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HHS Mandate: More Good News.

The Witch of the West in a recent photograph.

The Witch of the West in a recent photograph.



More good news on the HHS Mandate.

This time, the exemption is broader than in the Hobby Lobby sentence, and it comprises organisations and istitutions not included in the “closely held” definition used in the Hobby Lobby sentence. A TV network, a Catholic Diocese, an orphanage (I think), a school and a college are among those exempted.

This is another punch in the nose for the HHS mandate. It will not kill it, but it’s very good news nevertheless.

Waiting now to see ho wmany Jesuit universities will offer contraception in their health plans even if not mandated.



Sebelius Bites The Dust

Kathleen Sebelius just before the crash...

Kathleen Sebelius' destiny appeared, to external observers like yours truly, sealed for a while already. It was evident to any halfway skilled observer that a mess like Obamacare would need for people very high in the chain of command to fall on his sword, so that the Emperor may go on living. The approaching mid-term elections also made it utterly unthinkable to continue for much longer without an Officially Sacrificed Scapegoat. Therefore, the female was clearly a goner. Today, it was announced she was finally ordered to fall on her sword. No, they didn't put it this way. But you and I can see through the usual spinmeisters' crap, that persuades only those who don't need persuading.

I now predict Obamacare will undergo the same fate of Communism: as the real existing one continues to wreak havoc in the lives of countless people, the die-hard fans will insist the problem is merely in the implementation, which could have been better, but clearly not in the product itself. Whose fault it is, that Sebelius did not realise the Obamian Utopia, we will never be told. The locusts, probably. The earthquake. Certainly not the godless madness of the Emperor, who is Divine and therefore above success and failure.

Sebelius' political demise marks the day the Obama administration openly – though still not officially – admits Obamacare is a huge liability, and the situation is now called “red alert”. The attempt starts today to say the mess is not Obama's fault. He was betrayed by people he trusted. Not because he is an idiot, but because he flies too high for the dirt and little miseries of this world, where Christians demand that their religious freedom is respected, companies are fed up with having additional costs burdened of them, simple citizens discover every day the same, and everyone realises whenever Barry tells you you can keep something, you had better start saying farewell to it now.

Obamacare is in shambles. The Biggest Possible Scapegoat has been slaughtered today. All the problems remain. Barry has nowhere to hide, though the army of boot lickers will shield him as they can. I don't think the midterm will be a great joy to him, making him even lamer than he is now, and with the party scrambling for a face saving castration of Obamacare before the 2016 elections care for it themselves. We shall see.

But it's good to see Kathleen meet the same end as her almost identical twin, depicted above.



Georgetown University Meets The Exorcist

Georgetown University was proving a rather tough nut to crack…

The author of “The Exorcist”, an alumnus of Georgetown University and former theology professor in the same institution, is preparing a canon law suit against his alma mater, because it fails to act in accordance with the name “Catholic”.

If you have any doubt about the real thinking of the man, Mr William P. Blatty (a Hail Mary for him is in order, surely?) , you must be informed he has created a  society meant to, as they say today, “create awareness” about the attitude of the Sebelius pals.

You want to know the name of the organisation? It appears to be the “Father King Society to Make Georgetown Honest, Catholic, and Better”.

Isn’t it fitting that Father King, another former theology professor at Georgetown, is rumoured to have been the priest who inspired the character of Max von Sydow in the film?

I wish I would be able to point out more parallelisms but alas, I really, really can’t stand horror films.

Unhappily, Georgetown University provides me with the same show without even having to pay.

Best wishes to the “Father King Society to Make Georgetown Honest, Catholic, and Better”, and congratulations for the name!


Georgetown: Sebelius Called “Murderer”.


Less than two minutes into her “look at me” speech at Georgetown university, Adolf Sebelius was heckled by a pro-life activist (I do not approve; I merely report…) and called “murderer”. The activist was escorted outside.

Later he made a very interesting comment:

“Georgetown University claims to be a Catholic school and it’s an outrage that somebody that supports the murder of unborn babies would be invited, and somebody has to stand up for the babies and if it’s not this Catholic University then it’s got to be Christians,” said Lewis.

