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2012 Elections: Family and Economy

Would he have punished his mother with himself?

“values voters see big government and deficit spending as the result of policies that arise “when the natural family is looked down upon” and thereby foster dependency”.

This very intelligent reflection comes from a speech of Mr Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council, about the electoral voters of Us-American Evangelicals.

Evangelical voters, he says, tend to link the economic and the social issues that will – hopefully, for the seconds – dominate the 2012 campaign, and the line above is an example.

As an Italian, I can resonate with the phrase chosen by Mr Perkins, as in those societies where the welfare state is rather weak – in Italy it is very weak if you consider it as “welfare state proper”, that is: entitlement – the family is very strong and conversely, you can afford to have an almost non-existent welfare state and survive as a politician only because the family is so strong.

I do not use the word “natural family” because in Italy the absurdities and perversions of the US have not yet gained a foot in the social and legal framework of the country. Long may it last.

I do agree with the statement, particularly after having lived in Germany and the UK and having seen the result of the mentality prevailing in those countries.

Still, I wonder what resonance it would find among the US Catholic voters, as this would seem to be a more specifically Evangelicals-related phenomenon.


UK Homos Only One And A Half Percent, Says Survey

Peter Tatchell: second punch in a week

One of the most cretinous affirmations of homos is the delirious belief that anywhere between six and ten percent of the population would consist of homosexuals or lesbians.

I do imagine that these people must have their perspective rather warped from the life they lead and the people they frequent; but for crying out loud, six percent means around one in sixteen! Around two for every school class, whole floors in every bigger office building! What do these people drink in the morning?!

Against these urban legends, Catholics have always maintained that the number of the sexually deviant is much more limited; in fact, anywhere between half a percent and one and a half percent of the population according to country (it being a deviant behaviour, countries with demolished family life will obviously tend to have more homos and lesbos than countries with solid families, growing their children in a healthy environment with loving and caring parents, clear role models & Co.) .

Turns out that Catholics were right. The “Daily Telegraph” (more and more pink these days and now unable to write a headline with the word “homosexual”) informs us that the percentage of homos and lesbos in the lands would be….. around….. one and a half percent. I’d never have thought it after schools, buses, offices were oh so full with ohh so “normal” homos….

It is amazing what happens when people open their eyes and start to think. Or to count….


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