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Old Crooked Dyke Wants To Become A Methodist Preacher. Methodists Very Excited.

I'm still laughing....

Breitbart has the news and I had to make a very fast mental check to be sure this is not an April's Fish: Hillary Clinton is allegedly thinking of becoming a Methodist preacher, which excites some members of the sect.

In favour of abortion and sexual perversion, with huge questions about her personal integrity, a half drunkard and a part time lesbian herself, the woman is, in fact, a very likely Methodist preacher. I am not surprised at all that some would like her for the job. However, she might have been drunk. You never know.

But this story also tells us something more about her: that her desire of an audience and of public approval does not know boundaries, and needs to find an outlet after the brutal end of her presidential dreams, shattered in a night of drunken violence and recrimination as the glass ceiling of the Javits Center remained very firmly in its place.

Poor Hillary: after managing to lose against a candidate most of her friends and supporters considered too weak and ridiculous to even be taken seriously, the only thing left to her would actually be to pray. Only, I doubt Methidists even do such a thing.

In the meantime, Trump does not think of becoming a preacher at all, being too busy with making America great again.

Boy, what a great grace to be allowed to see Hillary in meltdown mode as we witness the return of Sanity.



Lock Her Up, Mr President!


The welcome firing of Mr Comey from the head of the FBI opens a number of interesting scenarios. It appears evident (to me, at least) that Trump waited to fire the dolt until it became very clear that by doing so he was not hampering an investigation against him. This is why in the short, brutal letter communicating the dismissal, Trump states that Comey told him three times (how biblical, by the way) he was not being investigated. 

It is also evident (because it appears in the letters of the AG and, much more in detail, of the deputy AG) that the way Comey handled the investigation against Hitlery was instrumental in Sessions & Co.’s decision the man is just unfit for the job.

Well, with a smart AG and an FBI deprived of the swamp at its very top it is now the perfect time to put the foot on the gas pedal concerning not only the server (how much we do not know yet about that? Are we really sure Mr Weiner’s laptop did not have more compromising material?) but also the pay-for-play system of the two Clinton foundations. This here is just an appetiser. This is a gigantic swamp waiting to be drained.

Then there would be the matters of the leaks, of the unmasking of US names facilitated by Obama officials, and of the Obama-sponsored wire tapping of Trump communications. These are all issues that will certainly benefit from having a man at the top of the FBI interested in draining the swamp rather than be a part of it.       

Let me close with a couple of ancillary observations: 

  1. Once again, we see here Trumpism at work. He could have fired Comey on the 20 January. He waited for the time that appeared right to him. This man is not in the least as impulsive as his tweets make him appear. 
  2. Trump is walking testosterone. He knew the decision to fire Comey would cause a huge amount of fake indignation in all those who wanted Comey to be fired when it did not suit them. The man not only is not afraid, but attacks frontally with several tweets after firing Comey. The next years will be such fun I literally can’t wait.


The Spirit Of “Mad Dog” Mattis, Or: Make Catholic Blogging Great (Again)!



The appointments of President Elect Trump continue to surprise. There is a freshness, a bluntness, an utter disregard of the whining comments of professional blabberers in many of his appointments that is utterly exhilarating; Trump’s attitude is most evident, I would say, in the choice of people like Bannon, Sessions, or Mattis.

Mattis’ appointment truly is an example of how much can be achieved if the President does not care of what the MSM will say. I link here to a fairly comprehensive list of Mattisisms   that I hope will not only amuse and entertain you, but will also be found instructive.

Please consider this chap is being appointed minister of Defence. I cannot recall anyone remotely similar to him (with the partial exception of our very own Francesco Cossiga, who was more diplomatic and was never defence secretary, though he was undersecretary) appointed to the same office in any Country I have inhabited.  