Beautiful words, and a pity that he should have disrupted Hitler to get the media echo for his words. But he is absolutely right when he says if the Catholic University doesn’t defend basic Christianity, Christians will have to do it.

Kathleen Hitler wasn’t pleased, I am sure. There she was, telling everyone how much money you can save by killing babies (she did it; no, really; use the search function…) and there comes one and says something that tomorrow will be on the lips of half the nation, and might stick to her for a long time.

Ah, what a shame. Should have been such a beautiful day…


Obama-Sebelius Interview leaked

Makes sense…

Please Sign The Georgetown Petition Against Sebelius

This is freshly pressed from , and you find the direct link to the petition here.

The petition is directed to US Citizens only.

Please give your contribution….

or else I will post another of those terrifying Sebelius pictures.


C.S. Lewis On Nazi Nannies

Nazi Nanny.


Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

C. S. Lewis

Yep, a great Proddie, this one.

Kudos to the looking spoon


HHS Mandate: Sebelius Has Her Back To The Wall, Seeks Face-Saving Exit

Support for Sebelius was very vocal in Illinois.

You read here today’s CNA article about the latest turn in the HHS mandate story.

The translation in proper English is as follows:

“Dear voters, we are more and more scared this will be the undoing of us. You see, we have tried a very strong stance at the beginning, but this wouldn’t work. Seeing we were driving against a wall at great speed, we have invented a “compromise” that wasn’t such, and have tried to sell it to the gullible; of whom we know there is a great number, because we are in office.

Unfortunately, the “compromise” tale didn’t work, and now things are getting really scary. Every week this remains at the centre of the public opinion, votes get lost. We need them, you know. And we need all Catholic votes we can get, because we are enough in trouble as it is. We thought the Catholic population would follow us after we say a couple of words about “women’s right” (it works, generally, quite well) but the bishops wouldn’t accept it and started making such a mess. Like, unfortunate, really. We tried to explain to them what Catholicism says about contraception and abortion, but those people are so stubborn, they don’t even listen to America magazine. I mean, like, really?

We have discussed about this with the Prez, and we have decided we don’t think this is going to go away, or so he read from the teleprompter. I agree with the teleprompter,erm, the Prez, though. I mean, this is going to, like, hurt.

At this point, there’s no other choice than to start preparing an orderly retreat. No rout, of course. We’ll go back in installments, and try to look as good as we can in the process. If the mess ends, we will be able to go back to normal at any time, anyway. If it doesn’t, it is better to start opening the emergency door now.

At the beginning, we’ll continue to say we’ll give contraceptives to everyone, and “women rights” will not suffer, and we want only discuss how the mandate can be improved. We’ll show ourselves ready to listen. Concerned. Paternal, even. But we’ll pave the way for those “improvement” we’ll be forced to concede anyway. As to the cows, we’ll tell them something to keep them happy. We don’t need great skills to do that. The cows are very gullible.  Like, I mean, they’ve elected us, right?

So what I’ll do now is to say I want to , like, “listen more” (or some such thing; it goes down well, you know). Then I’ll wait and see, and if the mess goes on we’ll have to talk with the Prez and see what he thinks. Damn, it’s always so difficult when the teleprompter is broken, though…

I know you won’t be very pleased, my dear “wymyn”. But you see, I have my back to the wall and no intention to be shot at until November. We’ll have to make compromises. Real ones, this time.

The Prez told me the same. Like, I mean, reading from the teleprompter”.


The True Face Of Kathleen Sebelius

In case you have any doubt Kathleen Sebelius is Goebbels.2, you only need to read her shocking (providing anything concerning that woman can still be defined as “shocking”) affirmation about the fact that the more children you abort, the less Obamacare costs.

This is what she said, verbatim:

 “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for cost of contraception,”

Kathleen Sebelius

I do not even know when to start.

Firstly, I was under the illusion the Obama government had tried to persuade us they actually wanted to avoid abortions. I know it is a lie, but this is the lie they went around saying. But this is not what Goebbels.2 says. She says contraception directly translates in a reduction of the number of births, which is an economic benefit.

