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Hans Kueng Meets His Maker

Instead of trying to remember the exact issues on which Hans Kueng held heretical positions, it is easier to just think of a controversial one; then you know that, on that, he most likely dissented from the Church. Kueng was, in a way, the parody of the dissenting theologian. Monty Python could have drawn inspiration from him.

The man has now died, and it is difficult to think that, in his last hours, he has changed his mind and recanted all of his many heresies. If this was the case, the matter should be widely publicised, so that everyone knows what this “brilliant thinker” himself thought about his entire work as a theologian when it really mattered.

If, as it is far more likely, the man has not repented, well then the guy is in hell, and no two ways about it; no doubt, in the company of many of his colleagues of the roaring Sixties and Seventies.

Mind my words here: it is uncertain whether the man is in hell, merely because it is uncertain whether he has repented. But if he hasn’t, it is certain that he is now rotting in hell. Not to believe this means not to believe what the Church teaches. God’s mercy operates, in Salvation matters, whilst one is alive. When a man has kicked the bucket, God’s mercy will certainly give him, in hell, a lesser punishment than he has deserved; still, He will not allow a man like Kueng to mock him eternally.

Kindly spare me the “heart in the right place” appetizer, the “de mortuis nil nisi bonum” steak and the “how can you be so cruel” tiramisu’. When a pig dies he does not become a lamb. He becomes pork. And when the pig is full of toxins, the public must be warned to stay away from those sausages.

Dead Kueng, if unrepented, is not one tiny bit better than living Kueng; and both of them are, in a word, shite.

I have long thought that he lost the faith decades ago, and – like many others – embarked in a huge ego trip as a result of that, his ego being the most precious thing remaining to him after losing the faith. I can, in faith, not think that an intelligent man (which Kueng certainly was) may delude himself into thinking that Christ is our Lord and Savour, but he allowed the Church that He founded to betray the faithful for 20 centuries, until the likes of Kuengy boy came out and told us what He really meant. This is something that an intelligent, rational man would never think, or say.

No. Hans Kueng lost the faith, and started worshipping… Hans Kueng. When this happens, there are a lot of issues allowing one to look good with the world, and feel quite a special one: papal infallibility, women’s “ordination”, “peace”, abortion, contraception, and many others controversial topics will stay open in front of such a man, and will only await for him to edify a monument to himself among the applauses of the heretics, the atheists, and the conformists.

Hans Kueng met his maker, and the thought makes me shiver. I think it’s fair not to deny to him, bad as he was, your “eternal rest”.

But if he has not repented, I cannot imagine a prostitute, and be she so hardened, that was judged by Her just Judge as harshly as this one.

Let this be your leading thought when you read about him in the worldly press.

Old And Not Wise

Cardinal Kasper is above Eighty. Hans Kueng is way past that age. The Bishop of Rome, TMAHICH, is rapidly approaching it.

Each in his own way, these three are among the most efficient weapons of the Devil in his battle for your soul. The Cardinal pays lip service to a truth he says you do not have to follow if your conscience dictates otherwise, the Bishop (of Rome; but he is so 'umble, you know…) supports him any way he can short of jumping around like a groupie, the theologian is so far away from even the notion of Christianity he now supports his own home-made religion.

Old men; not very far away from the tomb; spitting on Christ Crucified every day.

Why do they do that? Can they truly be so deluded as to think that the Holy Ghost has allowed the Church to be wrong for 2,000 years? Or are they, perhaps, willing allies of Satan?

No. The simple explanation, if you ask me, is that they have lost the faith. They do not fear any punishment, and want to make the most of the time they still have left.

Pope Francis has John Lennon's “Imagine” sung at one of his “let's slap Catholic decency in the face”-ceremonies, and you know he takes the world “imagine there's no heaven”, “no hell below us” and “above us only sky” very literally. This is why he relentless pursues his own popularity at the cost of Catholicism, spitting on everything Catholics hold as sacred as he builds his monument among the dissenting, the atheists and the heathen.

Cardinal Kasper did not manage to make it to Pope, but he certainly enjoys his long-standing reputation for dissent. It makes him appear as the good guy among millions of Kirchensteuer-paying German soi-disant “c”atholics, for whom he provides the ideal cover and alibi. A very comfortable position to be in if you live in Germany. Besides, Kar-Ching in German sounds exactly the same.

