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Mark this name, you reader from no matter where, because what has been published today will make Rotherham a byname for ignominy.

What is transpiring in these hours is, literally, beyond belief. Duckduckgo “Rotherham” and “child abuse” and you will read things you never imagined; on a scale that indicates more than even a systemic failure, rather a nuclear meltdown.

More shocking details are emerging, as it appears that the ethnicity of many of the perpetrators, now generically defined as “Asian”, was an obstacle to the filth emerging. In XXI Century's Britain, the fear of being called “racist” or suffer loss of reputation or even employment seem to have played a role, in a Country that has now become such a pit of political correctness that not even horrible violence on an unprecedented scale manages to emerge on the surface for who knows how many years.

And as the bomb explodes, other question emerge (or should emerge: this will be an interesting one to watch…). Why only in Rotherham? Is it reasonable to assume the violent people all move to the same council? Is it so outlandish to think that if the police (finally) digs deep into this, it will turn out Rotherham was only the tip of the iceberg?

Finally, let me say two or three words about the institutions involved: after the way the Church has been crucified for decades I know fully expect – nay, demand!* – that henceforward every Policeman and every council worker, particularly if working with children, be seen as an aider and abetter of child abuse of the worst kind, in a scale and horror beyond imagination.

This, of course, without considering the ethnicity involved in this particular scandal. Can't wait to hear all those ready to throw the Church en bloc into hell explaining to us that this is only a problem of individuals…

Today we live to see the ripening of possibly the most atrociously poisonous fruit of the political correctness and the culture of “diversity” to which this country has literally sold its collective backside. Did we not know that in certain Asian Countries children are routinely sold by the poorest families? Did we not know that in other Asian countries women still die “mysteriously” in “domestic accidents” weeks after the death of their husbands? Can we expect that when non-Christian society are allowed to export themselves en bloc, without correction or apology, the worst traits of their mentality will tend to come to Europe together with them? Do you think Europe is free from infibulation, forced marriages, or (I can say today; not yesterday) what has happened in Rotherham?

How can it be only Rotherham? How stupid must we be to pretend that this problem was isolated, and the tragic, massive failure to act was due to something they put in the water in Rotherham, and there only?

I can't remember the last day I was so disgusted, at least if we exclude the day of the approval of so-called same sex marriages. But again, tutto si tiene: a Country choosing to live with atrocious perversion will discover that the Devil has raped it in more than one way.

I would so much like to tell you that I hope that the Country will now wake up, shake away from itself this self-castrating attitude and recover the sense of decency. But how can I? The sense of decency has gone utterly lost, most people believe in the religion of themselves, and their religions do not allow them to even think – let alone act upon it – that Rotherham happened because of the collapse of Western (Christian) values, a collapse promoted during many decades of willing, self-pleasing, lurid collective blindness.

Sink in the dung, Britain; or rediscover the virtues of your forefathers, the tenacity and resilience that created a beautiful Empire and defeated Hitler, and start working on the recovery of your own very soul.

It's a dung of your own making. Now it's time to start shovelling.


* not really! actually. But you get my drift…

Putin On Homos: Hear, Hear!

And so President Putin did what everyone knows, but it is slowly becoming one of the biggest taboos in the otherwise almost completely taboo-free Western societies: linking homosexuality and pedophilia.

You can now make some popcorn and wait for the immancably incensed reaction of the liberal troopers, most of whom would never be as stupid as to allow their own child to spend time alone – not occasionally, much less regularly – with an homosexual.

The figures concerning the unspeakable scandal of pedophile priests speak a clear language: the evidence available, like the Murphy report, indicates the vast majority of those involved (you will have to do your own googling yourself for exact details if you are so inclined) were homosexuals. Now, many of these cases were of consensual sex with adolescents considered “children” in some Countries, but again the numbers are generally clear in creating a strong link, and indicating that a homosexual priest is far more likely to be a pedophile than a heterosexual one.

Putin poses, therefore, an implicit question that the West refuses to answer: how much higher will be the probability of being the victim of pedophile adoptive parent for an unfortunate child “adopted” by an homosexual “couple”, compared to the child adopted by normal people?

Let us reflect: if priesthood is an attractive way for a pedophile to get – at least in the past – near children, isn't adoption the safest way for him to reach his objective? How much easier will it be for him to create an environment favourable to both the crime and its impunity? What more can a pedophile wish than being the adoptive father of his own child, manipulating or terrorising him in all possible and impossible ways?

I dare to make here the very easy prediction that in three or four decades' time the phenomenon of the children abused by homosexual “parents” (parents? Really?) will explode, as the “parents” slowly die or become harmless and the victims slowly realise what was done to them, and why. At that point, either society will have become so rotten that it will ignore or even “celebrate” the matter, or – more probably – an awful lot of people will start to realise that the devil, once he has taken a stronghold in a soul, will use this wretch to make as much damage as it can.

Putin sees this obvious connection, and throws the question – implicitly, but clearly – in the arena. The West keeps ignoring it, basking in the smug feeling of the maddest blindness for the sake of the celebration of its own “tolerance” and “inclusiveness”.

