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Persecution of Catholics in Austria

Read here on the Eponymous Flower the English translation of an article on Kreuz Net (the new site) about what is happening in Austria.

I have already written about the persecution of loyal Catholics going on in Austria when the old Kreuz.Net site was forced to close. It gets worse and worse.

I see in this a typical disease of the German-speaking countries: to insist in doing everything to excess, until they get their ass bombed to persuade them to change their mind.

Still, one wonders how long will it be until the same Nazi mentality penetrates in exactly the same manner the Anglo-Saxon or Southern European societies.

All this, fuelled by the immense stupidity of our time, which puts niceness and hurt feeling above elementary concepts of decency and freedom.

Remember: the worst enemy is the Nazi next door. What is happening in Austria now, might be happening by us in a not too distant future.


“Kreuz Net”: Some Explanations





Saint Michael the Archangel casts Satan down

Yep, it’s Saint Michael the Archangel…

I have written some days ago about, a site initially largely seen as the spiritual successor of sort of the old (and great) “”.

It would be perhaps wise to explain first what has happened in the last, rather confused days, and secondly to say some words more about the new site now that more info is available.

Just a couple of days after I wrote my first posts about the apparently “resurrected” site, the new site went offline again. It now turns out the oh so tolerant liberals had made a massive cyberattack on the new site, forcing the provider to shut it down for some days.   The site reports here about the events, and it states the provider has now also transferred the site to a more powerful server, whilst a second address with .at instead of .info is also available to reach the site. Expects further episodes like this at regular intervals.

Already this is a clear sign the new site is not linked to the old people behind “Kreuz.Net”, then the old organisation operated on a completely different level of technological means and savvy, and could withstand cyber attacks (not only from the usual faggots, but even from an organised group like “Anonymous”) on a massive scale.

The renewed operative state of the site also quenches the rumours the site would have been shut down just days after its inception from the Austrian authorities pending prosecution. On the contrary, activity seems to go on undisturbed.

This leaves the question of the precise nature and legitimacy of the new site.

The old site was run in a completely (and admirably) anonymous way. We can, therefore, not know whether any or more of those involved in the old site are also involved in the new one. Still, I cannot avoid noticing the following:

1. The new contributions, in themselves of good quality, are not written in that strange “one sentence at a time”-style of the old site; a way of writing certainly used to preserve the anonymity of the contributors by hiding their writing style or nationality.  It seems, therefore, reasonable to assume up to now not one contribution has been authored by those behind the old site.

2. The old site being anonymous, there is no way of knowing whether the people behind the old site  approve the new one, or consider it a “copycat” site trying to get at least part of the (huge) traffic of the original.  The old site does not link to the new one, now have I found on the internet any declaration or endorsement or condemnation from the old authors, which would have been in any way difficult to verify if not coming from the original internet site.

3. The new site has, so to speak, a face, which appears to be an Austrian right-wing publisher apparently already in existence for many years. The new publisher invites anonymous contributions, which seems to me to indicate he would love to receive  articles from those behind the old site, and hopes one day to achieve their level of journalistic quality and, of course, bite. Again, the fact that up to now no contribution seems to be linked to the old boys may indicate they do not approve of the initiative, though one cannot but notice the effort of the new publisher to offer a qualitative adequate product, and I note that up to now there appears to be no desire to use the portal as a vehicle for right-wing propaganda either.

4. All the new articles refer almost exclusively to general themes, or to Austrian issues. Not one up to now deals in the usual polemical fashion with German themes.  This might be due to the desire to avoid prosecutions initiated by the German Gaystapo, but if this is the case it does not make sense to invite the sending of anonymous articles in “Kreuz Net” quality, than these dealt largely with German issues and would most certainly attract the attention of the German authorities. On the other hand, the presence of a publishing house that I imagine rather accustomed to the attention of prosecutors could well be the way to test every prosecution the German Gaystapo may try to push forward, basically saying to them “we are here, come on in, have a tea and let’s see if you have a case”. If this is the case, though, we will have to start seeing articles dealing with German issues very soon.

