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I know what kind of people will accept the invitation…

Let us say there is a famous British TV presenter. Let us, further, say that this presenter, married with children, “came out” as one of the Elton John persuasion some years ago.

Now let us imagine that this guy has a brother, and that this guy’s brother is trialled and condemned to 12 years in jail for a year long abuse of a minor involving sexual acts with said minor.

What persuasion had the brother of said presenter? I think I barely need to tell you , but still: the same Elton John persuasion of his famous brother.

As I write this, I am sure that thousands of smart Brits are thinking what you and I are thinking: homosexuality and pedophilia are intimately linked. Not, mind, in the sense that most homosexuals are pedophiles, but in the sense that most pedophiles are homosexuals. Ask the Church, which has a substantial experience of this. Or the so-called Church of England. Or the British education system.

We, the Thinking Christians, know perfectly well why: sexual perversion isn’t a “born that way” “character” of a person, like being blond, or having a big nose. It is, on the contrary, the result of the homosexual person consenting to having his brain depraved by the devil through numerous acts of assent to evil.

This being so, it follows that perversion is not a kind of limited, circumscribed, “this is the last station” journey. It is rather so, that the devil will, once he has made inroads into a depraved mind, keep depraving it as much as he can, igniting in the already depraved mind of his intended prey all sorts of forbidden desires, the more disgusting the better.

Heck: these people can literally eat excrement! Is it so surprising that depravity would then target the real epitome of innocence, children? No, it’s not. I’d say that, as a rule, this must sound very reasonable, and something that in sane times would be instantly recognised. In this particular case, we know the victim is a “he” (means: surprise surprise, the culprit is a fag), though we are not told what kind of “minor” he is (spoiler alert: a 15 years and 11 months old, extremely horny, 90 kg heavy, extremely depraved gym rat homo boy is a “child” in newspaper speak). However, we know in this case that the forbidden acts happened in a two year lifespan, which makes the age of the victim fourteen, at the oldest, when the criminal activity begun.

I have this mental image here, that pedophilia hovers around the mind of many homosexuals, like a Russian drone over a Ukrainian trench, as the devil and his demons are patiently working on them. In this example: two homo brothers, one a pedo. Makes a 50% incidence of pedophilia among the family perverts. What a beautiful rainbow, nicht wahr?

(Also very much worth asking: what kind of flipping family is this one? What were papa’s, or uncle’s, proclivities? What did mama, or auntie, know? Could it be that perversion was already in the family, making the Devil’s work an easier one?).

Another consideration is this: having said all that has preceded, what kind of depraved minds could even conceive that homosexuals can “adopt” children? Does it need a genius to understand how many victims are being created by legislative decree?

But then again, the persuasion of Elton John has allied itself with the Church of Nice, and the Church of Atheism. I don’t even think that the results are under everybody’s eyes. I think that the results are monstrously wrong, and we will see them emerge on a terrifying scale in the decades to come.

Meanwhile, June is coming, when another so-called “pride month” will contribute to the perversion of the mind of the stupid, both straight and pervs.

But hey, let’s keep thinking “born that way”.

It makes people feel good on the cheap.

Professional Catholics

The P-p-professional Catholics were in full show today, as the LA Dodgers disinvited from their “pride night” that blasphemous bunch of perverts going around and mocking the Catholic faith. The P-p-professional Catholics actually took a victory lap, because perverts’ night could not have some perverts among the participants.

There was – that I can read about, at least; means if there was, it wasn’t forceful – any condemnation of perverts’ night per se. No, the P-p-professional Catholics are evidently fully ok with such events, that have now become mainstream also thanks to their lame defence of Christian values. But they will rejoice to the skies when the ultra freaks are kept out.

What a lame show. The ultra freaks are such freaks, that it was unthinkable that the Dodgers, once informed of who they are, would have not disinvited them. It does not need any P-p-professional Catholic for that. Two or three concerned parents would most likely have been enough, as the Dodgers most certainly don’t want to be the next Bud Light.

In fact, the very term “pride night” is not criticised. It is simply accepted uncritically, because hey, blasphemous trannie bad, but sodomite normal.

This is how these organisation works. Living of the money they receive, they need to advertise victories when there are none, so that the money keeps flowing.

Don’t give money to these professional Catholics.

Give it to the SSPX instead.

The World Is Changing, Or: Uganda Vs Faggocracy

“Sorry, man, but I don’t understand your pronouns”….

Clearly, the world is changing.

Put yourself in the position of Uganda, a Country that can be easily harmed – not destroyed, no; but humiliated and impoverished until it decides to behave “properly” – by the mighty United Trannies Of America. This Country, which is traditionally Christian, wants to act to avoid the degeneracy – nay: the lunacy – they see is invading the West.

They know that, the times being what they are, Trannie Central would come down on them like a ton of rainbow coloured bricks. Why, then, do they embark in such an enterprise?

The reason is very simple: because the world is changing. The planetary bullying of the US has now been countered by a new, extremely powerful block. This new block has, as a founding principle, the non-ingerence in the affairs of partner countries. If you want to be Communist, or Christian, or Muslim, this can be good or bad; but it is not something these Countries will see as their duty to change.

For Countries like Uganda, this makes all the difference.

The US are, predictably, threatening already, as Uganda is going against the Religion of Sodom firmly in power over there. But their threats sound hollow. Russia, China, and their allies of the expanded BRICS will clearly be happy to provide the Country with fair access to whatever they need and can pay, without asking them to dechristianise in return. This is a game changer in many African Countries.

In fact, the new approach is now found attractive in previously unsuspected corners. The main reason why Saudi Arabia and Iran have decided to bury the war axe is exactly this: a world dominated by a superpower demanding to dictate everybody’s policy is such an immediate danger that sworn enemies can decide to collaborate.

The world is changing, and this change has been certainly accelerated by the mad arrogance of wanting to remote control a country as powerful, vast and varied as Russia, destroying or damaging Ukraine and Georgia in the process. Some US citizen begin to understand now, and many more will in the future, what a miscalculation it was.

Activism and social and religious engineering have come too far. The backlash will now be furious. The Ugandan legislation is exactly that: a very long finger proudly erected in the direction of Trannie Central.

May it be followed by many other very long fingers, in Africa and elsewhere, saluting the end of the Faggocracy and its attempt to install a gigantic Rainbow World Domination.

Rules For Pedos

Let us say that you are, say, a pedophile. You think the world unjust for condemning you. Your fellow pedos agree with you. You will desire to proceed in this way.

Pick a new name

Pick a name, something like SMART, Spontaneously Minor AttRacTed. Ask your pedo friends among journalists, politicians, social workers etc. to call you that way. Slowly but surely, the name ‘Smart” will be mentioned more and more often. Give it ten or twenty years, “smart” will be a fairly common way of saying “pedo”.

Pick some colours

These being pedos, the colours will likely be light blue and pink. Make banners with them. Bring those around when you go protest on the street. Call yourself the “pink and blue people”. Cry “injustice” a lot.

Born that way

Claim victimhood at every step. You are the persecuted one. As you were born that way, it is clearly unjust to condemn you. You just want to be free to be who you really are. Isn’t that allowed to everybody, even to trannies nowadays?

Make it about freedom

You are oppressed. Your freedoms are being trampled. You are, also, the advocate of children who are prevented from making their own choices, which hampers their development and will lead them to irreversible damage or suicide. Have your pedo friends persuade their ultra liberal friends that it is their children’s choice. This will be easy with so many homosexuals who have adopted children. Tell them their children are repressed by a bigoted society now just like they were in decades past.

Push for decriminalisation

When you are at that point – say, thirty years from the start – push for decriminalisation. Ephebophiles like Socrates and Oscar Wilde will be very useful. Quote and mention them everywhere. They were the pinnacle of their civilisation. Tell people you don’t want to persuade them of anything, you just think jail is not appropriate and an injustice. You, quisque de populo, can despise them, just accept that jail is not granted.

Push for acceptance.

Then comes the acceptance. It’s legal, therefore the stigma attached to Smart people is not justified. It is, actually, racism. Criticise Smartphobia at every step. March like there is no tomorrow. Use those flags. Use those journalists. The BBC will be full of them. You don’t want to force others to be like you. You simply want to feel you are one of them.

Create your own Month

Pick July as “smart month”. Publicise it everywhere with the help of your fellow journalists. March like there is no tomorrow. July is a beautiful month, linked to holidays and lack of cares.

