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Fuehrerprinzip, The Catholic Way.

"To the Fuehrer Our Faithfulness"

“To the Fuehrer Our Faithfulness”. Really?

One day, in God’s good time, the present phase of stupidity and drunkenness within the Church will be overcome. We might have to wait centuries for this, but we know that the Indefectible Church always recovers. If you believe in the Blessed Virgin of Quito, though, you know that things have to first come to the point where everything seems lost. One can’t say Francis isn’t working with great alacrity so that this moment approaches as soon as possible.

Still: one day this madness and drunkenness will be gone, and those distant generations of Catholics will learn in the history books of that dark past, when Popes declared in public that atheists can be saved, dared to put “perhaps” hateful words in the mouth of Blessed Virgin; had forgotten the Fear of the Lord to the point of stating more than a slap on the wrist is not to be feared; thought Jews did not need to be converted because the Covenant still applies to them; and the other interminable list of stupid or irreverent or blasphemous things we have been reading in these disgraceful times.

When that blessed time of sanity comes back, many will ask: “how could it happen?”.

How could it happen that Pope and Cardinals spit heresies out of their mouth as if they were just the ticket, and indispensable truths? How could things come to the point that giving communion to public adulterers is openly discussed, and publicly supported by Cardinals? How could it be that salvation became a given for pretty much everyone, of whatever faith and none? How could Christ be betrayed in such manifold way; so aggressively, so publicly, so shamelessly?

The answer is very simple. The entire drunken – or evil – mess happened in part because it was concocted by evil people, but in almost equal part because too many saw the evil and preferred to stay silent.

The present demolition is not exclusively the work of the most evil or cowardly generation of clergymen to disgrace the Church since the time of the Arian heresy, but it is in almost equal measure the work of the countless silent enablers; the lazy, the cowardly, and those who think it smart to demolish what the Church has always believed and sacrifice Catholic Truth on the altar of a blind loyalty of decidedly Nazi character; a blind loyalty in which – as already seen in the case of the notorious Führerprinzip – any and every attack to Truth brought by Francis and his pack of reforming wolves is accepted on the basis that the Pope has said it, and a Catholic must therefore obey; without any reference to the Truth the Pope is called, first of all Catholics, to promote, defend and transmit intact.

The Nazis did not have a Sacred Tradition. They had not received any Depositum Fidei. They were in front of something utterly new, for which past rules of behaviour were said not to apply. What the Führer says, was followed. It was followed, because he said so. If he changed his mind, it meant that it was fitting that he now thinks differently.

Exactly this is the thinking of those advocating obedience to the Pope exclusively in virtue of his being the Pope. Francis is their Hitler. The Führerprinzip finds, by them, almost daily application. This blind following can be disguised under the usual fluffy words, like: “If the holy Father says so, it means that the, oh, Holy Spirit is, oh, guiding him in that, oh, direction!”, but in the end the meaning is clear: whatever Francis says is fine, because he said so. Fuhrerprinzip; that is, in the end, Papolatry.

This Papolatry is an even bigger mistake than the blindness of the Nazis of old; because if a Nazi could, in his blindness, at least delude himself that Christianity had to be thrown in the rubbish bin of history and a new Humanity created out of the new ideology, no one who calls himself a Christian can for one moment imagine that God has now changed His rules, and the Christianity of the past does not find application merely because the Pope says so.

The Pope is the protector of the rules, not the maker. To think that a Pope can change God’s rule is a madness bigger still than believing in the Führerprinzip.

I do hope more and more people will come to understand this in the years to come, but I am under no illusion that countless souls will be lost. The blind will follow the blind, and many of the cowardly or lazy will be led by this Pope and his cohort of willing wolves to deny Christ one piece at a time, as Francis himself denies Christ when he states that Jews don’t need to convert, nor do atheists, nor does anyone who “follows his conscience” and will get, if he denies Christ, a “slap on the wrist” at most.

Francis careless lio is a danger for countless Catholic souls. It is the product of a boundless pride (yes: pride) that lets him think he can reinvent Christianity. Many will follow him, because it is convenient to remain on the comfortable side, to refuse to see, to refuse to hear, to make Truth disposable so that our comfortable life may not be affected.

Mind my words: this Pope would be able to even participate to a “gay pride” parade. Countless would applaud him.

Many, in the centuries to come, will wonder how it could happen. This is how it could happen. Through the silence, the cowardice, or the complicity of most.


The European Court Of Human Rights Shows What Nazi-Activism Leads To

You might have read that, in another desperate attempt to be “relevant”, the (let me check…) European Court of Human Rights has decided that its judges are right and the Irish people, Catholicism, Christian decency and common sense wrong.

You find here a short description of what this court is. Basically,

a) it is nothing to do with the EU (besides the fact that many countries happen to be members of both)
b) it has been instituted by one of the innumerable treaties meant to give jobs to people deemed worthy of receiving favours from politicians (the main reason why such institutions exist anyway),
c) It has 47 European members. I didn’t even know Europe has made it to 47 states, but make your guess as to how many are modern democracies and you’ll know everything you need to know about this farce.
d) even Russia is part of the treaty. Which really, really says it all.

Basically, this is one of the many supranational institutions within and without the EU which are taken as an excuse to do something a national government wants to do anyway but is scared of taking responsibility for or are, alternatively, utterly and completely ignored without even the press making themselves ridiculous by asking that their ruling be put into practice.

In this case, which – as you can read here, regards a rather limited sphere of application and doesn’t force ( I mean: doesn’t even try) Ireland to repel tout court its ban of abortion, the reaction of the Irish government will tell us whether the local politicians want to take this as an excuse to give in, or stand their ground and show this activist “court” the longest finger they can find. The first reactions seem to indicate that Ireland will stay the course, and thank God for that.

But this is, really, not the question.

The question is how on Earth supranational “judges” think that they have the right to decide in the place of modern Western democracies in matters which are among the most radical and fundamental decisions imaginable.

This shows all the degree of perversion and effeminacy nowadays reached in mainstream European public opinion; a vast region where the news that some self-appointed “Supranational Supernanny” wants to tell to million of people what to think in matters of life and death doesn’t cause a deluge of calls for the immediate suppression of such ridiculously undemocratic institutions. Very simply, the idea that their “betters” should tell them how to “improve” is so ingrained in the imaginary of the emasculated population that the best you can hope is that such decision are simply ignored because of their evident stupidity. Probably what is going to happen in this case.

This is liberal Nazism at its worst. “Stuff democracy, we decide” is its war cry. Democracy is an obstacle to the creation of the “Just Nanny Society”, where the citizens are protected from their own decisions (though allowed to play democracy every now and then, if they behave) and some “judge” remakes the world at pleasure; and no Christianity please, it’s not “diverse” enough.

Fuehrerprinzip for the XXI Century, that’s what this is. We should start to call for the abolition of all such supranational judiciary bodies. They don’t count and they don’t work. They can only be used as an excuse by cowardly politicians and we really don’t need the ones or the others.


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