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Jimmy Savile: Why Do BBC And NHS Not Get The Church’s Treatment?

The BBC had never noticed this man's look and behaviour...

The ongoing revelations concerning the astonishing abuses and disgusting perversion of Jimmy Savile are most notable in this, that there is of the horizon no form of generalised condemnation of the very institutions that covered him.

It must be clear to the most stupid and ideologically blinded BCC journalist that Savile could remain unpunished only through a decade-long collective blindness within both the BBC and the NHS. Still, I do not detect any call to brand each of these unworthy institutions in any way even remotely comparable to what has been done with the Church.

This is the most absurd, as the NHS is the greatest Nazi mass-murdering organisation in the country (I think we are still north of 150,000 babies murdered a year), and the BBC is the one who has treated the Church with the B2 bomber for decades, as in their very corridors abuses of all kind very simply ignored.

Jimmy Savile should be worth one thousand Cardinal Laws, because no one can say the Church has protected any one priest for decades in an even remotely similar way to how countless BBC employees and managers have chosen to turn a blind eye to what, as it now emerged, was abundantly clear for a very long time.

Still, the BBC, always oh so ready to take the moral high ground, does not proceed to indict itself; nor do the libtards proceed to question their role and their very legitimacy. The same goes for the Mass-Murderers, who will no doubt downplay decades of known and covered abuse as an unfortunate series of single episodes.

The BBC and the NHS represent two of the worst realities in this country; they are two satanical strongholds fully sold to a murderous and/or perverted ideology. No, it does not mean everyone working for them is bad, and heroic battles have been fought by brave doctors and nurses inside the NHS. But again, these heroic battles have become necessary exactly to counter the way the NHS understands itself; a circumstance, this, which today is conveniently forgotten.

Jimmy Savile exposes, with his undoubted evil, the evil of the organisations which allowed him and his perversions to thrive.

But no: the enemy number one, particularly of the BBC, will remain Christian morality and the Church Christ founded.



BBC, Satan, Jimmy Savile

No, seriously...

No, seriously…

The extent of Jimmy Savile’s perversion has now emerged in all its shocking dimension, easily realising yours truly’s prediction that the first wave of revelations was merely the tip of the iceberg. It has also become more than apparent Savile skilfully used his popularity to deter from personal attacks to him. Part of this game was, of course, seeking the vicinity of popular people, and using their own charisma, prestige or simple notoriety to build a protective shield. His ability to intimidate must have helped him, but he could only intimidate because he had his popularity and vicinity to the power to allow him to do so.

Among others, the Prince of Wales, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II had photo-opportunities or were linked to him; this has originated, from the usual quarters, the usual predictable criticism.

Still, there are important distinctions to be made. Neither John Paul II nor Margaret Thatcher ever worked with Savile on a regular basis, and for an intelligent man like him it must have been automatic to realise when in the company of prominence even for an extended time – as it was the case, it appears, of the Prince of Wales – he had to be on his best behaviour and do not give rise to any suspicion the vicinity to him might one day become a huge liability.

On the contrary, it is on Savile’s favourite hunting ground, the BBC, that his behaviour must have been noticed, as it is absolutely inconceivable he could have worked there for decades without his true personality as an extremely creepy person – to say the least – emerging. This we know because we know the freedom and impunity he enjoyed there. You don’t brag or make jokes about sex with 12 years old with the Prime Minister, but if you do with your colleagues at the BBC (as he most certainly did), well it must have reached a lot of ears, intimidation or no intimidation. 

Why, then, was Jimmy Savile left untouched by his own bosses for so long? Very simply, because the BBC is an evil organisation filled with utterly immoral people with no clue about basic decency and no problems with perverted behaviour. When you see the BBC produced TV version of Dickens’ “Little Dorritt”, with strong lesbian undertones inconceivable in the original; or the BBC co-produced version of “Brideshead revisited” with a grotesque homosexual twisting of the main characters; or again many other BBC co-production like “The History Boys”, where the homosexual issue is heavily present, as it is in ” The best exotic Marigold Hotel”, another BBC Co-production unavoidably exhalting faggotry and sodomy, you know what these people’s plan is.

Basically, the BBC puts our money only in productions pushing their own perverted agenda, and they go so far in their madness they do not hesitate to sully classics of English Literature for the same purpose. Is it a surprise that in such an environment a Jimmy Savile may go on undisturbed for decades? What has happened with Savile is merely another facet of the general decay and perversion reigning undisturbed within the BBC walls. When Satan infiltrates such an organisation with his stupid champagne cretins, he will obviously not be happy with merely one perversion.

All this, of course, with money we are obliged by law to pay so that the Buggers Broadcasting Communism may go on undisturbed.

Well done, BBC. You should ask for an increase of the TV Licence.


Post Without Words

BBC And Jimmy Savile: The Day The Dams Broke.

Do NOT confuse with Savile Row.