Blackmail everybody

Every bank, every big consumer goods company, everybody who does not pay tribute to you will be branded as “smartphobic”, and the calls for its cancellation will be deafening. They will be asked to “celebrate diversity” and contribute to “raising awareness” about “Smartphobia”. Silence is violence. Make them produce pink and light blue cotton tote bags. By now, Smartphobia will be very, very bad. You, as a citizen, will never want to be a Smartphobe. You’ll not go anywhere professionally. Your friends will unfriend you from Fagbook.

Push for criminalisation of “Smartphobia”

Cry very hard. March all day. Be very aggressive. You have human rights, and those who keep criticising you have no place in society. They are like the worst racists. They are Hitler. Of course they can’t be allowed to spread their hate around. This is unacceptable. Promote “zero tolerance” against “hate”. Hate has no place in society.


I have done it for you.

Fifty years max, and everything will change.



Talking of this….

The path described reminds me or other people.

I think they used to be called “maggots”, or “baggots”, or “gaggots ”.

Something like that.

I just can’t remember their name now…

Why Christians Keep Losing: Oestrogens In The Mickey Mouse “church”

First, please follow the link here. It’s about a Mickey Mouse “bishop” of the Mickey Mouse “church of England” explaining why he will not adopt the last perverted stunt of his Mickey Mouse organisation.

The reading will make you cringe.

It’s all about being so, so sorry that someone will be disappointed. The perverts are called with all the right letters in the right order, without even omitting the “plus” lest some freak show be offended. It literally drips of oestrogen-laden, eternal loser, soy-eating beta boy.

The general impression one gets by reading the cringeworthy document is that Mickey Mouse bishop is so, so sorry that Jesus should cause such disappointment in so many unique, wonderful members of the community (add here all the right letters in the right order, and don’t forget the “plus” at the end!); alas, this being Jesus, Mickey Mouse bishop still thinks that his oh so wonderful perverts will have to endure some discomfort; for which he is, mind you, so, so sorry.

Oh, if perversion just wasn’t condemned by Christ! How happily would we all live together, each one with his favourite perv letter (without forgetting the “plus”)!

This is, of course, a total inversion of logic, only possible when logic has been displaced by oestrogens.

Christianity condemns perversion. There is no place for the kind of sugary apologies in which the linked-to document seems to want to drown. We are not sorry that we are right. We are not sorry that perversion disgusts us to the core. We do not try to appease the Enemy.

Saint Bernadine of Siena wanted sodomites executed. Note that strange title, “saint”, and think very hard about how our Christian feelings and practices have deteriorated.

Mickey Mouse Anglican “bishop” is sooo, sooo sorry he cannot give to his beloved vocal perverts (and their “allies”) the ***last*** virtual dildo they demand. But no worries, he will backpedal in time, after an awfully long process of discernment, whilst still being – with many apologies – against the ***next***virtual dildo. This way, he will always look as a defender of orthodoxy, without compromising his Anglican Mickey Mouse-ness too much.

Meanwhile, one wonders how much Christianity has remained in a cartoon “church” unable to recognise reality even when they claim to respect it.

You, rare Anglican reader of this blog: reflect very hard whether dying as a member of such a joke will be sufficient to avoid damnation. We have stupid Bishops in our (only) Church, but we have an immutable Depositum Fidei to refer to, and the Barque of Peter to ferry us, damaged as the vessel is, safely on the other side.

There is, by all its troubles, only one shop.

It’s the one Christ found on Peter.

The Synodal App.

I wonder what hides in his phone…

It is known that there are, out there, mobile phone apps meant to facilitate “casual sex”, which I mean to signify people meeting for the only purpose of having sex. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this is driven by homos, for the simple fact that, irrespective of the sexual appetite of men, it will be extremely difficult to find women willing to engage in this kind of exercise. Therefore, these apps look like, largely, the preserve of sodomites. Still, one must also say that the level of horniness and brazenness of a heterosexual male using such apps goes way beyond what normal people would consider normal.

As it now turns out, a number of priests and seminarians have been exposed as using such (let us say it once again: largely homo-focused) apps.

Now, imagine this priest or seminarian, pretending to wanting to be a man consecrating his life to God’s service whilst being so obsessed with sex – and, likely, perverted sex – that he uses an app to find a way to satisfy his lust. What kind of priest will this be?

I tell you what kind of priest he will be: he will be the feminist, social justice, priesthood equality, ecu-maniacal, inter religious dialogue, Francis revolution kind of guy. This, if he is not all out as a Father Georgina type.

Put together enough of these disgraceful individuals, and you have a “synodal path” or, rather, the “Synodal app”. There, I have explained the way the church is going with the help of an app.

How do we get out of this? By ditching Vatican II.

Same as all other problems that plague the Church, the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine is at the root of this one. In fact, we might flip this coin and say that there is only one problem (the abandonment of proper liturgy and proper doctrine), and all the ailments of the Church come from there.

I am not a saint by any means, and cannot claim any realistic hope of going straight to paradise when I die. Still, the idea of using an app for “casual hookups” is quite disgusting even to a layman like me. The idea of a seminarian or even priest using such devices is simply revolting. But hey, the guy will be at the altar next Sunday at the latest, saying “peace be with youuuu” in a likely somewhat shrill voice.

V II and everything in it needs to be exterminated, and strong traditional doctrine robustly taught in seminaries, propagated among the faithful, and defended among the public.

You do this, you will see that priests are made of the right stuff and you have no hooking app issues.

The New State Religions And The End Of GloboHomo Bullying

Washington Official, 2023

When I was young, during the Cold War, the United States had sanctions in place against a fairly limited number of Countries, probably only a handful, though I remember South Africa and Cuba only and, very possibly, Iran, too. These sanctions were, also, more partial in nature. Nobody wanted to force South Africa to its knees, making their people starve until they rebel. Nobody ever stated the aim of reducing one big country’s currency “to rubble” via sanctions.

The idea there was, first, that a Country on which you try to put economic pressure will switch allegiances and move to the Soviet protective umbrella; and second, that you can’t be the policeman and morality guard of the planet.

I think it began to change when the Soviet Union fell and the United States started to look at themselves as the Super Duper Morality Power. Still, I think the movement accelerated a lot during the Obama years.

Two new cults (global warming and sexual perversion) became State Religions. However, now these State Religions could be enforced in ways just not possible before.

The game is very simple: every Country that goes against the tenets of the two new State Religions is, first, attacked with concerns about their human rights or corruption situation, and then – if it really does not want to fall into line – it is hammer time. Nowadays, the US have sanctions against – last time I looked – thirty five Countries, and their sanctions can be intended to be absolutely devastating even against a nuclear power. Colonel McDonald’s said on YouTube (without expanding) that the US nowadays can impose sanctions simply for not planting the cereals the US want them to plant. I suspects environmental “concerns” with substantial economic motives in the background. I do not know more and have not researched, but it seems to me to be par for the course.

This is, I think, a mixture of virtue signalling and fear. It is certainly convenient for US politicians to “look good” at the expense of some little African Country with, say, sodomy laws. Still, the same politicians could simply be scared of the countless virtue-signalling people (or bots) on Twitter demanding “action” against “homophobia” or “global warming”. Social media have created points of political pressure that simply did not exist before.

How do we get back to a normal world, without GloboHomo?

The best, fastest, safest way is the end of the US hegemony, simply because the US have become the worst, most satanical Homo and Climate Bully in existence. The emergence of powerful Countries which do not tell their allies how to run their own Countries (I am talking of Russia and China here) but can offer substantial inducements in terms of trade, raw materials, and military technology, will make the bullying more and more difficult in the years to come, even as the slow decline of the US dollar as world currency reserve forces the US to reduce their lavish military expenses abroad.

This means that the US will have to pick their fights way more wisely than they do now, because when you can’t afford hundreds of military bases abroad and your victim can bite you back harshly (or extremely harshly in the case of Russia) your decision processes will have to be reviewed, Twitter or no Twitter.

I think that the next years/couple of decades will see a great decrease in the pressure on smaller country to adapt to perverted notions of morality. This is something that should please every Catholic out there.

Pope About To Be Catechised

“Always these obnoxious people with their Catholicism!”

High time, you will say. I will agree.

It’s never too late, either. Even in his Mid-Eighties, the man might be forced to acknowledge some simple truths that he tried to escape all his life.

