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Official: 1 September Is Catholic Idiot Day

who am I to judge?

The Evil Clown has found another way to keep pushing his utterly secular, environ-mentalist agenda. I hope to be the first to call “bullshit” on this. If not, I assure you I posted this as fast as I could.

Not only we have Catholic Idiot Day on 1 September, but we are also informed that we must ask forgiveness for “sins committed against the world”.

Boy, the world must be really offended. If I ask him for forgiveness very, very hard, will he forgive me? At least a bit? Eh? no? Come on, world, be a good world, give me the hand!

Good Lord.

I remember when the Church thought Her role to save souls, not trees. Today, the very pope helps you to damn yourself as a pervert or adulterer, whilst he asks you to ask the world for forgiveness.

What a clown.

What an evil, evil clown.





Volato Si…


I am not an expert in the matter, and I would therefore be grateful for anyone attempting a calculation of the total co2 emissions caused by the latest papal folly: an entire aeroplane of entourage and journalists flying the other side of the ocean, touring several countries and back, in order to spread more nonsense and feel a bit at home for some days. Another six weeks or so, and the exercise will be pretty much repeated…

I am also grateful for any news of the pope ordering to switch off the a/c in the residences that lodged him and his entourage. Mind, I am sure he did so (everything else would be the height of hypocrisy…), but just to be sure…

It appears to me that if it never necessary for a Pope to travel, it should be even less desirable for a pope breaking our … ears with talks of co2 emissions, air conditioners, and the like. A pope's role isn't in being seen around. He isn't an Hollywood actor, or the attraction of an itinerant circus. A pope is called to be a good Pope, and if he is that no travel is necessary; not ever, and particularly not for one who tweets and blabbers with journalists every time he isn't eating, or in the bathroom.

No, it is not necessary for Francis to travel. But he seems to like it a lot, and stuff the emissions…

This is not only a pope unprecedented in his hypocrisy. This is a Pope unprecedented in the arrogance of putting his hypocrisy in front of the whole world and not caring for it one bit. “Hey, I am the Pope”, is the clear implied message, “and I do whatever I want, because I can. ¿Está claro?”

How I miss old Benedict…



Laudato Si: Muslims’ Plate-Licking

As feared,it turns out the very long enviro-fart of this disgraceful Pontiff is stinking around in many directions. 

Breitbart now informs us that Frankie quoted a Muslim poet to push his enviro-madness. 

Now: it is not that no great poet was ever born, who was  a Muslim. Omar Kayyam ( a Persian, not Arab; but a Muslim nevertheless) was poetically translated in English by Edward FitzGerald, and read and appreciated by countless – surely – extremely rigid Victorians. The same Victorians and Edwardians read and worshiped the extremely Catholic Dante. Art is art, you might say. Beauty is beauty. We love J.S. Bach, even is he was such a Proddie. 

However, a pope must know that what he writes sends messages. He must know that when a pope mentions a Muslim poet, he is sending a signal of “equality of cultures” – or worse, “equality of religions” – to his readers. Whilst it is not forbidden, or even sinful, for a pope to, say, appreciate Kayyam’s poetry in his own study he must well know, if he has a shred of common sense, that he must avoid in his encyclicals every sign that might lead a reader to think that there is a kind of “world truth” of which others participate with the same dignity as the Catholic faith. The Muslims world cannot shed any light whatsoever on truth. Therefore, a Muslim poet has no place in a papal encyclical letter. I wonder how many popes did the same before Francis? I wonder why? I tell you why: because it would further religious indifferentism. And this is exactly what Francis does: furthering religious indifferentism on the sly. In Francis the furthering is, in fact, not even on the sly. 


The atheist wannabe “scientist”, or the mentioning of the Muslim poet, all push towards the same goal: to show that Francis is just helping the Catholic side to reach this one World Truth, in which Muslims and atheists and Christians all work together for something that he deems so important but, not being related to salvation, is ultimately irrelevant.

What is not irrelevant is the Vatican propaganda of anyone and anything that is not Catholic.