It was clear that something huge was happening in the matter of the paedophile pervert known as Jimmy Savile when, hours before the announced broadcast of the ITV documentary, allegations and anecdotes had started to grow like it was the new sport of the autumn.

More importantly, the new allegations were all very precise, and all gave the same portrait and described the same behaviour (the jokes; the Rolls; the hotels; the BBC changing rooms; and the underlying threat coming from the position of power of the man inside the BBC).

Predictably, the dams have now been broken and, predictably, this is only the start. A couple of dozen episodes have come to the light in just a few days. We are talking here of a dead man, and of episodes happened up to several decades ago; it is easy to think that many will prefer to shut up, or have died; also, here there’s no Church or Michael Jackson to blackmail with a clever move Now the Metropolitan Police has taken the lead on a complex investigation that will involve several other police forces around the Country. Against a dead man. At least they have recognised how serious this is.

Amusingly, the BBC is now discovering – in instalments, so to speak – how bad the entire Savile affair was, and have now decided to be officially shocked, and very ready to collaborate with the police now that the place swarms with them.

This would be bad enough if the BBC had been, say, an obscure orphanage in which unspeakable things happened, unbeknownst to the public opinion. But the sad reality is that Savile operated in the same corridors, and was protected by the same hierarchy, who went on for a couple of decades slandering the Church in the most despicable and populist of ways, even to the point of condescendingly implying  that priest celibacy had a role in it (no it had not: homosexual priests had).  

Now, it must be very clear that I do not want to condone or downplay the faults of some among the Church hierarchy in that matter – the biggest fault, of course, the allowing of homosexuals in the seminaries, in the stupid hope that perversions would not generate further perversion; nay, in the satanic conviction that some perversions aren’t perversions at all… – and if I think of the late Pope John Paul The Not-So-Great I could remind my reader of an episode or three that should not have happened at all. Still, I find it tragically amusing that the same organisation  which does not hesitate to slander a body of 400,000 clergymen (an extremely tiny minority of whom, let us remind ourselves, ever even accused, let alone convicted; and in percentages all too similar of those of Anglican clergy and English teachers, if you care to google the facts; comparisons, these last, you will not easily read or hear from the BBC) lived with the filth in their own corridors for decades, and tried to cover it up until, basically, the day before yesterday. 

Truly, there can be no possible excuse for such astonishing hypocrisy. It is as if the Cardinals around the Pope had had a number of twelve-years old  on the side – do not be distracted by the side stories of  “inappropriate touching”: we are talking of libidinous acts with ten and twelve years old here, and even of nights in hotels; without even the elementary decency of keeping it secret within the BBC environment; truly satanic…) for their own personal amusement for decades, and the Pope, knowing all this, had preferred not to see and to thunder against very occasional failures within the BBC instead. God – and my readers – know I am no admirer of either the present or the former Pope; but truly, compared to the BBC fat cats they must be angels.

This is going to stay with us for a while, because the police has made very clear that even if the main suspect is dead the matter is serious enough to be examined very thoroughly. Bad, er, news for the BBC…

The Beeb now faces a major crisis of authority and credibility; not among us sensible people, who have always known what a cesspool they are; but among the mass of the unwitting viewers, still thinking there is something like professional integrity or even unbiased information going on over there. 

What has been going on inside the BBC – and not just in the past, but basically up to two weeks ago – has only one word: omerta’.

Soon George Entwistle will have to drop the last ridiculous defence: the absurd and pathetic claim that the internal Newsnight documentary was shelved for reasons other than the desire to cover up the scandal. The claim is so stupid even Nick Clegg would consider it an insult to his own intelligence.

When this happens, then Mr Entwistle ( a man not new to U-Turns in the last days: he has now magically remembered he knew about the allegations; but only in December, not in the decades before….; oh what a tangled web we weave …) may have to start thinking about a carefully worded letter of resignation allowing him – if he can – to get out of the mess before the tsunami of mud swallows him whole. 

Be it as it may, “Buggers Broadcasting Communism” will probably have to be rephrased in “Buggers Broadcasting Paedophiles”.



BBC-Savile Affair: Heads Will Have To Roll.

Beyond fixing: Jimmy Savile, the BBC icon.

Jim will not be able to fix this, and rather probably the BBC will fail, too.

Every day brings new accusations, anecdotes, episodes, some of them shocking, some of them “too graphic to be printed in a family newspaper”, as the generally rather “uninhibited”  Sun writes.

In all this, the BBC looks and more like an Anglican bishop caught groping the valet, and they have today releases a very embarrassed statement  blabbering about helping the police who is knocking at their door anyway, and being oh so solicitous in launching an internal investigation now that the entire country knows.

Sadly, it appears their own team of Newsnight had investigated rather well, but had been silenced for reasons the BBC still has to explain, and which will probably revolve around “we do not care to say that Jesus had a wife without a shred of evidence, but if one of ours is tought to be a paedophile we’ll only talk when others have proved it beyond reasonable doubt”.