The occasion? His planned visit to South Sudan.

South Sudan criminalises homosexual acts, including so-called same sex marriage. Of course, so-called same sex marriage has the acts of sodomy built-in. It should, therefore, be punished as a criminal offence rather than simply not be recognised. It’s all very simple.

Now, when Francis flies down there, he will have to make a decision: if he recognises that the Government of South Sudan is merely punishing acts of sodomy, he will have to realise that this is in line with Catholic tradition and say so, because journos will likely ask. If he, however, states that such acts of criminalisation of sodomy are acts of criminalising homosexuality, he will ipso facto admit that he is at variance with Catholic faith and tradition.

I think the Government of South Sudan very well realised that the latter is the case. Therefore, they give him fair warning and very obviously state that they are willing and ready to teach the guy a thing or two.

I’d love to see Francis corrected openly and frankly by a Government. It would be another important signal, all over the world, that truth can’t change and two plus two remains four no matter how bad your math teacher is.

Euthanasia And Its Intersection With Gender

The doctor is already preparing the injection, Sir…

France is, as you are possibly aware, planning the legalisation of euthanasia.

They will take some good sounding (for the world) slogans, use some of those extreme cases that always make for bad laws, and then they will start killing people, which is what they love doing most.

Old people will be deemed “ready and willing”, either because they are put under extreme pressure, or because some homicidal doctor (plenty of those nowadays; I bet they wish Hippocrates had been aborted) has decided it for them; which, by the way, is another thing modern society wants to do with sane people at all times, because they clearly know best.

However, I think that there will be another category of people to whom this kind of legislation will find ready and frequent application: the t-t-t-transg-g-g-gender-e-e-ed people.

These culpably unfortunate people have an extremely high rate of suicide. I have – as even Greta Thunberg understands – never committed suicide, but I think that your average would-be environmentally friendly disposer of his mortal coil struggles with the thought for a long time, and refrains from pulling the plug on himself on many occasions, before he finally dispatches himself to his extremely likely final destination.

Euthanasia legislation seems made exactly for these people. Big whining, big indulging in drama queen behaviour, followed by the supreme self-sacrifice on the altar of one’s own madness and vanity. The State will make it very easy for these people to have everything carefully planned and flawlessly executed. The doctor will, just before inserting the needle, assure Dying Madman that he really, really cares, and “she”/“him” looks really feminine/masculine/elephantine today.

Who knows, perhaps this is just planned? Perhaps the eugenic thinking informing the action of great bastards like Margaret Sanger is being planned and applied, as I write this, to these useless members of society, for which the socialised medicine prevalent in Europe would otherwise pay extremely expensive operations and medical treatment?

“Looky here, “Miss”. We can operate you and try to make of you a woman. But in the end, a man you will always remain, no matter where your penis has been folded and hidden. You see? There is no escape from your body! Unless…. !!!!

Feel free to think about it and get back to us anytime, Wilhelmina! We are here to h-h-help. Really!!”

Declaration signed.

Doctor at the ready.


Couple of seconds.


Francis, The Homos, And The Strawman

Frankie Boy has, once again, made an ass of himself trying to look all modern and worldly.

Homosexuality is not a crime, he says. But it is a sin, he says.

He is wrong on both counts. The ignorance of this man never ceases to amaze.

The crime thing is a straw man argument. I do not know of any Catholic Country (when such Countries still existed; V II saw to that that they don’t anymore) which criminalises homosexuality, that is: which trials and puts someone to jail for the mere fact of being a pervert.

In fact, I am positive that Catholic Countries traditionally only punished the act of sodomy, not the condition (that is: the sexual perversion) of homosexuality. You see: a condition is not an action, it is not something you do, it is something you are. May it well be that, say, the homosexual has sinned many times on his way to festering his perversion into the “born that way” fantasy; still, the law never punished the being, but always the doing, the acting upon the perversion. Similarly, the Church would call a homosexual that does not act upon his perversion still a pervert, but not – in this at least – a sinner.

In fact, I am pretty sure that another fact stays: that in Catholic Countries the act was, generally, only made a criminal offence when scandal was given. This means that the homo who took every care not to advertise his horrible condition would not be liable to criminal prosecution for the mere sinful act. This was so, if memory serves, even in the Papal States!

Francis does not know what he is talking about. But he knows that he wants to look all modern and understanding, even as he thrashes those horrible people, the Catholics.

Mission failed, Frankie boy.

Next time you want to insult Catholics, at least try to inform yourself beforehand.

Where Francis got his fantasy of the “crime”, he should say. If this is something that applies to Islam he should say that, too. He doesn’t.

Francis is clearly using a huge strawman argument here, likely in order to make the social order of our Catholic past past Catholic look bad.

I think he is not just merely, as we say in Italy, “giving air to his teeth”. No. Not him. Rather, Francis is deliberately trying to sabotage Catholic culture. That he fails in that, too, is due to the embarrassing ignorance this man continuously displays.

The same goes for the “sinful” stuff. Here, it seems to me that there is not only crass ignorance at play, but rather the refusal to accept the reality of sexual perversion, because “who is he to judge”.

This must, also, be seen in the light of Francis’ home-baked theology, that there is no sin a priest has no obligation to absolve for, even if there is no contrition and repentance. Therefore, homosexuality is now “downgraded” to something God will automatically forgive; so hey, keep sinning and say to your confessor “I have sinned, father, and I will sin again”. It’s all fine, saith the Francis. You are just a sinner like everybody else. You will be fine, because an eternal punishment is not in the logic of the Gospel. Plus, who are we to judge?

Madness, And Where It Comes From.

McDonald’s made a lot of money on this one…

Is the fight against gender madness working? It appears, it says here, that it is. But I am not so optimistic.

First of all, the article points out that several US States even mandate gender indoctrination. These are no micro states, all the West Coast is included. It is clear that some local revolts here and there are not going to change the tide.

More importantly still, the article makes one situation clear: woke young teachers will become more and more the norm; reaction to them will, as is always the case, depend on the engagement of the parents. It is not difficult to see that this fight promises to be partially successful at best.

What is the solution, you will ask?

My solution is to tackle the problem from the root.

You see, the problem is not gender so-called theory. The problem is wrong thinking. Wrong thinking starts way before gender so-called theory. Wrong thinking starts when the parents concede the first defeat. Dealing with truth is a difficult thing. You start to accommodate and make compromises, you will soon have a teacher with blue hair trying to persuade your boy that he is a girl.

The problem starts when people start saying that they don’t care about people’s sexual habits. It gets worse when they start using the word “gay” without meaning “debonair”. It gets worse still when they start voting for the homosexual politician because “he is good”.

No, he is not good. He is a homo. How can he be good?

The normalisation of degeneracy has, as inescapable consequence, the normalisation of more and more degeneracy. It has to be so. These degenerates, addicted to their own filth, will not stop winning just because you hope that they have been given “enough”. It will never be enough.

How many Americans – outside of the rigid Catholic education system, when it is rigid – are “ok” with an openly homosexual teacher in their children’s classroom? Have, then, such parents have any right to be surprised, when the drag queen “visits” the school? Do they not see that they are part of the problem?

Sexual degeneracy is like crack cocaine. You can’t have just a bit of it. You either reject it completely, or it will screw you and your family completely.

It makes sense that it be so. Why would Jesus allow us to start betraying Him and get to decide when the betrayal end? It does not work that way. Iniquity begets iniquity, and the sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. The parents of the girl confronted with the huge dangling prick in the locker room likely profess “inclusion” of “the gays” and would not want to appear “rigid” in the matter. The dangling prick is a problem they have heavily contributed to create. They have, in fact, invited it every step of the way. That they are surprised now shows a remarkable, if diffused, lack of insight.

You can’t be wrong by half, same as you can’t be “neoconservative”. You start being wrong, you will unavoidably slide down and down, towards “preferred pronouns”. Conservatism requires dedication and integrity. If it’s just a way to pay less taxes, it is destined to fail.

Next time you hear a father complaining about gender theory, you can do much worse than to ask:

“What’s your opinion about homosexuality, Sir?”

The Tip Of An Extremely Ugly Iceberg

The rainbow flag cannot be seen, but I assure you it’s there.

I have written about this many times. We are now seeing the “first” signs. It is happening, and it will be extremely ugly.

