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On The Persecution Of Catholic Priests By Their Own Superiors.

God bless you, Father Rodriguez!

God bless you, Father Rodriguez!



… there appears to me to be a paradigm growing regarding Summorum Pontificum/Universae Ecclesiae and the TLM, that while it may be permitted by bishops/powers that be/Pope for a priest “raised,” if you will, in the Novus Ordo environment, to offer the TLM on occasion, it most certainly will not be permitted for such priests to offer the TLM exclusively.

This interesting reflections appeared on the always interesting “Blog for Dallas Area Catholics”.

On personal reflection, it seems to me that this cannot be a uniform key of reading the events. I say this because of the following reflections:

1. To my knowledge, the FFI offered many Masses in the Novus Ordo before the Great Persecution started. They were, though, becoming increasingly more critical of V II. There is also, from what I have read around, an interesting episode of the FFI allowing the Tridentine Mass in a church of theirs, just metres past the boundary of the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio; a move evidently aimed at making the Traditional Latin Mass as convenient as possible to the faithful of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, then led by Archbishop Pothead himself.

2. Father Rodriguez was, as far as I know, already in disgrace by his own bishop because of his energetic defence of marriage against the tide of sexual perversion currently sweeping the West. It is difficult for me not to imagine that this is what made him a privileged target of his bishop’s attentions, and caused his transfer to a remote parish in the first place.

3. Bishop Lovieres Plano, another victim of this Pontiff, and Bishop Oliveri of Albenga-Imperia, possibly the next one,  also had most certainly most masses in their dioceses celebrated in the Novus Ordo. In these cases, though, they both run extremely successful seminaries, which were certainly a Catholic menace for the likes of Bergoglio. 


It seems to me that there is no single common denominator behind these episodes of persecution of good Catholic priest, other than this: that their being good Catholic priests is seen as a nuisance, a menace or an open challenge to the Church of Nice. The ways in which this can happen are multiform, but they can all traced back to one common denominator: Catholicism taken seriously.

If we want to understand what is happening, we must see the events in the right perspective: whilst the usual “feel-good” V II mentality was always an obstacle to sound Catholicism, Francis is, with his secular Neo-Paganism, its sworn enemy.  He will, therefore, attack sound Catholicism whenever he thinks he can do so safely, perhaps abandoning caution when – as in the case of the FFI – personal animosity add to the already evident motive of attacking sound Catholics.

This cascades, then, in a sort of open season on orthodox priests. Cardinal Dolan can get rid of Father Wright under Francis in a way that would not have been possible under Benedict. The climate has changed. The bishops read the new temperature, and act accordingly.

Father Rodriguez is, no doubt, not the last to be targeted. Excuses and pretexts of various kind will never be in any shortage, and there will never be any shortage of dumbos ready to believe whatever accusation is merely hinted to.

This is the way of this pontificate. There will be no scarcity of bishops adopting the same methods.


Father Rodriguez: “Smear The Traddie” Game Goes On

father rodriguez

After Father Manelli, Bishop Lovieres Plano in Paraguay and Bishop Oliveri in Albenga-Imperia, this time it is the turn of a simple priest to be smeared, whilst his obvious Traditional leaning is the real cause of the attack against him. 

I would seriously never think of inviting for dinner anyone who would tell me: “oh well, the bishop has accused him of irregularities with money of the parish; so let us just shut up, shan’t we?”. 

The bishop has made accusations at the same time minor and clearly specious. If he thinks Father has used donation money for his own private benefit, he should of course denounce him to the police and start a criminal investigation, of which both (not the investigation, and not even the denunciation) there is no trace as I speak.  If the bishop is accusing Father Rodriguez of asking that donations be made in his own name so that the bishop cannot steal the money meant for serious Catholic purposes to finance the next dialogue group with Muslims and Perverts, there’s an administrative irregularity at most, and we should believe in the innocence of the person such accused until proved guilty. 

But the real question, and the real reason for this blog post, is another one: 

If after Manelli, Lovieres Plano and Oliveri you are still ready to believe every smear that evil progressive bishops launch on good traddies, what does this say of you?

And please, please do not give an ear to all those who profit of the hour to launch the usual attacks to exemplary Catholics like Father Rodriguez, saying that they are “divisive”, and have displeased many in their parish. 

Of course they are! Of course they have! Nowadays you can’t, as a priest, say three Catholic things in a row without displeasing an awful lot of your parishioners, and being called “divisive”! 

Remember the Synod? Or do you have already forgotten?

No? Well, then…

And for heaven’s sake, for heaven’s sake, think! Why would a person in the habit of making dirty things with the money of his parishioners attract attention and hostility on himself by being such an outspoken defender of orthodoxy?  You could call him “Father Shoot-At-Me”, of Father Turkey-At- Thanksgiving” as well!  A suicide terrorist would be more subtle.  This is another example – not at bishop’s level, but targeting an important voice on the Internet – of what the coming eleven months  have in store for us.

“Smear. Smear. Something will stick”.

It seems the troop led by TMAHICH loves to play this game.  


P.s. Sabbatical from priestly activity, uh? 

He can, then, blog and make videos, surely? 

Reading Francis Through Catholicism: Fr Rodriguez

This video is forty minutes of pure Catholic teaching, as our shepherds cannot give us anymore.

The likes of Archbishop Nichols, Cardinal Woelki, and Bishop Francis of Rome could do much worse than listen to this. 

They are in great need of Catholic instruction.

Note the approach of Father Rodriguez: absolute fidelity to the teaching of the Church, and no “respecting of persons”. Splendidly, he quotes Pope Francis exactly to explain what Pope Francis is not doing. Please also note he does not read Francis through Benedict a bit.

This is truly, truly good. Don’t miss it.


Be careful whom you listen to: a Michael Voris video

Orthodoxy meets liberal Catholicism

Michael Voris at his best in a new video concerning the strange double case of two bishops publicly rebuking one of their own priests in the same week, but for opposite reasons.

Incidentally, I had written about one of the two cases here and as you will be able to listen in the video, Bishop Choby has reacted promptly and with exemplary firmness. If you need more background on the second case, it has been dealt with by Father Z here and father Z also went on the issue of Father Rodriguez TV interview here.

This is five minutes long. It is so well made that I do not feel the need to add a single word (very rare, this). It may be necessary to sign in by Easy and free.



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