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The UN Gender Madness


The UN has gone (again) all gender mad, by explaining to the English-speaking populations the error of our ways.

I suggest to all my reader to give their contribution to this worthy cause, and be mindful of the recommendations of the UN, with a slight twist:

  1. always use the gendered noun (e.g. “husband” instead of “spouse”)
  2. never add the other variation (e.g. “his” instead of the extremely dumb “his or her”)
  3. never apologise for doing it.

There is a logic in the English language. It has always been common (and in Italian, too!), to make a general plural with the masculine, not the dumb “his or her” or the even dumber “their”.

Example: “A citizen desiring to obtain a passport will be invited to complete an application form stating his name, date, and place of birth”. It’s easy, immediate, traditional, and correct.

It makes one laugh that all those “his, or her” of the Monthy Python clip have now become, besides the gender madness itself, common fare among people who should actually use their brains.

Don’t be (also in the quoted articles) like these people…

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Enjoy The Trannie, Ladies!

As pics of trannies are offensive and utterly disgusting, here is a photo of a Graziano trannie for your enjoyment...

The New York Times has just another story about young women refusing to cope with the new reality of gender madness. Yours truly can only shake his head, and say “tsk, tsk”. There will be no link as we do not encourage bad newspapers here, but you know the issue is getting bigger.

A trannie in the girls' restroom, pretending he is a woman. Isn't this the world that two generations of idiots – even of idiots who call themselves “conservatives”, though they will hasten to tell you they aren't “the religious type” – have created? Why complain now?

Listen, girls: there can be no middle way. Either you decide that a boy claiming to be a woman is a disgusting pervert, or you will have to see his schlong dangling in the shower room. And in doing so, you will have to affirm that the boy – with annexed schlong – is in fact a woman, because he says so.

The mentality of showing understanding and open-minded views must lead to acceptance in everything, because there can't be any half acceptance of an ideology.

If a schlong makes of one a male – which our forefathers, in their unspeakably patriarchal and oppressive mentality, always thought – then the entire construct not only of gender theory, but of acceptance of sexual perversion must be reversed; then if reason and common sense follow their normal course abnormality must be rejected as aberration, and to understand this there isn't even any need of a religion, merely of a brain. But if there is any acceptance of “normality” in perversion, then this supposed normality must be coherently followed, and its consequences drawn from it. Normal is normal. There is no abnormal normality.

It is, therefore, fitting that happily dangling trannie schlongs make their more or less proud entrance in girls' shower rooms. It's the bed they made, and the girls will now have to cope with all the dangling, and affirm it.

I can't wait for the Olympic female disciplines being dominated by trannies. How would Rick Santorum say put it? If they say they are women, then they are women? Well, then! By the bye, I wish that Santorum had one of his daughters pick a Trannie as “BFF”; it would serve him right, and put in his own home some of the disgusting, unspeakable rubbish he wants to ram down the throats on the American people.

The “moderate” chicken are coming home to roost. “Moderate” mothers so understanding of aberrosexuals as long as their little suburban world remain in order will have to pay the price of their stupidity, because it is fitting that this kind of stupidity be paid to the last dime, on theirs and on their descendants' skins. Say hello to Donna, then, the massive “girl” with the huge shoulders and the cavernous voice, throwing her “normality” down your throat and demanding your acceptance and affirmation of her rights. Enjoy every bit of it. Remember? You always said you weren't “narrow-minded”! Enjoy the show, then. Savour it to the last. It will do you good.

In just a little time, you will truly understand a lot of what has been wrong with you, your “understanding” and your “unjudgemental” attitude these last fifty years. Too late, alas! But there's no denying it: it's the bed you made.



Commonwealth Games: A Passionate Plea For Inclusiveness.

Gender theory at work, and everyone is smiling...

The Commonwealth Games are ongoing. For those of you who don't know, these are the house-made Olympic Games of the Commonwealth Countries.

I have noticed, in the headlines I have read – I don't care to watch – a rather worrying phenomenon: the patriarchal and very oppressive division of the athletes according to biological sex.

I am flabbergasted. Where's the fairness? Why such hate and discrimination?

If, say, a faggot feels he is a woman and wants to compete among them because this is his “gender” of choice, who is anyone to judge? Isn't it fair, and part of elementary human rights, that anyone would be treated and considered as he feels he should? Why all the hate?

Yes, I know. The faggots would dominate almost all the disciplines once reserved for biological women. But why should this be a problem? The biological women should embrace the gender-elective women with open arms instead, celebrating the inclusion in the name of sisterly love. Were they not themselves, I ask you, for so long oppressed by the same patriarchal societal structures now oppressing their “sisters”?

Or should it be so, that women – of all people – discriminate against minorities for the sake of the conservation of outdated, unreasonable, fully racist sex privileges? It should never be said!

I therefore expect that, from the next Commonwealth Games at the latest, and possibly from the next Olympic Games, self-selected gender instead of biological sex be the criterium of admission to the competitions.

Fairness, inclusiveness, and a correct understanding of Human Rights demands no less.

