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O Ye Of Zero Faith!

Mercedes G 63. Happy daring!

George Soros has just come out with an outlandish idea meant to generate an awful, and I mean awful lot of clouds in order to mitigate what he thinks is “man made global warming”.

If the guy had read his Lomborg, he would know that: 1) we know really very little about the thousands of variables at play in the phenomenon we call world climate, and 2) this we know: that when global temperatures tend to rise, rising water evaporation tends to create more clouds; those, in turn, tend to mitigate the effects of the rising temperature; when the temperature goes back down, the process reverses and we have less cloud generation matching the now colder temperature.

However, this is, also, nothing but a partial view of one single facet of the thousands little ones, which are still largely unknown, that contribute to the phenomenon in its global dimension.

At the end of all, though, there is, as always, a solidly elementary consideration: how can it be that God makes a world that depends on Mr Soros’ “new technology” to avoid being destroyed? And how can it be that, after all the huge changes in climates that have even influenced European history (say: the huge “warming” taking place in the XIV Century, which allowed the great increases in agricultural yield which, in turn, allowed the great wealth and the explosion of arts’ patronage of the two centuries that followed) the planet has done just fine, without any need for help from these dangerous bunch of deluded, godless morons?

God’s Creation is full of wonders. An intelligent person, who looks at the reality around him without atheist preconceptions, observes elementary phenomena like the wondrous ability of the skin to heal, or the incredible qualities of a human hair (both still unmatched by Mr Soros’ oh so advanced technology), and intuitively understands that we are but little beings in a huge world of which we know very little.

It’s the hubris that comes from atheism that leads people like Soros to propagate imaginary solutions to imaginary problems.

Oh, how I wish I could afford a Mercedes G63, with the meanest exhaust I could legally install! The soundtrack at start would be just as sweet as the recollection of the likely most arrogant, odious, stupidly ignorant words of all times:

“How dare you!”

ProPublica Hate Group Should Be Banned

The Remnant and the Jihad Watch have been the target of an attack from uber-Leftist, Nazi hate groups affiliated to George Soros and his net of satanical warfare on God. The minions of Satan tried to bully Paypal into closing the accounts of the two organisations.

It is extremely concerning that the account of the Gateway Pundit was, in fact, closed before the storm that followed “inspired” PayPal to think again. Still, this kind of event tells you without any doubt the kind of tactics these bile-filled Hate Groups are ready to employ. Also not surprising is the tactic of fake “journalism” employed to do so, a tactic perfectly in line with the Fake News dominating our media environment.

ProPublica clearly is an organisation meant to suppress every opinion different from their own with whatever means, legal or illegal. This sort of intimidation should attract the attention of some smart prosecutor in the US and lead to the banning of the hate group and the arrest of the people responsible for its intimidation tactics.


Two Peas In A Peapod



The Remnant reports of a DCLeaks revelation that George Soros’ OSF prepares weekly (laudatory) reports about the social and political activism of the Evil Clown.

Now, this does not mean that Francis prepares these reports, or helps them to be prepared. It does not mean that Francis himself is in Soros’ pocket, either. But what this makes clear is that the two are perfectly aligned in their own utterly diabolical Weltanschauung. 

Francis has appointed himself the high priest of the religion of Soros: a satanical sect promoting everything that is evil from environmentalism to Muslim invasion to the destruction of borders. 

The naive part of the Catholic world needs to wake up to the reality of a Pope working against all that the Church represents day in and day out.

They can choose to close their eyes, but they must pay attention: at some point, obstinate naivety becomes willing silence in the face of an evil that was certainly recognised, if brushed away because of convenience and cowardice.

We live in very stupid times if we think that countless adults, people who are fully functional in all other spheres of life, can systematically ignore or excuse this Pope’s behaviour and get away with it.

A child of seven can commit a mortal sin.

Think of this, you Pollyannas out there, and shiver.







The Smoke Of George Soros Has Entered The Church


Francis is breathing with gusto…



I am pretty sure you already know about the scandal first unveiled by LifeSiteNews (actually, by Wikileaks). However, I think I might add a reflection or two of my own.

The first reflection is that when an openly evil man like Soros, who is against everything the Church stands for, thinks he can influence Vatican prelates through financial support it is obvious that something very, very wrong is going on within the Vatican walls. This would be true even if neither Cardinal Maradiaga nor Pope Francis were open to such kind of influence. It would be true because of the very fact that the like of George Soros think that they could influence the Vatican.  Put in another way, the leaks show how corrupt Francis is even if he does not willingly accept the help of the likes of Soros. He is morally corrupt exactly because he thinks like them without need of monetary corruption.  

The second reflection concerns, more directly, Cardinal Maradiaga. In his case the corruption is, more likely than not, monetary besides being moral. This does not mean, of course, that Maradiaga uses such donations to put money in his own pocket (though I want to go on record and say I would not be surprised at all if this were the case: one who thinks so evil can do a lot of evil). Still, it seems to me impossible that Cardinal Maradiaga does not know about such donations, and does not consider them an easy way to maintain a net of people through whom he can distribute favours and exercise influence. 

The third and last reflection is, I am sure, in the mind of many: is this not the tip of the iceberg? How many “catholic” organisations are funded, directly or indirectly, by the open, public enemies of the Church? Should not Pope Francis, who always has such a big mouth about transparency, order an impartial review about such “donations”, and force all his bishops to answer about what happens in their own dioceses as well? Not holding my breath… 

The smoke of George Soros has entered the Church. 

Francis doesn’t seem fazed at all.  



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