Hans Kueng, the once mediocre Christian, is the one most advanced in his Satanical ways. Even in dying he is so full of himself, that he seems resolute to do so in very public defiance of Christ's laws. Of the three, this is the only one I can imagine celebrating a Black Mass, in order to be “inclusive”, but still not believing in any of it. Actually, even believing in it. Kueng smells of reprobation from as far away as Reykjavik.

Three old men, not at all wise, sliding every day toward the hell that certainly awaits them if they die unrepentant; doing so very publicly, and not caring a bit about the consequences, because they do not think there will be any consequence – or perhaps, in the case of Kueng, are rather fascinated by them -.

These men have, unless they have willfully chosen Satan, lost the faith.

We will keep ours, and die in the faith of our fathers.

Whatever old men, not at all wise, may tell us from whatever pulpit God has allowed them to abuse.



Hans Kueng: “Jesus Was Speaking, Like, Off-The-Cuff”

Evil Clown.

Evil Clown.

The tragic clown knows as Hans Kueng has given another example of his confusion with his latest printed vomit on the pages of the always vomit-inducing Tablet.

Among the other stupid things he says (though I can understand why he is happy with Evangelii Gaudium), I read this:

The Christians of the New Testament did not understand Jesus’ words on divorce as a law but as an ethical directive. The failure of a marriage obviously did not correspond to what men and women were created for.

This is beyond belief; and, therefore, typical of Kueng.

He must believe in reincarnation, because he obviously believes he was there and knows better than 2,000 years of deposit of faith how Jesus’ words on divorce were intended. Oh come on, Kueng basically says, Jesus was making an obvious point, that failed marriage are somewhat sub-optimal.  I suspect he believes in the Ten Directives. If that.

Extreme Off-The-Cuffing of Jesus’ words.

Rather fashionable nowadays. Eh? No?


Hans Kueng, Bishop Francis And The Criss-Crossed Roads

pulling the plug

Hans Kueng, the consummated actor who played for some time a well-known role as Catholic theologian, is thinking whether he should commit suicide. ( I know: German).

The fact is, you see, the man is not very healthy, and at 85 he thinks he has had enough. It might be time to call it a day, or a life. Therefore, he reflects whether he should not pull the plug himself.

He has Parkinson’s, you see. The same as JP II, that untiring promoter of suicide (I suggest we stop saying “euthanasia”. It’s just suicide with factual certainty of success).

Now let us reflect a bit; would Francis not say that this is a good way to go (and I mean: to go?). Let me explain. 

I quote:

“This is important: to get to know people, listen, expand the circle of ideas. The world is crisscrossed by roads that come closer together and move apart, but the important thing is that they lead towards the Good.”

What a beautiful, romantic image. Crisscrossing ways, that in mysterious ways touch on heresy here and on homosexuality there, under the romantic moon of the favela, until these somewhat not-very-straight-and-narrow ways “come closer together” and “lead toward the good” in a liberating happy end, accompanied by Francis’ favourite dance, the tango. Beautiful! Liberating!!

Speaking of which, I wonder: where did I hear that one with the “straight and narrow?” Can’t remember, really. It sound so bad, though. So “legalistic”. Certainly “narrow-minded”, and very probably “obsessed with rules”. Heavens, we can’t think like that anymore! We must live in the present, you see; expand the circle of ideas…

I will remember one day who said those words about the narrow way. Whoever he was, he hasn’t read Francis. That’s for sure.  

Back to our dear suicidal actor, though. He is, we have just said, at a rather criss-crossed way of his rather criss-crossed life. One of these ways – which has a particular penchant for crissing rather than crossing –  leads directly to a Swiss Nazi clinic, where our actor will be disposed of in an extremely environmentally friendly and, I am sure, utterly hygienic manner. Will our hero, now happily “satiated of life”, choose that way? 

Perhaps, perhaps not.

But if he does, how will, do you think, Francis react?

Let us see. I quote again:

This is important: to get to know people, listen, expand the circle of ideas”

Ah, Kueng certainly got to know a lot of people. He listened. He expanded the circle of ideas, a lot! A capital chap, then. This is important. But what if he decides to dispose of himself? Is this bad? I mean, not “criss” bad instead of cross” good, but… Hell bad?