For the first time in history, a country thinks it good to have less children, because it reduces its healthcare costs.

I must, at this point, humbly apologise to Dr Goebbels. He would have considered such talk inhumane.

Secondly, if one follows Goebbels.2’s logic, several avenues to reduce health care costs open themselves. Try this:

the reduction in the number  of Alzheimer’s disease patients compensates for the costs of euthanasia

This is exactly the same logic, expressed in exactly the same way. 

It doesn’t end here. At the House hearing which originated such brilliant piece of Nazi ideology, one member posed the lady the following question:

 “So you are saying, by not having babies born, we are going to save money on health care?”

Sebelius’ answer was:

“Providing contraception is a critical preventive health benefit for women and for their children.”

Dr Goebbels

Notice she does not answer the question, recurring to the usual way feminists use whenever they are in trouble: throwing the word “women” around. It was interesting, though, to know the aborted children has a health benefit from being aborted, too, which must be what she meant every time the woman who wants to abort does not have children.

This woman is a monster.


Kathleen Sebelius Or The Triumph Of Complacency

Cruella De Vil

As most of you know or have understood by now, I am Italian. As such, I have coped with eighteen years of arrogance, vulgarity, complacency and at times outright stubborn stupidity from Berlusconi.

Still, one point must be clear: superficial as Berlusconi was, the government machine worked pretty much in the same way – by far not as inefficient as many seem to think, I assure you – and the rules of constitutional decency had to be observed out of fear of a complex system of checks and balances who would never allowed Berlusconi – though he loved to say so at time, or to threaten he would give it a try – to be prime minister, legislator and judge.

In short, even when Berlusconi was tempted not to do things properly, he had people around him telling him that he would have been eaten alive if he didn’t, and the needs of a coalition government meant he could never decided to do as he pleased.

Not so, it seems, with the Obama administration. Here we have a government attempting an unprecedented assault at religious liberty, and it turns out not only the bishops were not consulted beforehand, but even a legal opinion was not obtained. From the Catholic League:

Kathleen Sebelius

Under questioning from Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sebelius further admitted that HHS never subjected the religious liberty issues to a legal analysis, as requested by 27 senators. She also admitted that she never asked the Justice Department to consider this issue.

Honestly, this seems to me to confirm what I had written here: this row is not the result of a planned confrontation, but rather of unplanned complacency, superficiality or outright stupidity and absence of the most elementary common sense.

Sebelius can, perhaps, gain some bonus points with her knife-lipped feminists if she says she didn’t feel she had to consult the bishops because she thinks the president had done it on several occasions, which actually turned out to be one meeting with Archbishop  Dolan (what a monster of professionalism we have here, anyway; though knife-lipped feminists can’t be expected to see this). What she can never expect, is to be considered a halfway acceptable professional after she has admitted not even a legal opinion was obtained, in a matter whose constitutional relevance is such that even jewish and non-denominational organisations are suing the government.

I cannot imagine a more blatant admission of arrogant, stupid incompetence.

Berlusconi himself would be, no doubt, appalled.


Nazi Nanny Cares For Your Lunchbox

Adolf Hitler

This blog post is, alas, the twin brother of the one explaining to you that Nazi nanny cares for your milk. It truly beggars belief that the very same  department spending so much energy to effect abortions and prevent pregnancies be obsessively “concerned” about the health of those to whom it was benevolently granted not to be aborted (there was a screening, probably; and one was found to be fit enough for the nation).

Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sebelius

That the same Nazi department  should think of imposing you how much fruit to eat and at the same time plan a genocide of unborn babies is not really a contradiction: it is the expression of the same Nazi mentality.

In a Nazi world, what seems absurd to us becomes natural. Nazi Germany allowed abortion (only country in Europe) but was obsessed with physical strenght and health.

Nazi HHS does pretty much the same.

The linked blog post appropriately comments:

To answer your question, no. There is no end to what liberals think they know better about. No limit.

This obsession with knowing everything better, making everything differently and creating a new humanity with it was, by-the-by, just another Nazi pet.


