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After The Filial Correction

The Filial Correction has already blown in the air Francis' reputation like he's one of those Muslim terrorists he so loves to help.

However, the man is still operative and able, as long as he lives, to inflict more damage on Catholics. It is, therefore, fitting to see what the next moves might be.

The first is that the Wet Kitten, humiliated by the reaction of the laity in front of their silence, decide to grow something vaguely resembling a pair and to make their own – this time, fraternal, as they are bishops – correction. It would not scare Francis much as it would be done by people who have given abundant show of cowardice, but you never know what can happen. The ways of the Lord and all that.

The second is that the lay scholars declare, after a while, Pope Francis pertinacious in his heresies, and invite the bishops to depose him. Which won't happen, but will be another set of massive nails in the coffin of this Pontificate.

In both cases we would see Francis not only further entrenched in his homoerotic corner – together with the likes of Rosica, Martin and The “Tucho” Fernandez guy – but less and less able to steer the barque towards the rocks, as at this point the risk of the damn breaking suddenly in fall of Berlin Wall style would be too big and even his prostituted German Cardinals would ask him to stand back, or perhaps even step back.

We need to keep the attention focused on the Correction and to keep demanding of our castrated shepherds that they start doing their job already.

Hope, pray, don't worry, and keep up the pressure.



The Filial Correction And The Cardinals

Firstly, let us make one thing clear: the Filial Correction is an initiative of the laity, to which some priests and bishops have given their support. If any group of Cardinals were to also lend their support, the character of the initiative would unavoidably switch to the one of a fraternal (not filial) correction.


1. No bishop or Cardinal is still exempted from giving support to the petition (though he might say that he does not want to sign it in order not to put in the shade the character of the document: a righteous reaction of the laity in front of the heresies of the Pope and the silence of the church hierarchies).

2. It must be clear to everyone that it is only the unjustifiable silence of the clergy that caused this initiative in the first place. If our bishops and cardinals had done their job starting in April 2016, there would have been no need of any filial correction in the fist place.

I find it, therefore, not credible to theorise that this is a sort of 3D chess exercise, in which the same people who were cowardly silent for one year and a half would concoct an elaborate strategy based on them not doing their job, the laity doing their job for them and they finally intervening when even my cat has understood what useless tool they are.

The Cardinals have been caught sleeping or, rather, trembling.

This initiative might now force them to grow whatever pair they are still able to grow. But make no mistake: the filial correction is the fruit of unprecedented treason of our shepherds, and no 3D chess excuses will be tolerated or accepted.



Filial Correction: SSPX On The Front Line

I have often considered Bishop Fellay more than a tad too diplomatic for my taste. There were some statements, before the (once again) expected reconciliation, that sounded frankly alarming. I have written about this with the usual openness. I have also written, on one occasion, that after the end (once again) of the talks it might have been worthwhile for the SSPX to think about a different future guide, one less prone to cause fears in the many SSPX supporters that a sellout in instalments might be taking place.

I am, therefore, very pleased to report Bishop Fellay's very undiplomatic initiative: the request to sign the Filial Correction upon knowing of its existence (that is: after the document had been delivered to Casa Sanctae Marthae).

We all know that the SSPX had already cast what is still the harshest rebuke of Pope Francis from a high-ranking prelate: “Modernist through and through”. However, this was years ago and before the at times eyebrow-raising interviews from Bishop Fellay. It is, therefore, beautiful to see the Bishop return to form and add his support to this great, historic document.

This might be the end of the beginning. This might be the beginning of the real beginning. What this most certainly is is a reaction that will live in the centuries and be a witness to future generations that whilst the almost entire clergy was silent or scared or meowing, the best of the laity and some courageous priests and bishops were men enough to call a heresy a heresy.

It's good to have the SSPX in the front line.

Those who don't like them would not have fought any battle anyway.



Filial Correction And FrancisVacantism

The Filial Correction is interesting in many ways.

One of them is the way the signatories put themselves in front of this frankly unbelievably disastrous papacy.

