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Kevin Spacey, Damnatio Memoriae, And The Elephant In The Room

House of (hopefully) normal.


In another fairly shocking development, we were informed that Kevin Spacey is simply being expunged from an already completed movie

Actually, not only after filming. After post production, with the trailer already out! 

Oh, how the faggy have fallen! 

The move also has big implications. The re-shooting in weeks of what certainly took a much longer time in real-time is likely to compromise the quality of the entire production. It is also very doubtful that Christopher Plummer will be able to attract the viewers Spacey would.

I have already sent my own modest, very personal warning to the likes of Netflix .  But this goes even beyond that. This is not only a future damage and financial hit, but a retroactive one.

Methinks, the time is coming fast when the people who make the big casting decisions start to look at more than acting ability: “Is this guy normal?” might soon become the first question they ask themselves. 

The form of damnatio memoriae now being inflicted on Kevin Spacey is also indicative of another phenomenon: as Hollywood has become more and more activist in its workings, it has now to become more and more aggressive in the defence of an ideology they have contributed to create. The idea of re-shooting an entire character from a movie is something one would not even have thought of. But the risk of an army of self-righteous liberals – and another army of laughing Conservatives – descending like Huns on this production and massacring it entirely made the decision to re-shoot an entire character, who is also the main attraction, in a matter of weeks even seem almost reasonable. In a world of liberal activism no expense must be spared to protect one’s liberal credentials. In a world that has given liberal Talibans so much power not even a completed movie, with the trailer out, justifies inaction. 

In all this, however, the liberal Huns want you to forget this: Kevin Spacey is not a proto-paedo (forgive me for not reading all the most recent news about the wretch) who also happens to be homosexual. His homosexuality is clearly intertwined with his other perversion, as we have seen hundreds of times with homosexual priests. This is the elephant in the room no one speaks about.

When Satan gets a hold on one, he does not leave it at that. His aim is the rapid self-destruction of that person and the ensnaring of his immortal soul. Satan will not patiently wait for the homo to die one way or the other. He will use the entrance he has already gained to wreak as much havoc as he can, as fast as he can, and gain that soul before conversion.  

Woe to those who, knowing Spacey’s perverted nature, have allowed him to hover in the vicinity of minors and, perhaps, children. This is, however, the fruit of a perverted mentality that considers homosexuality just another form of normality. 

The damnatio memoriae after the fact is not enough.

We need functioning brains from the start. 





House Of Fags

Hands well in sight, Mr President!!


Oh, how the Harveywood-mighty have fallen! 

The same man who, when a first episode of quasi-paedo (we don’t know for sure) behaviour came to light, apologised for what he could not remember but – if true, he said – was certainly the fruit of drunken behaviour is now being submerged by allegations concerning his very recent, very non-drunken behaviour during the filming of the world-famous House of Cards TV show.  

One can also not avoid noticing that the self-professed bi-sex Spacey only harasses men. It goes to show that one can’t be in the middle: a fag is a fag is a fag, period. 

I am now, like everyone else, awaiting Netflix’ decision about Spacey’s continuation there. Can it be that a serial harasser with possible paedo tendencies is allowed to continue? 

No, realistically it will not happen. It’s very difficult to think that Netflix will risk the ire of both the leftists and the conservatives in the US and abroad, tarnishing not only the TV show but the entire brand. What I think might well happen is that the TV series will continue, but it will take a hit; and that Netflix will limit the damage but, they will feel the pain where it hurts most, in the bottom line. 

Perhaps, this will teach them that this homo-infiltration in the entertainment industry is not good, and it is good for the business if an actor – excellent as Spacey may be – is, actually…



The Usual Suspect

Keyser Soeze was about to “come out”

Kevin Spacey, accused to have molested a 14 years old boy with the clear intent of having sex with him, has decided to, as they say in these disgraceful times, “come out”, which to you and me means “to admit publicly he is a pervert”.

This must have been, in Spacey’s calculation, something similar to Harvey Weinstein’s pathetic and bizarre announcemen the would dedicate his energies to fighting the NRA

in the same way as Weinstein was saying “I am a full-fledged liberal, therefore you should side with me”, Spacey is saying “I officially belong to a more protected species than the Panda, therefore you should leave me alone”. Alas, it did not work, as even the perverts are angry he only “came out” when the entire world knows the new celebrity perv is somethign closely resembling a paedo.

And this is, in fact, the main news that no one mention.

Whenever a paedophile story comes out, the usual suspect (pun intended) is a homosexual.

The brutal facts, confirmed by reality again and again but conveniently ignored by the media, is that whilst not all homos are paedophiles, almost all paedophiles are homos. We have seen this in the countless example of the homosexual paedophile priests scandal, which alone constitutes a huge statistical basis, and we keep seeing it happening day in and day out.

Also, we see here the very thin boundary that runs between the paedophile perversion and the ephebophilia typical of many homos (including Oscar Wilde and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky). These people likes their males very young, and Spacey is obviously like them.

The man who accuses him was 14 at the time, and at that age one can be from (in rare cases) grown man to, actually, almost a child. We don’t know the details, but I can imagine Spacey has other skeletons in the closet as this episodes is some 30 years old and, as in the case of Weinstein, the dams might be about to break.

Behold, world.

Once again, the quasi-paedo harasser is a homo. Really, they are the usual suspects.

Will you ever learn?







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