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” A Religion Without God, A New Form Of Atheism”: Fr Reto Nay On “Pastoral Religion”.



A very good video from Fr Reto Nay here

I couldn’t let the embedded version work, so you will have to click the link. But you will be rewarded with an HD video of excellent Catholicism.

You got to love how this man always speaks in a very slow, controlled, measured way; and delivers the most brutal salvos in favour of Truth.

The difference between Father Reto Nay and most priests of our times is that he is not in the least interested in being liked or accepted by the crowds. To him, Truth and logic come first. All the rest comes pretty much nowhere.

He is, of course, persecuted by his own bishop. And there are worse bishops than Bishop Huonder.

What times we live in.


How To Become A Popular Bishop In Our Days

Short, stellar video from Father Reto Nay, courtesy of reader “Lepanto”.

This was made just a few days after Benedict’s announcement, and obviously before the new Age of Humility broke in.



Father Reto Nay On St. Peter and St. Paul

Though one day late, if you follow the link you’ll see Father Reto Nay’s interesting take on St. Peter and St. Paul.

It is beautiful to know that in the middle of heretic Mitteleuropa some strong priest acts to defend and spread proper Catholicism.


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