They do not leave any doubt about who is the reigning Pope. Not Benedict, or no one. The Pope is Francis. The Filial Correction exists exactly because Francis is Pope. They even go as far as to say that – bad as the man is, I add – the charisms of the role continue unabated, including the power to authoritatively bind the Church. A power which, they make clear, the Pope has not exercised in Amoris Laetitia.

(Mind: if the Pope were to get up one morning and pretend to exercise his infallibility in a way that contradicts what the Church has always believed we would not have a case of exercise of this power, but a case of formal heresy and relative sede vacante).

The Filial Correction does mention that Francis has created such a confusion that some even doubt that Francis is the Pope. But they don't. Nor do they ask for, say, Benedict's abdication from his title of “Pontiff Emeritus” and the return to his role of simple bishop (not cardinal; a Pope ceases to be a cardinal upon election, but he never ceases to be a bishop).

Francis is the reigning Pope. This is the reality under the sun. This reality the signatories acknowledge. So much so, that they react to this astonishingly bad, and very real, situation with the Filial Correction.

Francis is Pope. A true mess of a Pope, and a minion of Satan no doubt.

But Pope he is still is.

The Holy Ghost never promised us we would not get a bastard as a Pope. We have abundantly deserved one with 50 years of Aggiornamento, and we are now shown what our insolence and rebellion leads to.

We, collectively speaking, made this bed. We will, then, have to lie in it for as long as the Lord commands.


Meet The Eternal Losers



Some people truly are not to be helped.

They complain – faintly, lest they happen to appear too Catholic – about Francis' antics. But do they want a solution? No. What they want is what they do best: whine and do nothing. They are the professional losers of all times : no guts, no heart, and no brain. Big whine, though.

A gift from Providence was given to us in the form of the Filial Correction, and do you think the Eternal Losers are happy? 'Course not!

Being lazy asses, they do not conceive of having to fight for something. They think and expect that solutions simply fall on their lap. This cowardice and laziness is conveniently hidden behind a very thin veneer of fake piety. “The only thing we can do is pray”, say the one who has no guts to act. “This will not obtain any result”, say the one who expects that results just happen out of nothing. “This will damage Cardinal Burke's work”, say the one eternally happy with professional doing-nothing.

Boy, what a bunch of spineless, lazy losers. They can't even be bothered to support excellent work already done for the good of their own salvation! It is, clearly, too much to ask this bunch of invertebrates to take a principled stand, once in their lifetime, risking (horribile dictu!) disagreement with other people and to appear … Rigid!!

These people are the NeverTrumpers of Catholicism.

It is good that the authors and signatories of the Filial Correction knew all this was coming, and that they would be met by the whining and whinging of the eternal, lazy cowards and losers.

But they also knew, I am sure, that there would be an awful lot of bloggers, commenters, simple people, mothers and fathers, for whom fear of the Lord comes before fear of conflict. They will keep the volume very loud on this beautiful, historic document, and will not allow Francis and his minions to ignore it without inflicting further damage to his already bombed papacy.

One day, when the battle is won, the Eternal Losers will be the first to tell you how much they supported everything the others did. But you read their comments now, on Father Z's blog and elsewhere, and you know that they have always been, and always will be, the lazy, comfortable, cowardly helpers of Francis they are now.

The battle lines have been drawn. There is no place for tepid whining now. They are with the Filial Correction and Christ, or with Francis and Satan.

The true Catholics have only one thing to do: stand to attention before Christ and cry:





Correction: First Instructions For Use

How To Cope With A Heretical Pope


Correction: Spread The Word! (¡Hagan Lío !)

The bomb which has exploded yesterday can do an awful lot to contain the tidal wave of Francis' heresies.

The effect for the posterity is already assured: in one thousand years, church historians and theologians will write about it. There is no Francis can recover unless by full retractation, which he will obviously not do.

The effect for our situation will depend on the resonance of this initiative. You can do your bit by emailing the correction to your friends and family, and giving it ample publicity elsewhere.

