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“Gay” Selective Abortion OK, Then?

Of course it won’t come to pass.

But the hypothesis is highly amusing – in its own tragic way – anyway.


Meet Rebecca, Planned Parenthood Gendercide Consultant

This is pretty strong stuff.

Gendercide is alive, kicking and actually considered perfectly normal from the point of view of genocidal Planned Parenthood Nazis. There is no remorse, not even the slightest embarrassment. This is deeply disquieting. I had read in the past Planned Parenthood does not deny allowing such practices but it was from a third-party source; this comes, so to speak, straight from Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Also note Rebecca says the lady can come back when she is five months pregnant. What happens then, you can read here.

We live in deeply disturbing times.


Obama’s War On Women

Obama said “no”.



And so the PRENDA, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, which would have made it illegal to kill a baby in the womb because of his gender, has failed to get the necessary 2/3 majority. 

Planned Parenthood was obviously opposed to the bill: they plainly admit to proceed to gendercide (“Good morning Mr Chang. Your wife is expecting a girl? Bad, uh? Don’t worry, we’ll deal with the problem”) and clearly would not want to have any abortion banned, for  any reason. The health of the girl is clearly at stake… erm…

Still, the bill was also opposed by the President, who was in this occasion not concerned about the “war on women”, but on the way of protecting the doctors who fail to see the intent behind the abortion.

I gather from this the President is concerned about the women who have already been born or who, more specifically, vote; but he is rather less concerned about a gendercide largely at the expense of women taking place every day, even on American soil. Therefore, an army of innocent little girl will have to die so that the irresponsible and egoistic behaviour of Obama’s voters can go on undisturbed.

Once again, it appears very clearly that so-called “pro-choice” liberals are the new Nazis.


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