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“Don’t Hire Gay”, Or: The Problem Starts Before The Grooming

Meet your new teacher, little Johnny….

As a person grown up in a sane world, it is, for me, utterly breathtaking to see how the world has gone mad.

The Floridian legislative puts in place a measure meant to combat child grooming in schools.

Let us stop here, and let us reflect where the issue comes from. Is it because, suddenly, children have started inhaling substances that expose them to grooming? Or because of “climate change”? Or, perhaps, because the Chicago Cubs, winning the World Series in 2016, have suddenly put the entire planet out of whack?

Thought not.

What has happened, is that a growing number of perverts of the homosexual, lesbian, and even trannie persuasion have been allowed access to children.

Now, you might say that not every homo is a pedophile, and I will agree with you on this. However, this is not my issue. My issue is that every pervert is a toxic influence on children.

In a world where homosexuality is not openly stigmatised anymore, how is it surprising that perverts will want to normalise their perversion in the classroom, too? Is this not, in itself, a perversion of a child’s mind?

In addition, some of the perverts will also be paedophiles, as we know from countless statistical evidence that most paedophiles are homosexuals.

Therefore, allowing educators of young minds to be homosexuals is to allow them to pervert the mind of children in all possible ways.

Why am I saying this? Because it seems to me that the debate is missing the elephant in the room. The problem begins before the grooming, it begins with allowing perversion in the classroom.

Put it in a more brutal way: you cannot say that being homosexual is fine, and then proceed to object to children being exposed to it.

If being homosexual is normal, why would children not be exposed to it?

If it’s not normal, why is it allowed in educators?

The real issue here is not the grooming. It’s the underlying issue that facilitates it and aims at the perversion of your children in every way. In other words, the grooming is merely a symptom of a wider problem.

People with unnatural tendencies do NOT belong in a classroom. People persuaded they belong to the opposite sex belong in the MADHOUSE.

Unless we understand this, we will keep running in circle and fighting rearguard battles.

#CaravanaPorLaLibertad, Or: Gaslighting Vs Facts


The #CaravanaPorLaLibertad in Miami attracted up to 30,000 cars (this is not me saying it; it’s the local Policia).

Well, I must have a hallucination here. It just cannot be true. The MSM keep telling us that Biden is going strong in Florida, and Trump is losing support among Latino voters. Hey, Biden even played “Despacito” on his smartphone. This worked really, really well…

Also note here that it appears Latinos have a thing for motorcades. There is no risk of infection with a motorcade. What prevents the huge, enthusiastic, totally motivated Biden Latino troops from organising huge motorcades like this showing their support for Biden? I have some hashtags ready for them: #AntifaPresidency, #IAmWithDementia, #Creepy46, #PeePadJoe, #VoteJoeGetKamala.

Alas, nothing of this seems to be happening. Perhaps are all the Latinos in Florida listening to their Biden-Despacito video right now, thinking they must have this guy as president? After all, Florida has voted Democrat in the 2016 presidential elections and in the 2018 Senate and Gubernatorial elections…

No, wait…




Terry Jones Saga: God’s Phone Line Seems To be Engaged

Why burning?

Well at least it is becoming all a big laugh. I wonder if Muslim fanatics do have sense of humour, though; they believe that a child rapist is their prophet and don’t even see the ridicule of that after all.

Terry Jones is then, we are informed, slowly waking up to his own stupidity. He was told the Imam would get on the lift and fetch him the Moon, but now he realises this might not happen after all. “But he said so”, swears he, his moustache vibrating in righteous fibrillation.

God now seems to have inspired him to simply “hold” the burning. Apparently. Probably until He lets him know what other signs He will have to send him for the burning (which the chap now truly, seriously, desperately wants to avoid) to be definitely cancelled.
One wonders what these signs will be. A call from his wife perhaps? His dog suddenly starting to bark? A cold day on the North Pole?
No doubt he will now go into a prayer retreat with the three members of his church still not denying that they ever knew him, waiting for instructions.

He had a huge opportunity and he has spectacularly blown it and made an ass of himself in the process.
Congratulations, pastor Terry Jones.


Inflammable Muslims and Recyclable Korans


After reading this CNS story titled “interfaith leaders denounce anti-islamic actions, call for cooperation” (with the explicit reference to the questionable, but absolutely non-violent Koran-burning exercise planned by a small ecclesial community in Florida) I can’t avoid noticing the double standard.

When Muslim violence (I mean here people being killed, not American flags burned) simultaneously erupts in several parts of the (Muslim) world, the accent of the Western press is generally on the offence created to Muslims, but I can’t recall any massive call to Muslim countries to stop becoming violent every time there’s something they don’t like. They basically say “this cartoon creates violence” or “burning Korans create violence”.

Wrong. Violent people create violence. Cartoons may be in bad taste, but they are not violent. The pathetic attempt to construe cartoon-publishing and koran-burning as “violence” (pathetically espoused by a Muslim chap yesterday evening on the Muslim Self Victimhood Support Club, aka BBC World Service) is utterly devoid of any reality in fact. By depriving the words of their own meaning, leftists and Muslim fanatics open the door to the usual doublespeak so beloved by both leftists and Muslim fanatics the world over. If Koran burning is violence, then everything the Muslim perceive as offensive is violence, and then killing foreigners is just self-defence. Which is exactly the thinking of the Muslim fanatic.

“Oh, but this is our religion”, Muslim whiners always say. “Oh, but this is exactly our point“, we should answer.

Every appeal to not do what might upset Muslims actually encourages them to be upset, because 1) they see how well it works and 2) it encourages them into thinking that they are actually right.  This is the same as not doing everything which might upset a spoiled child. Correct the child instead, it works much better and is a long-term solution.

In the end, I have the strong feeling that the ecclesial community in Florida will announce that it renounces to perform the burning exercise. Still, I think that their initiative – apart from questions of taste – has already achieved its aim: to show the potential for senseless violence inherent in Islam. This should lead everyone to some serious reflections about what you invite in your country – irrespective of your religious convictions or opinion about the opportunity of the ceremony – by doing everything (yes, I am thinking of that Mosque) which encourages its spreading in the West.

Switzerland, a country blessedly deprived of political correctness and immune from the EU-disease, is clearly showing the way.


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