I always hated the pussyfooting, the terror of being considered impolite, the utterly unmanly self-censorship of so many who write Catholic blogs, and seem obsessed with what would happen if their neighbours read their blog and discovered they have called Hillary “bitch” (as an aside, it seems to me this kind of sensitive blogger is the most likely to tell all his neighbours he does, in fact, write a blog; so it’s vanity and virtual faggotry at the same time, and they feed from each other). This pussyfooting is, all too often, the indication of a mentality that either does not understand the stakes, or does not care for them. Every soul has infinite value. You do what helps in contributing to the salvation of as many souls you can, in every way you can. Politeness is, in this context, infinitely irrelevant.

I am sure General Mattis can be very polite if he wants to. But clearly, he also understands when the stakes are high enough that it is time to go the other way. If more of this spirit were present in the Catholic blogosphere, it would help our cause an awful lot.  

Keep your politeness for afternoon tea, and call Hitlery a bitch.

Make Catholic Blogging great (again).




Queen Bee Cried Inconsolably


Brutal video concerning Hitlery, basically the lesbian version of Uday and Kusay without the balls.

If the report is true (it matches the character; you know it is) we have all the scale of the drama we have just escaped.

Able to cry for hours inconsolably, to the point that even hours after the defeat she can barely be understood.  Able to blame Comey for an investigation she, and she alone, has caused with her arrogance and despise for the law. Able to blame Obama for not doing enough to stop Comey, and here we really see the attitude of the witch totally accustomed to get away with everything.  

The stupid, whining bitch was talking of “glass ceiling”, as if real qualities were not necessary to be President. The stupid, whining bitch wanted to lead a Superpower and wasn’t able to stay away from a drink or three. The stupid, whining bitch has so little leadership, so little understanding that even now she is unable to see that she is the only one responsible for her own political undoing and, very possibly, jail.

The uncontrollable crying could, if you ask me, actually be the result of much more than the loss of the presidency. It could be the result of the sudden realisation that she has lost the system of power that kept her swimming in money and away from jail; that she is now, in other words, alone against the power of very angry FBI ranks and file, and without Comey, Obama or the DoJ covering for her every crime. Not a reassuring thought if you have the past (and present) of Hillary Clinton. 

When you have lived in a bubble for thirty year it is hard to discover the president and First Lady have stopped following you on twitter. But then you reassure yourself, thinking that with the unavoidable victory everything will be fine again. When the victory fails to materialise, suddenly the orange jumpsuit becomes a far more concrete prospect.

I will not join the unavoidable list of the “live and let live” people. Hillary represents exactly that kind of political rot that should not be allowed to fester more and more. She should be investigated thoroughly and without any favour and, if found guilty, she should be punished exemplarily. 

The first female candidate to the Presidency to end up in jail. That would be news. 

Orange, they say, is the new blue. 



Fast Reading

Turns out the FBI has assured us they could carefully examine 2/3 of a million email in a matter of days and decide that there is nothing new. Nothing to see here folks, move along…

The word RIGGED comes to mind. The pressure that must have been brought to bear on Comey (not a hero on his best day, as the past events abundantly showed) must have been unprecedented.

Hefore the Hillaryjugend proceeds to the canonisation of the dyke, let us bear in mind a couple of things:

  1. Comey has said that the conclusions remain the same; that is: reckless irresponsibility, which (he says) does not warrant an indictment.
  2. Clinton is still under investigation for the activities of the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.
  3. I expect a “leakfest” now from inside the FBI. This will be fun to watch. I also expect very long knives out for Comey, and being sharpened however the outcome of the election.
  4. The “Lolita Express” matter might still bring some new development.

In short, this is not a real progress for Hitlery. Millions of voters will see in this – and rightly so, if you ask me – another example of a corrupted and rigged system that protects the Clintons with mafia-like efficiency.  In my eyes it will increase, not quench, the desire to drain the swamp. Trump, who is no pussycat like the damn Mormon (I can imagine Romney, in a similar situation, publicly congratulating Hillary and assuring her of his undying friendship) will let America know what he thinks of such manoeuvering.

