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Please Pray For Father Carota

Blog posts until the end of February.

Then one post at the end of March.

Then nothing.

Please join me today in giving your rosary to Father Carota.

May each one of us go to his judgment one day with half the merits of this good man of God.



“As We Pray For A New Pope…”

Interesting post of the great Father Carota (please keep him in your prayers) about Sedevacantism. Father’s short post does not get into details, but it makes the sound, common sense argument most people will instantly recognise as right because so eminently reasonable and sound. If you want more details as to the issue of how to deal with a heretical Pope, please direct your mouse here

Father Carota’s stance on Sedevacantism is neither new nor surprising. However, one phrase in his blog post is one of those signs of the times.

“As we pray for a new pope we need to ask God for a pope who will be clear and consistent with what the church has taught for 1980 years”.  

The idea that a sound Catholic should pray for a new Pope appears so natural to the writer, that he puts the thought en passant in the argument against Sedevacantism. Of course you pray for a new pope, so bad is this one…

Yours Truly reads, approves, and can’t avoid thinking of all the insults found in his comment box when he himself started to encourage his readers to pray for this pontificate to end one way or another (I have heard abdications are all the rage these days).

We now find the same encouragement, as a matter of course, in blogs written by unquestionably orthodox (and, very probably, saintly) priests; because you see, facts have a way to impress themselves on people even if these people would rather prefer to ignore them. At some point, you can’t avoid the facts staring at you straight in the face. At some point, you realise it is really, really so, and there’s nothing you can do to avoid the stare.

Pray for a new Pope.

This time, hopefully, a Catholic one. 



Pray For Father Carota

Father Carota


Father Carota is very ill, and I ask you to, in your charity, say your next rosary for him. If you do not recite the rosary, I think this would be a wonderful occasion to recite your first one, or to start it again.

Father Carota (carrot, in Italian) writes a blog that was recommended to me by faithful readers. I was always impressed by the uncompromising stance of the good man concerning everything Catholic, and by his very blunt and very charitable words (the two go, in fact, very often together).

I remember thinking that this carota was a very healthy vegetable indeed: not extremely satisfying on the moment, but very beneficial in the long term. If you want sugary things that are bad for your health you can always ask Francis, and it will be muffin galore.

After the post I have linked Father has posted a new blog post written by himself, with a courageously smiling photo.    

I confess I could not hold a little tear as I read the words “If all the other things I have done in my life have been in vain, it is all worth while saving children from abortion”.

Father, I am not sure you did many things in vain in your life, but your blog was most certainly not one of them. Many a time I have reddened by reading it, and found myself a better man in the end. Many a time I have thought how much we need priests like you, and what a desert it is to live surrounded by fluffy idiots instead of true pastors. Many a times I have thought, reading the blog, “this looks like one that will go to heaven with the Angels Express”. 

I hope the time for Father has not arrived yet, because the world needs people like him. But if it has, it must be a huge consolation to take leave of this valley of tears knowing that one has fought the goof fight with courage and determination, and without any fear of the world’s criticism, malice or ridicule. 

I will keep you in my prayers, Father, and I am sure many of my readers will do so, too. I kindly ask you not to leave us so soon, if it is at all possible, and to recommend us to the Blessed Virgin if it isn’t. I am sure you can look back to a life extremely well spent, but please try to stay with us for a while yet. 

You are such a healthy food for the soul. 




This fantastic image comes from the Traditional Catholic Priest

I think a Hail Mary or three for Father are fully in order. It's only a matter of time before he gets targeted.



Meet The Anti-Kasperites


Quo vadis?

Father Carota has another not one, but two stellar blog posts about two actual and very grave issues: the persecution of orthodox priests, and the matter of sacrilegious communion.

As to the first one, the title says it all. Wisely, Father understands that the likes of Father Guarnizo  (see here or here about this great priest) are going to be persecuted more and more for being good Catholic priests. Father Carota says it with the usual frankness: 

It seems that the sinner gets all the support and the priests who live and preach their Catholic faith get thrown under the bus by the Church authorities.

Quite. The new “age of mercy” will only reinforce the already existing trend. I don’t want to think what will happen after the Synod in October. Already there are rumours that the “pastoral approach” will not spare anything; not only Communion, but also the teaching of the Church concerning homosexuals, concubines, & Co.

And in fact – and as I have already noticed – if we live in times of such astonishing hypocrisy that two concubines can be admitted to communion because they pretend to live like “brother and sister” whilst, actually, not only having sex but even openly admitting that they do, there’s nothing to prevent two homosexuals from living together in a “chaste relationship” which obviously isn’t, and demand the sup[port and solidarity of the “community”; hey, let us not let facts get in the way of our “pastoral work”. Mundabor, who are you to judge? It is obvious that in this way there is no teaching of the Church that cannot be transformed in its parody.

Which leads us nicely to the other intervention of Father Carota. In this other post, Father Carota says very succinctly that for which I needed to waste so many ASCII characters:

All the saints say that receiving Holy Communion in the state of Mortal Sins is one of the worst sacrilegious sins one can commit.

Fifty years of “Springtime”, and the very basics have gone lost by most. How many who call themselves Catholics would identify themselves with the statement above, I shudder to think.

Jesus is not the priority anymore. Salvation isn’t really an issue, either. If salvation isn’t an issue, the new priority is to make everyone happy, and let them feel “included”.

It’s so difficult to say “no”. Let’s say “yes” instead. Very “pastoral”.

