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Attorney Generals Against HHS Mandate

The fight against HHS extends to Attorney Generals, of whom a growing number (eight, and counting) oppose the HHS Mandate.

This article was on CNA.

Emphases mine.

“We are grateful to Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange for taking such a strong stand on this issue,” said Michael P. Warsaw, president and CEO of the Eternal Word Television Network, in an announcement made after Strange filed in federal court as a co-plaintiff on March 22.

“This suit demonstrates that the Alabama motto, ‘We dare to defend our rights,’ is no mere slogan,” Warsaw observed.

“The state could simply have chosen to file a brief advising the court of the impact of the case on its citizens. Instead, it is intervening in the suit as a co-plaintiff with EWTN.”

The move sends a message “that this unjust, unconstitutional mandate hurts not only EWTN, but the entire community,” Warsaw said.

The media network filed its lawsuit against the government on Feb. 9, one day before the administration confirmed the rule that requires many religious ministries to cover contraception, sterilization, and abortion-causing drugs in their health plans.

The network, assisted by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, was among the first religious organizations to sue the federal government over the contraception mandate. Alabama’s filing on Thursday makes it the eighth state whose attorney general is challenging the rule in court.

Somewhere, Obama is banging his head to the wall.


Journey Into The Mind Of A Cave-In Catholic

The end of the Cave-in Catholic. Brilliant!

The cave-in Catholic is, like the Republican In Name Only, a fake. A six pound note. The fifth column.

The cave-in Catholic wants you not to be Catholic – much less fight for Catholic values – whilst trying not to appear a coward; in the  most hopeless cases, he even tries to look smart.

The cave-in Catholic loves playing armchair general, only he can’t be a general even from the armchair. To him, not to fight is smart. He’ll lose the battle all right, but he’ll try to persuade you it was very smart not to fight it, because this way he has, whilst losing, avoided defeat.

The cave-in Catholic cares for pretty much everything under the sun, except Catholicism. This is a lost battle, he will say. Not good for the cause. Let’s fight only the battles we know we’ll going to win, it’s so much smarter.The polls say we can’t win. The BBC is against us. If we lose, we’ll be sent back into the catacombs in no time, so we had better… lose.  We shouldn’t fight, because if we fight our enemies will rejoice at their victory, whilst if we don’t fight they will merely rejoice that they have won without even having to fight. How smart is that…

The cave-in Catholic has, more often than not, some serious problem. He doesn’t believe in God, hence his problem with fighting a battle he sees as lost. Or he is dissenting in some way of his, and therefore fears the calls to orthodoxy unavoidably linked to the hardening of the religious climate. Or he is, say, a sodomite, and there are some battles he would like to, erm, not see fought at all. I suspect of the latter there is, both with and without clerical garb, more than you think.

You recognise the cave-in Catholic even before he tells you how smart it is to be a coward. He will be, at all times, politically correct. He will use the word “gay”, perhaps because he isn’t exactly exempt from that kind of “feeling” himself. He’ll sprinkle with “women’s right”, and will say “pro-choice” because “abortionist” is “divisive”. He will never call to battle. He will hide behind the finger always used in this occasion: not the right time, not the right place, not the right weather, not the right battle, not the right moon phase. not the right media support. The main thing is not to expose himself as a coward, or worse.

The cave-in Catholic is everywhere. He can be a nun, a priest, a professor in a Catholic university, or a soi-disant Catholic journalist. Very often, he is a bishop or archbishop. In some countries, it would seem this is a strict requirement to become the latter.

The cave-in Catholic knows every time he talks of cunningly surrendering he’ll find people ready to believe him, or even to think him smart. What a brilliant strategy, to lose without fighting. A bit like the boy bullied at school and trying to persuade you he is pursuing a brilliant long-term strategy based on the tactic of submission.

The cave-in Catholic is, at any one time,  just one click away.

Do the right thing, and click him away.


In Case You Wondered Why He Lost….


John McRino, Romney supporter.



the answer is here.

If you think this man was the, erm, Republican candidate only four years ago, you realise how much better the chances are this year; and, of course, how dangerous it would be if Romney were to win in Tampa.

Est modus in rebus, of course, and the candidate should be able to appeal to broad sections of the electorate. But with the likes of McCain the Republicans run the risk of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


HHS Mandate: Sebelius Has Her Back To The Wall, Seeks Face-Saving Exit

Support for Sebelius was very vocal in Illinois.

You read here today’s CNA article about the latest turn in the HHS mandate story.

The translation in proper English is as follows:

“Dear voters, we are more and more scared this will be the undoing of us. You see, we have tried a very strong stance at the beginning, but this wouldn’t work. Seeing we were driving against a wall at great speed, we have invented a “compromise” that wasn’t such, and have tried to sell it to the gullible; of whom we know there is a great number, because we are in office.