As “the West”, we really have lost the plot. we have become stupid at a level unheard of, possibly in the entire history of humanity. We have forgotten not only Christianity, but common sense.

Which one, of the past generations of both Christians and heathens, would have allowed perverts to “adopt” children? What had to happen in order for perversion to be considered normal and healthy for children to grow up in? What kind of madness made us forget that, it being extremely well known that most pedophiles are homos, allowing homos to adopt children would lead to a great number of cases of child abuse?

These ones here were so perverted, and so stupid, that they even put their victim at the disposal of their perverted friends! The sheer abomination, the scale of outright satanic power exhibited by these two is mind boggling.

Note that they were found with the usual “love is love” rubbish in the house, and we now fully understand what all these prophets of “tolerance” mean by it. They were also, of course, activists, because even my cat knows that activism gives you a degree of protection, if enough popularity is achieved, and exposure to a lot of prey from the start.

I want to vomit.



But then I reflect that this scum is helped every step of the way by the prophets of inclusions, people who, when they are even not paedos themselves, certainly make the work of the devil day in, and day out.

Again: this is not only forgetfulness and rejection of Christianity. This is utter lunacy. I can’t imagine any other place allowing this in the history of humanity, but Sodom and Gomorrah, and situations very similar to those.

I make a very easy prediction: in the next decades, such cases will become very numerous, and will start a wave of lawsuits against the authorities that have allowed these abominations to happen.

Notice that the mainstream media does not seem interested in deepening the issue. One wonders why. One wonders how many journalists that should actually cover this are homosexuals with inconfessabile fantasies, or worse than fantasies, themselves.

Remember: the Fag Movement was at the forefront of the push for the abolition of the age of consent. They just can’t see pedophilia as bad, so perverted they are (even those who are not actual paedos). It’s Satan’s vomit wherever you look. It is expressed by constant smiling, fashionable words, a lot of hypocrisy, and a big dollop of brimstone.

But Putin is bad, see? He wants to protect children from these people.

We will, then, call him Mad Vlad, as that rag called “The Sun” does.

Remind me to pray my rosary for Vladimir Putin today. The guy who understands what’s going on.

I think he also understands the nature of Hunter Biden, and of the powerful people around him.

When Hate Goes Wrong

Mundabor’s present to Mr Geller

Every now and then, hatred backfires.

This time, it happened to a chap called Eric Geller, a cybersecurity journalist at Politico.

Mr Geller writes about cybersecurity, not about religion. As a Politico journalist, he had to be well aware of their policy about tweets. You would think that, this having to do with his job, he pays attention to it.

Well, er, no.

The corpse of Pope Benedict was not yet cold when this guy, blinded by hatred and virtue-signalling leftist zeal, wrote an extremely vile, libellous tweet about him. The tweet profile has (actually: had) his name and Politico affiliation all right.

Politico is not a conservative outlet, at all, and I suspect that virtue-signalling Mr Geller thought he could violate company policy with impunity because hey, shooting at a Pope is an activity nobody will question. Sadly for him, Politico’s standards are, for now, still higher than that.

It is, of course, not the first time these things happen. However, it seems to me that they normally happen to people who either are not educated enough to understand what they are doing (say: the rapper sending out the libellous tweet or YouTube video), or are so immersed in their world of political hate (because they work in it) that they don’t reflect that they are crossing a red line. This was was, however, a journalist for cybersecurity. You would think he can let Benedict rest in peace. Alas, he couldn’t.

This tells us the hate that pervades the mind of your average leftist in 2023. It’s not the writing of the tweet in itself that is shocking (a lot of people have such poison in their minds). It is the fact that, in this case, the hatred was such, that all inhibitions linked with doing something that you know could cost you the job failed to materialise!

Nor is this guy the fearless “freedom of speech activist”. Not at all. He deleted the tweet and admitted it was wrong. This clearly indicates that what was his undoing was, in fact, the boundless desire to look good showing his venom.

The end of the story: Mr Geller is now “freelancer”, meaning he is unemployed; nobody will remember, tomorrow, what his slander even was about; he got rid of a certainly very remunerative job, and Benedict does not care about the stuff that venomous cybersecurity journalists write of him.

A last consideration I would like to make before leaving you: what hides behind the man’s hatred? It is merely cheap vanity and desire to look good with your atheist friends? Or is Mr Geller – just thinking – a member of another, shall we say, tribe? Or is he, perhaps – just perhaps – afflicted by a horrible perversion that, once upon a time, was not even mentioned in polite society? Why would, otherwise, a cybersecurity journalists who knows his company has a Twitter/social media policy behave that way?

One has to pose himself the question, because the hatred that is on show here is quite remarkable. It’s either totally blinding vanity, or the devil at work in a more sinister way.

Enjoy your free time, Mr Geller.

Hopefully you’ll stay away from Twitter.

“Ain’t No Mo” Is No Mo: The Woke Army Fails To Appear On The Gender Trenches.

Why pay for a show, if the circus comes to your home for free..

The wokest, leftistest, pervertedest, tranniest theatre production in America did not live for long.

More preview performances (22) than regular shows (21), do not exactly make for a success story to tell the lesbian, pierced girlfriend of your green-haired, tattooed daughter.

You know what I am going to say? I bet you do, but I am going to say it anyway:

Get woke, go broke!

This is the more surprising (or not, as the case may be) as the theatre production did not start in Peoria (as many, I am told, once did), but in the very midst of the Rotten Apple. This was a show tailored for one of the most degenerates crowd on the planet: New York.

Heavens, with all the degenerates and their friends living there, the show should have prospered for years!

Alas, it wasn’t to be. Either there are a lot of perverts disgusted by other perverts, or there are a lot of perverts not interested in being told they are perverts; most certainly, the vast majority of the population being, even in new York, undoubtedly straight, it is obvious that the army of virtue-signallers has failed to appear on the gender trenches, choosing romantic comedies at the cinema theatre instead.

Shocking, shocking, that they would not listen to Matthew Broderick! A man, this one, so intimately connected to issues of discrimination, having married a woman with a face so, so equine people give her carrots instead of flowers.

The cheapest tickets in Broadway, and you still fail. One goes to the theatre box office and asks “what’s the cheapest production you have?” The answer is “Ain’t No Mo, brilliantly blending sketch, satire, avant-garde theater, and a dose of drag “. Thank you, Sir, I prefer to go back to my Country and say to my friends I did *not* go the theatre.

Someone has lost a lot of money on this. Can’t say I am sad.

Enjoy your deviancy, folks.

In hell you will not have fun anymore.

On The Side Of The Angels

I am so old I remember the time when the United States were a powerful driver of Christianity, and the Soviet Union was the avowed enemy of Christ.

Fast forward forty years, and the parts have reversed.

There can be no doubt that the United States have become the main exporter of that most toxic ideology called gender theory. In the meantime, the Country reborn from the ashes of the Soviet Union has clearly taken the lead in promoting those same values its predecessor, the USSR, was trying to destroy. Their anti-perv legislation is exemplary.

How important the celebration of degeneracy has become to the West (at least, to the Western cabals of unscrupulous rulers, uncaring of what they know the majority of their voters still think, though they have no courage to articulate) is the fact that, as you could see from countless videos if you were paying attention, the Ukraine has been pushing exactly those values the vast majority of the Ukrainians themselves clearly hate.

Why do they do that? Because they know that the celebration of perversion is the key to more money from the West. Many commenters have written on Reddit and elsewhere that they find it perfectly natural: if you want my money, you need to support my (degenerate) values.

This also has another, interesting side to it: if the Ukrainian Government reiterated its support for Christian values, you can bet your last shirt that, suddenly, the oh so worthy cause (admitting for a moment there is one) of the oh so brave Ukrainian people would be utterly ignored by the social media nutters who apparently shape the “collective” opinions of the West.

In turn, this tells us this: that, at least for said nutters (who, again, are those most politicians in Europe clearly fear the most) this conflict is mainly a conflict to push degeneracy against an increasing more self-aware and increasingly more powerful bastion of Christianity.

Russia is certainly no perfect Country, but it does not demand to teach the US how many genders there are (for that, it is sufficient to think). Russia is also nowhere near to the level of Christianity you could see in the West in the Fifties, but it cannot be denied that it is moving in the right direction.

Contrast and compare with the West.

You will clearly see who is on the side of the angels.

Bullies in Belgium.

