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Greek Attitude

The Greek have yesterday decided, with an overwhelming majority, that years of overspending (and lying) are not their fault. It's someone else's fault; namely, those bad people and institutions which now demand that they get real.

The Greek might, to some extent, get away with it, though I think their hope are vastly exaggerated. But the Greek are good at the game of shamelessness, and they will extract out of their not so veiled threat of bankruptcy as much as they can. When you are a small member of the monetary union, it can well pay to be a crybaby.

The Greek Attitude is very spread among people who aren't even Greek. They collide with the wall of reality at full speed, and then proceed to blame the wall for being unwelcoming. What all homos, dykes, trannies, and assorted sad spectacles of deformed humanity – not to forget all those to aid and abet them: the relatives, friends, colleagues, and assorted “inclusive” people – do is to embrace the Greek Attitude with relish and declare that no, it's not their fault. You must reshape Truth – that is: Reality – to accommodate them, because the wall they have just smashed their nose against is too unyielding, and uncharitable.

The Greek might, to some extent, get away with their folly, in the sense that their dragging of feet and crybaby stance will get them as much as they could have obtained anyway.

The others will not be as lucky. God does not fear their bankruptcy. Truth, and reality, will not accommodate them in the least.

One can try with the Greek Attitude with Brussels. It's a card that the Greek are – being (cough) Greek – expected to play.

But he is a most foolish man who think he can try with the Greek Atitude with Christ, and get away with it.


Francis And The “New Ways Ministry” Perversion: Pollyanna At Work Again

New Ways Papacy

The latest Pollyanna running around seems to be Andrea Gagliarducci, writing for a publication called Monday Vatican

This man Gagliarducci is admirable in that he has the face of trying, against evidence as big as Mount Everest, to persuade us that Francis is not a heterodox Pope, merely “naive”.

Example? The latest scandal of the homo group allowed to the Papal audience, called “New Way Ministry” or such like nonsense, with a clearly privileged position to boot. The man wants to persuade us that he is unable to see that Francis invited the perverts well knowing that they are perverts, and gave them places showing he would give scandal as much as he can, without too many risks for him; well knowing, too, that they would scream to … hell about their VIP tickets (which they are; near the Vatican authorities and the high prelates), followed by the Pollyanna running to tranquillise the scandalised masses, and persuading them that hey, the group is not called “Fags United”, so how can the Pope know? And they were not admitted to the baciamano, so they are, ahem, officially IPs, but not quite VIPs.

It goes always thus: Francis willingly gives scandal, and the Pollyannas persuade you he never ever wanted to do so; but you see, at times the man can be a bit… naive.

Naive? A Jesuit with 45 years of experience in corridor politics? Seriously, how stupid this Gagliarducci thinks we are?

I am, however, most angry at those who swallow this rubbish as if it was ambrosia, though. It truly is time to open one's eyes.

Enough with the Pollyanning. Let's start with the condemning. The promotion of the homosexual agenda tirelessly executed by Pope Francis cannot be met with stupid excuses. It must be met with explicit, vocal condemnation.



Canada: Gaystapo In Action, And Taxpayer-Funded

In case you had any doubt about the extremely repressive nature of the “gay” mafia, consider that Canada has now opened a “register” of “homophobic” expressions clearly meant to intimidate right thinking citizens from saying what they think.

Stop one moment and reflect what would have happened if some conservative organisation had proposed the creation of some “Faggot Register”, where all expressions favourable to sodomy/lesbianism/whatever form sexual perversion takes are registered for – there can be no other aim – present intimidation or future use.

Of course, everyone would have cried “Nazism”, nicht wahr?

Well, it appears the Gaystapo is intent in doing just that, and if they think we will be intimidated they must be a bunch of hysterical bitches thinking their voice must only be shrill enough and they will get their way (wherein, I prefer not to think…).

Still, and irrespective of the – miserable – prospects of success, intimidation it still is, and sponsored by the Canadian taxpayer to boot. These faggots must really be taught to behave.

Yours truly would like to be one of the first to be inscribed in the register, and therefore humbly asks to be recorded with the following:

Perverts. Faggots. Disgusting cretins. It would be better to lie than to live in such dishonour. Not only are their passions satanic, but their lives are diabolic. They are even worse than murderers, because a murdered only separates the soul from the body, whereas they destroy the soul inside the body. Their sins against nature are abominable and deserve punishment whenever and wherever they are committed.There is nothing, absolutely nothing more mad or damaging than this perversity. For if the sins of the flesh are commonly censurable because they lead man to that which is bestial in him, much more so is the sin against nature, by which man debases himself lower than even his animal nature.

