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The Creepy Commissioner And His Two Creepy Helpers



Boy, this is creepy. (see also here)

The translation of the eponymous Flower is correct, and it is as follows:

So that faith can exist, it needs the evidence of the empty tomb.
It is necessary, like Peter and John, to lose one’s own artificial certainties:
then you will have the courage to enter into the void.
It is necessary that we find the courage to enter into the “grave of God,” which we built as the alleged possession of the truth.
The faith in the resurrection  in and with Christ is the basis for the emptiness of ourselves.

This is somewhere between creepy and drunk. It is, also, vaguely menacing, and this is probably the right reading of the situation.

Peter and John did not have any artificial certainty. You can’t live in contact with Jesus and get out of this nothing more than “artificial certainties”. Their faith might not have been perfectly strong, but they did have true faith rather than an artificial one, and true certainties rather than alleged ones. One cannot avoid to think that the “artificial certainties” here is the belief that the Church does not change her Truths, and that exactly this is the message the poor members of the FFI, males and females, must take home from the Creepy Commissioner and his two Creepy Helpers. 

Then there are the reference to the “void”, and the “emptiness”. This does not mean much, and sounds more than vaguely a-religious, as if it were atheism in code. Nor can you confuse this as the “emptiness” of which saints have spoken.

This is an emptiness that does not lead to God, but to a void. A void to enter which certainties now seen as “artificial” must be abandoned. It is as if an atheist would invite you to lose your faith and embrace the nothingness and absurdity of it all, because it is the brave thing to do.

Another reading is possible: “dear FFI friars and sisters, forget your old world and get ready for a brain washing. But please let me say this in a veiled and very confused way, because I am told one can make a wonderful career by just sounding stupid”. 

I notice in the wording a kind of tribute to the nuChurch: the childish wannabe intellectualism, the desire to be innovative and forward thinking, the half-baked theology of nothing. If it sounds like the words of a drunken man, it is because it sounds like Francis.

It’s the way nuChurch speaks. They have no faith in them, and this is why they speak words without faith. 

Creepy. Smelling of alcohol. Vaguely menacing. And, frankly, rather stupid.




The Hounds Are Catching Up With Fr Volpi

Mirror, mirror... no, wait!

As many of you know, Volpi in Italian means, literally, “foxes”. More probably it is the usual patronymic, from the Latin Vulpii, “(the son) of Vulpius”. Be it as it may, the man's name means “fox”. And a very, very ugly fox this one is. Fox is, as every Englishman knows, officially classified as vermin. Father Volpi is, of course, not vermin. He has an immortal soul. But I doubt this fox will – vermin, or not – manage to escape the hounds.

We are now reliably informed that even the Italian civil justice (which has improved in the last decades, but still is a rather Kafkaesque experience) is more rapid than the heavily modernised, poor-minded, environment-loving, Christ-oblivious, shower-installing apparatus of the Bishop of Rome. Which says not something but, actually, an awful lot.

What has – we are reliably informed – happened, is that the Fox has been condemned to pay the non indifferent amount of €20,000 as a compensation for the slander against Father Manelli.

Now, please understand how the Italian defamation laws work. If one is a public personage, the public criticism against him can go rather far. In doing this, however, it must be clear that the criticism is a political one, not a personal slander.

If one were to say: “Berlusconi is the prostitute of the tax-evaders”, it would be clear that Berlusconi is not being accused of prostitution in the proper sense of the world, and the criticism is a robust criticism of his political activity. But if one were to write: “Berlusconi has stolen from the secret funds of the Italian Home Office” he had better have reliable, at least anecdotical evidence of what he is saying, or else an awful lot of Elton John treatment will soon be in store for him.

Slander is a serious matter. No one can accuse someone of misappropriating the funds of a religious order just because he wants to massacre his reputation, on the way to the massacre of his order. This is something that completely destroys the credibility of the man making the slanderous accusations, and that makes him unfit to keep having influence on the man he has slandered and on his order.

Volpi will, if Francis has any decency left, be made to go. The hounds are very near to his throat.

Still, two considerations must be made.

1) it is doubtful whether Francis has any decency left. I would answer that in the negative. One who lives under the roof of a poof, and receives a Trannie and his “fiancé”, clearly does not know where decency lives. If Francis forces Volpi to go it will be because of opportunity, not decency.

2) it is even more doubtful – it is, actually, unrealistic – to think that when the hounds hunt down this very ugly fox the persecution of the FFI will end. The FFI is persecuted because Francis wants it so. Volpi is mot the main culprit; merely the very nasty, ugly executioner.

Therefore, if you think that the FFI is soon to be restored to normality I suggest you curb your enthusiasm. In order for this to happen, Francis must see a political advantage for him in rehabilitating them. I do not see why Volpi's behaviour would change anything in Francis' one.

The only hope that the persecution ends during Francis' pontificate lies in the common, universally spread knowledge that the FFI's persecution happened because of his will, and on his orders. Then, and not before, Francis will have a real, concrete interest to say he never had anything to do with it because he happened to be in the bathroom, or was about embracing wheelchairs, or was just conversing with some Trannie buddy of his.

The hounds might well kill this fox; but the persecution of the FFI will, I am afraid, soon go on unabated.



The Francis Archipelago








The shocking news, published on Rorate, of the suspension a divinis of some FFI priests looking for a new religious order is a faithful mirror image of the “mercy” of this Pontificate. A Pontificate which is rapidly distinguishing itself for the brutal illegality of his main actor as much as for the obvious ignorance – or worse – of all things Catholic. And no, for the umpteenth time: a Pope is bound by the rules as long as he does not – if he is allowed in the first place, of course – change them. He is a Pope, not a Satrap.he is bound by the rules as long as they are there. He is the one who is supposed to behave exemplarily in the first place.

Mr Beria – or shall I say Father Volpi – is acting with the brutality of a Soviet Communist Party enforcer, and to think that Francis is not behind all of this is just as brainless as to think that Stalin was in the dark about Beria’s work.

“Soon, soon!” were the words of the Bishop of Rome to the old couple who had given several of their sons to the Order, and asking in so many words when the persecution would end. How Francis must have hated them! How he must have rejoiced in saying to them those words, and thinking “just you wait!”! I wonder if there is still one sensible reader of this blog who has doubts whether The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) is entirely appropriate.

It is clear what, in the mind of this man, those words meant: soon, soon will we subject your sons and all their confreres to the most brutal Soviet-Style reeducation camp. Soon, soon will we make them understand that resistance is futile. Soon, soon will we make clear to them that they have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Woe to the bishops who should dare to give them asylum. Woe to those Friars themselves who should entertain such thoughts and dare to act on them: they will be ruthlessly suspended. This, by the by, mere weeks after a dissenting nutcase has been allowed to call himself a priest in good standing again, and has thanked the Bishop of Rome by making a shameless apology of Fidel Castro.

Truly, this Pope is beyond contempt. Truly, he is the ISIS of the Church. Truly, he is the enemy of everything still remaining within the Church that is still orthodox after 50 years of relentless devastation.

And the bullying, the bullying is breathtaking. No confrontation whatever with the SSPX, who would expose him as a little, stupid child with a running nose in no time, if he dared to sound the charge against them. Instead, Stalinian reeducation and unprecedented enforcement of heterodoxy over an entire order; persecution delivered from a mind of which the only thing that can be said for sure is that mercy does not live there; with Catholics, at least.

The Francis Archipelago is now working full steam. After the FFI and Lovieres Plano, others will follow as the Humble Bishop keeps persecuting orthodox bishops like there is no tomorrow. Bishop Finn could, in fact, be the very next.


The Church goes out of every persecution stronger and more confident in the end. However big the damage this man can make (and it can be a huge damage, if the Lord in his wrath keep punishing us with his presence), the end of the campaign is written already: Satan’s complete and utter defeat.

We laymen – bloggers, commenters, fathers, teachers, friends, sons and daughters – must denounce the evil intentions of this godless man as loud as we can: frankly, openly, brutally. Shock your friends at the pub, and let them smile at first when they hear you saying what a disgrace this Pope is. They will smile, I assure you. But just a few phrases of reasoned arguing will get the smartest among them thinking. God works in mysterious ways, but he certainly never measures a priest from the number of followers he has, or indicates to us that the vast majority must be, on the whole, right.

The God of Athanasius, and of Archbishop Lefebvre, is watching us. He wants to see whether we swim with the stinking tide of a pontificate smelling of sheep (and therefore, actually, of shit), or dare to say that true is true and wrong is wrong; and the Pope can smoke whatever he pleases, but he won’t change reality.

The Francis Archipelago is now in full operation. Pray the Lord that we may see it become a relic of the past, like the Gulag one.

But still, reflect that this event is not a matter of if, but only of when.



Of Popes, Purges, And Paraguay

I am extremely thankful to the “Eponymous Flower” for their sterling work concerning what is happening in Paraguay.

There, you have a very conservative Bishop (uh? It reminds me of the FFI), who is therefore very successful (the analogy continues) and shames his peers by showing how it’s done (interesting!).

Someone accuses Bishop Livieres Plano of misconduct of various kind (where have I heard this?), and he is suddenly removed whilst savage rumours about his past and integrity emerge (Father Manelli anyone?).