Unfortunately, the “compromise” tale didn’t work, and now things are getting really scary. Every week this remains at the centre of the public opinion, votes get lost. We need them, you know. And we need all Catholic votes we can get, because we are enough in trouble as it is. We thought the Catholic population would follow us after we say a couple of words about “women’s right” (it works, generally, quite well) but the bishops wouldn’t accept it and started making such a mess. Like, unfortunate, really. We tried to explain to them what Catholicism says about contraception and abortion, but those people are so stubborn, they don’t even listen to America magazine. I mean, like, really?

We have discussed about this with the Prez, and we have decided we don’t think this is going to go away, or so he read from the teleprompter. I agree with the teleprompter,erm, the Prez, though. I mean, this is going to, like, hurt.

At this point, there’s no other choice than to start preparing an orderly retreat. No rout, of course. We’ll go back in installments, and try to look as good as we can in the process. If the mess ends, we will be able to go back to normal at any time, anyway. If it doesn’t, it is better to start opening the emergency door now.

At the beginning, we’ll continue to say we’ll give contraceptives to everyone, and “women rights” will not suffer, and we want only discuss how the mandate can be improved. We’ll show ourselves ready to listen. Concerned. Paternal, even. But we’ll pave the way for those “improvement” we’ll be forced to concede anyway. As to the cows, we’ll tell them something to keep them happy. We don’t need great skills to do that. The cows are very gullible.  Like, I mean, they’ve elected us, right?

So what I’ll do now is to say I want to , like, “listen more” (or some such thing; it goes down well, you know). Then I’ll wait and see, and if the mess goes on we’ll have to talk with the Prez and see what he thinks. Damn, it’s always so difficult when the teleprompter is broken, though…

I know you won’t be very pleased, my dear “wymyn”. But you see, I have my back to the wall and no intention to be shot at until November. We’ll have to make compromises. Real ones, this time.

The Prez told me the same. Like, I mean, reading from the teleprompter”.


First Secular Business Files Lawsuit Over HHS Mandate

Tha Catholic News Agency reports about the first secular, for-profit organisation to file a lawsuit against the HHS Mandate.

The company is run by a Catholic, and if you click the link you will see his argument is full of common sense and a sincere approach to life.

Manion [the lawyer ] said that the mandate would require business people such as O’Brien to abandon their religious beliefs in order to continue running their companies.

O’Brien says that his Catholic faith serves as a foundation for the operation of his business and his company’s website explains that its mission is “to make our labor a pleasing offering to the Lord while enriching our families and society.”

The business owner has instituted multiple programs to help his employees in purchasing homes, paying for their children’s college education and saving for retirement.

Manion explained that O’Brien is not trying to prevent his employees from accessing contraception, which is already widely available at low cost, but simply objects to paying for it against his beliefs.

Whilst the company owner is clearly a Catholic, this lawsuit makes very clear people cannot be requested to forget their religious duty – and to sacrifice their religious freedom – when they enter the office.


What Non-Catholics Do Not Get

Try to explain this to a champagne liberal...

We have been all bored to death in the last days with the fantasy tale about the 98% of the Catholic women apparently using contraceptives. We have, also, been amused by the strange theories according to which this, provided it was true, would be proof that the Church is wrong on the matter.

Theology by democracy. Very funny. What’s next? Elective bishops? Priestesses? Communion to dogs? Homo marriages?

But really, as a person raised up in a Catholic country and then moved here in Blighty, I can clearly see the differences between Catholic and… wrong thinking on this and many other matters.

In Catholic Countries, it is not that people do not behave wrongly. Of course they do. The big difference is that in those Countries people know they are sinning and are intelligent enough not to try to persuade themselves they aren’t.This creates the well-known phenomenon of the Anglo-Saxon speechless at how Southern Europeans get along with their sins, which leads them to believe they just do not care. They do care, my dear boy/girl/transgender Proddie. They care, very probably, much more than you’ll ever do on your saintliest day! They simply accept that they will never stop sinning more than the sun will stop shining. It’s not about being more sinful; its about being wiser.

Different is, it seems to me, the traditional approach in Protestant countries. Here, strong veins of puritanism run through the country, even among those who don’t really care for religion. Sin is, actually, not accepted in the sense that it must be obliterated. Therefore, the puritanical oriented will ruin their lives in the vain – nay, childish – attempt to overcome their sinfulness through a straight jacket of extremely severe prohibition, and general severity of demeanour. The others – nowadays, the vast majority – will solve the problem obliterating the sin, and deciding the Holy Ghost has now told them pretty much everything goes, provided you love Jesus and don’t kick the cat.

The ones likes the others can simply not live with the simple, human, Catholic concept of just knowing that by all our effort we will never stop sinning, because sinfulness is attached to us like breath and the one will only cease when the other does. The first will try to kill their sinfulness killing joy of life and common humanity in the process; the second will act after the motto: If you can’t win it, abolish it.