Belgians are, according to a horrible magazine, running to “de-baptize” themselves (something they can’t really do; but the diocese will make a note of their desire to un-sacrament themselves, so it’s black on white when they die…) in droves. Their already very bad church attendance is also going down faster than Hunter Biden’s cocaine high.

I have written recently about post-couf Mass attendance. However, I also wonder: how is it that the anti-Catholic stance always seems to be more virulent where the Church is already massively lacking in charity, because trying to appease the world?

The answer to this is, I think, very simple: the world cannot be appeased.

There is no universe in which the local church takes the cowardly approach, and is not made to pay for her cowardice. In fact, I think that the Lord, in His wisdom, has decreed that this be expressly so, in order for the local church to be punished for not doing her job.

The article in the horrible magazine hints (perhaps out of anti-catholic spirit; perhaps just out of available information) that this desire to (try to) un-baptize oneself might have to do with the issues surrounding sexual degeneracy.

Say: young woman believes herself a lesbian, introduces her parents to her wannabe spouse, and the parents of the two dykes are now, suddenly and after a life of calling themselves Catholic, incensed that the luuurrv of their daughters cannot have a stamp of approval by the local church. How dare they, think the parents: One Love, and all that rubbish. As we live in an age of virtue-signalling, they then proceed to (try to) “un-baptize” themselves so that they can boast of this great feat on Facebook, harvesting the approval of their circle they so ardently crave.

Mind you here: if the Church in Belgium had been savagely thundering against abortion, sodomy, and euthanasia (the latter has now become a Belgian passion, like chocolate and waffles), then it would not be so expedient to seek (wannabe) “un-baptism” as a virtue signalling argument. Why? Because the virtue signaller seeks the approval of the mass of his friends. A brutal confrontation would make the argument simply toxic. Virtue signaller doesn’t like toxic. He prefers easy. His little Ukraine flag is there exactly because of the virtual certainty that all his friends think the same way.

In Belgium as elsewhere, the church needs to up the ante and massively raise the level of confrontation. This has a great effect and often works very well on this life (it always works well in the next). Why? Because, clearly, Christ wants it so, showing us countless examples of local churches picking up the fight and doing greatly in it, and local churches trying to avoid the confrontation and being crushed, but more slowly.

Nobody respect someone who makes an argument he is embarrassed of. On euthanasia, sodomy, and even abortion, the church counter-argument is so full of appeasements, so cowardly in its explanation, that it is not surprising at all that it gets rejected outright.

The Church in Belgium is like the boy who, fearful of a fight, ends up being the bitch of his bully.

When confronted with a bully, never try to appease him.

You are always, always better off picking up the fight.

Reaping What They Sow: Colorado Fag-On-Fag Violence Explained

Five more of those to Colorado, please….

And it came to pass that there was one of those fag-on-fag episodes of violence where one of that parish shoots several people of the same parish (the parish is, of course, the one of Sodom).

You would expect, the times being what they are, that the secular, utterly godless press pretends not to know that the violence happened in a den of iniquity, where people with all sorts of issues, sexual and not, congregate. They will sprinkle their article with the word “gay”, trying to look as liberal as they can.

But what really makes me angry is when bishops of the church express their sadness, solidarity, pain, condolences and other (worldly) shows of support, and can’t say a word about the said den of iniquity, leading to a very sad end for some among the sad life lived by all and the eternity in hell which, bar repentance, is their own final destination.

Dear bishops, please realise this: when some violent fag kills other people like him, your job is to point out what the consequences of sin are, not to beautify those sad individuals, and completely ignore their filthy existence, as if what they were had no relation to what happened to them.

The job of a bishop should be to say to his sheep: “see? These people live a totally debauched existence. Their souls have been perverted by Satan to the point that their perversion has become quite existential, depraved to a self-deluded born-that-way level. Satan wants to secure as many of those souls as fast as he can. Suicides, psychosomatic diseases, derangements of all sorts and that most typical of events, fag-on-fag violence, is the unavoidable consequence of it. And now, five more souls are most likely in hell, which Satan could rapidly secure for himself ***exactly*** because of the filthy life they chose to live”.

Sin begets death. Violence is a typical characteristic of inter-fag relationship, because, as we have seen now several times, those people hate each other, even to the point of mass murder.

You would expect a catholic bishop would find some catholic words when such things happen. But no: it has to be the usual, worldly, utterly secular whining, perhaps accompanied by some anti-gun rant to please the stupid. The simple fact that it was exactly the degeneracy that led to the deaths cannot be said.

And so, once again we have a beautiful example of what these people, who dare to call us “homophobic”, do to themselves.

They are the true homophobes. They hate each other with a passion. They hate themselves with just the same destructive energy. They carry in their heart all the misery, the hate, the violence, the filth they have allowed Satan to instil in them. They are not the victims, they are the culprits. They are their own butchers.

A pig who gets murdered does not become a lamb. It becomes a dead pig. A pervert’s violent death does not improve his character, does not give him any virtue, does not make him worthy of praise, does not give him any redeeming quality. In fact, his violent death has, most likely, fixed him forever in the iniquity he had chosen to embrace.

That means, most likely, roast pig in hell, for all eternity, and I am sure the roast pig has a toxic taste, too.

But hey, don’t let the faithful reflect on this.

It will be considered unkind.

About Miss & Miss Dyke

That’s more like it…

We are informed that a South American Miss Something carried out a Mickey Mouse so-called “marriage” with another South American Miss Something.

Even for a guy like me, more attracted to the Nordic, Russian Blue-Eyed, Porcelain Skin type, the two females in question (“ladies” really does not apply here) appear very, and I mean very fetching.

First thing I thought was: “what a waste!”. So much of God’s grace, that should have been used to attract a worthy husband and give to God healthy children, has been thrown away (but… has it?) on the altar of degeneracy. In hell, no Miss Dyke will look attractive, ever.

Second thing I thought is: this is a publicity stunt. I don’t know the “details” of this “Juliet & Juliet” affair, but it is easy to realise that this is a lot of publicity on the cheap, promising all sorts of yields, from magazine articles to book deals to TV shows to cinema contracts, to who knows what else. Attractive and perverted, the two certainly are in line with the times, and will titillate the curiosity of many a gossiping woman. There is a big market for attractive filth.

The third thing I thought was: this gets headlines exactly because of its absurdity. As everybody with a minimum of observation skills knows, your typical dyke is ugly, fat, coarse, and likely violent. The “pushing” on social media of very fetching (and possibly fake) examples of the species glamourises perversion and is used to divert attention from the inner and outer ugliness of these people. It was the same with that lesbian actress who married Johnny Depp; who, by the way, was also a serial sampler of exactly that… stuff she is supposed to not like.

The press looks for ways to glamourise perversion, both because they want to appear all alphabet-supporting, and because filth sells. The sheep sniff the excrement, because it gives them a strange sort of perverted excitement. This is despicable, and part of the problem.

The reality, though, looks just as grotesquely ugly as in the picture above.

Sister Dyke Is Getting Old

Fugit inexorabile tempus…

There was a time when Lesbianism was seen with grave disapprobation all over the West, and considered a sexual perversion.

There were no feminist clubs for angry lesbians back then. No easy way to meet and start relationships with fellow dykes. There was no internet to allow them to interact with each other. There was, also, a Christian environment that would have made it difficult for such dykes to keep their job.

Let’s face it: back then, it was not easy to be a pervert.

There was, however, an easy solution. Starting from the early Sixties, new opportunities started to open themselves for lesbians and assorted sexual nutcases. By choosing “religious life”, they could achieve three important objectives: the living out of their lesbian fantasies, the permanent solution of the income question, and the sating of that most elementary need of every pervert that always was, is, or will be: virtue signalling.

From the Sixties and Seventies, things began to change. Less and less religious sisters kept thinking, and behaving, in a traditional way. More and more, instead, began to look, behave, and go around like, well, dykes. This is, as I understand, a markedly Anglo-Saxon phenomenon.

The Sister Dykes rapidly became a strong example of everything that is wrong with this Vale of Tears: pacifist, Marxist, feminist, obviously atheist, pro abortion in all but name, and enemies of Christ and the Church, they distinguished themselves for the fight against every value of the Christian West. I don’t think they officially promoted satanism, but it could be that I have not being paying attention. Still, they made the work of the devil with remarkable energy.

As the West de-Christianised, these organisations should have prospered. In the end, there is assured scrounging for life, courtesy of countless generous faithful of past generations, and the favourable , fertile environment of alphabet culture.