The Vatican communiqué talks, ominously, of “unity of the Church”. At this point, yours truly has no doubts anymore.

The Bishop is, like Father Manelli and the FFI, a “threat to the unity of the Church” because he is an orthodox Catholic, shaming the clowns around him.

This cannot be tolerated. He must be removed, his work destroyed, his sheep reeducated to the NuChurch of Vatican II. He must be, if possible, personally destroyed. We have already seen this movie. This is a remake in great style.

Given the precedent of the FFI, I allow myself to consider, until evidence to the contrary emerges, the orthodox Catholic Bishop the good one, and The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) the villain. If anything, because I have the villain’s disgraceful acts in front of my eyes every day. In these cases, my suggestion to the “there are things we do not know” Apostles is the same as always:

wake up.


But let us imagine that the Bishop Livieres Plano is truly bad. Let us imagine – just for the sake of reasoning, poor man… – that we are here in front of another Maciel.

Why, then, the appeal for to the “unity of the Church”, a clear indication that the Bishop was removed because he refused to dance the Tango of Vatican II together with all the other bishops?

Why would in this case Francis not appoint substitutes (the provisional one, and then the definitive one) who are every bit as conservative and orthodox as the disgraced man, in order to show that the problem lies merely in his personal conduct? The substitute is, from what we know, one in the mould of Archbishop Cupich. I foresee a brilliant career for him as long as Francis is Pope. Particularly if he is a pervert. But no, the kind of appointment clearly show the accusation of misconduct were, even if proven true, just a “happy” coincidence in the effort to remove sound Catholicism from the Church.

Then there is one last thought I would want to share with you.

Has anyone ever examined the long past of Francis as Bishop and Archbishop? What about a visitation, and thorough going through archives, press, testimonies, and street gossip? Are we sure no episodes of a questionable nature can be found? Is this not the man who was once found with marijuana in his luggage? (I wish I could find the link). How many priests has a bishop or archbishop? How easy is it to accuse him first, and disgrace them in the meantime? How would Francis like the Manelli treatment applied to him and his tenure in Argentina as rector of a seminary, bishop and Archbishop?

Do not be fooled. This is another instalment of the Stalinian purge Francis is executing. When Francis is done with this, the TLM and orthodoxy will get out of the window of the diocese as fast as practicable.

The man is an utter disgrace, a damn clerical Che, and a tool of Satan.

Let us pray the Lord every day that He may, in His mercy, free us from this horrible, if utterly deserved punishment.


Pope Francis Is The ISIS Of The Church.

Read here on the Eponymous Flower how Francis is treating the FFI.

I leave you to the link to get the facts.

I point out, like a commenter did, that Francis said “soon, soon!” to the elderly devout couple asking them when the situation of the FFI would come to an end. Not only there is no “soon”, but it is clear the aim is the maimimg of the organisation, leaving am amputated body full of reactionaries meant to be “re educated” to Francis’ mantra of, erm, well, mercy.

This is the man we and the Church are dealing with. A commenter asks whether Francis is the ISIS of the Church, and another assents. How could any sensible Catholic who is not blind disagree? God is punishing us with the scourge of Francis, so that we pay the price of 50 years of rebellion. He sends us this unbelievably shameless man so that even the retarded and the Pollyannas may – at the latest, when their nephews are persecuted, or raped by Muslim fanatics – understand the madness that is still going on, now raging undisturbed in the very heart of the Vatican. May God free us from this disgrace, from this shameless little apprentice Peron with no respect for the Blessed Virgin, Our Lord, or His Church. Readers ask me: what does TMAHICH stands for?

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History.


Extreme Mercilessness

The founded rumour reaches us that Francis has asked the list of the bishops ready to give a home to those willing to leave the FFI.

Reflect one second if this is not a very reasonable suspicion. Reflect whether such a behaviour would be, through and through, like him.

A Chinese reeducation camp is the nearest alternative this man has in store for devout Catholics, of course barring laicisation. The rumour may or may not be true – considering both the source and the gravity of the accusation it rather probably is – but truth or not truth, the extreme reasonableness of the suspicion makes the difference rather limited in practice. If he is not doing it, he is certainly the type who could do it. This kind of extreme mercilessness is just the kind of thing you'd expect from TMAHICH, talking all the time about “mercy” when it is convenient to flog Catholicism.

This is the time to say “enough” and to write to the SSPX – where true Catholicism lives – asking to be admitted to be able, one day, to be a Catholic priest as God commanded. May it be true that we are being punished with many bad priests for our arrogance and rebellion, I still do not think God wants to deprive the faithful of the few priests who really take things seriously.

Certainly, for many an FFI friar it will be an unpleasant experience to realise that the SSPX was right all along. Sure, the one or other may feel martyrdom is the way God has called him to.

But I cannot avoid thinking that all of them, without exception, became FFI friars because they realised they had a vocation to be sound and faithful Catholic friars and priests, uphold Catholic thinking, defend the Truth, be a shepherd to the sheep.

Up to the SSPX, then; hoping to be considered worthy of admission or affiliation.

The SSPX is where sound Catholicism is.


Off-The-Cuff Comment

The Bishop of Rome has recently found the time to meet another bus load of Proddies, including the chap who prompted him to make the improvised, and in my judgment rather tipsy, “video selfie” for a Proddie gathering.

Francis seems to have time to meet all sorts of Prods.

But in the recent meeting with members of the FFI the presence of Father Manelli was clearly considered superfluous.

What humbleness. What charity. I am impressed.


Meet Francis’ Franciscans (No, Not Crypto-Lefebvrians…)



Fag Franciscan shirt.

Fag Franciscans’ shirt.

From Call me Jorge,  an interesting insight about what kind of utterly deluded, or more likely perverted tools nowadays go undisturbed under the name of Franciscans, whilst the perfectly orthodox Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate continue to suffer persecution and slander from the “who am I to judge”-Bishop of Rome.

The complicity of these people with sodomites does not stop at shutting up towards sexual perversion, or at playing it down with the usual “oh but we all all called to chastity anyway, so what’s new” rubbish.

No. The intrepid friars positively encourage sodomitical behaviour under the banner of the “gay Pope”: the infamous and never retracted “who am I to judge?”. They absolutely want the sodomites to know that they are on their side (or, in alternative, that they are like them). They put themselves at the end of the scandalous “parade” (during which they must have seen no end of obscenities) and positively must let the perverts know they have nothing against their sodomitical perversion.


Fag Franciscans' bag.

Fag Franciscans’ bag.

In case, then, the support on the day would not be enough, they even sell T-Shirts and other articles from a “St. Anthony shrine”, an organisation staffed by them and clearly fine with all kinds of “lgbt” perversion. You see, perverts of all sorts must know about them even after the parade has ended. Hhmmm… food for thoughts, for sure…

Am I the only one who thinks that among these friars there are those very desirous of encounters with sodomites going beyond the, shall we say, spiritual? Or shall I make an extreme, heroic, effort of Pollyann-ing and think that all of these pro-fag Friars aren’t, at least some of them, fags? How blind can political correctness require that one becomes?

Faggot is who faggot does. Let us stop being blind and stupid, shall we?


Fag Franciscans' magnet and bumper sticker.

Fag Franciscans’ magnet and bumper sticker.

I note, though, that there is no trace of “Crypto-Lefebvrianism” in this bunch of cretins (or worse; or much worse; or much, much worse). 

Which is why Francis does not persecute and slander them.

No, for that it will have to be the FFI and Father Manelli instead.


Francis Proclaims Himself The Incarnation Of Orthodoxy.

One of the most alarming signs of the decay of Christianity in the West is the inability to put things in the proper context. In particular, this finds expression in the unquestioned acceptance of snippets and quotes used in a completely different way than the one meant by their original authors. The most dramatic example is certainly the “do not judge” quote, but one can see this mentality at work everywhere.

Say, a Pope of the past has criticised the abuse of riches: this is used to advocate a Socialist society that would have horrified that very Pope. Or, Padre Pio has stressed the virtue of obedience: this is used to demand that we be accomplices in every clerical abuse. I could go on.

The reason why this at the same time ignorant and subversive tactic “works” is that in the past the uneducated masses knew they were uneducated, and realised they had to rely on the guidance of people with a better understanding of things; besides, they were in fact guided by people who really had a sound understanding. In dramatic contrast, millions of barely literate people nowadays think themselves “educated”, and are persuaded that they are the ultimate metre of right and wrong; and are helped in this by a cowardly clergy intent in telling them all day what bright minds they are. It is, in such circumstances, certainly no surprise that every word of the past can be raped by contemporaries, amidst the applauses of the crowd.

The last example of this has been given, in the most shocking of ways, by Our Own Very Humble Jesuit-In-Chief. He has, during the crisis meeting with some FFI representatives about which Rorate and others have reported, apparently said two old things in new, and very scandalous ways:

1. The quip of St. Ignatius who said that if the superior says White is black, they must believe it, and

2. The assertion that the Pope is, tout court, the guarantor of orthodoxy, so whatever he says is orthodox.

The first phrase is most certainly a grievous abuse of a sincere call to obedience, made in times in which the spread of heresy within the Church in the measure we see today was unthinkable. The Unholy Father, the Humble Bishop, abuses of this to demand blind obedience no matter what, in the most shameless and most un-Catholic expression of Führerprinzip he has had the insolence of using up to now.

