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Self-Delusion As Positive Value


“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. 


A remarkable trait of Anglo-Saxon societies is a sort of human right to self-deception, that is being pushed with increasing aggressiveness as these societies become more and more addicted to political correctness. 

There seem to be a consensus according to which things are not what they are, but how you feel they are. This tragic self-delusion aliments itself in the most tragic ways. 

At school, children are asked “what is God for you”, and the class listens to a bunch of little kiddies taught to shape after their own liking the most objective, unchangeable Reality there is. They learn to be confused, and to confuse their peers, at a very young age. When they are adults, they will simply export this mentality to their own adult religious convictions, shaping their own “religion” according to taste. The great season of “I am a Catholic, but… (insert here your own homemade decision)” is about to start. 

Nor does this end in the religious sphere, as nowadays very many already think that one can define himself even ignoring the most elementary reality of their own being; like, say, having a willie. Again, reality will look at them in the face every second of their life, but if they feel they should ignore it, then this reality will have to be ignored by everyone around them; because facts, you see, are extremely intolerant. 

Another manifestation of this collective madness is in the attempted redefinition of concepts like beauty, youth, or intelligence. 

Beauty is a subjective concept only if looked at in a very narrow way, but it is a brutally objective concept when looked at it in its collective manifestation. Faced with photos of a young Monica Bellucci, most men will put her in the “extremely beautiful” category. The same men will, if tested in the same way, call your usual obese young woman painfully carrying around her immense backside in ways my female readers really don’t want to hear. 

There’s nothing “subjective” in this. “Feelings” are neither here nor there. To say to the obese girl she is “wonderful as she is” is not only an insult to every sane man’s intelligence; it is also a positive encouragement to her to keep slowly killing herself, and to march toward a premature death of heart failure or diabetes. Ignoring reality is, rather often, very dangerous, be it at a red light or on the scale. 

The same happens with the matter or winning and losing. When I was a child, expressions like “everyone has won” after, say, a race would have sounded not only stupid, but emasculating. 

I have not won; but boy, I have given everything I had! In that I already saw in me, as a child, the budding man: learning to win and to lose, to try and to fail, to congratulate the winner, to admire those who could do better and to test my limits, as a boy should. It wasn’t an “injustice” that some were born innately more able than I was, not more than it would have been considered an “injustice” that some girls in the class were very beautiful, and others very ugly. Reality was accepted for what it was. No one ever asked me how I feel about God; actually I was told what I needed to know about him; and no one ever told me I had also won after I had lost. Facts are facts. To deny them is to pave the way for the madhouse. 

 Nowadays, born men – which is clearly seen at the rather unmistakeable apparatus they carry – demand to be allowed in the girls’ toilets; and they demand it as part of tangible and universal acceptance of the fact that they feel women, therefore they are it. 

Two or three generations ago, it would have been the madhouse. 

Today, even the Prime Minister is on the side of perverted and lunatics. 


No Christianity In The Cemetery, Please

No Jesus allowed

You’d think that a soldier who has served (or even died for) his country would have the right of having words like “God” or “Jesus” in his funeral service.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case in the military cemetery in Houston, where you simply can’t say the words.

This is a very interesting development, mainly because it shows all the intolerance and stupidity of its proponents. It goes not only against the most elementary sense of religious liberty, but against liberty tout court.

As such, this exercise in intolerance and dictatorship must certainly come from…. liberals. It is as if they’d say “Jesus must stay outside”, as you’d do with dogs. Even worse than that, it is some cretin telling you what to tell and not to tell when you remember a beloved one. And this cannot be an incident or a misunderstanding as several organisations have reported the news. One would wonder what would be the practice with Allah & Co, but by this level of ideological blindness and pure hatred it would not be surprising to know that the same rules apply.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has already stated that it ““respects every veteran and their family’s right to burial service that honors their faith tradition.” It is therefore an easy prediction not only that this scandal will soon end, but that this might well cause a couple of liberal heads of the Department of Veteran Affairs – the cemetery director being a prime candidate –  to silently roll on the green cemetery grounds. Still, this episode goes to show the extent of the intolerance of modern “liberals”, probably the most illiberal people remained on the planet after the North Koreans.

These people are a true menace for freedom and must be stopped until they ban us from pronouncing every word not pleasant to them.


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