And no, I do not think in his free time the man reads poetry. A resentful, ignorant boor does not become a fine mind just because the Cardinals made one of the biggest mistakes ever. The quote is, as pretty much everything in Francis work, designed to push this anti-catholic, alternative, “look at how different I am” agenda.   




Laudato Si: Francis Gets A Well-Deserved Lecture

The entire article is here

I report below some of the most interesting comments. Emphases mine. 

Wealth enables people to afford better environmental stewardship. Pope Francis should champion economic development as a solution both to poverty and to environmental degradation. Unfortunately, at least as regards climate change, the leaked draft of the new encyclical does the opposite.”

The Vatican’s partnering with the United Nations climate agenda is nothing short of an unholy alliance. The papal encyclical, no matter how nuanced it may read, will simply be used as a tool to support UN global warming ‘solutions’ that are at odds with most Catholic teachings on issues such as abortion, contraception, overpopulation, and helping the poor nations develop. The Vatican appears to be taking an unprecedented step by seemingly endorsing a specific UN climate treaty.

“The climate activists are no doubt getting a PR boost from the pope’s entry into the climate debate. But ultimately, the pope’s views on climate science will do little to alter the opinions of Catholics about global warming.

“Throughout the last two years, in preparation for the encyclical rollout, the Vatican has relied solely upon global warming alarmists in its rush to judgment to meet the UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goals’ timetable. Additionally, during this process, the Vatican consulted primarily with and continues to rely upon radical population control proponents who exploit discredited climate change science to justify their extremist population reduction policies under the nuanced UN ‘reproductive sexual health’ rubric.

“Instead of welcoming our heartfelt disapproval of papal experts who promote policies in direct contravention of Catholic moral teaching, the Vatican authorities mocked and scoffed at our serious and faithful objections, by calling us ‘Tea Partiers’ and ‘deniers.’ This callous and flippant response exposed the Vatican’s political agenda.”

“Over the past 18 years, the best measurements of Earth’s global temperatures (by NOAA and NASA satellites) show no warming whatsoever. The total warming since 1979 has been a fraction of that predicted by the IPCC, and of that tiny warming, most can be attributed to natural causes, such as volcanoes. That leaves room for, at most one- or two-tenths of a degree due to carbon dioxide, which projects to half a degree or less of warming by 2100. Half a degree is not noticeable by any human and can have no serious consequences. This mere half a degree is not a prediction from supercomputers, but a simple observation based on the best global data, and it shows that catastrophic, or even harmful, global warming is not a reality.

“In short, over the past two centuries humans have, through productive and beneficial endeavors, added one molecule of CO2 to each ten thousand molecules of air. The feared and forecast dire consequences of that molecule are not coming to pass. Attempts at curtailing those human endeavors to remove that molecule would be flawed policies that will fail to solve a non-existent problem.”

“Pope Francis’s goal of preserving God’s earthly kingdom for future generations is shared by every ‘skeptic’ of man-caused global warming. But he will not preserve it by putting his moral authority behind a UN agenda that considers it a sin for the poor to use affordable, ever-cleaner fossil fuels to power their lives. More than a billion of the poorest people in the world would remain in abject poverty for generations if they are to rely on windmills, solar panels, and other unreliable and expensive sources of energy.”


What a shameful day, when a pope accepted to prostitute the prestige of an encyclical letter to promote his own popularity on fashionable political issues, of which he understands nothing anyway.



Fran Gore

The world as imagined by Francis

The future as proposed by Francis

At this point you already all know about the latest, surprisingly coherent decisions in the Vatican. Lest it be told that I only speak of the man in order to criticise him, I would like to say a word or two of praise at least of the coherence involved.

1. The Vatican decision to shut down and destroy all air conditioners within the Vatican city (similar measures will be implemented in every Catholic diocese in time) is at least a sign of coherence. Granted, the one or other old prelate may die, at least indirectly, because of the heat that follows (it promises to be a very hot summer in Rome), but it is good to see that there is the willingness to put one’s sweat where one’s encyclical is. Note that the air conditioning appliances will be destroyed, not sold. It makes sense, as selling them would only encourage consumerism and shift the problem to other offices and households. 