In the meantime, the taxpayer-sponsored initiative has certainly already started to localise other names worthy of inscription; all of them extremely dangerous fomenters of discord and intolerant homophobics. Let us see a couple of them (all emphases mine):

1) There is Tertullian, who is on record with the following:

“All other frenzies of lusts which exceed the laws of nature and are impious toward both bodies and the sexes we banish … from all shelter of the Church, for they are not sins so much as monstrosities.” (Tertullian, De pudicitia, IV, in J. McNeil, op. cit., p. 89)

2) Then there would be Saint Basil of Caesarea. The poor chap was so homophobic (the new ways of saying “Christian”) that he wrote the following:

“The cleric or monk who molests youths or boys or is caught kissing or committing some turpitude, let him be whipped in public, deprived of his crown [tonsure] and, after having his head shaved, let his face be covered with spittle; and [let him be] bound in iron chains, condemned to six months in prison, reduced to eating rye bread once a day in the evening three times per week. After these six months living in a separate cell under the custody of a wise elder with great spiritual experience, let him be subjected to prayers, vigils and manual work, always under the guard of two spiritual brothers, without being allowed to have any relationship … with young people.” (St. Basil of Caesarea, in St. Peter Damien, Liber Gomorrhianus, op. cit. cols. 174f.)

3) I wouldn’t forget Saint Augustine, the daddy of all Catholic womanising chauvinists and, basically, a walking homophobic threat:

Sins against nature, therefore, like the sin of Sodom, are abominable and deserve punishment whenever and wherever they are committed. If all nations committed them, all alike would be held guilty of the same charge in God’s law, for our Maker did not prescribe that we should use each other in this way. In fact, the relationship that we ought to have with God is itself violated when our nature, of which He is Author, is desecrated by perverted lust.”

Elsewhere, he finds other words worthy of inscription in the bitching faggots’ register:

“Your punishments are for sins which men commit against themselves, because, although they sin against You, they do wrong in their own souls and their malice is self-betrayed. They corrupt and pervert their own nature, which You made and for which You shaped the rules, either by making wrong use of the things which You allow, or by becoming inflamed with passion to make unnatural use of things which You do not allow” (Rom. 1:26). (St. Augustine, Confessions, Book III, chap. 8)

4) Then there would be Saint John Chrysostom, and you have already started noticing that “homophobia” was rather well represented among saints. Let’s read him:

“All passions are dishonorable, for the soul is even more prejudiced and degraded by sin than is the body by disease; but the worst of all passions is lust between men…. The sins against nature are more difficult and less rewarding, since true pleasure is only the one according to nature. But when God abandons a man, everything is turned upside down! Therefore, not only are their passions [of the homosexuals] satanic, but their lives are diabolic….. So I say to you that these are even worse than murderers, and that it would be better to die than to live in such dishonor. A murderer only separates the soul from the body, whereas these destroy the soul inside the body….. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more mad or damaging than this perversity.” (St. John Chrysostom, In Epistulam ad Romanos IV, in J. McNeill, op. cit., pp. 89-90)

How about that, boys’ n girls? Would it do for some years in a Canadian jail?

5) This list would of course not be complete without the Doctor Angelicus. Saint Thomas Aquinas (another saint! You don’t say!) was so ashamed of this abomination – as we all were until some years ago, when the rampant homosexualism around us forced us to talk openly about disgusting things like zoophilia, or sodomy – is on record with the following:

“However, they are called passions of ignominy because they are not worthy of being named, according to that passage in Ephesians (5:12): ‘For the things that are done by them in secret, it is a shame even to speak of.’ For if the sins of the flesh are commonly censurable because they lead man to that which is bestial in him, much more so is the sin against nature, by which man debases himself lower than even his animal nature.” (St. Thomas Aquinas, Super Epistulas Sancti Pauli Ad Romanum I, 26, pp. 27f)

and I am sure he has deserved the inscription in the above mentioned bitching faggots’ register, with a special mention.

If you want to expand your knowledge, please click the site whence I took all this useful information, which seems rather thoroughly researched, and say a prayer for the person – or the people – who have taken the time to inform us about basic Christianity, talking to us not only through common sense and basic decency, but through the voice of great men of the past.


What Homo Activists Don’t Want You To Know

Self hate turned activism: Peter Tatchell

Greg Quinlan was a homosexual activist. One of the obnoxious, vocal, and truly lurid ones.
Well, this has all changed. Say farewell to the tales of unchangeable sexual orientation and hello to the truth about homosexuality, written from an insider.

Mr. Quinlan’s tale begins with a history of parental abuse, and early sexual perversion (emphases always mine).

“I knew the Scripture and liked going to church,” he said. But at age 10, a neighbor boy introduced Greg to sex. His double life had begun. “But I kept going to church and playing the Christian role,” he said. “Growing up as a teen, I was interested in sex with other men only because of that introduction,” he added. “I’ve known thousands of homosexuals and I’ve never met someone who was not introduced to sex at an early age, generally with the same sex.

These are very interesting observations: the introduction to sexual perversion adds to a climate of violence within the family, probably encouraging the low self-esteem and hate of self (homophobia) that is the most typical mark of the homosexual. Secondly, please note that he reports the frequency of early experiences of sexual perversion among homosexuals. “Born that way”, my aunt. Thirdly, a link between homosexuality, ephebophilia and the call of people like Peter Tatchell to lower the age of consent as much as they can get away with is certainly reasonable.

