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Grima Introduces A Novel Jesus

“What if Jesus is rolling his eyes at two thousand years of Christianity and the Doctrine of the Church He founded?”

In a stunning example of satanic (attempt at) deception, Grima Wormtongue tries to persuade us that yes, we got it all wrong. We naughty Catholics! 

In his mercy (the Grimas of the world “do” mercy, a lot…) Grima explains to us that Communion can be received from the unrepentant. The unrepentant need it most, you see… A rather daring, 100% Christianity-free theology.

Where are you, Adolf? Why do you elude me, Joseph? You need communion, and I will give it to you! 

Mind, though, the same need have those terribly bad Catholics, who think that the Church is about to be raped just because Francis talks about raping Her every second day! Oh, ye of little faith! Why don’t you do like Grima, who follows every fashion, because it is sooo convenient?

Grima is, of course, not content to tell you that he thinks that you are bad. No. As every truly good Catholic sellout he must blaspheme Jesus and (try to) persuade you that Jesus is wrong, or at least that particular Jesus that does not agree with Grima.  Grimas always have a fantasy Jesus, you know. It suits them wonderfully. 

In all this, Grima assures us that he is oh so orthodox. He professes that he believes in all that the church believes, etc. Only he doesn’t! But these are details that do not disturb him, as they do not disturb Francis. Flock of a feather fly, it seems, to hell together.  

But we, we are the bad ones. Our “dependence on the rulebook” (what a bad sound it has, ” dependence on the rulebook”. It drips negativity. I prefer to call it “faithfulness to Sacred Doctrine”. I find it far more accurate, and conducive to salvation) makes of us the poor erring souls. Ah, if we could only trust Grima as he gets transported by the “Spirit” into regions never imagined by Christians before, how better off we would be! How inspired must this Grima be, as he – after a lot pf prayers, you understand; Grimas always seem to have this kind of direct line with heresy – suggests to you that perhaps the “Spirit” was completely wrong all these years.

It is also interesting that Grima thinks that our defence of Doctrine is a “me,me,me” moment. 

How strange. It seems to me the orthodox are not saying “me, me, me”, at all. They are saying “Him, Him, Him!” They are accepting uncomfortable rules because they come from Christ, and they should be those who are self-centred? Whilst the heretics, who want to adapt those very rules to their own convenience, would be the selfless ones? I feel a growing need of a chamomile tea…

Now growing all excited, Grima arrives at a rather astonishing statement. Grima wonders what St Paul really meant when he said the undoubtedly brutal words, many of them, and beyond any possibility of misunderstanding, I have quoted just a couple of days ago.  

No. For Grima this is not enough. Amazing. One truly understands how people could believe in Stalin. Grima insults your intelligence with the following words: 

What did Saint Paul mean when he warned about “unworthy” reception of communion? Did it have more to do with confessing real belief, or a sinless state? I don’t know.

You don’t…

(Lord, give me strenght!)

(chamomile tea pause…) 

I would laugh at this, but I cannot hold the urge to vomit. This is so openly satanic that one must be glad Grima is being so open about it. This is complicity with Satan brought to the point of denying the sun, the moon, and the stars. This is a flight in an emotionally sounding unreality completely free of logic. This is, literally, the shit of the devil, and it stinks to heaven. For the first time in two thousand years, the possibly most brutally clear words of the Bible are deemed of uncertain interpretation. One understands how some people might say that the Sodomites was destroyed because they weren’t “hospitable”, or because they put too much sugar in their coffee, or what not.  

But do not think, dear reader, that Grima is satisfied with this performance. The height of blasphemous nonsense comes when he spits this astonishing piece of blasphemous, 1-A satanic rubbish:

 what if Christ Jesus is rolling his eyes at us because we are still wondering whether people should disperse and go find bread elsewhere, when the True Bread is before us and abundant?

 Nice try, Grima. It sounds oh sooo nice. But you know it doesn’t wash. This “eye rolling” simply cannot be. Two thousand years of Christianity tell you, shout to you, deafen you with their cry that exactly the contrary is the case!   

What else does the astonishing words reported above mean if not this: that one does not believe in anything that the Church believes? That one wonders whether we have not been sold smoke these two thousand years? That one sits there in the self-righteousness of a home-made religion and wonders whether the Church has not been a huge deception for two thousand years, until the likes of Francis came out with their satanic crap? That one sits in judgment over Christ Himself, and the Church he founded? 


Oh well. This had to be said. I can go to sleep now…

Dear readers, please do me a favour, and do not click around those well-known Judas “c”atholic sites trying to understand who Grima is. Pray for him instead, that he may avoid damnation; though apparently it’s a rather long shot. Still, do pray for him. Pray even for the worse ones. Pray even for this evil Pope. This is what Catholics have always done. No novelty here.  

I suffered the ugliness for you, and that should be enough. I got to deal with the adrenaline surge for you, and I hope you will reward me with a Hail Mary.  I am fed up with these minions of Satan spreading their satanic feces everywhere, being clicked by the scandalised  Catholic world as a result, and making money in the process. Know that they exist. Be aware of their cheap rhetorical, emotional, effeminate, stupid, blasphemous tricks. And ignore them altogether.

They should be to you like venereal diseases: something of whose existence you are vaguely aware, but without ever coming in contact with them. You don’t read books about Satanism in order to better know the enemy, either.