The second phrase is, if possible, even worse: it is an open invitation to shameless clericalism to the point of Papolatry, the arrogant demand that he be obeyed whatever he may say or order, because whatever he may say or order must, in virtue of his being the… Bishop, orthodox.

This isn’t Catholicism anymore. This is the talk of an Oriental Satrap, or of a Roman Emperor demanding to be deified.

Surely, Francis must accept that there is a Truth according to which his every action can be weighted and, if necessary, criticised? If he accepts this, every talk along the lines of 1. and 2. above must be balderdash. If he doesn’t, he thinks he is God, or at least wants you to treat him in the same way.

Francis is quite the Jesuit. The oh so humble Embracer Of Wheelchairs is the first one to abuse of his office with an arrogance that would beggar belief, if we would not know the man very well by now. The prophet of “do not judge” reveals his agenda, that can be summed up in: “do not judge me, whatever I do”. His demand that he be considered the true embodiment of Orthodoxy whatever he may say would be a scandal in any Pope, but it is the most so by one so evidently ignorant, so appallingly inadequate, so tragically incompetent, so shamelessly Jesuitical like this one.

Pope Uriah becomes more and more disquieting. And what disturbs more is his total lack of shame and self-control.





FFI: Pollyanna Speaks!



I received this on my postbox from Pollyanna. I publish without comment.


Dear Mundabor,

As we all know, our Holy Father has been unjustly slandered in the matter of the FFI. It has now emerged that on 10 June there was a big meeting between Francis, the evil Father Volpi, and several dozen Friars. I would like here to defend our wonderful Holy Father from the unjust accusations that will be moved against him. My position is proved by the following points.

1. Pope Francis has received the Friars. How won-der-ful this is! He is full of caring solicitude for his sheep!

2. Father Volpi, the evil friar who keeps Francis in the dark about the persecution of the FFI, was also there. This I found a bit strange, but I think it was because our wonderful Holy Father is so nice to everyone!

3. It is reported that the Holy Father was well informed about everything, and discussed the situation with the Friars during one and a half hours. This is wrong! Slanderous! Evil! The Holy Father cannot be informed about the persecution! It just can’t be! He would nevah evah be an accomplice in their persecution! Don’t you know that the Holy Spirit picked him up very personally, and whispered straight in the ear of every Cardinal: “yep, Bergoglio it is”?

No. It is obvious that Father Volpi has deceived our humble and good-natured Holy Father into believing that he knows everything, whilst persecuting the Friars all the time behind his back!

4. It is very obvious that many are leaving or about to leave the Order, and particularly the news of the 20 seminarians who have decided to leave “before it’s too late” is distressing. I am sure Father Volpi was distracting the Holy Father whilst the Friars spoke about this and their persecution.

You know how it is done, don’t you? A “Beautiful day, Holy Father” here and an “Excuse me, Holy Father: what time is it?” there, together with many “How do you feel, Holy Father? ( are you tired, angry, thirsty, sleepy, cold, warm…)”. It’s so easy to distract the poor, trusting soul! And he has only one lung! Only one lung! I wonder how he breathes at all! It must be the Holy Ghost’s assistance helping him, for sure!…still, who knows how much he coughs!? Are we surprised he has not heard of the Friars’ persecution? Oh, Father Volpi, what an evil man you are! To profit in such way of the a Holy Father’s ailment! Disgraceful!

No. We must understand here that there is a conspiracy to keep the Holy Father, He Whom The Holy Ghost Picked With His Own Hand, in the dark about all this. If he knew, if he only knew, how would he run to restore justice and put an end to Father Volpi’s persecution! We must do all he can to inform him, because he is surrounded by wolves…!

5. The media report that Francis reassured the Friars they can celebrate the Traditional Mass for now. Oh, foolish men! Don’t they understand Francis said “they can celebrate the Traditional Mass” and Father Volpi, imitating his voice, added “for now”? Seriously: this is sooo obvious!

Also, it was clearly Volpi who, imitating Francis’ voice, said to the Friars they need the “discernment” of their superior or of the bishop in order to celebrate the TLM. This is patently against Summorum Pontificum, and therefore our good and humble Holy Father simply cannot have said it! Sheesh!

I could go on a long time, dear Mundabor, but I know you don’t like long messages in your comment box. I know you are, with me, in the first row of those defending the Holy Father from the bad, bad wolves surrounding him, and erecting around him a wall of lie and deception. The poor, humble man lives in the Domus Sanctae Marthae, fully isolated from what happens around him! He never sees anyone, he never visits anyone, he never goes out! How can he keep abreast of what happens around him if the wolves keep him isolated from the news, imitate his voice with journalists, and even interrupt him all the time so he can never be properly informed?

And he has only one lung! Only one lung! I am reliably informed the other lung is also almost gone! How can a person in this condition, and even with the assistance of the Holy Ghost, pay attention to what the Friars said to him? Don’t you understand he must breathe all the time?

Mundabor, I implore you and your readers to join me in our struggle. We are with Pope Francis and against Father Volpi and his unjust, unjust persecution of the Friars! The Pope knows nothing about it! ¡Nada!

Thank you for your time, Mundabor.

With Pope Francis, against the wolves!




With Stalin, In Favour Of The End Of Stalinism.




Read here the link to a manifestation organised by the laity that was gravitating around the FFI in favour of the latter, asking for the end of the persecution. 

The banner reads: “With Pope Francis in favour of the Founders of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate”

I might not be the only one who sees a problem here.

The initiative is good, mind. But unless things are called with their own name I very much doubt anything will ever change.

To pretend that Pope Francis is extraneous to the persecution – rather than the one who ordered it  – is a way to keep him out of the line of fire. 

As long as Francis is out of the line of fire, he will continue to do what he is doing, happy with all the blame being apportioned to Father Volpi. 

I personally think the situation should be expressed with a lot more energy. You would not expect the banner to read “Against Francis, in favour of sanity”, but it could certainly have been “We implore Pope Francis to put an end to the persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate”, or the like. Banners, I mean, which make clear in a polite way that he is the one behind the persecution, and refuse to keep him out of the responsibility for what is happening.

I understand the objection: if they criticise the Unholy Father, the Volpis of the world will say: “see? we told you so!” But as I have written already in the past, when the time of confrontation comes it makes no sense to shun it in order to avoid the accusation of being confrontational. Let the confrontation come, say I, and let the Unholy Father pay the price of his insolence at least in terms of popularity and approval, which he seems to love above all else.

Francis is not the solution. He is the problem.   




FFI: Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t

Meanwhile, in the Vatican...

Meanwhile, in the Vatican…

The news that the Franciscans Sisters of the Immaculate are going to go the same way of their male counterpart is now everywhere. As Pat Archbold rightly points outs, the continued persecution might have the aim of driving some of them into the (perfectly Catholic) arms of the Society. At this point, the great “I told you they were bad” moment of Volpi & Co. would have arrived.

On the other hand, doing nothing leads simply to destruction. The FFI will simply be, at some point, disbanded and his members dispersed among other orders, probably ill or dying, but where they would be a tiny minority to be “re educated” in the failing ways of V II.

Damned if you do, dead if you don’t.

The Great Man…

How to get out of the quandary?

One understands the thinking that to accept persecution in the short term is for the greater glory of the Church in the longer term, and if the FFI meekly accepts the persecution their sacrifice will be remembered one day as a luminous example of obedience in times of madness. One understands that one might reason in this way.

Still, I am not persuaded.

If this thinking had been applied by the Great Man, today we would very probably – nay; let’s call it “certainly” – have no Traditional Mass. All those, therefore, who advocate the meek acceptance of the scaffold for the FFI members should, in order to be coherent, consider offering themselves the very same meek submission they think the Great Man should have offered, and radically avoid attendance at TLM masses, be they the SSPX, the old Indult or the new SP ones; it being very clear that without the SSPX there would be no Indult and no SP masses for as long as the V II madness endures.

I am a supporter of the SSPX. I think that they represent not a sign of rebellion, but a sign of obedience. I can, therefore, not see why the obedience to a higher Power than the Pope then showed by the Great Man should not find application in this situation, which is a kind of replay on a much smaller scale of what happened then.

Either this higher loyalty exists, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, Traditionalism in any form whatsoever should not exist – actually, the very word should not exist – in the first place. If it does exist, then it is if not necessarily mandatory, at least always legitimate to decide that, when this higher loyalty cannot be preserved without great detriment to the Truth, disobedience to wrong orders should be the choice. As the smart Italian soldiers used to say, gli ordini sbagliati non si eseguono, “the wrong orders are not carried out”.

Add to this that whilst Volpi & Co. would have a short-term argument to persuade those who do not need persuading anyway, a robust defection of FFI male and female members would be a permanent thorn in the side of NuChurch, and expose the failure of such attempts to purge orthodoxy from the Church and get away with it. On the contrary, a robust defection would show that Modernism will not be allowed to make itself comfortable within the Church without resistance, and every action will cause a reaction.