2. The decision, also announced, to put an immediate end to every travelling of the Pope is likewise to be praised. In the age of the Internet and social media, the voice of the Pope can reach pretty much anyone without any need to cause huge Co2 emissions for himself, his entourage, the security, the journalists, and the rest of the circus. Twitter is so environmentally friendly…

3. Even more coherent is the decision to put an end to World Youth Days. Millions of people gathering every time. A stunningly expensive exercise in terms of not only money (which can be given to the poor), but emissions. One can agree or not with the ideology of Laudato Si, but here is one saying that at least they practice their bad preaching.

4. I find the decision to have the Vatican carbon-neutral within 2016, and every diocesan office within 2019, a tad extreme. It will obviously require not only to sweat in summer, but also to freeze in winter; and the Roman winters can be fairly punishing at times, at least if you never lived in Connecticut, or Minnesota. It will require to curb the use of electricity, gas, fuel, mobility, food, everything. It will be a mess. But it will also give a great contribution in introducing that kind of simple, poor, rural society in which the Pontiff clearly sees the solution to our problems. And it will be an example. A great, if stupid, example. 

There will also be other advantages. Why must the Pope use an old, environmentally disastrous Renault 4 to move within the Vatican? Will a bicycle not do? Or the good old feet? The man has put up such a belly, it can only be good for him. Eating less will also be very good for him and his colleagues. Less food = fewer “emissions” and less need for toilet paper, which is – as already explained to the Venezuelan people – also a polluter. Let us think about these things. The planet is poor and oppressed, and he/she/it is suffering.

5. Last, but not least, the obvious decision of the Pope to abandon his abundant, and completely redundant, quarters in the Domus Sanctae Marthae and move to the Papal Apartments. This decision was long due, but it became completely unavoidable now, as a pope causing emissions in two huge structures – in heating, cooling, security, and everything else – was an obvious crime against Poor Planet. This was very late, but at least it was done at last.  


I am sure many other initiatives will be soon announced, and Francis will not fail to show how seriously he takes his own enviro-ranting. Again: I do not approve of the ranting, but at least I must commend the coherence.  




Can you say it again? 

None of this has been announced? 

The A/Cs are working full time in the Vatican offices and homes? No sweating for Francis? No bycicle? Full meals? Aeroplane travel? World Youth Day? Business as usual? 

It cannot be. 

It cannot be! It would deserve him the title of….

The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History! 

Who does he think he is, Al Gore?



Laudato Si: The Execution

Extremely instructive, and very amusing, article of Chris Jackson about Laudato Si on “The Remnant”.

It’s the hanging, drowning and quartering of Laudato Si, and a fully deserved one.

I am sorry for the poor man that he had to endure the boredom and adrenaline (such documents inspire both already at reading the brief excerpts) of going through the entire pile of dung. But his pain was not in vain, as this is a survey sufficient to make clear to every sane reader what kind of embarrassment this not very intelligen tman has put himself in with his encyclicals; a work which, no doubt, he thought would be seen as a new milestone in Church teaching and is now buried in ridicule two days after official release.


I will not mention any particular segment of this brilliant work as I think it should be read in its entirety. 

I must, also, repeat the encouragement of Mr Jackson. There is no need to read this crap. Did you ever read Das Kapital in order to refute Communism? 

This vain old man truly has pinkled out of the WC, and the stinking pool of piss is now there for the world to see. As for Francis himself, I doubt he has even noticed. 

This encyclical will be soon forgotten, and the furious reaction of those whom the entire world recognises as the orthodox Catholics has destroyed his potential for damage. I doubt one single person on the planet will change his mind concerning global warming because of this extremely long, and extremely embarrassing, papal enviro-fart. 

It is unlikely that any of your friends or relatives or acquaintances will ask you what you think about the encyclical. in the improbable case, I suggest that you hasten to apologise to him, as a Catholic, for the inexcusable behaviour of the pope, and make very clear that you and all sound thinking Catholics are deeply embarrassed at the sad spectacle the man is giving.   




