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The Satanic Duo: Mundabor’s Little Survival Guide In The Time Of The Church’s Pancreatic Cancer.



The news that, of all people, another damn Jesuit has been appointed at the head of the CDF is a call to all of us to be prepared to deal with the coming earthquake. Today I would like to mention an important point my readers should, I think, both heed and divulge as much as they can. 

We don’t know when this is going to end. Too often I read people persuaded that it can’t be long now until the promised intervention of the Blessed Virgin happens. This is both dangerous and presumptuous.

It is dangerous because it exposes the person who so thinks to a big disappointment, and possibly loss of faith, when the present mess keeps going on, and getting worse, year after year. Make no mistake, the devil will do what he can to inoculate into the mind of those faithful the thought that the protracted chaos and failing of the promised heavenly intervention is evidence that the Church is not indefectible; therefore, we have been lied to; therefore, there is no God, &Co.

It is presumptuous because it is simply arrogant to think that one knows God’s plan, or when things have gone far enough, or when we have been punished long and hard enough for the madness of Vatican II. 

We don’t know how bad this will become, and we don’t know when it is going to end. It’s as simple as that. What we can know, though, is that the events that are unfolding in front of us are God’s punishment for the rebellion bearing the name of Second Vatican Council. God is punishing us for our rebellion and arrogance, and it only shows more of that arrogance to think we can decide for Him when it is that we have been punished enough, and when the punishment will end.

Yes, we have vague indications. When all seems lost, the Blessed Virgin will intervene. But when is it, that “all seems lost?” It seems to me that there are a lot of people around for whom this seems to be happening again, and again, and again! 

We don’t know, period. The future might give us atrocities not even realistically assumed today. What we must do is to strengthen our resolve that we will keep faithful to Christ and His Church no matter what. As things get worse and worse, this must be for us simply the way to understand how terrible the rebellion was, and how deserved the punishment that followed. 

At some point, everything will seem lost. Can’t imagine that this means ambiguous encyclicals letters promoting heresies and sacrileges actually too easy to detect.

No; I fear it will be mind-blowing, truly earth-shattering. 

Prepare yourself for a papacy openly, publicly, insistently “celebrating” all the work of the devil: euthanasia, abortion, fornication, sodomy, you name it. Now, that would be a scenario where “all seems lost”. 

Prepare yourself for the nuclear catastrophe: a successor of Francis that is far more intelligent (not difficult) than, but just as evil (well possible) as Francis; one like Schoenborn, say, who will have all the damn Pollyannas screaming in girlish excitement that “we now have a conservative Pope!!!” as the man keeps destroying, but in a more subtle way; easily duping the idiots with a fake “conservatism” that is merely a facade after the antics of Francis.

Prepare yourself, perhaps, for even more shocking events than the ones above; like, say, a Pope declaring his “love” for a Cardinal, or a “change” of “gender”, or the like.

“But this is absurd, Mundabor! It will never happen!”

Says… who exactly? How many did, in 2012, predict “Amoris Laetitia” only four years later? How many did, after the Revolt Of The Kitten at the first Synod, predict such an obvious dereliction of duty from our entire body of bishops and cardinals?

It is exactly when the up to that point considered absurd happens, that “all will seem lost”. If you think that Amoris Laetitia is it, you just haven’t been paying attention to the dynamics at play, or to the extreme cowardice of our prelates, or to the immense scale of the rebellion of Vatican II. 

Vatican II was an unprecedented rebellion. Something different in its very nature from the lust, greed, or ambition influencing Popes and clergy of the past. Vatican II is the Church’s pancreatic cancer. It is not for us to decide when the chemotherapy has become strong enough. We know that the Church will survive. But we also know that nothing will remain unpunished.

Be wise and do not think that you know the hour or the day. Rather, use the current events to better reflect on the enormity of the offence made to God by the madness of Vatican II. Use them to strengthen your faith rather than expose it to danger with a presumptuous attitude. Observe the decay of this corrupted, but still beloved earthly church, plagued by cancer, knowing that the cure will only come when the patient has become almost the ghost of himself: extremely thinned, horribly disfigured, given to delirium, and not recognisable but by the Elect.

Love the Church. Love the Church and believe in her even when she is disfigured, thinned, delirious, and barely recognisable. Pray that she may recover her health, but do not live under any illusion that you will see it in your lifetime. You have only been promised that she will not die.

About the extent of the disease, the disfiguration and delirium it would cause, and the time of recovery you have been given no promise at all. 




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