How did Jesus say? “Think not that I am come to send a sword on earth: I came not to send a sword, but peace.” Erm…. I mean… more or less… (cough)… what was I saying? Oh yes: it’s a fine day!…

More and more Catholic priests will, in the years to come, find themselves in the situation of the picture above.  Not an easy one, I admit. But hey, that’s why they are priests.

Let us pray for good and courageous priests, with the guts of Father Guarnizo and Father Carota. There will not be very many of them, but they are those who will preserve sanity in a Church now rapidly going from being drunk of Modernism to being openly stoned, and proud of it.


The Stupidity Of “Sensitivitee”

What's so difficult?!

What’s so difficult?!



Father Carota reports that two boys of Seven can be excellent altar boys for the Traditional Latin Mass. 

So: two smart children can learn how to say and do everything perfectly in a highly structured liturgy like the Traditional Latin Mass; but there are millions of people ready to believe that fifity or sixty years old men and women, many of them with professional qualifications or a degree, and all of them provided with smartphone, are not able to read from a Latin/whatever translation of the mass and get acquainted with the most beautiful thing this side of heaven. 

How could we come to the point that every nonsense must be believed merely because it looks “sensitive”? The answer is very simple: because in the effeminate society of today even men want to look like women, and it should not be said of them that they do not “feel” for the poor old things who would have the shock of their lives if they had to do some easy reading work.

This, apart from the fact that it is not really necessary to even know what the priest is saying: countless illiterate peasants have gone to heaven with far less knowledge of Latin than these old Sixty-Eighters can get in thirty minutes if they put in the exercise the same attention that they put in the instructions of their latest smartphone, or X-box, or tivo box, or whatever. But hey, the illiterate peasant never thought the world had to adapt to his whims, either.

Political correctness is always stupid. Political correctness is the way the leftists have found to make you accept things that would otherwise simply make you laugh.

Enough with the “sensitivitee”. I long for a time when the OF will mean Only Form, meaning the TLM, and old men and women will be told to move their spoiled ass and read a Latin missal like everyone else.






This Side, Or That Side

Good for your health: the humble carrot, or carota in Italian.

Father Carota has a beautifully suffering post about the drawbacks of being a good priest. Modern society being what it is, it is nowadays almost impossible to be a good priest without incurring the ire of the self-righteous semi-secular (but entirely arrogant) society; a society full of people expecting their every whim to be complied with, and ready to attack everyone refusing to play the game with the accusation of having “hurt” them. Such a priest will therefore, just for his willingness to be a good priest, accused of being “uncharitable”, variously “judgmental”, and most certainly “hurtful”.

In this case, it seems one or more rather wordly women used their Facebook account to smear the priest, guilty of the horrible crime of – inviting them to dress decently in the Church.

Shocking! I mean, shocking that there are still priests willing to do their job! Not many of those nowadays, I am sure…

Thirty years ago, the woman so addressed might have disagreed with Father's assessment of what is “appropriate dress”, but would then have very probably understood that, well, he is the priest, so that's that.

Not now. Now, a remark or a correction – or in extreme cases, a refusal to enter the Church – gives rise to a Facebook campaign, the idea that in such matters one simply accepts what the priest says being slowly inconceivable.

This is not Father Carota's fault, obviously, but I think the clergy as a category have much to answer for such a mentality. Decades of self-effacing pussyfooting, of non-authoritarian “pastoral” approach, and of ceaseless desire to be the “nice guy” have both emasculated and ridiculed the figure of the priest in the eyes of the populace. The Priest is not seen anymore as a person of authority, but as a low-paid (Germany-speaking Countries excepted) social worker whose only hope of being tolerated is to mingle with the world as much as he can. Therefore, if he tries to tell someone what to do – in matters strictly related to his own authority and sphere of competence, of course – all hell will break loose. Such behaviour must make on the ” occasional” folks (the “marriage and perhaps funeral” types) the same impression as the cleaning lady suddenly lecturing them about the Impending Revolt Of The Oppressed.

The figure of the priest has lost much in authority and, I would say, in manliness. This goes hand in hand with the loss of their function: being a priest, saving souls, admonishing and, when necessary, forbidding and reproaching. Nowadays, many priest go around bearing on their face a big inscription stating: “I apologise for being a Catholic priest and will try to keep your inconvenience to a minimum”. Is it a great surprise, then, that even public dykes feel it appropriate to stage a very public m circus upon being denied communion?

Still, the duties of the priest remain the same even after the category has brought so much harm on itself, though the prevailing winds will take care that many of them accurately avoid to do a proper job. The more grateful must we be to those, fairly rare, priests who tell it like it is and, faced with the choice between Christ or a quiet life, invariably choose Christ.

In the end, it's always this side, or their side.



Blogroll: New Entry


I have removed, for obvious reasons, the link to “Ars Orandi”, thus leaving a free place in my very exclusive (in the sense of: short) list of endorsed blogs.

The choice has fallen on “Traditional Catholic Priest”, the excellent blog of Father Carota, discovered some time ago thanks to the suggestion of a kind reader.

I can – obviously – not say I always agree with everything Father says – as a coincidence, he has juts posted an invitation to get rid of one’s TV set, with which I happen not to agree -, but I have no doubts this is a blog not only of exceptional quality, but very candid in its defence of Traditionalism. A truly edifying and refreshing reading. 

Those of you who do not know this blog could do much worse than to follow the link on the right hand side, under “Blogroll”, and discover a pearl of the Catholic blogosphere.


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