Hillary stinks of boiled cabbage, urine and fart exactly like before. She has just avoided being submerged by a truckload of manure. At least for now.

Let the rage of the decent part of the population mount. Let the Dems feel safe in the victory now that their candidate will not appear handcuffed on TV (but we would not have been showed anyway) before the election.

The revolution is ongoing. Trump is now so much more than one person running for one office.


From Europe With Love

More Bad News For Hillary.

Bad news are piling up for the Evil Witch these days.

Let’s look at Florida. 

4 million votes cast. Normally, Dems should be leading the early vote because they have a far better “turn out the vote” machine.

Not happening.

By Monday, 4,077,521 Floridians had voted. They included 1.648 million registered Republicans, 1.623 million registered Democrats, and 697,783 NPA voters.

This is, I would say, pretty big. Even my cat keeps saying that Trump is expected to prevail clearly among the Independent, and there is a wide expectation that Trump will take more votes from the Dems than Hitlery from the GOP voters. Therefore, there is a clear lead for Trump here. How does Hitlery think of countering this: with masses of enthusiastic “I am Benghazi” voters turning out on the Eight?

Also, black American turnout in the state has dropped sharply, creating more bad news for the Clinton team. In 2012, after just two days of early in-person voting, black Americans contributed 25 percent of the vote. In 2016, despite five days of early voting, black Americans comprised only 16 percent of voters by Monday.

Ouch. There might be more Latinos voting this year, but this can never compensate a 9% drop (compared to the total; let me rephrase: “dramatic fall”) in the Black vote. Nationally, Obama carried more than 90% of this group. They were money in the bank. This is not going to help her at all, even assuming she keeps the same 90+% of the Black vote the Gay Mulatto had in 2012. Which, as we all know, not even the Democrats now dare to hope.

Do you think the lower Black turnout in Florida is an isolated episode? Not really.

In North Carolina […] black turnout is down 16 percent. White turnout, however, is up 15 percent.

Er… what? Can you say it again, please? 16% less Black voters, 15% more White voters? I wonder how this race is going to end?

It’s not looking good for the Evil Witch. But we need a massive mobilisation of decent Americans to counter frauds and avoid surprises. Complacency is a very dangerous enemy.

Vote Trump. Vote Trump. Vote Trump.



Advanced Parkinson’s: This Makes Sense To Me



This video makes a lot of sense. It squares with the episodes already mentioned on this blog, and highlights other occasions of behaviour compatible with the disease.

Tomorrow begins the third wave of Wikileaks revelations, which have already caused – notwithstanding the insisted silence or downplaying of the MSM – so much damage to Hitlery.

There are messages around (apparently on 4chan and elsewhere) claiming to come from Wikileaks, and announcing a knockout blow for the very next days.

I do not know whether this is the case – in my eyes, the time for the knifing is now, as in the silence of the MSM it will take many days to spread any news enough that the MSM can't ignore it anymore -; however, if the source is correct than the revelation from inside sources that Hitlery has Parkinson's would certainly put an end to this race. Several people must know. These people were obviously careless with their emails. They can easily have discussed Hitlery's Parkinson's problems among themselves.

Another element must be discussed. As clearly seen in the case of JPII and as the video confirms, Parkinson's often leads to dementia. Imagine a violently bitchy demented president with the nuclear codes in her hands. In case, I hope someone kills her in time.

However, you should not be worried about the woman.

I trust there will be enough treatment possibilities in jail.

If she likes her doctor, I am sure she will be able to keep her doctor.




In Jail Together

No visitation rights, Bill….


For those of you who haven’t followed, this article has a succinct explanation of Servergate. However, Servergate and the attached criminal offences (the obstruction of justice later, if not also the criminal negligence earlier) clearly committed by Hitlery and her accomplices are, at the moment, possibly not the biggest problem of Hitlery. I would count at least other two.

