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Larry Brinkin, S.F. Sodomite “Icon”, Jailed For Child Pornography (Achtung! Really Disgusting Material!)

So-called “gay” so-called “icon” in trouble: Larry Brinkin.


My dear readers,

sensible people like you most certainly know when one allows the Devil to enter in the living room, the latter will make himself comfortable and occupy the entire place. You also know homosexuality and pedophilia (two of the most atrocious perversions, unspeakable taboos, considered very much akin during 2000 years of Christianity, before it became fashionable to say “gay”) are very closely linked together.

You know the explosion of homosexuality among priests in the wake of V II was what mainly fuelled the explosion of paedophile scandals in the decades following Vatican II. You also know “notable” faggot activists like Peter Tatchell have in the past become vocal for the reduction of the age at which they can have safe (in the sense of: legal) sex with very young boys.

If you are, my dear reader, the slender type, you will also know that you will attract the attention of the fags, as the latter are – as seen by the countless examples of perverts you see on London streets – rather attracted by the slender or, better still, ephebic type.

You know all this, my dear readers; but many people out there, living in a boundless ocean of ignorance – and tepid complicity – concerning perversion, tend not to know.

Well, I hope this will open their eyes. 

It turns out the main Fag Icon in San Francisco, a Mister (?) Larry Brinkin, has been arrested under the accuse of possessing child pornography. We are not talking here of perverts amusing themselves with films of barely illegal other faggots, but rather (and I warn you, this is strong tobacco; something I did not even imagine, let alone know, could exist)

 images of children as young as perhaps a year old being sodomized by and performing oral sex on adult men

As you can read in the linked article, these images were sent by email, through an account allegedly paid for with Mr Brinkin’s card, and the police thinks the email address used by the culprit is directly linked to him.

Talking of perverts, Mr Brinkin is allegedly “married” to, cela va sans dire, his “significant pervert”,  but I do not know whether this other chap-ess is also in trouble…

Be it as it may, it appears at least some faggots (I say this in general, as Mr Brinkin himself could still be found innocent of the accusation of possessing child pornography; though certainly not of grievous mortal sin) cannot even leave racism aside when abandoning themselves to their own satanic (read the above again, and tell me…)  perversions. It appears the person operating the email account used for the transmission of the diabolic material is on record with the following:

“I loved especially the nigger 2 year old getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond bitch is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White Dick Rules!”

So, yours truly had to reach and pass the half century of existence before knowing such things actually exist. Mind, I don’t feel stupid for that; merely normal. What astonishes me, is that the unspeakable cesspool of sodomy is still considered, by most contemporary “urban” people,  something fit for a conversation at a cocktail party, perhaps mixed with good-sounding words like “human rights” and “bullying”.

Perverts, that’s what they are. No, really, disgusting perverts. And whilst the person who acknowledges his perversion and sets up to fight against it – in my eyes, basically starting a path of spiritual growth; then where spirituality goes in from the door perversion must get out of the window, in the same way as water can’t co-exist with fire – is worthy of our prayers, the faggot engaged in undermining basic Christianity and perverting souls must be  flattened under a steamroller of contempt and ridicule. And please, let us stop with the usual obsession with niceness. Great Christians of the past were not afraid at all of not being “nice” and, methinks, they were the truly charitable ones. 

So there you are: it is not only that some fags are paedophiles, in the same way as, undoubtedly, some heterosexual people are perverts in other ways. The fact is that homosexuality and pedophilia are intimately linked, as the shocking recent experience of the Church Herself abundantly shows.  Mr (or “Mrs”; or “Pervert Partner No.1”, or “No.2”; ah, how complicated it has all become…) Brinkin is merely the last example of a diffused side-effect of homosexual perversion too conveniently ignored by the media, because to touch the subject means to slaughter the holy cow of so-called “gay culture”.

Scratch the fag, and you might discover below the skin lies a paedophile. It does not have to be so, of course. Still, the link is too strong to be denied.

Don’t believe me? Ask the Vatican…


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