This being the mentality, it is not entirely surprising – though not less stupid – there should be people around thinking if Catholic women use contraception, it means they think it is right to do so. Please!

The reality is, of course, the opposite of this funny theory. Whilst many Catholic will not be entirely aware of the sinfulness of contraception,  vast numbers of them will be aware of it at some level, a level which – due to their dismal catechesis – never becomes more than a discomfort at knowing oneself at variance with the Church, but seldom becomes rebellion because the Church is at variance with them.

We are all sinners, and we are all weak. We continue to do what we know we should not do, and this we do because we are wretched sinners. As we become better instructed, a life of prayer slowly induces us to look with horror today at our failings of yesteryear; but it is a very gradual process, and a process which generally starts in earnest only when people go back to regular Mass attendance and generally ends only at death. Outside of this circle, disobedience to Church teaching is seen with no more than discomfort readily set aside and not really worrying, like the child who steals the marmalade and knows stealing is wrong, but still refuses to see himself as dishonest, and to recognise his act as theft.

Still, most children will say to you it is “somewhat” wrong to steal marmalade, and only a very small minority of Catholics will dare to tell you they are better judges of Catholic rules than the Church.

The Proddies don’t get this, and the liberals don’t get pretty much anything else so I am not surprised. In their world, one can’t be a wretched sinner: either they stop being sinners or the sin must stop being a sin; not in the theological sense of course, but in the way they approach the problem in everyday life. Thus, the abortionist “bishopesses” (Episcopalians), the homo bishops, and the catalogue of assorted madnesses, next in line the so-called homosexual marriages and one day, who knows, euthanasia.

The liberals do not even have the cultural means to understand the Catholic thinking. They apply to Catholic thinking their own utterly flawed reasoning patterns. They can’t conceive someone admitting himself guilty, when they themselves obviously never are. They know nothing of wanting to be strong enough, and failing to do it. They cannot even conceive that a person might do what is wrong, and know it is wrong. Hey, if put in the same situation they would just decide it is not wrong anymore! So there, Catholics think the Church should change Her rules on contraception!


“Stand Up For Religious Freedom”: Site And Call To Rally


This is the internet site informing US citizens about the rally (multiple locations) planned for te 23 of March.

It also gathers the war cries of those non-Catholics who rightly perceive the issue is one of religious freedom, and impinges on their own freedom directly and dramatically, if not immediately.

The “insensitive” Priest

Roman collar. Tough guy.

I am not sure I like the “cut” given to this video I have seen on Father z’s blog. Too much choreographic if you ask me, too “shouted”, with the camera techniques of cheap entertainment TV copied as if they were something genial rather than, say, now trite and vulgar. Though I must say I liked the musical part, also predictable in a way but, I think, rather more effective.

What is most effective is, I think, the message. Short and cut in short phrases but very, very much to the point.

The part I liked most is the end. I like to see a priest not afraid to say those who go against Christian (and democratic) decency should be punished at the ballot. In my eyes, the debate is going to come to the US Church anyway, so it is better to fight it aggressively now and make clear the Church will always tell their sheep what is Christian behaviour and what isn’t, no matter how many will call this “political interference”.

Last, the hand at the end. In Italy, it would be read as a simple “Two”. In England it would, I think, be read differently (the archers at Agincourt, and all that I believe). But again, always in England Winnie Churchill gave the “fingers” a lighter meaning, so much his gesture is showed everywhere.

If the meaning of the hand in that position is the “Winnie” one, I think it should have been avoided, as such gestures never become a priest anyway.

For the rest, methinks you may do worse than to spread the link around.


Sisters Against Nazism

The HHS mandate supporters were present in good numbers.

“If the federal government succeeds in enforcing this rule, what is to stop it from rationing health care to seniors or including euthanizing procedures on the list of required ‘preventive services’ as a way of eliminating the costs associated with caring for our aging population?”

This rather pertinent question was posed in the statement issued by the Little Sisters Of The Poor. The latter, who are real nuns (=they dress like nuns, think like nuns, and act like nuns) have reacted to the consequences the Obama plan would have upon them.

You can read the rest in a brilliant blog post from Pundit & Pandette. Please note the Little Sisters Of The Poor care for 2,500 elderly in the US alone, some 13,000 worldwide.

This is just another example of the feminazi devastation the likes of Hitler Obama and Goebbels Sebelius are perpetrating at the cost of the American people, no doubt thinking (like Hitler, Goebbels and infinite morons before and after them)  they are doing some good, and improving the human race in so dire need of reformation from their Christian ways.



Excellent Homily On HHS Mandate

This chap is seriously good.

The lesson he teaches is very useful for European Catholics, too.


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