I know that you, my good readers of whatever gender, support these battles. I therefore invite you to write to the Prime Minister and demand that this great nation be once again at the forefront of the battles for Human Rights, Justice and Inclusiveness for the FDSRTGSDER people, and refuses to participate to any international competition in which such principles are not applied.

Stand up for the rights of the oppressed, you brave persons of whatever gender and sexual orientation, aberration or abomination.

Let us put an end to homolesbotranniepervertophobia!!


It had to be said.

I feel so good with myself now.



Gender “Choices”

The “Daily Homograph” (or, if you prefer, “Homo Telegraph”) informs us without a hint of reproach or disapproval that, after the “successful” introduction of around 70 “gender choices” in the US (one wonders how difficult it must have been; but again, for a “Homo Telegraph” journalist an awful lot must be difficult), Facebook has now introduced the same nonsensical “options” in the UK.

The same? Well, not really. As for these people “gender” is something they can shape as they please, the UK “gender choices” will be “limited” to 50, to take account of the different ways in which perversion and idiocy express themselves in the country. This will leave idiots and perverts with only 48 ways to let the world know they are perverts, or idiots. I find it limiting compared to the 70 or more ways available to their counterparts the other side of the Pond; but hey: if they “feel” that way who am I to, erm, judge?

You must think yours truly is utterly and completely opposed to the idea, but on second thoughts it has its advantages. I do not remember exactly how Facebook works, and when I forgot the password I let the thing go the way of the Dodo. I had only used it to post my blog posts, so it was no great loss. Still, I remember and have read around you can “befriend” or “unfriend” people. This means every Facebook member can immediately spot the perverts and idiots simply by looking at which kind of people they choose as “friends”, or at how they define their “gender” themselves.

Very practical, I would say.

Still, if Facebook belonged to me I would make the system even more practical, and reduce the “gender choices” to four; undoubtedly encompassing all the US choices, let alone the “limited” UK ones. They would be:

1. Male

2. Female

3. Pervert

4. Idiot.


All the “genders”, in four simple choices.


Kirsten Dunst: When The Obvious Makes Headlines

faggot detector


Kirsten Dunst recently gave the world the following piece of advice:

We all have to get our own jobs and make our own money, but staying at home, nurturing, being the mother, cooking – it’s a valuable thing my mum created. And sometimes, you need your knight in shining armour. I’m sorry. You need a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. That’s why relationships work …”

Where I come from, such a phrase would have been greeted with expressions like the immortal “ma va?”, which is the Italian for “you don’t say?”.

And in fact, looking at it at face value, Kirsten Dunst has said something that might have won Platitude Of The Year award… if we lived in normal times. 

But we do not live in normal times. We live in times in which a small army of harpies and their emasculated manservants start making screeching noises everytime one states the obvious, because in their perverted mind the obvious is oppressive, patriarchal, or whatever.

This is what happens when you are nice to perverted bastards.

Perverted bastards will first play the victim with you to elicit your “inclusion”, and then will proceed to exclude you and all those who do not think like them from the discourse of civil society.

It is so in everything. gay parades becomes civil partnerships, which become marriage, which become a human right, which make of you a racist if you think they are damn perverts.

Or with “gender theory”, an outlandish delirium first, then somethign cool to write about, then something accepted, then imposed by pervert judges, and used to indoctrinate and pervert children.

We must stop this unspeakable crap of inclusiveness.  We must be utterly non-inclusive of perverts. Perversion must have no place in a Christian society, and no Christian is ever authorised to “include” it in absolutely anything. 

We are to the point when a platitude, an obvious fact of life like Kirsten Dunst’ statement makes wave. We must react before it’s too late and Big LGBT Brother tells our children what kind of “gay” porn they must be made to look at in the morning to grow more “inclusive”. We are already not far from that point, when children are exposed to sexual perversion in elementary school. It’s basically the same, with just some of the crassness taken away.

Thankfully, it appear Ms Dunst has got a lot of support.

But it must go much further than that. The times of “niceness” to every pervert must end. Perversion can’t be mainstream. Perversion is abomination in the eyes of the Lord, and gravely damaging to our children.


Let’s hope the Gaystapo elicit the right reaction more and more often. By their nature, they will become more and more oppressive of every freedom. Civil society will be tested. I trust it will win. Not immediately, and not without some harsh fight, but win it will.



Feminazism And Human Experiments In Sweden

Feminazism and human experiments in Sweden


Manif Pour Tous: (First) Victory In France

The news has reached the Italian newspapers (the decent ones, at least; the others just ignore the facts) that the French government has abandoned the proposed new “family” (means: meant to destroy it) legislation, which would have allowed, among other things, “couples” of dykes to get a child in vitro.

For added fun, it appears the government ranks are now in full disarray on this, with some extremists wanting to go on with proposal without government support, and hoping to get a majority. So you have them losing and quarrelling, which is a rather interesting scenario.

Further battles (assuming this one will be definitively won, which for the moment appears probable to me) await the movement, which will now focus against the measures meant to cancel the concept of “sex is destiny” perverting even little children. Of course, other battles await, including the backpedaling on the abomination of so-called “same sex marriages”.