Firstly, the news now emerged that the Clinton Foundation has clearly been under investigation all the time. This will be huge fun to watch, and implicates Bill and (to a far lesser extent, I think) Chelsea, too.

Secondly, the very recent official confirmation that Hillary was given questions from the audience in advance, and shamelessly used them in her Primary debates. This is a smoking gun. This is officially being caught cheating. The CNN now tries some damage limitation. Only a Libtard could think they were not OK with all this.

Flashback for Italian readers: the events of these weeks (and particularly the vast acceleration since Friday) remind me of the weeks leading to the demise of Bettino Craxi and, with him, the factual annihilation of the Italian Socialist Party. The dynamics are exactly the same, and the eruption of popular rage whilst only the corrupt, the interested and the outright idiots try to defend the indefensible is following the same pattern. As it happened in Italy then, lesser fishes will now be helped to survive in order for the bigger fishes (old Bill not excluded) to get caught. Wiener is collaborating with the FBI. He has no interest in protecting Huma or Hitlery. He will be very motivated in protecting himself.

A pervert and his possibly lesbian wife, alone, could shoot the Clinton Clan down. Imagine the possibilities!

We are witnessing more than a politician’s setback. We are witnessing a revolution.

The Witch of the West is not dead yet.

But boy, she is in trouble.




Yesterday’s Polls

It is revealing that in the middle if this electoral campaign, when polls are attentively followed and part of the political controversy, no one tells you an elementary truth: that even when the polls are done honestly, they become less and less reliable as the electorate becomes more and more unpredictable. Plus, the pollsters are reluctant in telling you today how utterly useless their polls of yesterday were.

Remember the Primary season? Every poll gave Trump as absolutely trounced by Crooked Dyke Hitlery Clinton for as long as Ted “Judas” Cruz was part of the race. As soon as Trump became the real, official alternative to Clinton, things began to change fast.

Every sound thinking person could have told you that this would happen, but the polls actually never did. It was mere sound reasoning, denied by the polls and confirmed by reality.

But the issue is a far more general one. The British electorate gives the Tories a stunning victory in 2015, a victory no one has seen coming in this way. Even more relevantly, the epochal meltdown of the LibFags was completely unexpected. All that polling showed a total inability to see even some vague trace of the earthquake that was preparing.

Then there is the Brexit saga. A pollster working for the Tories had given a last projection indicating “Remain” 10 (ten) points ahead. Cameron was told it might be better to go to bed early in order to be fresh and rosy the following morning when announcing his great victory to the breakfasting nation. We know how that went.

Does anyone remind you of that? Can we see, now, all the much-publicised polls giving Trump as a hopeless loser against Hitlery? What were they for, if not for demoralising the Trump followers and inducing them to pick another horse?

You know what? People don't care for polls anymore. They can follow them passionately as game, as entertainment. But they don't base their decision on what the polls say. The Trump followers will not stay at home even if every poll were to give Trump ten points behind. The Clinton followers are difficult to mobilise as it is, and this will be made only slightly more difficult if the polls give her three or more points ahead.

Reality will simply catch up with the polls, and very possibly show once again how unreliable they have become.

Particularly so, when they have political bias built in as a feature.



Hidden Dykes



Drunk Dyke




After Yoko Ono’s revelation that the two had a bitch-to-bitch fling,  and we therefore officially have a Dyke as a candidate to the Presidency, we must now reflect about Hillary’s well’known admiration for Adolf Hitler; no, wait, I mean the petticoat version, Margaret Sanger. 

It seems to me that, in many of those people who relentlessly hate Christian values, the motivation for their hate is to be found in hidden, deeply disturbing tendencies.

The “progressive” priest or bishop, the “open-minded” politician, down to the many oh so “tolerant” commenters on blogs and fora all have the same trait: they are perverts, but they don’t tell you. And this perversion colours, dominates their entire existence; because they are put instead of the fundamental choice of deciding whether they are intrinsically bad, or Christianity is.

