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House Of Fags

Hands well in sight, Mr President!!


Oh, how the Harveywood-mighty have fallen! 

The same man who, when a first episode of quasi-paedo (we don’t know for sure) behaviour came to light, apologised for what he could not remember but – if true, he said – was certainly the fruit of drunken behaviour is now being submerged by allegations concerning his very recent, very non-drunken behaviour during the filming of the world-famous House of Cards TV show.  

One can also not avoid noticing that the self-professed bi-sex Spacey only harasses men. It goes to show that one can’t be in the middle: a fag is a fag is a fag, period. 

I am now, like everyone else, awaiting Netflix’ decision about Spacey’s continuation there. Can it be that a serial harasser with possible paedo tendencies is allowed to continue? 

No, realistically it will not happen. It’s very difficult to think that Netflix will risk the ire of both the leftists and the conservatives in the US and abroad, tarnishing not only the TV show but the entire brand. What I think might well happen is that the TV series will continue, but it will take a hit; and that Netflix will limit the damage but, they will feel the pain where it hurts most, in the bottom line. 

Perhaps, this will teach them that this homo-infiltration in the entertainment industry is not good, and it is good for the business if an actor – excellent as Spacey may be – is, actually…



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