Putin will, of course, not obtain much in the short term, at least not in what concerns the West. But in the long term he might cause one or five people to wake up, and his sterling work in keeping Russia Christian – Schismatic, but Christian – can only be praised.

Oh for someone, only one, leading a great Western Democracy, able to think and act like him…



Cardinal Mahony Amuses Everyone

roger mahony

You’re in trouble, Your Eminence.

After Archbishop Gomez’ announcement of Cardinal Mahony’s disgrace, the latter decided to write on his blog an answer to the Archbishop. Unwisely, the Cardinal encourages everyone to disseminate his letter.

I am all too happy to comply.

The Cardinal’s arguments are pretty much as follows:

1. We weren’t told “at school”.

This is very interesting. It’s the first time I read of a cardinal saying he was never trained as a specialist. No, Your Eminence, of course you weren’t. Your job was, in fact, to apply that modicum of common sense and intelligence than one can expect from every half-way wise person.

I also point out that people become parents – and many of them do an excellent job of it – without receiving a specialised training at school.

Still, this is a new one for the Church, and might be used from other organisations too. I can imagine big whigs of the BBC saying “we did nto receive any specific training about dealing with pedophile journalists”.


2. I made mistakes, but hey, everyone does. Since 2003 no one could accuse me of anything.

This is so twisted Berlusconi would be proud of the man. No one questions the fact that since the beginning of the century the problem has been tackled very aggressively (too aggressively, I would say; but that’s for another day…). The big problem is not what has happened in 2003, but before. In addition, it is clear the turning of screws from 2000 on came at the initiative of the Vatican. This is not something Mahony spearheaded, this is something he had to comply to.

3. Archbishop Gomez did not raise any question since 2010, and now shoots at me with the cannon.

Honestly, I thought as much when I read the Archbishop’s statement. My conjecture is that we are at the vigil of further revelations which would disgrace the Cardinal even more, or else that now a complete picture has emerged that makes the Cardinal’s position utterly untenable. It doesn’t happen every day that an Archbishop orders to a Cardinal to just keep out of his Archdiocese’s affair because he has already made  enough damage.


If you ask me, the  Cardinal has missed a wonderful occasion to shut up; but again, I can’t imagine he would asked me very often. How deluded the man is can be clearly seen from the picture of his horrible, very expensive Cathedral (among friends it is called the “Taj Mahony”)  in a prominent position in his blog page.

Cardinal Mahony was made a bishop by Paul VI. John Paul II made him Archbishop and sent him to Los Angeles, the biggest Catholic diocese worldwide. John Paul II is also the one who gave him his red hat.


Cheese, Song, Chaput: Philadelphia.

Big cheese: Archbishop Chaput.

When I was a child, the word “Philadelphia” invariably reminded me of a fresh wannabe cheese that I actually – probably against my better judgement – even liked. Little I knew that the thing didn’t carry the word “cheese”, because not in compliance with the rigid Italian laws about what you can call, well, “cheese”. Too much crap inside, was the general verdict on the matter. Be it as it may, when I grew up they lost me as a client.

Then, and to this day, the word “Philadelphia” started to instantly remind me of a rather beautiful song of Bruce Springsteen, the soundtrack of a successful film of the Nineties. In the video, Philadelphia was depicted as a city in clear decline. Springsteen walks in a kind of dump/ghetto not easily imaginable in Europe.*
That hit home.

Curious, I went to Wikipedia and discovered that whilst the place might do with one or three improvements (sixth most dangerous US city above 500,000 inhabitants; second dirtiest, too) it is certainly no Detroit, with a vibrant pharmaceutical industry, rather high income generation and clear signs of vitality.

This is, then, the place Archbishop Chaput will find when he moves there in September. Not an easy task, I must say: the archdiocese is in the middle of just another cover-up scandal, and Archbishop Chaput will have to keep up the good work already executed in Denver in similar circumstances.
Make no mistake, the liberal wolves will be around him in no time and will certainly try to smear him with every bit of the dirt they can find in his new diocese. A bit like Pope Benedict and the Hitlerjugend, or the homosexual pedophile priest scandal and, really, pretty much everything the liberals don’t like. Just associate the dirt with your enemy; something will stick.

But the man is a tough skin besides being a Reds, erm, “Native American”. Even from the other side of the pond, he is one of the names one finds very regularly on Catholic headlines; an outspoken chap, very orthodox from what I have read up to now, unafraid to say it loud and clear and not really willing of taking the favourite excuse of the american clergy for their inaction, namely that the Church would lose its tax status if they were to be publicly Catholic. Which – let us be clear about that – for a Catholic doesn’t even begin to be an argument.

I hope that he will counter every punch and continue to be on the offensive rather than indulging in the usual “oh how very bad we have been, will you ever ever EVER be able to forgive us”-litany of his weaker and more cowardly colleagues. He will probably also get a red hat, as it is rather expected for his new diocese, and will give to the orthodox (read: conservatives) another extremely valid help and, why not, candidate when the next conclave comes.

Good look to him, and my prayers. A tough job for a tough guy.

God willing, he’ll do so good that in ten years’ time whenever I hear the name “Philadelphia” I will think of him, Archbishop (and very probably: Cardinal) Chaput. The cheese was not even really cheese and the song rather sad anyway.


* Outside of Naples, that is.

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