barracks, and in the office”.

“There is no doubt that morality and the corresponding good moral decisions have an effect on unit cohesion and the overall morale of the troops and effectiveness of the mission”

“The effect of a repeal of the current legislation has the potential of being enormous and overwhelming”.

“Tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.” They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved”.

“Sacrificing the moral beliefs of individuals or their living conditions to respond to merely political considerations is neither just nor prudent especially for the armed forces at a time of war”.

“Catholics believe that nothing will be done if there is a careful and prudent evaluation of the effects of a change”.

In my eyes, what Archbishop Broglio could have done is to be more forceful in his stressing the moral duty for every Catholic legislator not to vote in favour of the repeal. Those who tell themselves Catholic and even think of passing such legislation should be exposed as fake Catholics, publicly condemned and, in case, duly excommunicated. Whilst I do not think that Broglio can excommunicate them himself, he can certainly contribute to a climate in which a Catholic legislator is required to either walk the Catholic walk or at least shut up about his alleged Catholicism. Catholic orthodoxy will be restored only by demanding from all those in public positions that they do not dilute or counterfeit it. Traditional Catholicism must be defended openly and vocally and our Bishops are (supposed to be) the men for that.

I will not go into the ludicrous matter of the effects of an increased homosexual infiltration of the army, because this is the stuff of which jokes are made. That a superpower can even think of compromising to such an extent the efficacy of its armed forces by sacrificing the most elementary common sense on the altar of political correctness says a lot about the ideological blindness currently reigning in Washington.

I wonder – nay, not really – how many homosexual soldiers are currently serving in the army of the emerging superpower, China.

Mala tempora currunt. A Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel is certainly in order.


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