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Life After You’ve Been Forgotten: Greta’s And Meghan’s Existential Drama

Smart Prince and Sweet Princess.


How sad it is when the world has forgotten you! One day, you are the star, with journalists and assorted sycophants wherever you go. The next day, you are a has-been desperately trying to stay relevant.

Two tragic examples are in the linked article: Greta Thunberg and Meghan Markle. Though the drama is the same, let us look at them separately.

Gretin Thunberg 

Poor girl must be living difficult months. The Chinese Virus first, and the Anarcho-Communists later have stolen all the attention. It is not only the speed with which this wonder-retard and darling of all enemies of Capitalism has been entirely forgotten that must dismay her. It is the understanding that, in order to get attention, you have to have people ready to smash things and burn buildings. Her soy boys were never able to do that. There was a lot of blathering, and much support from the private jet crowds. But the revolutionary action was lost somewhere between the silver tray and the champagne flute. Her brave new world is forgotten now. No one bothers about C02 anymore. Gretin understands all this, and – dimly, of course – understands that, whilst some limit themselves to talking about fundamentally changing the present order, those who actually start smashing stuff get way more attention.

It is difficult to see how Gretin can recover from this, bar a massive media effort to restore her to her past position of Retardation Prominence. You can’t just go on TV and say “now that you have stopped smashing monuments and burning shops, let us talk about the emissions again!”. She will have to do a lot of begging, and will need some very smart PR move to get to the limelight again. A hunger strike would be good, then it seems to me that she is getting fat. Failing that, some PR wizard at Soros HQ, acutely aware of what an obsolete marketing instrument she is, might suggest she pulls the ultimate PR stunt and burns herself alive to protest against C-C-C-Climate C-C-C-Change, after which she would have an assured place in C-C-C-Climate C-C-C-Change Walhalla and would be rapidly substituted for the next, media-produced fake icon. Unfortunately, that would produce a lot of CO2 emissions; so, perhaps, better not.

Mega Fraud Meghan 

Mega Fraud Meghan is in an even worse position than Gretin Thunberg. She is utterly and completely screwed. She now has no job, a stupid husband everyone avoids, the airs of a princess without being one anymore, the expenses that go with it, and that sinking feeling that she used to be someone, but now she is nobody. She phones around, begging to be invited or at least considered alive by the likes of Oprah. She wants to be at the forefront of doing nothing and being famous for it. Alas, there are plenty of people who already cover that role, and they normally have better bodies to flaunt for the cameras and on Instagram.

Mega Fraud also has a fundamental image problem (and if you do nothing, image is all you have).  You just can’t be an alternative Cinderella. You either are Cinderella, and your marrying the Prince will disclose to you the business of the cleaning ladies looking for something to dream; or you are alternative to the system, and then you can’t be royal at all, and you will need to go through all the stuff alternative people go through: marches, hunger strikes, arrests, a lot of screaming and, possibly, close contact with a police baton (which, incidentally, might do her a lot of good if it helps her to get nearer to reality). The entire Princess-stuff is conservative at its very core. No revolutionary girl dreams of becoming a Princess. No conservative girl identifies with a princess living at the height of luxury and privilege and blathering about social justice.

Somehow, I can’t picture Cinderella being part of “Step-Sisters’ Lives Matter” and endlessly complaining  about the “systemic racism” of Drizella and Anastasia.

Mega Fraud is begging her influential once-friends to keep her in that rarefied, ego-pumping, and very lucrative celebrity world. The problem is, in the age of BLM the Princess Brand does not work in the first place, the Has-Been Princess Brand works even less, and the “I Want To Be A Princess Fighting Systemic Racism” Brand might be more stupid than even Gretin on a bad day. Besides, the woman can scream “color” and “discrimination” as much as she wants; but she has married a prince, albeit a lesser and utterly dim one, and this prince is just as White as they come. She has married into White Privilege like nobody else on earth. These aren’t good credentials to play “coloured princesses’ lives matter”. In short: she is screwed.


It is very sad to say this and, whilst I think these two fairly repulsive creatures have deserved all the mockery they get, I wish them the return to mental sanity and a life as normal as one can reasonably hope. Still, I can’t avoid thinking that, in both cases, all the ingredients of suicide are there, and keep accumulating.

Both have put themselves in a spiral leading to an abyss of irrelevance (Gretin) and very possibly added (relative) poverty and abandon (Mega Fraud); a shocking, precipitous fall from the heights to which they were accustomed. Gretin might never become intelligent enough to understand that she has been the pawn of people exploiting her, but for Mega Fraud the fall from Princess and Celebrity Status to Spoiled Brat Begging For Some Money And Attention Non-Status will be rather brutal. When this happens, all bets are off, then the easy way out from a cruel world that does not want to pay attention to you is just one bullet away. Again, not wishing it, not wishing it to anybody. But we had several examples, with lesser “celebrities” of ephemeral TV shows, of what happens when the powerful, highly addictive drugs of celebrity status is taken away from them, and a very harsh reality takes its place.

I, for myself, much prefer the sweet Princesses and the smart Princes of the fairy tales.







Greta, “Science”, And The Virus

The most famous retard on the planet, Greta Thunberg, has been interviewed by CNN, desperately trying to keep the climate change hoax relevant in times in which people have real worries to deal with.

The poor girl, being intellectually challenged, went right into the involuntary trap of “science”, expressing her hope that after the Chinese Virus people will listen more to scientists and experts.

I am sorry to disappoint you, child. What is about to happen is that people will listen to “scientist and experts” less than they do now.

The Chinese Virus is a perfect example of a small cabal of non elected people thinking they have the right to run an entire planet, and trying to force said planet into the tyrannical dystopia they have decided is good for them. They saw that entire Countries reacted with moving solidarity to the request made to them to put in place difficult measures for a short while, and they thought that this meant that these populations could be run by their nose like a huge, dumb ox. It is clear now that this attempt failed miserably, and left much more people sceptical of these petty tyrants than before.

Poor Greta (though I suspect she will not stay poor for very long; not if she listens to Al Gore…) is very deluded if she thinks that this Chinese Virus mess helps her. It actually helps us against her and her tribe of deranged Enviroretards, as more and more people understand the vast lack of proportion between a limited chance of disease and virtually unlimited economic devastation and oppression of the most elementary freedoms.

When the first emergency has ended, and the economic suffering starts unfolding in all its tragic dimension, the number of those who want to scream when they hear the name “Greta” telling them how to kill their own livelihood will rapidly increase. Common sense will gain ground. More and more people will start asking themselves what sense does it make to have your freedoms and finances, and your entire life, dominated by this bunch of lunatics and by the very expensive and painful reaction to purely hypothetical and fantasised dangers.

The time of common sense is coming back rapidly, and Greta will not like it.





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