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Martyrdom Then And Now

Very fittingly, Father Z reminds us of a time when to give witness as a Christian meant to choose death. The stories of Perpetua and Felicity do not fail to move to this day.

I read this blog post and tried to remember a similar episode of forgetfulness of self and conscious choice of martyrdom from our days.

I found it, and present it to you here.

In the first photo, St Vin “Quisling” (the patron of sodomites, and nuanced Catholics) is shown in the act of being horribly hit on his head by an angry Hindu priest, after the Saint had refused to sacrifice in front of his altar.

Preparing for martyrdom

In the second, rare photo we see three images: the first depicts the temple where the saint received his martyrdom; the second shows him at the mercy of the insults, spits and violence of a group of angry Hindus. In the third the Saint (like Perpetua in the blog mentioned above) grabs the hindu man’s sword and points it at his own throat.

Bloody Ordeal

In the last series of photos, we can see a moving example of this great saint’s devotion to Hinduism Catholicism:  In order:

1) he stays in front of an Hindu altar and denounces heathenism, pledging allegiance to His Lord;

2) he is terribly tortured in front of a vast public, so that microphones are put near him in order for the presents to hear his groans;

3) he is, in the hand, horribly thrashed to death by an angry mob.

Martyrdom in the end

Who says there are no martyrs anymore?

O for more bishops like him.

Hinduism Christianity Catholicism Peace and Love would be flourishing


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