Laudato Si: The Prayer Of The Freemason

What you see is what you get.













Courtesy of Vox Cantoris, we are alerted to the astonishing end of the encyclical, Laudato Si. I wonder if any paragraph worse than this could have been written by any Pope.

The text is below. This is not a draft. It is the official version from the Vatican site. 

246. At the conclusion of this lengthy reflection which has been both joyful and troubling, I propose that we offer two prayers. The first we can share with all who believe in a God who is the all-powerful Creator, while in the other we Christians ask for inspiration to take up the commitment to creation set before us by the Gospel of Jesus.

A prayer for our earth

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe
and in the smallest of your creatures.
You embrace with your tenderness all that exists.
Pour out upon us the power of your love,
hat we may protect life and beauty.
Fill us with peace, that we may live
as brothers and sisters, harming no one.
O God of the poor,
help us to rescue the abandoned and forgotten of this earth,
so precious in your eyes.
Bring healing to our lives,
that we may protect the world and not prey on it,
that we may sow beauty, not pollution and destruction.
Touch the hearts
of those who look only for gain
at the expense of the poor and the earth.
Teach us to discover the worth of each thing,
to be filled with awe and contemplation,
to recognize that we are profoundly united
with every creature
as we journey towards your infinite light.
We thank you for being with us each day.
Encourage us, we pray, in our struggle
for justice, love and peace.

A Christian prayer in union with creation

Father, we praise you with all your creatures.
They came forth from your all-powerful hand;
they are yours, filled with your presence and your tender love.
Praise be to you!

Son of God, Jesus,
through you all things were made.
You were formed in the womb of Mary our Mother,
you became part of this earth,
and you gazed upon this world with human eyes.
Today you are alive in every creature
in your risen glory.
Praise be to you!

Holy Spirit, by your light
you guide this world towards the Father’s love
and accompany creation as it groans in travail.
You also dwell in our hearts
and you inspire us to do what is good.
Praise be to you!

Triune Lord, wondrous community of infinite love,
teach us to contemplate you
in the beauty of the universe,
for all things speak of you.
Awaken our praise and thankfulness
for every being that you have made.
Give us the grace to feel profoundly joined
to everything that is.

God of love, show us our place in this world
as channels of your love
for all the creatures of this earth,
for not one of them is forgotten in your sight.
Enlighten those who possess power and money
that they may avoid the sin of indifference,
that they may love the common good, advance the weak,
and care for this world in which we live.
The poor and the earth are crying out.
O Lord, seize us with your power and light,
help us to protect all life,
to prepare for a better future,
for the coming of your Kingdom
of justice, peace, love and beauty.
Praise be to you!

It is difficult to believe the level of satanical disorientation promoted by this man.

He publishes two prayers, because he insists in having non-Christians praying in their non-Christian way; not only downplaying their error, but positively encouraging them in persisting in it! Can you imagine Pius XII writing a prayer tailored for the use of Muslims, or Hindus, or Freemasons?

The prayer is in two flavours, is the clear message. Vanilla is for Freemasons and other vague Deists. Chocolate is the choice of us who happen to have a preference for Christ. But we are all good, of course. We all pray together for our common cause. The common cause sanctifies us all. We would never be so tactless as to say that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. We don’t do that anymore, in the Age of Mercy.

The horrible Prayer Of The Freemason obviously ignores Christ and the Holy Ghost. It actually also ignores God the Father as God the Father. It does not even ask to come one day to embrace the fullness of the Truth in the Church. No. This is a prayer by praying which the infidel can be, if no special grace is given to him to embrace Truth notwithstanding Francis’ encouragement to persist in error, surely damned when he dies. And a Pope writes such a prayer for infidels, and encourages them to pray it! Note how many things God should help them to achieve; but True Faith, and therefore Salvation, is not one of them! 

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, making them pray the God of the poor”.

Francis is secular through and through. As I have written many times, to him Christianity is merely an excuse to push his agenda. Nowhere is this more evident than here, where Christianity is clearly the excuse, and the environ-mental message is clearly the main point.