Well it depends, you see. If you listen to the old narrow-minded and legalistic people, this is a sin against the Holy Ghost, which will not be forgiven, and Kueng will be condemned to read Francis’ interviews to Repubblica for eternity. But if you listen to Francis himself, who is – as in the meantime even my cat knows – not narrow minded:

  Everyone has his own idea of good and evil and must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them. That would be enough to make the world a better place.

So, we start to understand now. Our dear actor “has his own idea of good and evil”. He must not follow the Divine Truth. He must not instruct himself. He must not accept Christ and keep his commandments. He must not accept the Catholic Truth on faith. No! No! No! He must “follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them”.

Many heroic people of this sort already conduct such a meritorious existence. Abortionists, for example. Muslim terrorists. And Sodomites, I almost forgot the sodomites! All of them happily fight evil as they conceive it! For example, they fight those evil Christians with those homophobic ideas! Yes, Francis might say, “this way is a bit of a cross instead of a bit of a criss; I am a Catholic, so you already know what I am supposed to think, so I will not open my mouth and tell you; but you see, in the end if one fights evil the criss and the …Cross [sign of the Cross here..] will meet pretty much in the same place”.

Didn’t he say it already? “But do good, we will meet there“, or words of the sort… 

So, back to the suicidal actor again.

Will Francis object to his suicide? If yes, on what ground?

Isn’t it so, that Kueng “follows the goods and fights the evil as he conceives them”?

How can, therefore, God be so “legalistic” and “narrow minded” as to send him to hell?

And anyway, who is Francis to judge?

Eh? Ah? No?


“My Darling Little Heretic…”


(With kudos to EF Pastor Emeritus)

The Hans Küng Show Goes On

Probably the only right choice of Hans Kueng in his life: Alfa Romeo Giulia Berlina.

It is a pity, that the “Guardian” (for those of you who should not know: a very red newspaper, hopefully soon bankrupt, and good riddance) has not published the interview with the wannabe theologian Hans Küng in the usual, textual “question and answer” manner. Instead, we are served with a third-party report of Mr Küng’s “vision” of the Church; which is so bizarre it would be funny it this were not a baptised Catholic and even, officially, still a priest (someone will have to pay for this one day, I believe…).

The concept of Mr (Father? Arrghhh…) Küng now proposing a “revolution”  is not mentioned verbatim in the words of the Great Comedian, but it is reasonable to assume such things are discussed with him beforehand. The idea of revolt, of open disobedience, is clear enough.

What comes out of the interview is grotesque:

1) there would be (apparently) an invitation to “unseat the Pope”, starting a revolution from below who – according to which principle, is not clear to me – substitute the Church hierarchy with something, well, different.

2) The Church is described as “authoritarian” (an amazing discovery, this one: the man is 84 and I would say he had some time to do his homework; but I digress…), which is supposed to be bad; then in Kueng’s world, authority is evidently bad qua authority.

3) The man is not satisfied with the bishops, whom he considers too conservative. No support for the pill, you see. Astonishing. I do agree that most bishops are either bad or very bad, but to manage to let them look good is a feat only Mr/Father/whatever Küng could achieve.

4) The man accuses the Pope of surrounding himself with luxury. Envy is a capital sin. Besides, someone should inform him that for some very valid reasons, the Pope should not jump on the bus and live in a council house.

5) The man drove a red Alfa Romeo Giulia in the Sixties. Excellent, nay, legendary car. Bully for him. But wait, he was… a priest? And one who reproaches a Pope for living as a Pope? Is a red sport saloon (make no mistake: Alfa Romeos in those times were serious fun cars, even the saloons, and expensive their part…) appropriate for a priest? Well I do not know how appropriate it was for a priest to drive this car in red, but I can’t say I disapprove his taste in matters of cars…

I wonder whether this was good to pull young women? A priest who never ever looks like one, talks of pills for women, and drives a Red Alfa? Ah, Mundabor, you should not be always so cynical…

6) Küng explains how he hoped the future Pope might “turn corner on certain issues”, but alas, it was not to be. I would still say the damage for the future Pope from the acquaintance with the man has still been remarkable, but this is just me… . It is reassuring to know since the Sixties (where Kueng is described as one of the “starts” of VII; go figure…) the two have not met. Just imagine if they had. We’d have Assisi XIV by now…

7) He considers Cardinal Schoenborn’s action against the heretics too hard. There must be a joke somewhere here; but he is from Switzerland so I can’t find it.

