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Take The #NoZilla Pledge And #DumpFirefox


Take The #NoZilla Pledge and #DumpFirefox.

In seven languages.

Easy-to-follow instructions. 

With email wording at the end.

As I write this, the count is above 75,000. 


Fagfox: Campaign Against Firefox Is Getting Traction

The unspeakable Gaystapo scandal at Firefox is only some weeks old, but the reaction is getting traction out there in the cyberspace. 

The story might be, for the moment, out of the big headlines, but there are always people who care for more than the headlines of the day.

They write, they blog, they make their voices heard. In time, they manage to have the shame stay attached to the target company. In time, it can really hurt.

The images you see below have been found in a matter of a couple of minutes after googling “boycott Firefox”. The reaction is clearly growing fast; not in the headlines of the mainstream media, but in the world of the common people.

Please pick one or more of your images and mail it to your friends; blog them if you run a blog; post them in discussion fora; make them go around. Let them become a more and more diffused presence on the net. In time, this will really hurt. 

This is a fast and effective way to let the word spread.

Boycott Fagfox.












boycott firefox



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“Faith Driven Consumer” Site


After the Firefox events, I stumbled upon the “Faith Driven Consumer” site.

The way I understand they work is that they put companies in relation to each other in matter of anti – Christian behaviour, allowing the consumer to be informed of alternatives that are at least less bad; which is, when it leads to punishing anti-Christian behaviour, just as good.

In fact, we live in a world that is becoming so corrupt that different companies can only be distinguished by their degree of studity. But even so, it is very useful to know that Apple is considered much worse than Microsoft or Acer, even if these fall short of the mark, too.

By choosing to punish the worst offender, you are already giving your little contribution in what interest these people, or rather their shareholder, most: the bottom line. Profit is a powerful motivator, and as the liberal troops have been using their boycott threats to cow big companies into submission, the same can be done, far more effectively, by the silent majority, actually even when it is not majority anymore.

If we only stopped to be always so darn “nice” to these bastards, and understood that this is not a time for tea and scones, things would change very fast.

I invite my readers to post links to similar sites, and to inform the others about the possibilities we have as informed Christians. Of course they do not have to be Catholic sites. Please also send to me links of sites in other languages like Spanish, French, etc.



Firefox Browser Blocker



If you visit a site like, say, “men are like wine” with Opera, Internet Explorer, or Chrome (or any other) you will be let in without problems. 

But if you try to access it with a Firefox browser you get a site that says “Firefox is blocked for this site” on the title, with the caption ” Due to Mozilla’s policy of intolerance towards those who hold “the wrong views” we have decided to block Firefox from this site. Please consider downloading another browser”.


Unfortunately, for what I can see now this app is only available for, which is the more professional (and not free, and therefore not anonymous) WordPress platform. Yours truly is on (the free, and therefore anonymous one). 

If anyone has ways (that are accessible to people not very versed into these things) to have such a page appear on a site, please give a shout. 

Those of you who use the platform might, on the other hand, be interested in this app. It is called simply “browser blocker” and you can download it from

Enjoy the blocking! 



Uninstall Firefox


I have refrained from defending Mr Eich, the CEO elect of Firefox. I have refrained to do so because mr Eich – who as far as I know does not earn money from Firefox and could therefore easily afford to be outspoken – put Firefox before his convictions and decided to resign rather than cause a very public mess about Firefox ousting him – or not, at that point, as the case may be -.

But with Firefox it's different.

Firefox has now acquired Starbucks-Status in their sodomitical madness. The software developers who have started this mess need to find another hobby. We must react to this Nazi thinking, that is exactly the contrary of what every decent person should stand for.

Like Starbucks and like Barilla, Firefox must be made to pay their madness on this earth before their owners and accomplices are made to pay it in the next.

This chap here says it beautifully, though no, it is also a matter of defence of Christian values, so blatantly attacked.

There are a lot of browsers out there, for desktop computers and mobile devices, and it does not have to be Internet Explorer, either.

Use your browser to select one or two of the others. Then kill that fox like a good English hound would.

Uninstall Firefox. Say it around. Don't let them get away with it.



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