As it is now, the new site appears to be an honest effort; on the other hand, not only it appears still distant from the quality and prestige of the old site (which also disposed of a rather impressive net of well-placed informants the new one clearly does not have), but the suspicion of a copycat attempt cannot be entirely ruled out.

I will continue to follow the site, making allowances for regular interruptions due to cyber attacks. Already the matter whether the site will be attacked by the German or Austrian Gaystapo is very interesting, because if this is the case, this time there is a publisher and we will therefore have a very public trial and a very public sentence; if it isn’t, this would open the gates for the return of the old chaps.

One of the strange quirks of the matter is that it is now clear the old site decided to shut down to protect the anonymity of their authors, which means that there is no way to see whether the investigation would have gone on or would have been abandoned anyway. It might, actually, even be the investigation was initiated with the intent to move the authors  (among them, very likely, brave Catholic priests of some influence) to shut the site down to avoid detection.

As to the old site, it is clear to me as long as the current Nazi-madness among the German prosecutors goes on there is no way people living in Germany or in Austria can start a site like the old one and avoid the risk of prosecution.

The only way the original old site can start its activity again would be by operating with authors living in countries like the United States, whose prosecutors would ask the German ones to kindly take a hike when requested to cooperate. Alternatively, there should be a clear guideline making clear the crime of Volksverhetzung (see here) does not extend to (however strongly worded) attacks to individual people or to sexual behaviour.

Don’t hold your breath.


“Kreuz Net” Alive And Kicking!

Only the background colour is different: the new Kreuz Net

Only the background colour has changed: the new “Kreuz Net”.

Around one month ago, the German site of “” went offline. The German prosecutors were investigating against them, and it was widely believed the site had been shut down to protect the contributors from the official Gaystapo of the German Republic.

At this point, it is necessary to make my English-speaking readers acquainted with a rather scary trait of the German legal system and, I add unhesitatingly, of the German soul: the criminal offence of Volksverhetzung, “incitement of popular hatred”.

In Germany, if you are perceived to spread hatred against a category of people (or a single person, if this is seen as spreading hatred against a category of people), you can be prosecuted and sent to jail. Whilst this measure was traditionally understood as a defence against Nazi propaganda and was rigidly meant to be limited to those expression seeking to provoke actual physical violence against segments of the population (say: Jews), the dark side of the German psyche – characterised by an unquestioned acceptance of authority, whereas the ” majority” takes the role of the old “Fuehrerprinzip” and those who sharply disagree with it are seen as subversive, provided of course they aren’t Muslims – has recently extended the concept, at least tentatively, to… vocal and very outspoken Catholics.

A site like, whose outspokenness puts even yours truly easily in the shade, did not escape the attention of the prosecutors, who are obviously incited by the new darlings of the nation, the militant sodomites.

The site was already “under observation”, which means the Gaystapo was waiting for a suitable opportunity to crucify them. The head sodomite in the country (an involuntarily funny but influential “Green” member of parliament, called Volker Beck; he is such a parody of a whining queen Sacha Baron Cohen might have taken him as a source of inspiration) launched the charge some months ago and, in pure German style, many others followed.

The casus belli was the death of another militant homo, the TV entertainer and homosexualist Dirk Bach. Bach died suddenly in his home at the age of 51, and merited – in the eyes of the Gaystapo – prosecution for the following reasons: they said they believed he was now in Hell (you can’t say that in Germany, apparently, because this is “incitation to popular hatred” against a “segment of the population”) and they made a case for Bach’s death having been caused by a drug used by sodomites to lessen the pain of their posterior, caused by sodomite acts. This particular drug would – if memory serves – cause blood pressure to rise, a collateral effect particularly dangerous in the case of Bach, who suffered of high blood pressure already. The original post is not to be read anymore, of course, but it wasn’t worse than this; and this was probably less bad than the concrete realities of Dirk Bach’s life.

As the German laws about Volksverhetzung also protect the dead, the united perverts of the country launched themselves against the site like one… queen, and a publishing house for sodomites even set a bounty of, again if memory serves, 15,000 Euros on the author(s) of the blog post. The criminal investigation started pretty much in the same days, as the anger of the queens is the modern equivalent of the old crime of lèse-majesté.