Also please think what the oh so concerned people at the BBC would have said if a Bishop had told of one of his priests that the diocese will collaborate with the police… after the police is investigating him and there’s no real alternative to collaboration.

The situation is now surreal: the BBC (Buggers Broadcasting Communism, I am told it means) now claims there is “no record of complaints”. Really? What have they done with them, then? Or were they unable to write?

Today there was also a dramatic change in the tone used: “horrified” if the word used at the moment; which is a marked, police-induced improvement already. The claims of “no records” also lasted (thinking logically) just a few hours, as it is now openly admitted allegations were there from the Seventies.

Ah, all baseless rumours, must our heroes at the Beeb have thought. “Where will it end” – they must have said to each other –  “if we start doing something serious after only ten or twenty years of allegations”. And they accuse of cover-up… the Church, with the Vatican hierarchy often sitting thousands of km away?

Yes,  “horrified” is truly the word; but referred to the BBC, too.

What the Daily Mail calls an humiliating U-Turn looks with the hours more and more like a rout. The simple fact is that the BBC was caught with their pants down just in the matter by which they most love to pretend they have caught the Church with theirs. Most worryingly, it seems that this was not the action of one or two isolated friend of Savile making some cover-up for him, but something many had to know. How the BBC can even think of pretending they are not involved up to their chin is beyond me.  

At 23.10 tonight, ITV will broadcast an investigation with the shocking and graphic revelations.  Whatever it is, it is difficult to believe the BBC did not have a vast hint, if not a detailed knowledge, of what had been happening for decades within their own walls; that is, before ITV first went on the scent.  I think it is now very appropriate to ask that the silenced Newsnight report be also broadcast in full and without censorship. We could see if the product was so unsubstantiated and below the BBC “professional” standards, as it is more or less vaguely hinted at.

It appears the BBC were if not the accomplices, at least the willing enablers of Savile’s perversion not for one year or two, but for decades, and I am really curious to hear how they will really explain how is it that nothing serious was ever done.

I do hope the name f the BBC will in future not be mentioned in any other TV or newspaper without mentioning the name of Jimmy Savile, and that a lot of mud will deservedly stick. Is this not what they have done with the Church (the entire one: the Church as an institution) for too long?

If you want to know whether they knew, just read Savile’s BBC Obituary: (emphasis mine)

His eccentric personality, unconventional lifestyle and irrepressible self-belief all defied convention, invited personal speculation, and bemused many an interviewer over the years.

Some questioned the motivation of the man behind such a singular public persona, but his energy and ability were beyond doubt.

What a very British way to say a lot of people inside the Beeb knew, and pretty much everyone was afraid of being the first to talk.

If I were a BBC journalist, I’d now suggest they introduce BBC employees’ celibacy as I would see in it the root of their  scandalous involvement in decade-long child abuse and/or child rape.


The Beeb’ll Fix it

Creepy: the late Sir Jimmy Savile.

If you live in England, you cannot avoid noticing the growing waves concerning Jimmy Savile, an extremely well-known presenter, disc-jockey, “charitee”-activist, BBC icon  and what not. Oh sorry, I forgot: apparently a serial pedophile, too.

Now, I am not a private investigator or a policemen, and even if I think Mr Savile’s memory will very soon be deservedly covered in dirt, my point today is not to shoot at him. Not because I do not think he was a bastard (I truly think he was; an 1a bastard with certificate of authenticity, and it seems like a veritable dam of omerta’ is now going to get busted), but because what I would like to point out to you is how the BBC behaved in the matter.

The same organisation who is never tired of shooting against everything Catholic, has the microphones permanently full with “pedophile priest” stories and is oh so sensitive and politically correct when dealing with poof wanting to “marry”, and Anglican vicarettes wanting to play bishop, clearly tried to cover up the embarrassing matter of a BBC icon having been a pedophile for several decades, with the complicity of the Beeb.

It has now emerged the Beeb moved only when it was too late; that is: when a rival station demanded to know from them what they knew. Before that, material was suppressed and information clearly available not aired. And this is not a secondary matter, as the man was – apparently; I can’t say I have any remembrance of the man – a real heavyweight in the history of televised Britain.

So you have the BBC in short: ferociously biased against the Catholic church, and ferociously protective of people belonging to their own “clan” and perceived patrimony, and doing that for which they most criticise the Church: the cover-up of paedophiles among their own ranks.

White City: the home of whited sepulchres.


BBC In Sex Abuse Cover-Up Scandal

Champagne kiddie-fiddlers

Fantastic post from His Hermeneuticalness.

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For those who don’t know it, Guido Fawkes is one of the most beautifully vitriolic blogs I have ever come across, and a true bastion of freedom in a country where freedom is more and more often confused with the will of the liberal and gay mafia.



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