Let us continue with Mr. Quinlan’s life story:

At age 23 Greg made his sexual behavior public, “blowing the doors off the closet,” as he describes it. He had many sexual encounters, visited gay bath houses all across the state, was a regular patron of porn shops and lived the party life within gay social circles

The self-hating homosexual reacts, as so many, in the wrong way: he can’t see (or doesn’t want to see) the Christian side of it and his “outing” becomes a war declaration to the planet. Unfortunately for him, and for all the others, this doesn’t solve any problem, not even one. Still, the desperate desire to feel better with himself pushes Mr. Quinlan towards militancy:

“HRCF is the largest gay and lesbian political organization in the country, chiefly responsible for securing AIDS research money from the federal government,” Greg said. “I raised several thousand dollars out of Dayton and really got involved because of the AIDS project. But in all my work with HRCE I was trying to justify being in the lifestyle, because I was miserable.”

The AIDS problem – he is a nurse, and sees people die – is here just one side of the medal: the other side is expressed by his revealing words: “I was trying to justify being in the lifestyle, because I was miserable.” It doesn’t need a genius to see that this is the motivation behind homosexualism. Please remember, folks: every time you hear a homosexualist talk about his agenda, be in no doubt that he feels like shit, as he well should. The problem with these people is that they don’t use their feelings to get out of the dump of their lives, but to dig deeper into it.

Mr. Quinlan’s trajectory starts, at this point, to become slightly different:

Having grown up in church and still possessing a good knowledge of the Bible, Greg was often asked by friends to do their eulogies.So he ended up speaking at funerals and reading Scriptures. “There was the Lord’s hook,” Greg commented. “Like it says in Scripture, Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it’,” he offered, quoting from Proverbs 22:6.

Slowly, a process begins: several events concur to let him think more and more; the fall of the Berlin Wall even leads him to think (this is a Protestant, remember) that the Second Coming might draw near. Slowly, something begins to work on him, whilst he continues to lead the same lifestyle.

“I had this hunger and craving,” he recalled. “I missed the hymns, the music and the worship. Even while I was in the gay lifestyle I made a point of going to church on Easter Sunday. I still had that hunger to be satisfied, to worship the
Lord. It was still there after all those years.

As it always happens in these cases, the first small glimpse of light makes him receptive to receive, more or less willingly, more and more of it.

One show featured a number of former homosexuals who had left the gay lifestyle. “I watched intently~ partly making fin (sic), partly wishing it was true,” Greg said. “I thought, ‘Can it happen to me?’ I was really miserable.

Notice here the small, gradual process. Please also notice the insistent repetition of the inner drama of every homosexual, whether he admits it or not.

Mr. Quinlan is encouraged to start one of those Republican “Poofs for Conservatism” groups. He refuses. He continues his lobbying activity, but something has been broken:

“You know I had been on TV, radio and in newspapers (as a homosexual activist),” Greg said. “I was not ashamed of being a homosexual and talking about the AIDS crisis. I’d go to Washington D.C. two to three times a year to lobby Capitol Hill. But I had a lot of trouble telling this guy what my problem was. I was suddenly ashamed of being gay. I wasn’t happy about it.”

Notice here the mechanism: he felt miserable, but at the same he was unashamedly homosexual. Think Peter Tatchell, or Steven Fry. This is how Satan works with homosexuals, using the bite of their own conscience to further damage their soul, to let them entrench in their own perversion. Mr Quinlan can, at this point, no longer follow this path.

The following part is very Protestant, but I think as Catholics we still get the meaning:

Greg fought through his angst and finally revealed his problem He said a prayer over the phone and accepted Jesus Christ as his savior that very night “There were no bells or whistles but I slept that night he said.”There was peace.

Greg’s decision resulted in a sudden and abrupt turn in his life. He got into church immediately changed his telephone number stopped hanging out at gay bars and discontinued his volunteer nursing with the Dayton Area AIDS Task Force. “I stopped cold turkey doing anything in the gay lifestyle,” he said.

Note here: he decides to act. And when he acts, he acts in a serious, adult manner. He even stops his AIDS volunteering work. It’s an abrupt, definitive change. Ende. Aus. Feierabend.

The end of the journey is now rapidly approaching:

But stopping the wrong behavior was merely the first step. One Sunday a guest preacher at church had a special message for Greg. Her sermon had convicted him sharply and he had gone forward to the altar where he was crying uncontrollably.

“She told me, ‘Son, there’s a call on your life’,” he related. “She told me some things only God could tell her, that what the devil had trained me to do God was going to use for his glory.” Shortly after this event the director of Ohio Christian Coalition called Greg looking for help. He worked there four years and a year ago last March left to start the Pro-Family Network.

This a man who (besides not converting to Catholicism; but hey, what did the Church in the US do to move him to change?) makes everything right: he understands that as the religious impulse was the necessary primer for his change, so he needed to ground himself into Christian thinking if he were to heal in a definitive way. The words of the preacher are truly beautiful, and he has acted wisely on them.

Today, Mr Quinlan is a vocal “ex-gay activist”, fighting to help other people get out of their terrible problem and fighting for the social recognition of the thousands of “ex-gays”, to whom President Obama has not seen fit to dedicate a month.


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