Again, it is a matter of higher Loyalty. Or is there anyone of you who thinks Athanasius should have been obedient to Liberius, and meekly accept the massacre of Catholicism in the serene confidence God will, at some point, set things right?

God sets things right by motivating brave men and women to set them right, not by sending Angels on earth to clean the mess in the kitchen, whilst the cooks look and do nothing.

At some point, resistance must be legitimate. Common sense and love for the Church say that it must be so.

I hope that, if this scandal does not end, a sizeable minority of FFI friars and sisters will leave the FFI and FSI and will ask to be affiliated to the SSPX.

Let Volpi & Co.  scream as much as they like. They will only persuade those who are already sold to their Modernist ideology.




By Their Friends You Will Recognise Them

Possibly homosexual priest promotes sodomy his entire life.

Francis receives him.

He concelebrates Mass with him.

He even kisses his hand.

(The priest is the one dressed like a layman, with a cross added)




Homosexual priest has given open scandal in South America for many years.

He is allowed to run three Vatican hotels, where religious of a certain kind can, more or less casually, meet other religious of a certain kind, undisturbed.

Francis lives under his roof.

He also promoted the man to an extremely high position, at the head of the Vatican Bank.

Francis is photographed with him in a very friendly attitude.





Perfectly orthodox priests from a very saintly family co-founds a perfectly orthodox religious order that becomes among the most successful within the Church.

He is slandered and confined at home, whilst Francis goes over his order with the steamroller.






Time to wake up.



Buon Compleanno, Padre Manelli!

Clealrly, the Blessed Virgin has Father Manelli's back..

Clearly, the Blessed Virgin has Father Manelli’s back..


Today is, I am informed, the birthday of Father Stefano Manelli, co-founder, moral leader and undisputed hero of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

My and, I am sure, our best wishes to him.

May the Lord reward him for his beautiful work, and crush – bar an always welcome repentance –  those who trample his work and Catholic Truth. 


Is The Pope A Jesuit?

Oh well, if he said so...

For some reason, not everyone took the Pope’s words at face value…




“Soon, soon”

This is the answer Francis allegedly gave to the request of the parents Manelli, with six among their children members of the order.

The request was:

“Holy Father, we have nine children, six of whom are consecrated among the Franciscans of the Immaculate. We beg you, take them out of the sepulchre.”

Now, what this means should not be difficult to understand: the persecution of the FFI will “soon, soon” come to an end.

Only, the Bishop of Rome is a Jesuits, and to Jesuits words mean what he want them to mean in the moment.

Therefore, it might well mean that the FFI are about to be – say – merged with old Sixty-Eighters of some other dying but still numerous order, or forced to adopt a lax rule, or forbidden from celebrating the Traditional Mass, or a lot of other evil things.

All of them meaning, for the Jesuit Pope, that the FFI have been taken out of the sepulchre of Neo-Pelagianism, bi-dimensional holy card attitude  and – horror! – rosary-counting that was afflicting them, and preventing the “Spirit” from operating in them.

Obviously, it can also meanFrancis has decided this is a battle he cannot win and it is better to get some neocon to believe in his conservative credentials by putting an end to the Volpi-treatment than to have this thorn in his side for the rest of his pontificate.

Most probably – says yours truly – Francis was simply doing what he does all the time: agree with his interlocutor now and never care tomorrow of the rubbish he has said today. He might stop the persecution of the FFI if he sees the price is too high. But in this, what he has said to the Manelli parents will probably play no role. They wanted to hear something, he was happy to oblige. 

Was it so? We do not know.

Generally, Francis does not know what he says himself. How can we?


FFI: Sign The Petition… Again!

Monsignor was becoming slightly nervous.

Monsignor was becoming slightly nervous.


I have already invited my readers to sign the FFI petition.

This petition was launched by the excellent Roberto de Mattei to demand the dismissal of Monsignor Fox; in Italian: Volpi.

It seems the FFI matter is getting momentum now.

Father Z links to a new petition, that will be officially launched today. 

This is a different petition, addressed to the Secretay of State, Archbishop Parolin.

For your convenience, the text is here.

You can either print and send via surface mail, or scan and send via email at the address therein given.

This a good way to give our little help.

Make no mistake: the pressure is growing, and this will not stop. 

Hopefully, soon it will be open season for the… fox hunt.





Breathtaking Hypocrisy

As Pope Francis talks incessantly about “legalists” who would be “hypocrites”, it is more and more clear to him the hypocrites are Catholic who try to live a Catholic life like you and I.

Preaching isn’t about correcting people. If you try to live a good life and remind others of God’s rules, you are insulted in several ways.

In the meantime, 30 out of 33 TLM in Italy have been shut down since the beginning of the Apostolic visitation. Clearly, whenever Francis insults people who believe in catholicism – which he does almost daily – he means, among others, them and those faithful who attend the TLM and care for tradition.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Fret not, though. There will be enough people ready to believe the FFI’s persecution is nothing to do with the Pope. He is not informed, surely?



Catholicism Not Allowed



Caesar, Biggus Dickus, And The Fratres Immaculatae.

Does he know of Biggus Dickus Vulpius?

Does he know of Biggus Dickus Vulpius?

And it came to pass a Roman Centurion, called Biggus Dickus Vulpius, went against a community of Roman Christians, a small group of pious people calling themselves Fratres (vel Sorores) Mariae immaculatae Servi (vel Servae), in short: Fratres (Sorores) Immaculatae. Eight Hundred of them in all, between men and women, and not counting the many catechumens.

The poor wretches were put in a rather unhealthy dungeon, and their leader put in isolation in a single cell, chained to the wall as then the custom required.

The Christian population of Rome was appalled. How could Biggus Dickus Vulpius have done something so appalling? Caesar must be informed! Caesar is so good and so merciful, he would never ever allow this to happen!

The community was, therefore, very angry at Vulpius. He was, they were persuaded, clearly the bad guy, and was obviously acting without Caesar’s knowledge. The Imperial corridors are so long, and the salons one must walk through so many, that the poor Emperor cannot be in any way informed about what is happening! And he so good, so merciful, so full of tender love!

But then some people noticed that when Biggus Dickus had first put in place his big wave of arrests, he had insistently said he was doing it by order of Caesar. Would Vulpius – they reasoned – a mere Centurion, dare to go ultra vires and abuse his power in such a way as to claim a direct order from Caesar that was simply non-existent? Would not this be the end of the career, and more probably the life, of such a deluded, megalomaniac Centurion? And why would Caesar – they also said – have lied to everyone about Biggus Dickus being responsible for the small Christian community of the arrested? No, this couldn’t be. Actually, that Vulpius was legitimately in charge, no one dared to question. They all knew Caesar himself had put him there! They also knew how angry Caesar became any time someone dared to mock, or even criticise, Biggus Dickus… But that Vulpius would act with Caesar’s consent in a way that is so much in contrast to the Wise and Peaceful Caesar, this could not, most certainly not be believed!

Frantic days of uncertainty and fear were lived in and around the dungeon. The poor prisoners were left with bread and water. They were told that their leader, Pius Manellus Conditor, was a very bad man. Once, it was said, he had not answered a letter from Vulpius; or a question, that is; or Vulpius had not liked the answer, perhaps; or something like that. They also started rumours he was an enemy of the Empire, or at least he had sympathies for the Pii Galli Helvetici, a small but tough community of mountain people who, whilst very faithful to Caesar, said that Caesar is not God and persisted in their position. The Conditor was, Vulpius also said, probably corrupt, but no one ever knew anything more precise. Certainly, he was Proto-Gallican; though no one had ever noticed it, either. What they knew, is that Manellus must have been very bad; at some point; in something.

Vulpius was not to be persuaded: Manellus had to remain in chains. A dangerous man, he said; given to domineering, never able to listen. Six of his men, Biggus Dickus reported, tought him not cooperative. Perhaps even more, though this was very unclear. Still: six over only eight hundred? How can such a man, said Vulpius, lead a community of Christians? This community is utterly divided, and Manellus is the divisive one!

The prisoners continued to wail, Manellus continued to be kept in chains, and all the dearest habits of the poor men and women were now forbidden. Vulpius was keeping faith to his name, though calling him Biggus Dickus could have attracted the ire of Caesar; so no one inside the dungeon called him that way.

Until, one day, Caesar came to visit.

He was very nice, very affable, extremely gentle, and utterly Imperial. He listened to a couple of them with great attention. Then he said to them: ” Don’t worry, my dear little Christian community. Do as my trusted Vulpius says. He knows what is best for you. Have confidence. Don’t complain about the dungeon. It’s for your own good. Everything will be fine. Trust me. Am I not known all over the vast Empire as The Humble Caesar of Mercy and Tenderness?”

At this point, the poor wretched in the dungeon did not have any doubt that Caesar himself was behind the action. But outside the dungeon, others were of different opinion. Caesar must have visited the building, but clearly no one had informed him that that was a dungeon! They must have said to him it was a wellness centre! Manellus was certainly unchained in an isolated cell, but obviously Caesar had not been informed of that! It was all Biggus Dickus’ fault, you see! Such a shame cannot be permitted!