Nazi Nanny Cares For Your Milk.

Don't worry, little one.If Sebelius doesn't kill you, you'll never fear unpasteurised milk...

This post on Father Z’s blog really defies imagination.

The very same department unconcerned that every year a big army of babies are killed in the womb mounts an armed operation to stop interstate sales of unpasteurised milk.  

Seriously, this is what happens when people first smoke their brains out and then come to power….


EWTN sues Obama Administration On “Contraception Mandate”

This was NOT photoshopped...

And so after the various religious ones, the first lay Catholic organisation (EWTN) filed a lawsuit to stop the so-called “contraception mandate” (a misnomer, if you ask me: firstly the real issue is clearly the one of religious freedom; secondly “contraception” is extended to abortifacients; that is, to outright abortion). I have more than a vague impression that this is not going to go away very soon, and will make the B.O. administration increasingly more sorry of having undervalued the extent of the problem, and the might of the opponent.

The fact is, Catholicism in the USA is a sleeping giant, and it was rather naive from the B.O.organisation to think the giant would not awaken at all. It is as if those people really thought the likes of Pelosi are representative of the Catholic faithful, let alone bishops. Alas, now it’s too late, and if you ask me in a couple of months at the latest it will become clear the alternative is between a most humiliating backpedaling and a devastating, lacerating battle pitching against each other those who would have voted for B.O. anyway, and those who will not do it anymore. However I look at it, I can’t see this as a smart move.

Of course many will think Catholics do not really care, and those who vehemently oppose the B.O. administration on this wouldn’t have voted for him anyway; but I think they are wrong. With the only exception (to my knowledge) of G. W. Bush, the Democratic party always bagged the majority of the Catholic vote; but will this be the case if the bishop continue to thunder against the government for months to come, with tones and a determination I cannot remember seeing from them before? Methinks, this is going to hurt. Badly.

We have seen the first fruits of the progressive embarrassment of the B.O. administration with the pathetic attempt to “compromise” of the last days. I couldn’t see much of a “compromise” myself, but what I could clearly see is the government sees the need for one, though they’ll try to make the retreat as little and as little humiliating humiliating as possible.

I’d love to be a fly on an Oval Office wall. I think what I’d see is some embarrassed faces and a still unexpressed, but omnipresent thought: why have we started this.


Bishop Warns Pelosi, Sebelius They March Toward Damnation

The Bishop's admonitions came in the middle of cooking time.

There is no denying if Bishop Jenky of Peoria, Illinois occupied the place of, say, Archbishop Niederauer of San Francisco a couple of things would go differently in the old U S of A.

As things stand, Bishop Jenky cannot excommunicate that walking joke of a soi-disant Catholic answering to the name of Nancy Pelosi; nor can he do the same with Sebelius, though the latter is – if memory serves – excluded from communion anyway.

What Bishop Jenky did do, though, is to clearly warn the two aged witches their behaviour is putting their salvation at risk, the day will come when they have to give account, and it won’t be funny. Considering none of the two ladies is in her first bloom, the warning assumes an even more significant meaning.

With the occasion I must admit I learned only today Sebelius is in the business of “human services”, as the grandiloquent official name of her genocidal state apparatus is now called. Before you can say “late term abortion”, the old girl will consider herself the new Mother Teresa.

Still, I’d prefer Niederauer would wake up and do the right thing, and the pastoral admonition already released against Sebelius would be stepped up to next stage of confrontation without any excessive fear about tax status, and the like. If the Church proves she is serious about such matters, she has nothing to fear both from a financial point of view and from a political one.

B.O. already starts to be afraid of open confrontation as it is; let him wake up one fine morning discovering two of his favourite “Catholics” are excommunicated and see how he shivers. “Change”, I’d call that…

The battle against abortion is not going to go away and is, in fact, going to become increasingly harsher in the US (not in Europe, of course, where we are oh so “nuanced”). I think Obama makes a big mistake if he thinks Catholics will refuse to follow their shepherd in at least such a number as to wound him gravely, perhaps mortally. But this requires, of course, the will to wound the culture of death mortally, which is not (yet) there.


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