Instead, these organisations withered.

I think I know why. The Perv Revolution brought, to later generations of dykes, ample opportunities to do exactly the same work, but in the employment of leftists “charities” and NGOs, sponsored not by past faithful, but by present billionaires and wealthy faggots. There is no need to call yourself “sister” anymore. You can be “out and proud” about your own perversion sexuality. You will not need to hide behind a different profession. Father Georgina’s wet dream…

Hence, the crisis of Sister Dyke. They are still around, but not for long. The only one who likes them now must be Francis. Heck, he might hate them, too!

On a completely, completely, completely unrelated note…

The Three Europes, According to Putin

You tell me if this guy looks like he is bluffing…

Putin’s yesterday speech was long, momentous, and utterly brutal.

I would like, here, to take one part of it and say two or three words about what I think this part of the message meant for the conflict, for Russia, and for all of us.

Putin made two clear distinctions. The first, between Russia and the West. The second, between the “Anglo Saxons” (means, here, UK and USA) and the rest of the West.

From a military/political point of view, he sees the US bullying the rest of the west, with the UK serving as Dobermann and all the others as Chihuahuas. From a cultural point of view, he sees the USA as leading a wave of madness and degeneracy, with the Dobermann trying to keep up and the Chihuahuas more or less ready to obey orders.

There are, therefore, in this vision, three Europes.

The first one is Russia. This is the Europe which wants to stay Europe. The Europe which reveres its cultural and religious values and keeps honoring traditional Western European culture. The Europe for which a penis makes you a male and a vagina a female, with all that entails.

The second one is the Anglo Saxon bloc. This is the Europe which wants to become a madhouse. Trannie soldiers, celebrations of degeneracy in every form, corruption of the youth since childhood, rented uteruses for rich perverts, “parent 1 and parent 2”.

The third one is the remaining European Countries. Some of them more traditional, some of them veering towards madness. All of them, unable to make their own path and to escape the immense economic pressure of Big Bullying Fag.

If you ask me, Putin has reassured the first Europe, thrown down the gauntlet to the Second, and told the Third to choose side.

This was a very intelligent move. A lot of Poles, a lot of Czechs, even a lot of Ukrainians hearing him talk of “Parent 1 and parent 2” will instinctively know – in fact, will not be able to deny – that, however much they may hate him, he is right on fundamental, foundational, civilisational questions. They know what the Anglo Saxon Faggotry is trying to do to their children and nephews. They know what their instincts, basic decency, and religious traditions says about that.

At home, in Russia, where his popularity is unabated and gaining ground, millions will have heard his words as if it was music. He promised them that Russia will not, ever, slide down the path of sexual degeneracy. In fact, Russia is tightening its degeneracy legislation right now.

As to the third, the Degenerate Europe (and West), he has clearly stopped to care. We will be mocked, and deservedly so. We will be ignored, and deservedly so. I hope it does not happen, but I am sure that, if we deserve it, he will bomb the living shit out of us, too. This is what, at some point, might happen if you allow your country to become a Sodom.

Sodoms have this strange tendencies to attract destruction.

More has emerged from yesterday’s event, but I wanted to throw some light on this aspect here first.

Because, whatever you may think of it, this is a conflict between the forces of light and those of darkness.

Living Rooms And Cool Minds.

“Rouble to rubble, did you say?”

The vote on the request for annexation to Russia in the four traditionally Russian provinces in the Ukraine begins today. The outcome is quite obvious, as the annexation is the best thing that can happen to the local populations, particularly after the loss of territory in the Kharkov region.

I think this annexation (about which I have no doubt, as the Duma clearly favours it in case of favourable outcome of the referenda) will shift the game on globalism and homo agenda significantly.

Please note this: since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, anti-homo (to variable extent) forces have won in Hungary, Serbia and, soon, Italy. They have also advanced in France. They will, no doubt, make inroads in Germany in the coming months.

Conservative Europe tends to have a different attitude towards Russia than its Regressive part. This they do because, other than the Regressives, they do not feel the obligation to hate Putin just because they deem him ho-mmo-fffpho-bicc. They look at things in a more neutral way, do not care for the Alphabet, are generally no friends of globalism, and consider a warm home, a job, and a future for their children very valuable things to have.

If I am right (but I have often been wrong in life), the suicidal policies of most Western Governments will cause a general shift to the right. Why would someone who has been lied all year about Russia’s ability to withstand the sanctions, and Europe’s inability to cope with those very same sanctions, keep believing those same politicians when they talk about refugees, homos, or trannies? No. I think that the huge cry of “enough” that will soon rise from Europe will extend to a lot of stuff (globalism, degeneracy, vaccines!) that has been supinely accepted or tolerated in years past.

A cold living room should help a lot to think about these matters with, so to speak, a cool mind.

We shall see. Winter is coming and it will, I think, not care much for virtue signalling and little flags on the Twitter handle.

Fagghiarchy, Or: Some News From The Alphabet Paradise

We get, from a very official source, some insights about the Alphabet Paradise.

In this island of concord and tolerance, the mutually supporting same sex “partners” contribute to a serene atmosphere and to mutual understanding, creating in their own household (though I think some of them love to call it “family”) that environment of inclusion and respect for the “other” they so sorely miss in the cruel, cruel world out there.

“Toxic masculinity”, as they love to call it, is not part of their experience. If they are Romeo and Romeo, they treat each other gently, in a slightly shrill but very cordial voice. If they are Juliet and Juliet, they support each other in their fight against fat phobia and ugly phobia, exchanging tips for reinforced chairs and digestive salts.

It is a world filled with acceptance. Tolerance. Understanding. Non-violence.




Is it?

Ouch! Turns out, the apostles of tolerance are so violent, they make a drunken, angry Irish daily labourer around 1910 look positively pacific! The figures are staggering, and they are quite a revelation even for us, the normal people!

Look: we knew there must be a reason why the stereotype of the Lesbian is: ugly, acidic, and violent. In a way, the news of their high rate of violent behaviour is not really a surprise, and all those pounds of fat will, once launched in a swing, certainly have an unpleasant effect.

But it is the staggering amount of violence among sodomites that is most surprising.

You would imagine Romeo and Romeo spend half their time whining and bitching at each other with unnaturally high voices, as they frantically gesticulate in an attempted imitation of some old theatre diva. You would think they are pathetic, cringeworthy, utterly embarrassing, but at least peaceful.

Not so. Apparently, there are a lot of Romeos who actually love to exercise some quite violent piece of, well, fagghiarchy on the other Romeo! I don’t want to know, or even to think about, whether scratches or fists play the bigger role. What is clear is that the violence is there, and it’s absolutely massive.

If I weren’t the absolutely tolerant and inclusive person I am, I would almost think that the devil destroys the lives of these people, and makes of them a living hell, in every aspect of their existence.

Thank God I don’t have the horrible prejudices of those ho-mo-pho-bi-c Catholics!

Imagine the stress and the pain, having to think with your own head!

The Bear, The Clowns, And The Rainbow

Larry Johnson asks why the West hates Russia.

One hypothesis he makes is: because Russia is the only Country which visibly extirpated royalty. I disagree with the hypothesis: most Europeans are, whilst on average, possibly, better educated than their American counterparts, very far away from the level of knowledge of history that would allow even the beginning of such reflections.

The second one is: because of the Oligarchs. I agree with Mr Johnson that this cannot be. Oligarchs are, in Europe, a matter of fascination and curiosity. One of them could, for around 20 years, own one of the most famous football (soccer) clubs on earth without ever any detriment (for him or the club) deriving from his being a Billionaire. Until now, that is.

The third is: because Putin has the reputation of being corrupt. This also does not work. Zelenski has likely rewritten the book about corruption, and the Clintons are still loudly celebrated among Western liberals. In fact, I will go as far as to say that the average Westerner understands that, for Putin and his close collaborators, accumulation of riches is nothing more than life insurance.

The fourth hypothesis was, I think, added after reading the comments, because I don’t remember it when I first read the article. Several comments touched on this very issue, and the issue, if you ask me, hit the bull’s eye: because Putin defends Christian values.

Putin has become, all over the West, the walking-talking Chief Hoi-moi-phoi-beec. He is a symbol of Christian thinking and decent living. He is, in a word, sanity coming to us from the cold.