So the loyal subjects of Caesar, the man whose mercy and tenderness were sung all over the Roman Empire, continued to believe that Caesar was being duped. He was clearly not told what a dungeon is for; he was clearly kept fully in the dark as to all that was happening; he was clearly not told exactly where to look, and exactly what to think; and how could he, the poor lamb, make the right decision when the wolves around him do not even tell him dungeons are pretty cold, and rather damp? If Vulpius had only refrained from telling him the cold was there to help the wretches lose weight…

Therefore, they went around Rome, full of sacred zeal, saying to everyone: “Help us let Caesar know what is happening to that poor community in the dungeon! He must, he must be informed! We will always obey to everything he says, because for Caesar one must fall on his sword without questioning the order; but if he knew, if he only knew, all this would not be happening, surely? Help us, help us, help us!”.

At one point, the poor men and women were transferred to another building. It was clear there were lions not very far from then, trained every day. But they couldn’t see much, because the place was very dark. The lions were loud, though, and rather angry; possibly they were hungry, too.

The good men and women inside the dungeon were, at this point, much afraid.

But those outside, they kept accusing Biggus Dickus, and said Caesar could not have anything to do with it.


Rosary In Latin, From The FFI

Rosary in Latin, recited by Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.

No thanks to Bishop Francis.


On The “Novice Trade”

What? No vocations?

A rather strange expression from our humble Lider Maximo is making the round on the Internet: his opposition to the “Novice Trade”.

It is difficult, at least to me, to know what this is supposed to mean. The only logical and useful explanation I have found says that Francis’ words refer to novices asking to be transferred to other orders. If this is the explanation – and I cannot find any other – one naturally wonders: 1) why this happens, and 2) what is wrong with that.

A scenario I think might be rather common seeing the Pope’s words is the one of the young man accepted in a “spirit of V II” seminary and discovering he is surrounded either by faggots, or by total idiots like the Polish Dominicans already mentioned, or by faithless reprobates. As he gets to know the world of religious life he becomes aware of other possibilities, and of Orders who take things seriously instead of trying to be bad social workers with a hang for making clown of themselves, or for people of their own sex (Jesuits know a lot about this, I am sure). Unsurprisingly, these young men will at some point ask for admission in one of the traditionally oriented orders. They will do so, because they are looking for the spiritual life their present order cannot give them. Some people might think you may, as a Friar, dance to a Lady Gaga tune and avoid hell, but the smart ones will be scared stiff only at the idea of being associated with these idiots. This kind of “novice trade”, therefore, is there for a reason: the dismal inadequacy of much of today’s religious formation.

As to the second question: what’s wrong with the “novice trade”? It is rather natural that one should follow his own vocation, and it should be for the greater good of the Church that every novice finds the environment most suited to the flowering of his spiritual life. Should not every Pope be happy with that and, actually, encourage the process?

Still, this is, at least according to Francis, bad. One smells the pungent odour of decay here, with traditional Orders deservedly dying, and the more concerned because even among their few novices many ask to be transferred elsewhere. They ask to be transferred to the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, perhaps; an order grown from zero to 400 ordained friars – and as many sisters – in the short span of two decades; with seminaries full to the brim – google the figures – and obviously, like every other conservative Order, no financial troubles of any kind. How many of the FFI members have started their novitiate elsewhere? I have no idea, but Francis’ opposition to “novice trade” starts to make sense to me.

What also starts to make even more sense – in the wicked logic of the wolves currently in power – is the ruthless, brutal suppression of the FFI now under way.

How can Francis stop the “novice trade”? He could forbid transfers during novitiate. But if he does, the only result will be an ever bigger dearth of admissions among the stupid “spirit of V II” Orders, and an increase in demands of admission to the right shops – like the FFI – from day one. At this point, in Francis’ mind the only way to stop the “novice trade” would be to drive with the steamroller over those conservative Orders “depriving” the V II idiots of those novices they think, in their idiocy, they would otherwise have. A total nonsense, this one, as the most frequent alternative in this case will be not a life as a stupid Jesuit and probably leading to hell, but a life as an intelligent layman and hopefully leading to salvation.

Francis appears to think he can order vocations par ordre du Mufti, and in this he shows the same arrogant, senile obtuseness he shows in pretty much everything else. He will not get the vocations he desires, and the ruthless law of inverse selection will take care that only the worst – the secular, the fake, and the perverts – demand to be admitted in one of his demented Lady Gaga orders. Therefore, Francis will not get the quality, much less the numbers. Those who would have ended up as FFI friars will, after the Order’s destruction, end up by the SSPX, by other traditionalist Orders as long as they exist, or outside of religious life altogether.

Francis may think he has a solution for the “novice trade”, but he is unable to see he himself, and those like him, are the problem. The problem is, ultimately, insoluble from his perspective; because God has made the world so, that a bad Church is punished with lack of vocations, and with many good souls who would have been excellent priests and friars choosing, or being forced to choose, other paths instead.

Francis is an abject failure. His entire life is an abysmal disaster. His order and many others are dying, and he has given a massive contribution to it as seminary rector, bishop, and archbishop. He thinks he can hide his own bankruptcy by suppressing those who prosper, and by forbidding success by way of papal decree.

This was a leader among the Jesuits. It is no surprise they are in such a bad shape.


What Socci Does Not Say

Not so easy after all...

Not so easy after all…

If you have not done so already, you may do much worse than visit Rorate Caeli and read there the excellent translation of the article from Antonio Socci appeared on Libero some days ago.

Socci says many very useful things, and he says them very well. He quotes figures, and the figures alone tell you everything you need to know about the real causes of the shameless persecution of the FFI. 

V II is bankrupt. The persecution of the FFI is the necessary step to avoid the bankruptcy becoming too public. Others will follow. If I were a FSSP priest, I wouldn’t sleep very well right now. Only the SSPX, with his presence and courageous witness for sound Catholicism, prevents the total annihilation of every conservative stream within the Church.

Still, this blog post is not about what Socci says. It is about what Socci does not say. But what he does not say, he screams. I quote:

No-one can believe that the Pontiff of tenderness wanted or authorized such a thing. The contradiction between his teaching (“love and kindness, not beatings”) and the concrete practice, which brings to mind the ghosts of the Inquisition, would be too great.

This, my friends, is a very heavy blow, the Italian way.

No one can believe that the Pope wanted or authorised this Stalinian purge, Socci says. If it were to be true, it would be hypocrisy beyond belief, the epitome of double-tongued falseness. Still, Socci knows – like the rest of the planet that follows such events – that Pope Francis has already invited the friars to just shut up and do what they are told. Socci writes about these matters professionally. Make no mistake: he is very informed.

Of course Francis wanted. Of course Francis authorised. To think seriously that Francis is not the man who wanted and authorised this Golpe is tantamount to say that Caesar did not want to invade Gallia, or Hitler Poland.

Socci knows it. He knows that his readers know it, too. His words must resound to the ears of very many of his Italian readers as a massive indictment of this Papacy. An indictment not openly told, and yet screamed.

One thing is clear: Francis will not have an undisturbed media parade. The voices who speak against madness are rapidly reaching the well-educated mainstream. God willing, in two or three years’ time it will be common knowledge Catholics who care don’t like or esteem Francis. 

Francis will always be popular, because populism always makes one popular among the stupid, the lazy and the cowards, whose numbers are frightful. But there will be no triumphal march. There will be a divisive Papacy instead, with open dissent from the many voices speaking for orthodoxy; and these voices will become more and more vocal – whilst still, alas, remaining a clear minority – as Francis appoints his Bergoglini as Bishops and Cardinals, and continues to ravage the Church.

Perhaps Francis thought an iron cross, black shoes, a smaller car and Wheelchair Galore would give him an unassailable position as a modern Robin Hood; a sort of modern Garibaldi whom it would be suicide to criticise. 

It may well work in Argentina, where populism seems to be a second religion. In Europe, it’s another pair of… shoes.


A Time For Choosing (Again!)

In a recent interview – the man seems unable to refrain from interviews now, after having said he did not like giving them; heavens, just think if he did… – the Bishop of Rome waxes lyrical about tenderness.

It would, in fact, do some good reading about such worthy sentiment, if it were applied in a halfway reasonable way, and for halfway understandable reasons.

It is certainly not tenderness, but laxity and scandal to allow Monsignor Ricca to remain at his post. The more so, as Francis gives further scandal by remaining in close contact with the man. Please remember that Ricca was found out, not reformed. Please also consider the man showing such scandalous “tenderness” to him is one able to make very offensive jokes about this supposed “gay lobby” not having ID card with them, though funnily enough for him even worldwide scandal isn’t enough evidence, so one wonders whether he would believe the ID, or even the T-shirt.

It is also not tenderness, but being accessory in sin to encourage “progressive” nuns to keep “progressing”, without caring much of warning letters they might receive from the CDF. This is encouraging the blind to keep leading other blind, and if it shows tenderness to anyone, then it must be Satan. To the nuns, he says that the priority is that they go forward. If it’s going forward in heresy, oh come on, let’s not be too legalistic about that, eh? ah? no?