One can’t be – no matter what they say – a Lesbian on the side; every Dyke must know that her tendency is something big going on in her life; something that puts her head-on against the Church.  

Look at Crooked Dyke, then. She has been a Lesbian her entire life. It is, therefore, obvious to every thinking person that a life of pro-abortion, Nazi-like propaganda was simply the product of a deeply disturbed personality. 

You are a dyke. Therefore, you hate Christianity. Therefore, you hate the patriarchal society Christianity so strongly defends. Therefore, you support the killing of babies as a way of “empowering” women and extol the Nazi “virtues” of Margaret Sanger. But at the end of all this, the fundamental premise remains: that you do all this because you are a dyke.

Alas, these politicians, priests, bishops and commenters never tell you this, until they get outed of ones forces them to come out (a politician can lie to her tomb, but your garden variety commenter will find it far more difficult to deny, once repeatedly challenged, what he thinks such a defining part of himself).

And there we have it. I wonder how many closeted fags and dykes influence our political and religious discourse under the disguise of being “social”, “caring” or otherwise “progressive”. I talk here not only of Clinton, but of people like “Tucho” Fernandez, Father “I will sue you” Rosica, Cardinal Schoenborn, or Francis himself. How many of them are hidden dykes? How many of them are secret queens? 

Never trust anyone who tells you something blatantly against common decency and Christian morality. Whenever you hear such a one, ask him in his face if he is a homo. His facial expression might tell you everything you need to know about his argument.




Stronger Together!



The “Shy Tory Effect”: Why This Race Is Trump’s To Lose

Every Englishman knows the “shy Tory effect”: there are appreciably less people willing to declare their support for the (once) Conservative party than those who then, in the secret of the ballot box, vote for them. 1992 and 2015 were particularly strong examples of this. Another rather impressive example was the recent Brexit referendum, clearly showing (again) that when the BBC and the other media demonise or clearly disfavour one side this cowed a number of people to silence in the polls, who then provide the “surprise” on the day of election; leaving the bullying mass media to spend an ocean of words on why their own intimidation did not work as expected in the end.

Donald Trump has systematically outperformed the forecasts in the Primaries. There is no reason to believe the same is not happening in November. The strange way some American polling institutions conduct their polls reinforces this: if you call at 10:00 am in the middle of a crowded office everyone will be listening, full of excitement. Not easy to shout “make America Great again!”, at least not for some. Then there are the pollster who call private homes and ask to talk to the “youngest registered voter in the household”, thus clearly and willingly prefabricating the Hillary advantage, which will make good headlines for a day but will motivate even more “shy Trumpers” to go to vote.

I do not think the effect is secundary. I think it's huge. The Conservative victory in 2015 took absolutely everyone by surprise. Why? Because the liberal faggot machine has trumpeted itself so much, that it was in shock at being contradicted by reality. The same is happening in the US, where everything seems to indicate when the polls say “too close to call” this means “clear Republican victory”, and when they say “Clinton 5 points ahead” they really mean “the bitch might have a real chance”. And I am talking of the halfway serious pollsters here. Apparently there are pollsters out there who make national polls interviewing 4, 5 or 7% more registered Democrats than Republicans, when Gallup state they are at 28% each nationwide. Someone is cheating big time here, and it is clear that most “independent” polls have be on just another instrument of very dependent electoral propaganda.

Add to this that the Libertarians tend to hover around 7% whilst the Greencucks are down at 2 or 3%. We all know these numbers tend to reduce drastically as the moment of truth approaches. I concede a number of Greens will vote Crooklary, but I can also imagine many will just stay home out of sheer hatred for Crooklary. On the contrary, it is easier to imagine Trump will bag more Libertarian votes than Crooklary, and I smile at reading all those pundits who say “white and educated = Crooklary”. Poppycock. This is just the kind of people who shows, in their majority, a rather long finger to the Clinton machine.

