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What Has Become Of The Perverts’ Files?

Am I the only one who is wondering what has happened to the famous dossier concerning the homosexual infiltration within the Church?

It is not unreasonable to think this dossier is what persuaded Benedict to throw in the towel and leave the hot potato in the hands of his successor; if this is true (and at least concerning the hotness of the potato there can not be any doubt) one would expect any acting in the matter to be accompanied by the spectacular removal of many in influential positions within the Vatican; a removal certainly made as discreetly as possible but such that it could never escape the attention of the Vaticanists and even of common people who read Church news. This, without considering that one or three would have to be disciplined, and again this would not easily escape attention.

Is anything of this happening? Or has the Holy Father decided the problem isn't so bad as it is widely believed to be, the heavy dossier is a grave case of paper and ink waste, and the perverts “do good” too, so “we will all meet in heaven” anyway?

It will soon be three months since the Pope's election. One wonders whether we will ever see some action in the matter during this pontificate.

Or else I am being unnecessarily suspicious just because nothing is happening. My bad, no doubt.



The Muppet Show goes on: Rowan Williams On Homosexuality

Dr. Rowan Williams has given an interview to the well-know liberal and anti-Catholic newspaper, “The Times”, about homosexuality.

As amply known, Times bizarrely thinks that people will be ready to pay in order to read their internet site, which I find very funny.
It would anyway appear that the interview contained an amazing new concept: sodomy is fine unless you’re Anglican clergy. This is astonishing even by Anglican standards.
Still, I do not like to post if I can’t link to exact words and phrases.

In substitution, here is an interview (short, but highly representative of RW’s positions) given by Dr. Rowan Williams.
It is some years old now, but still of great actuality; I’d say that it reflects his positions well.


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