But most importantly, it is not tenderness at all to allow a brutal crackdown on an exemplary order, to which no heresy of any sort, and no accusation of behaviour at variance with sound Catholicism can be moved, other than to have grown increasingly more fond of the Tradition of the Church, liturgical and otherwise. The progressive nuns can go “forward” to the point of getting the attention of the doctrinal watchdog and Francis encourages them not to worry, and actually not to care. The Franciscans of the Immaculate grow fond of orthodoxy, and Francis drives over them with the steamroller.

In this year of unspeakable scandal, it is almost not noticed anymore that an order can be beaten so savagely because suspected of sympathies with Archbishop Lefebvre of blessed memory, when they still keep doing what no Lefebvrian would do: celebrate abundant Novus Ordo Masses. If this isn’t the height of open enmity with Church Tradition, I do not know what is.

No tenderness for them, then. No fluffy talk. No rhetoric of “going forward”. In Francis’ word you can only go forward if you challenge Catholic Tradition, of which he is very evidently an enemy in liturgical, canonical and doctrinal matters. If you, on the other hand, defend what has been transmitted to us, you are a “legalist”, a “Pharisee”, suffer of excessive “doctrinal security”: in short, you are the enemy.

The celebrant of the Pinocchio Mass and of the Tango Mass is cracking down on good priests who love the Tridentine Mass. Shall I insult your intelligence telling you who is right?

It is happening under our very eyes, and it is astonishing how many simply choose not to see. Perhaps there are things we don’t know, they wonder? Could the Pope be, be… – shock! horror! – …. wrong? This cannot be, it simply can’t! If such a thing were to be admitted, their entire faith would crumble! Their religion is the belief in an impeccable Pope, the remote-controlled toy of the Holy Ghost! Better be blind, then; and when reality is plain to see, simply react with a perplexed “Hhmmm, there must be something we don’t know! We shouldn’t judge without having all the elements”…

Fools. What would they have said about the Holocaust? Would they ever have had a chance of getting “all the elements”? Not even Nazi grandees did! Do they think what happens under the sun is not enough to ground the duty to take a stand? Did his contemporaries know everything about Stalin’s motives? Did they know everything about what happened in the villages of Cambodia, where Pol Pot marched “forward”?

It’s happening now. It’s under the sun. Under your very eyes. Wake up.

Granted: the compulsive blind think their claimed “lack of knowledge” exempts them from making mistakes, and they will be on the safe side by siding with the Pope because hey, no one has ever heard of bad Popes, right? They are so wrong. They won’t get away with willful blindness, with superstitious Papolatry. They have made a choice. They can’t avoid choosing – and be it only out of cowardice: cowardice is a choice – when right and wrong, Tradition and Revolution, Thurible and Tango are so obviously opposed.

Choose this day, therefore, if you are on the side of two thousand years of Church Tradition, and of countless saints; or on the side of the bearer of strange novelties; the protectors of sodomites; the appeasers of heretics, infidels and atheists; the aides and abettors of heterodoxy in almost every form, even when they know the very CDF is alerted; and the promoters of liturgical abuses and of scandalous masses.

Say, then, the day you die, that you chose the Tango danced on the sanctuary rather than the Mass of the Ages; that you were ready to condone – nay, believe – the almost daily offences to sound Catholicism everytime someone showed you a new verbal contortionism to “justify” it; that you saw a Pope washing the feet of women and infidels, and did not say a word; that you saw excellent priests of a prospering, utterly orthodox Order humiliated and slandered, and an excellent organisation thrown to the dogs for… loving Tradition.

Say all this, if you want to. As God sees me now as I write, if I die tomorrow I want to die on the side of Padre Pio and Pius XII, of Pius X and Archbishop Lefebvre; on the side of those for whom Truth was something to cherish and protect, not to “bring forward” in the land of strange novelties that appease the public, and offend Christ.

Choose this day, and consider what is at stake.

And don’t be fooled by talk of “tenderness”. Every wolf can talk of tenderness.

Look at how he acts instead.


FFI: Please Spread The Word

Rorate Caeli has, once again, very interesting information about the FFI.

Not only the matter itself of their alleged crypto-Lefebvrism is discussed, but the lies and, apparently, outright slander against the founder of the Order are dealth with in great depth after the misinformation spread by some imprudent and perhaps all too interested corners.

It is necessary that the Catholic world reacts with great outrage to this kind of acting, and to the thinking that is clearly at the origin of the acting. Make no mistake: the ongoing demolition of the FFI is the first step in the attempted demolition of Traditionalism.

Please mail, reblog or distribute the information from Rorate to everyone you think might be a useful recipient of the information.

It might be too late to save the FFI; but the more outrage there is, the more our popularity-seeking Bishop of Rome might be persuaded to a less indecent conduct.



Lessons From The FFI “Golpe”

The name Volpi (Foxes) is very misleading...

As the weeks go by and the progressivist steamroller flattens the FFI to the ground, it might be useful to take some measurements and spend two words about what I think is happening on a broader perspective. I think the following observations can be made:

1. A very tiny number of dissenters (apparently around half a dozen in an order counting hundreds) was enough to start the most brutal crackdown in several decades. The same excuse can be now used everywhere. Woe to the FSSP if there are little dissensions, with a handful of Judas among them saying the Order has become “divisive”, or “crypto-lefebvrist”: an accusation very easy to fabricate, as the FSSP exist to celebrate – even if not exclusively – the same Mass of which Francis has said that it can be, exactly, divisive. Were this to happen, they would probably be doomed, and their only hope of survival would be in Francis' fear of the SSPX. In this case we would have a real paradox: an Order living only thanks to the other Order it was born to destroy. Still, the FSSP can be damaged and watered down in many ways without having recourse to the brutality of the full “FFI treatment”. Personally, I think this is exactly what will happen in the years to come.

2. It should be clear to even the least intelligence that Francis is fully behind all that is happening. Firstly, it is simply not conceivable that such brutality be adopted without the Pope's previous assent; secondly, Father Volpi – the FFI's torturer – has explicitly mentioned the Holy Father's support for his action and has not been contradicted, much less forced to backpedal. This is, ultimately, all Francis' doing, as plain as the sun.

3. The crackdown is not against people, but attitudes. The closure of the seminary shows in Francis' and Volpi's mind the problem lies not in single individuals, but in the traditionalist Weltanschauung of the order. They are targeted because they love Tradition, full stop.

The FFI is the most evident sign of Francis' reigning style we had up to now: as ruthless and brutal when he sees successful Catholicism at work as he is slyly active in promoting his own dying but very convenient brand of kindergarten Catholicism.

Please, Lord, let this punishment come to an end soon.


Sign The FFI Petition!

Not endangered within the Vatican, for sure.

Not endangered within the Vatican, for sure.


I invite all my gentle readers to follow the link to the Eponymous Flower and from there follow the link to the petition for the resignation of Father Fidenzio Volpi from his position of Apostolic Commissioner of the FFI.

In writing this I am perfectly aware that the ultimate responsible of the mess is not Father Volpi, but the Bishop of Rome itself. Still, it is good at times to – as we say in Italy – speak to the wife so that the mother in law may understand.

Francis is actively promoting the slow suicide of the Church, as abundantly seen from the recent of the Dutch bishops, whom he invited to be more attentive to social issues in one of the most welfare-led countries of the planet. he also told them we have only seen half the work of the V II. This is why, I add, the Church in the Netherland is still alive, albeit moribund. Let Francis finish his work and see what has remained of it. 

In this perspective, it is obvious that a bunch of extremely successful, prospering rosary-counting Pelagians (actually: all such groups are prospering; even the SSPX, kept in the darkest corner as they are) cannot be tolerated by our ‘umble Bishop, hence the action.

I invite you to follow the links and sign the petition.

Heavens, de Mattei is good…





Franciscan Friars Of The Immaculate: News In Sight?

Very interesting development in the matter of the FFI.

Apparently, six dissidents (oops… let me correct this: between 150 and 200 friars) have asked the Bishop of Rome permission to create a separate congregation, which would be exclusively devoted to the Traditional Mass.

It seems to me the Argentinian chickens are coming home to roost. Here we have a Pope profiting from a small number of opponents to the clearly conservative (also liturgically) character of the organisation to stage a coup and install at its head the leader of the six (six; sei; sechs) dissidents, and what is happening now is the result of another of Francis' inconsiderate actions.

The sheer number of those who made the request should prove to the blindest Pollyanna that Francis did not try to (and did not have any need to) “pacify” an organisation torn by “internal strife”. On the contrary: the organisation was and is extremely compact, and Francis used a very small number of troublemakers to subvert the organisation's spirit.

It can be that, when Francis refuses their request or refuses to answer it, a couple of dozen of them will pack their bags and move in the direction of Econe. It can, though, also be that they simply want to document where the hearts of the members lie, without drawing the consequences when it is clear they are isolated.

It seems evident to me the new leaders installed by Francis' Golpe will rapidly infiltrate the organisation with sissified elements of their own liking. Therefore, not only this request makes a lot of sense, but the decision to leave – for those who will decide to leave – will make a lot of sense too.

In time, more and more religious will understand the SSPX is an island of Catholic sanity in the middle of the lio in which the Church has been plunged by this disgraceful papal election. In time, Francis might also get to understand he is the Pope, but not the Führer, and will not receive the utterly blind and utterly unquestioning obedience Hitler enjoyed; then Hitler was the god of a religion of his own making, Francis is the first of the servants of God who made him.