Nor can you make the argument that in Russia, say, abortion is still allowed. Putin is an extremely cautious, careful man (again, much differently from the caricature of him spread in the West). His modus operandi does not consist in big societal changes par ordre du mufti, but in the slow, constant shaping of the Country in a way that reflects its traditional mores and ways of thinking.

Putin was mocked for pushing Christianity when only 3% of the Russians defined themselves as Christian, but he pressed on. Nowadays, it is more like 70%. This slow, constant re-shaping of the Country is what Putin will be remembered for, much after his victorious campaign in the Ukraine is forgotten.

Putin has done the same in every main aspect of Russian life. He has not staged a massacre of Oligarchs, but he has reduced their influence and restituted the immense riches of the Country to the public hand. He has not killed Capitalism after the disastrous Yeltsin experience, but he has adapted it to the needs of the Country. He has, also, slowly and tirelessly worked on the recovery of the Russian dignity in the world: repairing the economy, repairing the administration, caring for the army, and making of Russia the real powerhouse in military development (yes, I have bad news for you: the Russians are, as per today, way in front of the Americans in missile technology, and this superiority is so marked and gravid with consequences that it makes of them the First Military Superpower).

Putin’s action, the steady and relentless push for the desired outcome, is also visible in the Ukraine. Slowly but surely, Russia keeps advancing beyond extremely fortified, NATO-sponsored enemy lines. The, actually, quite formidable Ukrainian army (vastly superior, in February, to anything Germans, French or Brits could dream of) is being methodically hacked to pieces. Russia goes forward slowly and steadily, and will retake, at the very least, all of the Donbass and, very likely, all or much of old Novorossiya (means that you can add all the ports on the Black Sea, and likely some other big prizes like Zaporozhie, Kharkov, and Krivy Ry).

Look now, if you please, on the other side. The Ukrainian Regime is not tired of staging alphabet stuff on the streets of Kiev. They really want to show the West that they deserve the West’s help, because they are made in the same way (of course, the population isn’t asked, as you would likely know the answer very fast). The Zelensky Gang wants to flatten itself on the West’s degeneracy, because they want to put their snout in the West’s trough.

This, not historical considerations about Russian history, is what is, today, immediately perceived by the Western populations. On the one side is the old, God-willed order, in the form of a mighty Russian bear. On the other side is the satanic perversion circus, with his assorted motley crew of self-important, utterly incompetent clown politicians and their perverted loudhailers. This is, really, all you need to know.

This is, incidentally, why the BBC is so (again) flattened on the American positions: the percentage of perverts working there must be quite, quite scary, and they must see that anti-Putin propaganda is more important than any discomfort about blatant American power-grabbing.

When you understand this, you understand everything: the Russophobia, the shameless propaganda, the bigotry, the sheer hate.

And by the way: look at the lyrics of the wonderful hymn above, and tell me if it has references to God, or to Communism.

Tranniedom: A Cautionary Tale (Caution: Strong Stuff)

Just waiting…

This is shocking, but it should be known.

Try this for a start: “Then theres the act of going to the toilet. It takes me about 10 minutes to empty my bladder, it’s extremely slow, painful and because it dribbles no matter how much i relax, it will then just go all over that entire area, leaving me soaken. So after cleaning myself up, I will find moments later that my underwear is wet – no matter how much I wiped, it slowly drips out for the best part of an hour. I never knew at 35 I ran the risk like smelling like piss everywhere I went.”

Quite the picture, isn’t it?

Imagine this madman, who has gone to the extent of self-mutilation in order to try to live his perverted fantasy, now being constantly reminded, in a painful way, that hey: whatever lies he told to himself, he is a male.

I have no sympathy for the guy, at least not for what I know of him. If, one day, he sees the light and denounces the entire madness, then I will see his suffering as a sad consequence of his own former madness. If he does not repent, this guy has “suicide” written all over him, then it is clear that his self-inflicted torment must be, to him, an extremely harsh, continuous rebuke of his entire rebellion to the Natural Order.

It gets worse. Try this:

“Any pleasure I do get comes from the Prostate that was moved forward and wrapped in glands from the penis, meaning anal sex isnt possible and can risk further damage.”

This looks like a parody of a sex-obsessed pervert. It was written by the guy as if anal sex were a normal aspiration. The rest I could, thankfully, not even begin to understand, and please don’t explain it…

“Then theres the dreams. I dream often, that I have both sets of genitals, in the dream I’m distressed I have both, why both I think? I tell myself to wake up because I know its just a dream. And I awaken into a living nightmare”.

Very perceptive guy, this one. Ten years were sufficient to him to discover that he is, literally, living a lie, and a satanic one at that.

If you click on the little sub-comment, you will read the rest. The rest is not for the faint of heart, with Frankenstein-like stuff like a “stump” of the old organ which has to remain, and the “neovagina” which is too small for intercourse (and one can only wonder what kind of degenerate freak would want to have any acquaintance with that).

If you can’t click the link, be informed that the guy is all rainbows and stuff; therefore, no sign of repentance. This is a guy who complains that Dr Frankenstein, who operated him, did not tell him before what kind of results he would have; an absurdity, of course, but people make excuses.

How will this end? My bet is on suicide, as I see all the marks here of Satan’s work: first the luring into perversion, then the obsession, then the self-mutilation, then the punishment, which appear irreversible, and the obvious suggestion to the “patient” that he ends it all, so that he can more surely fall prey of his new eternal master (in whose existence Pervy boy likely does not believe).

Do I wish this guy hell? Of course not. I wish him happiness, in heaven, together with (hopefully) me and many other. But realistically, the odds are atrocious.

Salvation is not a lottery where you live like a degenerate madman and get saved, just because…; or you try all your life to be on the right side of heaven and end up in hell, just because. God’s Grace, and particular the Grace of Graces, is, generally and as a principle, related to some degree of faith, perseverance, and fear of the Lord, imperfect as they might be. It is not imparted randomly and blindly.

We work on our salvation with fear and trembling. We know that we are entirely dependent on God’s grace, and we strive to collaborate with it. We know that we cannot, strictly speaking, merit anything. But we also know that we better try anyway.

All this is lost on our degenerate. He is focused on self-created monstrous problems like a “Willie stump”, a “neo-vagina” thinking it is, well, a garden irrigation instrument, and having (being a male) “morning wood” without the tree…

XXI Century, this is how mad you have become.


I stand with Russia, with Christ, and with sanity.

Fagciscan At The Head Of The German Province

Now in a monastery near you

This is quite bad even for Germans, and I had to do a double take in order to be sure I was not reading the Babylon Bee. But no, it’s official news.

What this tells me is that:

a) a guy can just “come out” as a pervert among the German Franciscans and he will not be kicked out.

b) the fact that guy can be elected to lead all of them tells you all you need to know about the number of German Franciscan who are either homosexuals or perfectly fine with it.

c) the move is happening because the little Fagciscans know that Francis will not do anything about it; in fact, he will likely wholeheartedly approve, albeit not openly.

Nor am I awaiting any reaction from higher echelons within the Order. It is clear that this is pre-approved.

My take: not one penny to the Franciscans more, ever, and the start of the call for their disbandment as an Order.

Francis, the Saint, would be appalled at seeing his order transformed into a gay sauna.

Accompaniment, Saint Bernardino Style

“Learn from Saint Bernardino!”

Ah, Saint Bernardino of Siena!

This fearless Saint is still very well known in Italy. A bit like a household name. Not many know the details about him, but everybody has heard his name!

Francis too, methinks?

You see, Bernardino (or Bernadine as I think some would say in English) was very good at doing exactly that stuff that Francis lurvs!

The guy met sinners where they were at*. He would preach, for example, in the middle of Piazza del Campo in Siena, exactly where all those sinners congregated! So accessible, so down-to-earth! A cura villero ante litteram! How pleased must our Pontiff be with him!

And then, then….

… when the people had gathered….

… the saintly man would….

… in his charity….

thunder against sodomy like there is no tomorrow!

He would advocate for a strict enforcement of sodomy laws. He would advocate for the execution of public, unrepentant sodomites! He was, actually, so good at that, so passionate, so full of zeal for Christ, that he managed to enflame the audience with a sacred desire to see the laws (both of man and of Christ) enforced and this scourge, as far as possible, eradicated!

Blessed enthusiasm! God-given zeal! Is it a surprise that Bernardino is remembered as a great Saint, his fame in Siena only surpassed (possibly) by the great Saint Catherine?