Now, the people behind the site are very (as in: very) smart, and they ran the site on the strictest basis of anonymity. The widely held opinion conservative priests (SSPX and others) are involved in the operation, already evident in the particular style of the contributions (a sequence of short, detached sentences clearly meant to make the nationality and writing style of the writer unrecognisable) was confirmed when one of the contributors turned out to be a brave priest of a German diocese, who escaped prosecution as not the author of the Dirk Bach post and  was in the end, and for all we know, only mildly rebuked by his Ordinary.

Do not think, though, the Church in Germany goes well out of this story. Not only did the notorious Cardinal Lehmann (a disgraceful appointment of John Paul The Not-So-Great) publicly asked for the site – who is very sharply critical of people like him – to be silenced; but after the site was shut down he even publicly thanked the sodomite publishing house and their perverted friends for the services rendered to…. well, him, really.

I followed the events closely, but had no real desire to post about them whilst “Kreuz Net” was shut down as this would smell of defeat. As it was to be hoped the site would appear again at some point under a different name as already happened in the past, I thought it wiser to wait for the site to return in a halfway permanent way before giving you the lowdown on the situation (including the unspeakable behaviour of the unspeakable Cardinal Lehmann).

It is, now, with great satisfaction that I announce to all of my seven readers that the site is on the net and has been permanently online for the last couple of days.

There can be no doubt the new site is the spiritual successor of the old one: the terms and style used are rather the same, the name is clearly a reference, even the header is identical but with now a green instead of a red background. As in the past, the site is joy to read: gritty and militant, but accurate and sound. You don’t need to be a genius to assume the contributors are largely the same and are people pretty fit in Catholicism and inclined to shun a cyber fight. My kind of priests, I must say.

Surprisingly, there is now an “Impressum” (company information) link with the address of an (even more surprisingly) Austrian company, a decided departure from the old system of companies located in exotic locations or in the USA for obvious reasons of protection from Nazi prosecutors. It is thinkable (but I do not have the details, nor have I found news on Google) the Austrian prosecutors have concluded their investigation (the German prosecutors had asked for collaboration, as at least one key contributor was thought to live in Austria; think of the waste of taxpayer’s money…) and have found the exercise perfectly legitimate; or perhaps the Austrian address is a kind of “fuse”, with the site being closed down again and reopened elsewhere at the first sign of new Sodonazi involvement.

To us living in countries where freedom of expression is still taken rather seriously the German/Austrian events of the last weeks are, obviously, extremely disturbing. But make no mistake, as long as the site and their authors continue to operate directly from German-speaking countries the risk of prosecution (that is:  persecution) will always be very real, and if you ask me an acceptable degree of security from the Gaystapo will only be reached when the contributors operate from (and live in) the United States, or from another country without the German worship for homosexuals and the contempt of at least their prosecutors (how the judges would have decided in the end is a completely different matter) for elementary freedoms.

What is important now is that a very honest, orthodox voice for Catholicism could for the moment not be silenced by  the combined attack of unrepentant perverts and German prelates, aided and abetted by complicit and subservient state prosecutors. Cardinal Lehmann has shown once again what a disgraceful person he is, and if the post-Vatican II church had a modicum of integrity he would not be allowed to be a Cardinal for long. On the other hand, if the post-Vatican II Church had a modicum of integrity one like Lehmann wouldn’t be allowed to be a Cardinal (or a bishop; or a priest, come to that) in the first place, so there you are… is dead. Long live! Their existence as a free voice should be dear not only to us conservative Catholics, but to everyone – be he an atheist, or an agnostic, or even an unrepentant sodomite – who thinks freedom of expression, and be it strong and if must be offensive expression, is a value most worthy of protection. I kindly ask you to actively click several pages on the site in order to help them to go up in the Google ranking and thus be easily recognisable from the (vast) readership of the old site. was the biggest Catholic site in Europe, which fact alone tells you something of the illiberal madness of its persecutors, be they perverts, state functionaries or clergymen.

The Germans, whose blindly gregarious attitude has already in the past caused untold suffering to others and to themselves, should be particularly attentive to every issue of freedom.

Unfortunately for them, they do not seem to have learnt the lesson.


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