This will be interesting to follow. Francis might decide to simply not answer, waiting to see if the next six or twelve months lead to the anger (because this is what it is; massive, and completely justified) deflating enough to allow him to quietly “normalise” things. He might, though, simply refuse the request as, ahem, Restorationist. He might, in theory, even admit his mistake and consent to their request, though the exodus that would follow would let him look rather badly.

Notice, though, what is happening: the Mass Of The Ages is such a beautiful patrimony that once a sound religious order has been allowed to enjoy it, its members will do whatever they can to keep it.

My rosary of today is for the signatories of the petition. May they be allowed to continue their work in the proper way.


FFI: “Judgemental” Intervention Dares To Criticise Francis.

He is not "judged". The FFI are.

Monsignor Ricca is not “judged”. The FFI are.


It has happened. Four conspirators, “hypocrites” and “cowards”,  have launched an attack to the Holy Father, daring to “judge” and “criticise” him. They criticised him, in fact, rather strongly.

Seriously, these people should take example from Monsignor Ricca, the quiet sodomite who kept his own lover for all the world to see for years, and never, nevah evah dared to judge or criticise anyone! He was living such an un-judgemental and happy life, when the slanderous, cowardly, murderous “gossip” press exposed him, poor girl!

You see? Murder, again!

Back to today’s crime news. The four men who dared to move such an attack have, apparently, a big problem with the Vatican attitude towards the FFI, (this is, of course, because they lack the strength and the courage to look to their own shortcomings”) about which I have reported. They have, in fact, such a “murderous” inclination to criticism that they consider the ban on TLM by the FFI – a ban which allow for individual authorisation, but is in principle a ban – an open attack not only to Summorum Pontificum, but even to Quo Primum. As the Pop Bishop of Rome clearly carries the responsibility for the measure, I cannot see how this – let us say it again: cowardly and judgmental – criticism may avoid being considered a true first-class act of hypocrisy and (let me look… oh, yes) cowardice.

Let us report, below, some of the most important passages of their intervention (which you find, as always, on Rorate Caeli) in its entirety. Emphases, as always, mine. 

But first, let us mention the name of the four “cowards”:

Roberto de Mattei, Mario Palmaro, Andrea Sandri, Giovanni Turco

God bless them.



The decree of the congregation for institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life of July 11, 2013 (prot. 52741/2012) […] is an act of such gravity as not to be capable of being considered of mere internal relevance for the intended recipients alone. […]

The decree imposes upon the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate – contrary to what is established by the bull “Quo Primum” of Saint Pius V and by the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” of Benedict XVI – a ban on celebrating the traditional Mass.

In doing so, it deprives of a good of incommensurable value – the Mass (celebrated in the ancient Roman rite) – both the friars and the faithful who through the ministry of the friars have been able to participate in the Tridentine Mass, as well as all of those who in the future could eventually have participated in it.

The decree therefore does not concern only a good – and with this, “the” good – of which the friars are deprived (save express authorization), but also a good – and with this, “the” spiritual good – of the faithful, who through the ministry of the friars desired and still desire to access the traditional Mass.

These find themselves subject – in spite of themselves and apart from any offense, and therefore without reason – to a sanction in clear contrast with the spirit and the letter both of the indult “Quattuor Abhinc Annos” and of the apostolic letter “Ecclesia Dei” of John Paul II, and of the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” of Benedict XVI.

These documents, in fact, are clearly motivated by the intention of satisfying the need for participation in the Mass according to the classic Roman rite, on the part of all the faithful who have the desire for this.

Thus the decree bears an objective relevance for all those who – for the most diverse reasons – treasure and love the Latin-Gregorian Mass. These faithful currently constitute a conspicuous part, and certainly not a negligible one, of Catholics, scattered all over the world. Potentially they could coincide even with the totality of the members of the Church. The decree objectively impacts them as well.

It likewise impacts all those who, even if they are non-Catholic – for different reasons, as historically emerged on the occasion of the appeal presented to Paul VI in 1971 – should have at heart the continuation of the traditional Mass. The decree (well beyond, therefore, the incident relative to one religious institute) bears a universal relevance under this profile as well. […]


As for the prohibition of the celebration of the Mass in the ancient Roman rite (also called the “extraordinary form”), many grave problems are posed by the decree that objectively highlight logical and juridical anomalies that are equally manifest.

First of all, with regard to this prohibition imposed on the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, deriving from the imposition on them of the sole faculty of celebrating in an exclusive way according to the new missal (also called the “ordinary form”) save express authorization, one cannot help but point out that this is clearly in contrast with what is established for the universal Church as much by the bull “Quo Primum” of St. Pius V (1570) as by the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” of Benedict XVI (2007).

The bull of St. Pius V, in fact, establishes universally and in perpetuity: “by virtue of the apostolic authority we grant, to all priests, by these presents, the perpetual indult of being able to follow, in a general way, in any church, without any scruples of conscience or danger of incurring any penalty, judgment, or censure, this same missal, which they will have the full faculty to use freely and licitly, so that prelates, administrators, canons, chaplains, and all other secular priests, whatever may be their degree, or regular, to whatever order they may belong, may not be bound to celebrate the Mass in a manner different from that which we have prescribed nor be forced and driven by anyone to change this missal.”

In its turn, the motu proprio of Benedict XVI establishes that “it is therefore permitted to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass following the typical edition of the Roman Missal, which was promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962 and never abrogated.” And it specifies that “for such a celebration with either Missal, the priest needs no permission from the Apostolic See or from his own Ordinary.”

The motu proprio furthermore affirms that “if communities of Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, whether of pontifical or diocesan right, wish to celebrate the conventual or community Mass in their own oratories according to the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal, they are permitted to do so.” Analogously it declares that “ordained clerics may also use the Roman Breviary promulgated in 1962 by Blessed John XXIII.”

The same motu proprio establishes unequivocally that “we order that all that we have decreed in this Apostolic Letter given Motu Proprio take effect and be observed from the fourteenth day of September, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, in the present year [2007], all things to the contrary notwithstanding.”

As is clear from the two aforementioned texts and from their essential connotations, the freedom to celebrate the Tridentine Mass belongs to the universal legislation of the Church and establishes a right for every priest.

Analogously there is derived from this a right for the faithful adhering to this “liturgical tradition.” As for them, in fact, the Code of Canon Law recognizes: “The Christian faithful have the right to worship God according to the prescripts of their own rite approved by the legitimate pastors of the Church” (can. 214).

Thus the prohibition, save authorization, established by the decree objectively fails to take into account this universal legislation of the Church, deliberating – through an act evidently to be subordinated to it (in terms of both matter and form) – in a way that contrasts with the universal and permanent discipline. Which, by reason of its apostolic origins, enjoys – as illustrious scholars argue – the character of irreformability.

The prohibition of the celebration of the Tridentine Mass on the part of the decree is unjustly discriminatory toward the Latin-Gregorian rite, which not only dates back from the Council of Trent to St. Gregory the Great, and from these to the apostolic tradition, but according to the unequivocal appreciation of the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” of Benedict XVI must be “duly honoured for its venerable and ancient usage.” It, in fact, is an expression of the “lex orandi” of the Church. It is therefore a good to be protected. Not an evil to be shunned.

Moreover, the imposition on the friars of the celebration of the new missal alone supposes a regulation of special authorization with regard to the Latin-Gregorian missal, which is objectively nonexistent. Or otherwise it introduces its application, in the face of legislation of clearly different and opposing content.

It is clear, in fact, that the regime of authorization of a particular act or activity presupposes an ordinary prohibition, to which an exemption may be given in extraordinary cases (particular and determined). But this (or ordinary interdiction) is explicitly excluded by the law of the Church, which declares as a faculty of the priest, to be exercised freely and without any authorization, that of celebrating the Tridentine Mass.

It must also be pointed out that the interdiction (save express authorization) of such a celebration brings out three further objective anomalies of the decree.

This, in fact, establishes a regime of authorization for the traditional Mass, indicating generically as holder of the power of authorization the “competent authorities.” But with the regulation established by the indult “Quattuor Abhinc Annos” and by the apostolic letter “Ecclesia Dei” having been abrogated, it is not clear what is precisely the competent authority to release authorization in words. All the more so in that the competency in this matter certainly surpasses the congregation of institutes of consecrated life, and if anything should be referred to the pontifical commission “Ecclesia Dei.”

It is singular, moreover, that the authorization according to the decree is to be granted “to every religious and/or community,” almost as if the Mass were celebrated not by the individual priest, but even by a whole community, in its entirety (potentially including the friars who are not priests). Almost as if the authorized community could authorize in its turn, transmitting (how?) the authorization (on the part of whom?), procedurally (on what conditions?) to the individual celebrant.

A further anomaly of the decree is marked by the fact that this regime of authorization is temporally undetermined. That is, no terms of applicability are indicated for the regime of authorization imposed only on the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. How long will the request for authorization be imposed? Until a certain date? Until the attainment of a certain objective? In perpetuity?