It is necessary that this correction becomes the talk of the town if we want its effect to be felt in our everyday life. As it has happened with Catholic blogging at large, at some point even the MSM will have to inform about this. Then the world will stun, observing the ruins of a totally discredited Papacy. Not, mind, of the Papacy as an institution, but of this particular Papacy as carried out by a heretical ass.

Spread the word. Mail around. Share and tweet at your heart's content.

¡Hagan lío!



**The Correction Is Out** (No Thanks To Your Cardinals!)


Yet they say, The LORD shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.

Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise?

He that planted the ear, shall he not hear? he that formed the eye, shall he not see?

He that chastiseth the heathen, shall not he correct? he that teacheth man knowledge, shall not he know?

Psalm 94: 7-10. 


Today is a good day. Nay, it is a historic one. 

A filial correction on the account of the propagation of heresies, dated 16th July, was (and I quote) “delivered to the Roman Pontiff Pope Francis at his Residence in Domus Sanctae Marthae, at the Vatican, on August 11th, 2017″. 

This is an important step in the recovery of sanity, as – after a scandalous silence, interspersed by some faint meowing, all this time – a number of reputed lay scholars, theologians and clergymen have formally accused the Pope of propagating heresy.  

Yes, you read well: Francis has just joined John XXII in the very exclusive club of Popes accused of spreading heresy by Catholic theologians.

First admission in almost 700 years. Congratulations, Your Unholiness.  

Bishop Fellay has signed. Bishop Gracida, the emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas has signed, too.  New signatures are being added. 

Reading the document, it is obvious that the signatories do not think they will manage to have Francis retract or be deposed (though you never know where things can get when people start to say what everyone thinks and sanity demands).

What they are clearly doing is what yours truly has been advocating from this space since the start of this mess: destroy the credibility of this papacy for both the current and the future generations and expose the Pope for what he is: a man willingly spreading heresy. 

The document accuses Francis of heresy in seven points. Not – important – because there are only seven heretical statements or issues in Fornicationis Laetitia; but because, concerning those seven points, Francis has demonstrably publicly spoken in a way that clearly supports the heretical reading of the document. 

This document is very important, because it is a first since 1333.   Incidentally, it will cure the one or other from their at this point utterly inexcusable notions about Papolatry. 

Where are the Cardinals? What will cardinal Burke do? Will he tell us that we are naughty for doubting the intentions of the Pope? Will he tell us and the other faithful Catholics that we are “dividing the Church”? 

This declaration will separate the wheat from the chaff. I am not saying that it can be demanded that every good priest signs it, but every bishop who does not sign it has lost every credibility in my eyes, starting from Bishop Schneider whose signature is now justifiably expected. 

The prominent Signatories are being collected here.  

Several of them are simple priests, now facing probable persecution. My admiration and prayers go to Father Hunwicke and the other courageous priests who have signed. Pray for them, that the Lord may give them strength and resolve when the reprisal comes.  

As to the Cardinals, the Correction exposes them once again as a bunch of cowardly kitten, starting from the oh so courageously meowing Burke and Brandmueller. 

On the day where a historical step was announced, not undertaken since 1333, the Dubia Cardinals who are still alive were exactly where they have been since April of last year: nowhere.

There will be a lot to write about this in the following day. It truly, truly made my day and I hope it will make yours, too. 

Please do not embarrass yourself asking “what the use of this will be” or any such nonsense. Catholicism, fear of the Lord, sanity and respect for Catholics of all generations past, present and future demand that a heretical Pope be exposed as such. This is the beginning and the end of it. Let God, not you, decide the practical results. We care for truth first, practical results second. 

Also, kindly do not test my already short patience fearing a “schism”. If for you the spread of heresy heresy is preferable to calling out a heretic you are part of a schism already; but a much more dangerous than the old ones because moving from inside the Church. 

I go to sleep now. I will not be able to deal extensively with this for a day or so. There will be further posts on the matter. What a day. 

This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Let us make sure Francis does not forget this day, too.










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