The great man did not sit in his ivory tower. He did not spend his days and night closed in a room, lost in studying, writing, or contemplation. Such a guy would, certainly, not suit Francis.

No, Bernardino was the active guy, the guy who “accompanies” the sinner, who moves and lives right in the middle of the sheep! Francis must be a great fan of his, surely?


Surely… ? ….

Oh well, never mind….

* I find that final “at” very questionable grammatically. I suspect the influence of some Protected Minority in this. But this is the language our clergy uses…

A Confession

This is something that I don’t do often.

I just don’t like talking about my private life.

But there is a confession that I have to get rid of. Something that keeps putting me more and more at variance with this side of the Planet. Something that, I think, my readers have the right to know. And here it is….





I have no “gay” friends.

Not one.

Not even a suspicion.


And you know why? Because perverts disgust me.

I have a normally functioning brain. I have the hormones, thinking processes, and view of the world which normal people have. Therefore, I am disgusted by those people and their lurid practices.

Before it being Christianity, it is just decency. It is normality. It is a brain and an organism functioning exactly as they should!

Even if I were Agnostic, or – quod Deus avertat! – Atheist, I would think and behave exactly in the same way. Atheism does not, it itself, perverts one’s brain into thinking that that filth is normal. In fact, on the matter there was a remarkable uniformity of mind, in Italy when I was growing up, irrespective of the political ideas (of which we had an extremely bright spectrum).

The problem began when too many minds, deprived of solid Catholic education, started to blame themselves for their own feeling of disgust, also noticing that this is an issue which, well, can cause you to lose friends or having to go through some tough conversations. But mainly, it’s the fact that the brainwashing of our society tells people that their instincts are wrong, and they should be ashamed of them.

Against this, the Church does almost nothing. It’s not only the – not unlikely perverted – Evil Clown himself. It’s the hundreds, thousands of Bishops clearly not allowing good and faithful priests to talk frankly about the matter.

It is about time that we reclaim the right to be normal, and stop apologising for not being, and not liking, a pervert.


Some judgmental opinion for you, right there.

You are welcome.

No Shit, Sherlock! Or: Judgment In The Age Of The Alphabet.

The most atrocious of fake UK non-Catholic “c”atholic magazines has aired its views about how, in their own estimation, the laity of the Church in the UK looks at the way the Church deals with perverts. The rag the opinion that, always according to fake Catholics, the Church is judgmental and condemning.

No shit, Sherlock!

At Her very core, the Church is to do with judgment. This is, in fact, the reason why the Church exist in the first place. It’s called the Barque because it is there to help the faithful not to drown. To criticise the Church for being judgmental is to criticise her for the crime of existing. To blame her for being condemning is to demand that She makes the work of Satan.

How rotten this “catholic laity” is, is already seen by the fact that, if you listen to them, the Church is undermining her very own legitimacy for the very act of doing Her job.

This is, basically, perverts and their friends stating that they question the legitimacy of a Church daring to be the Church. Let that sink in, and reflect on what it says of these people.

Go right on, you bunch of deviants. Go away from the Church and make your own non-judgmental sect, or else join the army of dying, mickey-mouse sects already crowding the fake Christian space: Presbyterians, so-called CoE, Quackers (a couple of dozen still exist somewhere), non-denominational sects, or the like!

Go where you won’t be judged. Disappear in PC, inclusive, sodomy-affirming, trannie-encouraging cuckoo land. But don’t keep polluting the Bride of Christ with your perverted, truly judgmental, truly God-defying, thinking.

And oh, I forgot….

You will be judged anyway.

When it is too late.

The Anti Child Grooming Law

In Florida, Governor De Santis has promoted and vigorously defended a law meant to prevent homosexual indoctrination of little children. This alone tells you how serious the situation has become, and how evil our opponents are.

The Devil’s side has immediately called the measure the “don’t say gay” bill. It already makes me angry that these people need to always distort the nature of things in order to promote their perversion (but then again, distorting the nature of things is what perversion is all about).

What, however, really infuriates me is that the centrist and centre right outlets immediately adopted the slogan and keep repeating the moniker, even if only to support the Governor’s initiative.

Let me make this very clear: if you adopt the language of the enemy, the enemy wins. This applies not only in this case, but always.

Every time one uses “gay’ for “homosexual”, “homophobic” for “Christian” or “normal”, “fat phobic” for “sensible”, “voter equality” for “voter fraud”, “equity” for “communism”, and countless other leftist-mandated expression, he is giving the opponent the right to occupy strategic ground and win in the end. Put it another way, your mouth must be where your conviction is: you can’t condemn sodomy and try to be nice about it.

The same happens for all the initials and the Alphabet salads of all sorts.

Why does “our” (more or less) side do this? In part this is, if you ask me, pure laziness: using terms you already see used to give your readers/viewers/hearers a quick frame of reference. This is bad and must stop.

In much bigger part it comes, I think, from that most pernicious of modern diseases: the virus of niceness. The writer on “our” (more or less) side wants to get credentials of moderation, reasonableness, and lack of bigotry. He might even think that being so “sensible” will help his cause. The problem is that our opponents do not care one bit for the way you express yourself, and will crucify you anyway.

Therefore, the Anti Child Grooming Law must be called just that. Similarly, Walt Disney should never be mentioned without the attribute “child grooming enablers”.

“The Child Grooming Enablers at Walt Disney have, once again, expressed their disapproval of the Anti Child Grooming Law sponsored by Governor De Santis”.

See? It has quite a ring!

Let us stop with this niceness nonsense. Our opponent have nothing o& it.

He who wants to win a battle needs to learn not to give his opponent the high ground first.

Pants on Fire? Or, Dare We Hope That Bishop Barron Is Not A Homo?

I dare say Bishop Barron likes this guy a lot

So, dare we hope? Follow the link and judge for yourself.

There is an awful lot of stuff there. Not coincidences. Not episodes. A whole picture.

In the very, very, VERY best of cases, Barron is a Bishop with a clearly unhealthy passion for culturism, which leads him to wrong choices and to give the money donated to his organisation to his not-very-Catholic-looking pals irrespective of qualifications. This sounds unprofessional and, again, a strange environment for a Bishop as one certainly prone to unhealthy narcissism; a narcissism so pronounced, in fact, that most women will tell you it makes such men unattractive to them. Go figure… in more than one sense.

In the worst case, this is just another closeted faggot blathering heresies because he has lost the faith, and the shame, a long time ago. One, also, in the hands of the Gaystapo.

I reflect here, like the author of the linked article, that the Bish praised Father Georgina and wrote an endorsement approving not only one of his books, but him as a person.

Oh dear… let me dare some reflections here…

Who, endowed with normal feelings about sodomy, would ever express himself in a positive way towards an obviously effeminate promoter of it?

Mind: in contrast with the author of the linked article, I am not in the least interested in the question whether Bishop Barron is a factual sodomite.

If he is homosexual, he has to go both as a Bishop and as a priest. Homosexuality is not compatible with the priesthood, period.

I will, here, dare doing something daring and, in fact, dared by many a daring commenter before me. I will , in fact, dare to make the hypothesis that Bishop Barron a) belongs to the same parish as Father Georgina, b) is allowed to make a career as “controlled Catholicism” of sort and fake (but still heretical) “conservative”, but c) is controlled at every step by those who can ruin him at all times. This daring supposition would explain the absolutely stupid act – in a guy who wants to appear conservative to the badly instructed – of d) endorsing Father Georgina; one who, I dare say, looks, sounds, and writes like he is the second coming of Pierpaolo Pasolini (who, take it from a mother tongue, was an obscenely bad writer, too).

Let nobody say, here, that I am giving scandal. Bishop Barron is giving scandal. I am merely the guy who is sickened by it, the more so as the guy promotes heresy under the guise of conservatism.

Let us, also, not hide behind the usual finger of “perhapsism”. Perhaps it’s all a strange coincidence; perhaps the Bishop does not know what Father Georgina goes around saying all the times; perhaps he is so innocent that he lives together with hunky men and does not think anything of it; perhaps he is just naive; perhaps he is just so darn thick; perhaps, perhaps, and more perhaps.

I dare to hope that he is not like that, merely very stoopid.

But a much bigger intelligence than me once said that if it walks like a fag, swims like a fag, and quacks like a fag, he is very likely a fag.

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