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Lesbian Scorned Tries To Kill Baby In The Womb

I have written some time ago about the great potential for trouble coming from perverted “relationships” and the utter failure to deliver on their promises of “normality”.

This here – (taken from the excellent site of John Smeaton, though the real link is from a disgusting “poof & lesbian” site) may be only an isolated case, but I think it is rather indicative of a mentality. A drunk lesbian punched her pregnant ex-girlfriend with a view – as she, according to the site, herself admits – to kill the baby. She was drunk, apparently (what a lady, btw); but as they say, in vino veritas.

I might be biased or naive here, but I can scarcely imagine a concluded heterosexual relationship in which the man punches her ex-girlfriend in her stomach with an aim to kill the baby she is now having from another man. I also cannot remember ever reading of a thing like that.

It seems to me that here the extreme selfishness so typical of these perverted relationships plays a role; that the hugely inflated “me”-attitude that persuades one that whatever he does – and is – is right, even if it is perverted to the extreme, is the same mentality which then considers utterly consequential to strike in order to kill whatever would come between one’s ego and the attainment of one’s desires. The drunkenness is here, I would say, rather what let the woman forget the legal implications of her act, that what formed her evil intention in the first place. Rather, the evil intention must be the obvious consequence of the extreme self-centredness of people with such behaviour.

It is no less than astonishing that the woman’s treatment has been so mild. In my book, this is an attempted homicide. I also wonder whether a man would have been treated, in the same situation, with the same mildness.

Thankfully, we are informed that the lesbian in question wants to “put this matter behind her”. How very kind of her.

I should now quote the one with the hell and the woman scorned; but I’m afraid lesbians go beyond that.


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