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Obama Is A Homophobic Hater

I thought he'd think this "cute"?

The disgusting picture you see above is one of the photoshopped images used by Benetton, the crap sellers, to try to help a declining brand to escape oblivion with some “cool” scandal, like for example openly approving faggotry.

You would think that such disgusting exercise would be very pleasing to the liberal minds, never tired to stress out how “homophobic prejudice” continues to penalise countless ohh so sensitive perverts and make them a target for homophobic persecution or, to use a fashionable word, “bullying”. Who then, you certainly reason, should be more happy to be represented in such a “diverse” posture than the New Messiah, the Herald of Change, and enthusiastic supporter – as much as his role allows him to; at least until after the election – of so-called “gay rights”, Adolf Hussein Obama?

Isn’t it so, that an enthusiastic approval of the picture would earn him the immediate approval of all the “liberal minds” – even the heterosexual ones – of the United States? Isn’t it so, that with the economy set not to improve rapidly and a deficit to let the Italians look thrifty, Obama needs all the support he can get from those oh so mistreated minorities who see in him a beacon of hope and social – again – “change”? Can it be denied that a liberal mind like Obama cannot, cannot see anything wrong in a homosexual kiss, even if he happens to be straight? Aren’t liberal not all faggots at heart, and be it only in their own peculiar, oily, hypocritical “I would so like to be a faggot to know how it feels to be persecuted”-way?

Wrong, my friend. The White House is not amused. Not amused at all. Obviously they don’t say that dear Minority President doesn’t want to be identified, in any way whatsoever, with that minority; liberals have high standards of hypocrisy that must be maintained at all times. No, what they say is that they resent the use of the President for “commercial reasons”. Interesting. I seem to remember Nixon with the Coca-Cola bottle. Besides, the subject of the campaign is, in change-English, “unhate”. How can it be that the President of the United States overlooks the humanitarian sense of the campaign, to focus exclusively on the vile commercial interests, like a Republican would? What kind of mindset is this? What has happened to the promised “change”? Was the same virulent reaction caused by the (now passed) phenomenon of Barackvertising?

Take it from me: the President of the United States acts the liberal, but in reality he is a homophobic closet conservative.

Or, as they say in Italy, “everyone can be a homosexual with other people’s backside”…


P.s. one is curious about the reaction of the Chinese… should be fun for Benetton’s Chinese sales prospects…

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