I allow myself to notice here again what I have written already on several occasion: the typical politician in a Western democracy is a coward ready to cave in at the first signs of popular rage. Hollande & Co. aren't so ideologised that they will put their career in danger for their convictions. You miaow, they roar. You roar, they miaow.

Evidently, Hollande & Co. have not believed the police numbers – impressive in themselves – but rather the pictures with the huge crowds in Paris and Lyon last Sunday. They know their political asses might one day be on the line, and they care for their own far more than they claim to fight for the emancipation of a faggot's sphyncter.

I hope this first, but highly significative victory encourages the decent Frenchmen that this madness can be reversed, and helps the movement to gain further momentum – no thanks to Francis – in the years to come.



Massachusetts Department Of Education Finds “Loretta” Not Amusing At All

From the new rules of a clearly insane Massachusetts Department of Education concerning the way to address pupils in schools.

Note the expression “assigned birth sex” and “gender identity”.


– “The person best situated to determine a student’s gender identity is that student himself or herself …. A school should accept a student’s assertion of his or her gender identity …”

– “School personnel should use the student’s chosen name and pronouns appropriate to a student’s gender identity, regardless of the student’s assigned birth sex.”

– “School personnel should speak with the student first before discussing a student’s gender nonconformity or transgender status with the student’s parent or guardian.”

– “For transgender students … a documented gender marker (for example, ‘male’ or ‘female’ on a permanent record) should reflect the student’s gender identity, not the student’s assigned sex.”

– “The principal should be clear with the student (and parent) that the student may access the restroom, locker room, and changing facility that corresponds to the student’s gender identity …. Transgender students who are uncomfortable using a sex-segregated restroom should be provided with a safe and adequate alternative, such as a single ‘unisex’ restroom or the nurse’s restroom.”

– “Schools should incorporate education and training about transgender and gender nonconforming students into their anti-bullying curriculum, student leadership trainings, and staff professional development.”


This is 100% “Loretta”, without the fun.



Political Correctness Gone Mad: Google’s Gender Madness.



If you want a new email with Google, you must answer a question about your “gender”.

Choices: male, female, and “other”.

Mind, it doesn’t say “prefer not to say” (my gender is, in the end, none of Google’s business). It says “other”.

I have tried to select “other” to see if it worked. It did.

Alas, I’ll take my new email address from another provider.




Norway Cuts Taxpayers’ Money For Gender Madness

Norway was extremely excited at the discovery of hot water.

You would not believe Norway is a country where people can still think in a halfway reasonable way (try here or here for examples) but apparently they do.

It says here on, the biggest Catholic internet site in Europe (much-hated from the German bishops who are now trying to ally themselves to sodomites to try to get rid of them; from their friends you’ll recognise them) that in Norway “gender madness”  had come to such an extent that there were people walking around and thinking along the line that the only difference between men and women lies in their…. reproduction organs. One of the gender morons actually said so verbatim.

This obvious stupidity did not escape a Norwegian comedian, Harald Eia. Being one of those still able to think with his own head, he interviewed several of them and made of it a TV programme, part of a series called “brainwash”. Norway is, interestingly, one of those countries where the separation between “men” and “women” jobs is still very much marked, notwithstanding decades of gender neutral indoctrination; so they noticed.    

Following the broadcast of the TV programme in February 2011, further “research” was commissioned, and hot water finally discovered: little boys and girls have innate different behaviour from a very tender age, before being able to speak and to be “indoctrinated” by the sexist macho world outside (in Norway; think that…).

This is pure common sense to normal people, like you and I, and every kindergarten will allow you to observe (if you don’t remember yours) that no four or five years old child can have been so “indoctrinated” as to be, at his age, so markedly a boy or a girl as most of them already are.

But we aren’t Norwegians, you see; they need more research.

The “Nordic Gender Institute” targeted by Mr Eia is a creature – and an expense – of the Nordic Council, a kind of “Nordic Community” on the style of the old CEE (before it became another madness, the EU).

The interesting news is that the Nordic Council has now decided to simply shut down  the “Nordic Gender Institute”. From the end of this year, the gender cretins will have to do damage somewhere else.

Perhaps I am being too optimistic here, but it seems to me that the signs are multiplying that something like a slow awakening is now taking place, and sanity here and there coming to the fore. The “Coalition for marriage” in the UK is the biggest popular slap ever given to a Government and whilst the battle still rages, victory is now a concrete possibility; the debate on so-called “gay marriage” in the US is furious, and the Church begins to mobilise in the right direction, which in time will not fail to bring fruits; always in the UK, the political correct stupidity of the “hate speech” is being vigorously targeted, and Anne Widdecombe  has explained so well – in front of an audience of angry Conservatives – how our faggot-friendly PM is trying to kill our freedom in the name of political correctness and sexual perversion. 

We shall see, but it seems to me we might be at the turning of the tide.

In the longer term, may I suggest some further improvement.


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