“Francification”, Grima Wormtongue, And The False Builders

You can't say that, Gandalf! It's Lent!

You can’t say that, Gandalf! It’s Lent!

Father Ray Blake has a very good and stealthily funny post about all that has happened in the Vatican in the last week or two.

The gist (not that you should not read the rest) is eloquently given in the last paragraph:

Many of the Cardinal electors had hoped that the election of the ‘new Pope’ might be about clearing Rome of its cliques and anonymous accusations, its denunciation by innuendo and its bitter feuds and corruption it is simply not happening – on the contrary it is happening with renewed vigour.

How is that “new transparency” working for you, then? What has become of this oh so new and modern papacy, getting rid of all those conspirators and corridor rats, and bringing “hope and change” to the Vatican?

The new ones are so bad, they let the old ones appear amateurs. You remember Benedict’s butler? When did he steal almost 200 books from his own bishops? Mind, the man has house detention. Will Cardinal Baldisseri have to suffer the same destiny? Don’t bet your pint.

Unfortunately, there are always those who – either because they are naive, or because they are disingenuous – manage to bat for the wrong team.

The very first comment of the post is from a certain “Denis”, who commits to cyber eternity the following words:

This article is trading in the kind of tittle tattle it appears to be condemning. Perhaps during Lent we should all be seeking to build up rather than knock down.

This is the kind of comment which, if I did not write a rather candid blog, would motivate me to start one post-haste.

Good Lord! A mess without precedent in at least seven, and probably twenty centuries is devastating the Church, and those who rightly criticise the utter moral decay of the Vatican personnel should be accused of “knocking down”? We have come to the point of common theft on a grand scale, and we should shut up because it’s Lent? We point out to the shameless bullying of a poor family father in his Fifties, and we should be held for people trading in “tittle tattle”? Who is this man, Grima Wormtongue?

This passive-aggressive, or rather aggressive-passive attitude of some people is truly disturbing. It advocates silence in front of evil in the name of… what again? What in Hades does “build up” means, if it is detached from that solid Catholic thinking that must condemn this kind of corruption and scandals? When was Lent the time you don’t talk, of all people, of the moneylenders in the Temple?

It truly is sad. Very sad.

Learn to recognise your Grimas.

They tend to appear so peaceful at first.


Meet Catholic Grima Wormtongue


Good day! May I introduce myself? My name is Grima, Grima Wormtongue, and I am at home in most fora and blogs, particularly the conservative ones.
I feign a sincere interest for orthodoxy, and will miss no occasion to tell you how much I care.

This will allow me to express – in those conservative fora where openly progressive positions would be mercilessly attacked – an utterly heretical agenda – because between you and I, this is what I am – under the cloak of love for orthodoxy.

I am permanently “worried” of “schism” if Popes were to insist on the restoration of proper Catholicism. Actually, my presence is made most clear by the use of this very word. Whenever women priests, contraception, abortion or homosexuality are discussed, I will piously oppose any tightening of screws with my pious concern that more souls might in this way go away from the Church. You see, in this way I subtly make us – the heretics – the metre of what can or cannot be done, should or should not be said. It is great fun to observe how the conservative forum readers always take the bait, and do not even think of questioning my motives. Ah, how many times I have enjoyed this little game, coming down heavily on the defenders of Catholicism with my “worries”. I never attack them openly, you see, as this would alienate me the big troops of the orthodox; rather, I depict the tragic consequences of every attempt to return to sound Catholicism in such frightful terms, that my opponents (whom I never openly call so, but are really the enemy) look by contrast like dangerous children playing with fire.

This method of ” condemnation by contrast” I use at every occasion. My extremely pious harmlessness will let you appear violent, my ostentatious love of peace a warmonger, my insisted “pastoral concerns” an insensitive train wrecker. All the while, though, I will appear as one of yours, merely a better one. Oh, the fun I have!

If anyone were to show he can see through my little game, I would show one of my specialities, in which I have achieved a high level of proficiency: passive-aggressiveness. You should see me answering to my opponent that I am hurt, but not really offended (because he is so insensitive); I might even, in that fake-humble way of mine, forgive him and thus firmly take the moral high ground; in the worst cases I will even inform him I will pray for his intentions, which never fails to achieve some results.

Irascible people are also a favourite weapon of mine. I will provoke them in a polite, but very open manner, thus causing a tsunami of accusations to be moved against me; this is my moment, and I will instantly jump on the cross and nail myself to it, showing to all the forumists my outstretched arms and loving, if atrociously suffering, attitude.

I never attack openly. If I don’t like your arguments (which I won’t) I’ll say it is “sad” you think so. My every move will be aimed at letting you appear a bully, then since childhood I never could stand on my own, or accept a fight like all the other boys did. In time, I learned to fight with the weapons of a woman; you won’t fear my fists, but you will soon notice my nails aren’t fun, either.

This is how I fight my fight on the Internet, as sneaky and subtly as I do in life. I never manage to con the awake and alert ones, but I will manage to influence enough of the others to make it worth my while.

There are many Grima Wormtongues on the Internet. Look a bit closely and you’ll discover we are everywhere.

Next time you are on a Catholic forum or blog, say hello to Catholic Grima.




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