I should, therefore, be very optimistic, almost euphoric. Still, I can't go beyond a cautious optimism.

Trump is prone to errors, and due to his “double down” instinct he is likely to amplify any error. He has played well in the last weeks (I loved the entire Mexico-Wall affair), but again it is only a matter of time before the next big blunder enters the scene. Has Trump learned to keep himself under control? To an extent, probably yes. Will it be enough? Hopefully yes. Will he avoid further blunders? Don't bet your pint.

Still, the “shy Trumper” effect is there. All indicators show a higher motivation among Trump voters. Trump also fares better among the independent and the older segments of the electorate, showing that he has the key to victory already in his hands if he uses it properly. He even appears to make inroads among Black Christians, and he will clearly clean up among veterans and soldiers. On the other side, Crooklary must mobilise the Black vote, but she isn't black, actually not even “tanned”: she is the very embodiment of the so-called White Privilege the Blacks are taught to hate by people like her. Those who hope in a mobilisation of the Black voters akin to the Mulatto races in 2008 and 2012 will be, methinks, bitterly disappointed.

Then there are the debates, where I suspect Trump will pulverise the woman, after which all major network will declare her the winner, and him a bully. Again, I doubt this will impress many. I think Trump will gain another point or two from the debates alone.

Please, Lord, guard the man's tongue, and spare us from a major catastrophe end-October.

We need a Christian West.

We need Crooklary as little as she needs Monica.


The Barking Candidate

You should take this with a pinch of salt. However, it reminded me immediately of the same female barking in front of the camera some time ago. Hat tip to The American Catholic. 

I am not a doctor, but this makes for interesting viewing.

Particularly for those who question Trump’s fitness to be president because he is a blunt chap.

Can’t wait for the TV debates.  

The “Trump That Bitch” Reblog

There’s No Reason To Be Afraid Of Hillary

Bible Bashing, Hillary-Style

Surprisingly (or not...) even Hillary has a use for this book...

Breitbart has excerpts from a book about to be published by a member of Hillary' security detail when she was Monica's First Rival.

It makes for rather entertaining reading.

First Bitch at the White House?





Lewandowski’s Departure Is Not A Good Sign

No, “you’re fired!” is way too cheap…



The departure of Mr Lewandowski from Team Trump is, if you ask me, a very bad sign.

I fear that Trump might – at least to an extent – Romneyfy himself, and become – at least to an extent – that kind of tofu neocon candidate who never wins.

I agree that Trump needs to become more statesmanlike. I also agree he needs to ramp up his fundraising effort. But I understand this to mean better prepared with journalist and better organised on the ground, not more cautious and afraid of displeasing people, or of tomorrow’s polls. Trump damages himself when he does not know whether aborting women should be punished much more than he ever could by just keep doing what served him so well up to now.

It would be atrocious if this opportunity went lost, then what will happen to the Country if Hillary seize power is something I do not even want to think about.

Let us hope and pray that Trump gets his conservative act together, but still remains Trump. The voters have enough of politicians who ask pollsters what they should think and say.



There’s No Reason To Be Afraid Of Hillary



The conventional media, who think and reason in a conventional way, tell us that the conventional pollsters (who think and reason in the same way) have decided Trump will lose badly against Hillary if the former (which is still the most probable outcome) gets the nomination in Cleveland.

I beg to differ.

Let us look at the two camps.

On the Republican side, Trump has consistently defied expectations. He has kicked out of the race all the establishment candidates, those whom the polls and the pundits (who think and reason in a conventional way) said they had the fight among them: Bush, Rubio, Christie. These pundits saw Cruz as a very long shot, and Trump as a deluded fantasy. The Huffington Post had Trump in the entertainment column until December. This is how horribly wrong they were.