8) I knew that Kueng had some strange idea about some world religion, but it would appear his turning away from Christianity is now rather total. The Guardian describes our man’s ideas thus:

Weltethos was founded in the early 1990s as an attempt to bring the religions of the world together by emphasising what they have in common rather than what divides them. It has drawn up a code of behavioural rules that it hopes one day will be as universally acceptable as the UN.

For heaven’s sake, even a child must understand that if they emphasise what they have in common, they must perforce downplay everything that is specifically Christian.  

What’s Christian in that? How can this joke be a priest? Who is responsible for that? 

Also note the adherence to the new religion: peace, and the new “Pope”: the UN.

Alas, I think the man has gone “beyond” being a Christian a long time ago. His “religion” seems to be a vague heathenism based on emotional, effeminate (no, I do not think he himself is effeminate; not with that red Alfa…) concepts of “getting along”, as if the planet were a huge afternoon tea, and us in there to let it proceed pleasantly.

The man is clearly on the Hell Express, and I can’t imagine there are Alfa Romeos in hell; not even red ones.

I am sure he would find there many of his old colleagues, though.

Bar an always welcome repentance, he’ll have to quarrel about “Weltethos” mit them.


Hans Küng Criticises JP II …. For Being Pope And Catholic

"Vecchio malvissuto": Hans Kueng

Hans Küng lives in a world apart, rarely disturbed by inconvenient things like, say, reality.

From his separate planet, this vecchio malvissuto (yes, Manzoni again) has given an interview to the German Frankfurter Rundschau (reds, mind you; think of them as of the German “Guardian”) and has said some astonishing but, nevertheless, rather entertaining things. Let us examine some of the pearls of this heretical wannabe “thinker”, whose logic a child knowing his Penny Catechism could demolish without a second thought  (and therefore, “cannabis thinker” might be more appropriate).

The Rundschau says that;

Küng argues that John Paul’s harsh treatment of Latin American liberation theologians such as Gutierrez and Boff represented the “exact opposite” of decent Christian behaviour

This is really, really not funny. The late Pope slept very soundly for about five years (means: the usual useless appeals, followed by other useless appeals) before finally acting against the so-called Liberation Theology. This inaction was a scandal and nothing less than a disgrace. But no, in cannabislandia you are unchristian because you move against heresy. I’d like to know with what behaviour (after the many years of sound sleep) Mr. Küng would have been satisfied. Conversion to heresy, methinks. Or passing the joint.

On the “santo subito” events, our man says:

“The whole thing was just a con act by conservative and reactionary Catholic groups, especially those ones that are very strong in Spain, Italy and Poland.”

One really wonders whether this man reads the newspapers. All over the planet, conservative Catholics are in a frenzy because of the rush with which this beatification has been pushed through, and the chap thinks that it has been… manipulated by them. I wonder when in Mr. Küng’s mind you start being “conservative”. Probably when you wear a priest’s habit (or when you don’t want to smoke joints).

The biscuit must, though, go to this one:

“John Paul II is universally praised as someone who fought for peace and human rights. But his preaching to the outside world was in total contrast with the way he ran the church from inside, with an authoritarian pontificate which suppressed the rights of both women and theologians.”

Even by sixty-eighters standards, this is rather unbelievable. A Pope is criticised for being…… a Pope! He is considered oppressive for being…. Catholic! What does this chap smoke in the morning ?!

It is beyond me how this man could ever be considered a Catholic, let alone a theologian. Either he is not compos mentis because of excessive marijuana consumption, or he is so firmly in the hand of the devil that he doesn’t even care to disguise it anymore in any conceivable way. He reminds one of the beautiful words of Father Corapi:

My grandmother, who had only an eighth grade education, knew more than many theologians because she knew the truth.

Hans Küng has culpably and willfully chosen not to  know the truth; or perhaps he knows it all too well and tries to undermine, it because he is on Satan’s side.

In all this, he cannot even see the great scandal which, alone, destroys all his pot-related (or, alternatively, satanic) theories: that he has not yet been defrocked.

In both cases, another beautiful Corapi saying applies:

When you crash against the rock, you will not damage the rock but you will hurt yourself.


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