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Crystal Cathedral Gets Lease of Life

Eleventh "Hour". And fifty minutes.....

As you can read here, the judge has given the “Crystal Cathedral” ‘s board time until the 9th August to submit an own plan to emerge from bankruptcy, and will decide on the 14th September on its viability.

As previously reported, the plan seems mainly to consist in asking for online donations from the (undoubtedly) vast following of the “church”. The “hour of power” (well…) “show” is supposed to be able to mobilise the equivalent of 100,000 people giving 500 dollar each. A “courageous” plan, would Sir Humphrey undoubtedly say.

Stranger things have happened, but after careful consideration it is still difficult to me to understand why people living in, say, the Netherlands should feel so attached to the building (not the ministry) to fork out the money those who personally attend the services do not want (or cannot) fork out. In the end, the message doesn’t depend in the least from the edifice and the ministry would certainly continue – albeit in different premises, and perhaps with a different name; perhaps even in the same premises for a while –  after the sale of the asset.

Therefore, if I were a, say, typical Mr Van Hooydonk I’d be asked to pay 500 bucks, knowing that other 99,999 people are required to do the same, for the sake of the visual package of my favourite TV transmission.With the rather important consideration that Mr Schuller, the engine behind the success of the “church”, is not a young boy anymore and the organisation to whom the Dutch gentleman gives his money might, in just a few years’ time, have a completely different theological orientation.

But you see, this is always the problem with Protestants: you never know when the club’s rules are going to change.

Not so with Catholicism: a club whose rules are guaranteed never to change, with the Holy Ghost being a guarantor for that. Yes, in this club you are not entirely protected by bad board members, either; but to know that there’s a limit to the damage they can do is a great consolation.

Good luck with the “miracle”, chaps. If you succeed, at least the diocese of Orange will be spared from what remains, in my eyes, a mistake.


Crystal Cathedral Not On Sale Anymore. Perhaps. For Now.

Televised in front of a worldwide audience: "The Hour of Bankruptcy".

In a move which, to this cynical eyes, reeks of desperation, the Crystal Cathedral board is going to ask the judge overseeing the creditor’s committee to be given another 120 days to raise the $50m they couldn’t raise in the past 10 months.

Talk of positive thinking!

The business plan looks a bit like this: the money will come from somewhere; the Holy Ghost will provide for this; or we might ask 100,000 people to donate 500 dollar each, and Bob’s your uncle.

Look, 100,000 x 500 = 50,000,000. What can go wrong?!

Good luck with that, folks, and congratulations for the nerve. You’re lucky I am not the judge in question, though.

Far from me to wish a Proddie church to grow and prosper, further spreading error; but if the judge allows them further 120 days for this outlandish plan, this might persuade the Diocese of Orange to let the project be, listen to the voice of reason, abandon the idea of buying a protestant temple on the cheap and focus instead on building an authentically Catholic Cathedral. A building made as God intended, built with patience (a virtue) and faith (another virtue), and then able to serve Catholics for many centuries to come.


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