The text of the decree says nothing in this regard. Contrary to the need for specificity – or rather for rationality and justice – of any provision (in fact, even a penalty that would coincide with an entire lifespan or be perpetual has its specificity). This is a demand of natural law and canon law (cf. can. 1319). Having ignored which manifests an evident detriment both of the punitive character and of the remedial character of any restrictive provision (in this case, of a faculty proper to each priest).

On the other hand, the prohibition of the celebration of the Latin-Gregorian Mass – although referred to by the decree as having been decided by the pope – remains objectively circumscribed within the domain of a decree of a Roman congregation.

It follows that – at least in terms of its form and the obligation arising from it – it cannot help but share the limitations of the decree itself and its necessary submission to the universal legislation of the Church. In fact, unlike any pontifical disciplinary deliberation whatsoever – “ex professo,” if carried out within the domain of his power of jurisdiction, or indeed of the “munus gubernandi,” and as such legitimately possible in conformity with positive divine law and the solemn definitions relative to it – the measure in question cannot help but remain circumscribed to the decree itself, within the limits of the faculties of one of the Roman congregations.

In any case, the imposition derived from the decree like any sort of disciplinary deliberation by anyone cannot help but be measured objectively by natural law – or indeed by justice – and by positive divine law, to which canon law, discipline, and ecclesiastical jurisprudence must necessarily conform.

In fact, as Benedict XVI recalled in the speech on the occasion of the inauguration of the judicial year of the tribunal of the Roman Rota of January 21, 2012, “the ‘lex agendi’ cannot but mirror the ‘lex credendi.'”



“Golpe” At The FFI As Leader Of Dissidents Is Appointed Secretary General

The future of the FFI?

The future of the FFI?

The Golpe at the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is not pretty much complete.

The Apostolic Commissioner, Fidenzio Volpi, has appointed the man who appears to be the leader of the tiny group of “dissidents” within the Franciscans Friars of the Immaculate at its head as the new Secretary General.The leader of a tiny group of six is now at the head of them all. How very Argentinian.

The new man is Father Alfonso Bruno, a man who apparently shares with Francis the humble pleasures of self-promotion. 

The English translation of the news is from the Eponymous Flower. 

Do not insult your intelligence thinking this appointment is not the exact wish of Pope Francis, planned from the start to subvert the obvious friendship with Traditionalism of most of the members of the order.

The demolition of sound Catholicism goes on every day. Francis is at its head. I think it reasonable to imagine he will now purge the elements of traditionalism within the official structures of the Church, one by one. He has probably learnt in his Argentinian years he better not try to bite the SSPX, but whatever he can do within those organisations in full communion – possibly, only those not exclusively devoted to the Traditional Mass – he will probably do. If I were an Oratorian, I would be seriously worried. But also those orders specifically instituted to operate with the TLM should not sleep very well.

On the other hand, one can say that if a traditionalist order wants so-called “full communion”, it must also eat it.

If I were a priest today, I could not imagine a better or more Catholic places than the SSPX. I can’t imagine an order in fuller communion with Christ than the Society.

It will be interesting to see how the crowd of the Desperate Helpers will react to this. Possibly with another bout of extreme Pollyann-ing.

Dear Lord, in your mercy, help us and make this pontificate end soon.


Summorum Pontificum Under Attack?

At least, Pinocchio had the cricket...

At least, Pinocchio had the cricket…

And so it came to pass an efficient, prosperous, growing semi-traditionalist Order, the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate (short: FFI), had its Tridentine Mass culled par ordre du mufti, the mufti in this case being none other than the gay-loving Bishop of Rome of ours. 

The event is – or might be; or should be – rather massive, because impinges exactly on those freedoms that Summorum Pontificum freely gives to all religious:  not only the Ecclesia Dei orders, but all of them. 

One can, therefore, wonder whether the FFI isn’t the canary in the coal mine, whose death warns us of immediate danger for the Traditional Mass.

On the matter, I have read two opposed opinions, that you can read here and here.  I add that there can be little doubt the FFI, in itself not a traditionalist order, has been factually overtaken by the Traditionalist; who, whilst obviously not “oppressing” their more progressive brother, have given a certain “tone” to the work of the order; order that, punctually, has started to expand robustly and gather friends everywhere. This is the kind of plague that generally befalls the traditionalists orders; which, in turn, lets the Bergoglios of this world look very, very bad.

In short, according to the two camps either the Bishop of Rome is merely intervening in internal squabbles, and the de facto silencing of the TLM mass is just a medicinal measure to bring harmony within the order again; or he is profiting from a convenient minority of “progressives” within the FFI to cull their Latin Mass activity and make of them a ballon d’essai or a dress rehearsal for the great attack to the Traditional Mass.

I invite you to click both links and read the arguments on both sides, arguments which would take too much time – and wasted time at that, because they are very well put – to rephrase here for you.


I wasn’t there, of course, and if I was there I must have been in the bathroom. Personally, though, I think that the Rorate argument wins hands down. Not only are the positions expressed by Rorate, in my humble opinion, more logical from the point of view of an outsider; but crucially, they match with the subversive character of Bishop Francis we could observe in these short months.

Often in the past I have written that I could not see Bishop Francis going head on against the traditionalists. On one hand I considered him if not smart, at least attentive; then I thought he would have other problems to deal with; finally, it wouldn’t be smart to give the SSPX so great a gift by showing to the entire Catholic world what a joke Bergoglio is.

I must, though, here frankly admit that when I wrote that I also did not imagine a man going to such excesses of egomaniacal  conduct as to keep at his place a sodomite destroyed the world over by horrible revelations of rent boys & Co., just because he is his buddy – or, worse, because he needs Ricca’s many friends, friends as bent as Ricca is; or, worse still, because these are the friends who have allowed him to be chosen to be the Bishop of Rome, so that he now owes them -.

Every month, this man shows us that he can be even more shameless than we thought him capable of; and as a result, every month we must reassess his possible moves concerning this or that in light of the increasing more dangerous character emerging from his action. 

Bishop Bergoglio has surpassed our worst fears with beautiful regularity since the beginning of his … new appointment. How can we say he will stop in front of the Tridentine Mass? Who can say he will even wait for Pope’s Benedict’s death before officially demolishing his heritage? This is a man whose lack of the most common sense of decency extends not only to almost daily insulting his predecessor in a very thinly veiled manner, but even to defying the most elementary sense of propriety in front of the entire Catholic world by keeping a sodomite at his place, and making stupid and arrogant jokes about the non-existence of the “gay lobby” he himself had publicly mentioned.  What is such a man not capable of?

From their fruits you shall know them. Even in Collodi’s book, you never know in which problems Pinocchio can put himself into. But at least Pinocchio had the fee and the Wise Cricket. Bishop Bergoglio has Monsignor Ricca, the man (?) he absolutely clings to…

This being the situation, and with Screwtape clearly making himself very comfortable within the Vatican corridors, what could not happen? Could perhaps Francis decide – which I would think extremely stupid – that every advantage given to the SSPX is worth being suffered, if it allows him to silence all the others? Imagine his objective is simply to stop the Tridentine Mass for being celebrated, without any concern whatsoever of the huge boost in prestige and reputation – and money – this would give the SSPX?

Of course, this would be extremely stupid. Of course, this would continue the Pinocchio-isation of the Church and plunge her in a new crisis of vocation of heterosexual priests – faggots will, I am sure, run to be enrolled in the seminaries -; of course, Francis would lose the image of “great uncle” to acquire the one of “grumpy old sixty-eighter”, the vastly superior traditionalists shaming him at every occasion. But perhaps, he is not so intelligent? Perhaps, he is so full of himself that he thinks he can do nothing wrong, and does not need to follow prudent advice? Hitler and Napoleon, when they lost their head, thought they could conquer Russia. Bishop Humble, once he has seen a couple of million people in Copacabana, might well think he can conquer a small number of Traditionalists?

It is difficult to give an answer to these questions. This is like 1933. There is a new man in power, and this new man shows he is increasingly strange and unpredictable, and gives all signs to be a megalomaniac of “change”. I do not doubt he feels, like Hitler, called to be remembered in one thousand years.

On the other hand, when he was in Argentina he refused every open clash with the SSPX, who have a strong presence there. This is a powerful argument. But history teaches us that more often than not, the Pope is different from what the Cardinal used to be. This “bishop of Rome” must be the most different in a long time.

For example, there is this rumour of a great plan to be announced in Autumn, to make the Church, in a way, simpler. When I heard it I thought it had to do with the exterior appearance of the clergy (say: only Fiat or Ford cars; bishop must live in a three bedroom house; compulsory embracing of people in wheelchair whenever a camera is present; and the like), but in the light of the FFI measure the plans certainly assume a more sinister trait. Perhaps is the man trying to sweep away Summorum Pontificum in one fell swoop, counting on the choir of wannabe conservative who will suddenly discover the Holy Ghost hates Latin? 

I wish I had an aswer, but this man eludes answers. He plunged himself into a grave liturgical abuse weeks into his pontificate; he aids and abets not only homosexual clergy, but sodomites at that – don’t insult your intelligence pretending to believe the likes of Ricca are “chaste” anyway – and even dares to make a mockery of the people’s worries about the very faggots he protects.

This is the kind of man we have at the top. Again, it’s like 1933. There’s no way to know more until the true scale of this man’s delusion emerges.


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