On the Democratic side, it appeared untoward to some that Hillary should run basically unopposed. One or two fringe candidates were found to keep alive the semblance of a “contest”. No one gave a chance to a 74 years old socialist basically fulfilling a sort of liberal civic duty. This socialist has now won six of the seven last races, regularly defeats Clinton in fundraising, obtains his fund from the little man instead of from rich donors, and keeps being voted against an extremely strong media message concerning the inevitability of Hillary's victory.

Trump has defeated very credible candidates, candidates whom the press already saw as the clear favourites. Clinton struggles against the very definition of a hopeless candidate, and a very convenient one at that (if you want a pretend adversary, it is best to have an old leftist dreamer to let you appear statesmanlike and moderate).

It is clear that Clinton is an extremely weak candidate, and that Trump has already demonstrated the ability to gather a much bigger popular support than her.

Granted: if on the other side a charismatic opponent were confronting him, the divisive Trump would have a hard time persuading the unregistered, the undecided, the middle of the way voters . But the woman is hated. She is so hated! She is hated even by women!

Go research the delegates numbers without those sent there by the party apparatus (the “democratic” party is such, that it cannot allow a democratic process to select the candidate without massive interference), and realise how shockingly bad Hillary has fared against the weakest of all possible candidates. Bloomberg must be eating his liver. Even Biden must think whether he wouldn't do better. The woman is an unmitigated disaster.

No, I can't see Trump losing against Hillary. Not unless he abandons every prudence and, in an orgy of complacency, starts spouting contradictory nonsense like he has done in the last week or two (pretty sure it will stop now, though; Wisconsin must have been a pretty loud wake up call…). As for Cruz, if he is the Republican candidate Hillary can start packing now, because it does not make sense to undergo the inconvenience just to be a loser – again.

The same media who were utterly unable to see the rise of both Trump and Cruz are now telling you Hillary, who can't even win against a bleeding socialist maniac, has the victory in the pocket if she runs against Trump. But again the mainstream media keep pumping up the chances of serial loser Kasich, so this is par for the course.

Trump has every chance to win in a landslide against Clinton, and his worst enemy would be… Donald Trump. Cruz would inflict her a defeat of Mondale-proportions.

There is truly no reason to be afraid of Hillary. The only thing we must be afraid is a civil war between Republicans.



For Francis Too, It Takes A Village



One wonders whether there is only one common place of the liberal society that the Unholy Father will leave untapped.

This time, Francis reflected – speaking, as almost always, without a prepared script – on his own school days, when he was being a rascal and the teacher clearly told him “you’ll never be Pope”, or something like that; but this was in the blessed days before Vatican II, so it does not count.

Once again, though, we see that a Pope fully imbibed with secular mentality, and utterly desirous to get along with it, cannot avoid rehashing all its most abused common places.

The idea that you must reeducate the village in order for better children to be raised is so Hillary one wants to vomit. I wonder if he will write a book in it, or perhaps he might embark in the big “It Take A Village Tour” together with the lady in question, explaining to us that it does not take good parents to raise a child properly, but everything is to be seen, in pure secular way, as a collective endeavour. 

Hillary/Frank than goes on to complain about the declining birth rates; which is strange from one who has just downplayed the role of parents in the first place. Hey, if it takes a village I do not need to make children, do I? I will be involved in the raising of the village ones instead, thus feeling I am “making a difference” as I drive a brand new Audi and contracept like it’s going out of fashion. I will not even need to be married in church, either, as if something should “happen” and an unplanned pregnancy occur the Unholy Father himself will be happy to baptise the child of concubines, evidently believing that the heroic feat of not murdering a child is sufficient guarantee of raising a child in the Christian values.

This man is confused about everything but one concept: he will be loved by the masses, and he will do and say whatever it takes to make this happen. One wonders what kind of person would behave like that, and a Pope to boot.

Truly, it takes a nincompoop.





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