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Health And safety Madness Hides Anti-Catholic Feelings

Typical Head of Health and Safety Department

Another example of daily madness in XXI Century England.

Father Hugh Mackenzie, of St. Mary Magdalen church in Willesden, London, has organised an Easter march every year these last 14 years.

But this year he is, apparently, not authorised to do so. The reasons would be:

1) that new red tape rules have come into effect;

2)  that said rules require the local authorities to be “consulted” (instead of merely the police to be informed), and

3) that this has not happened in time for the local authority to “consult” about a 400 metre  procession that has been happening these 14 years.

What we learn from this is very simple:

a) that a country drowning in debts and struggling to cut costs at every corner is still not immune from the most scandalous waste at local level.

b) that the self-serving community of leftist local administrators does so in the most leftist of ways: increasing both useless public expense and red tape oppression

c) that these people really, really want us to believe that there might be a safety issue in a 400 metres procession on Good Friday. This would put their mental sanity in doubt, if we didn’t know that this is pure bureaucratic thinking.

I cannot even imagine that, had the same situation arisen for a “minority” group (say: Muslims, or Hindus, let alone homos) the ruthless self-serving machine of Brent Council would have worked with the same self-serving ruthlessness.

I want to think that the chaps are simply trying to create useless, wasteful, economy-killing jobs for friends and family, which is their main (pre)occupation anyway. But I can’t avoid thinking that a certain smell of anti-Catholic – or even anti-Christian – behaviour is present here as by a precession so short, already effected for so long and with the police already informed one could certainly find a solution by merely switching his brains on.

More alarming is the situation when one considers the particular situation of Brent council. The Daily mail informs us that

in July last year the council appealed to the Muslim community to notify it of any Eid events so it could promote them free of charge.
But it did not do the same for other religious festivals.

Notwithstanding this, Brent council has nothing else to say than this unbelievably arrogant statement:

‘Brent Council was not contacted about the march until around a week ago.
‘There is a strict legal procedure we have to follow to issue a traffic order closing roads so people can march in the highway, which includes advertising and consultation, and this takes about five weeks.
‘We are very sorry to say there is now not enough time for us to legally facilitate this march.’

Legally…. what?!

This, from people who until last year (and for all times, if you ask me) have been considered fully superfluous in such decisions, a notification to the police being considered fully sufficient.

Arrogant, self-serving, anti-Catholic asses.

I do hope that Fr Mackenzie will go on with his planned easter march and seek confrontation with the council.
We might see the one or other head falling here, following the example of that other hero asking his colleagues to have as many road works open for as long as possible, because the ensuing traffic jams would “increase traffic security for children”.

I truly hope that some heads will fall here, and not one minute too soon.


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