Not in the Age of Francis.


Laudato Si: The New Age Kindergarten

From the official text of Laudato Si. Emphases mine. 


83. The ultimate destiny of the universe is in the fullness of God, which has already been attained by the risen Christ, the measure of the maturity of all things.[53] Here we can add yet another argument for rejecting every tyrannical and irresponsible domination of human beings over other creatures. The ultimate purpose of other creatures is not to be found in us. Rather, all creatures are moving forward with us and through us towards a common point of arrival, which is God, in that transcendent fullness where the risen Christ embraces and illumines all things. Human beings, endowed with intelligence and love, and drawn by the fullness of Christ, are called to lead all creatures back to their Creator.

Chris Ferrara has written an excellent piece about this and other pearls of LS. I invite you to visit the page and absorb the wisdom therein contained. I will, here, limit myself to some considerations of my own about the paragraph above.   

If this is Christianity, no one informed me of this up to now. I never knew that it is my duty to lead cats and dogs (and rats, and flies, and spiders) back to their Creator. I thought that God made me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him forever in the next. That I would be called to lead Mickey Mouse, Felix The Cat, Gus and Jaq, and Pluto “toward a common point of arrival, which is God” was frankly nowhere. The Baltimore Catechism must be seriously deficient.   

Now, your average Patheos blogger might at this point wax lyrical about his new discovery that by not squashing spiders he is growing spiritually to a new dimension of oh so elevated spirituality in which Arachnophobia (or Insectophobia, or any other Phobia) has no place at all. But to me, this is no Christianity. A cow is there to give me a good steak. A forest is there to give me oxygen and fuel. We do not abuse Creation, but we certainly use it; and this creation is there for us to make good use of it, not to be led by us to a sort of Plant And Insect Nirvana.

No, this does not seem Christianity to me. Rather, this seems an attempt to let Christianity go beyond the message of Christ, in a kind of New Age Kindergarten where you can be taught that, at the end of a long path of self-discovery, there is a happy ending for every fly and every spider. The sacred cows cannot be very far away, and note that the Hindus do not eat their meat. 

There are evident echos of Teilhard de Chardin here, and of his strange ideas of permanent cosmic evolution tending towards that strange and ever blasphemous sounding Omega Point; the end of the journey where, after having abandoned Christianity, every freaking faggot Jesuit can de facto put whatever he wants. To those who want to delve in such heresies from a completely orthodox point of view I suggest the reading of One Hundred Years Of Modernism.  

It seems to me even more alarming than that. If cats and dogs (and flies and spiders) are all moving towards “a common point of arrival, which is God”, what is the special value of Baptism, or of belonging to the Christian religion? If the cat reaches his Feline Heaven, and the spider his arachno-nirvana, isn’t the human the more so destined to his paradise, irrespective of whether he was baptised or not? And if this is not the case, is not the unavoidable consequence that the salvation or damnation of the human will be decided, to a great extent, by the degree in which he has helped his fellow trees and spiders reach self-consciousness, by being oh so delicate with the latter and by hugging the former all the time? 

There is nothing here of Christianity. The Last Four Things cannot have any reasonable place in it. A complete reversal of the very concept of sin must be implied in this logic. In Francis’ Kindergarten, a joyous enviro-friendly humanity leads cats and dogs (and flies, and spiders) to their spiritual fulfillment whilst “respecting” sister Co2. It is a warped view of Christianity by which not Christ, but some further “evolution” of His message is the culmination, and the animal kingdom is promised a paradise of sort so we can all feel “inclusive” looking at the forest.

Even in V II times, teilhard de Chardin’s strange and more than vaguely blasphemous fantasy theology was still condemned by the Church, if still in 1962  

A decree of the Holy Office dated 30 June, under the authority of Pope John XXIII warned that “… it is obvious that in philosophical and theological matters, the said works [Teilhard’s] are replete with ambiguities or rather with serious errors which offend Catholic doctrine. That is why … the Rev. Fathers of the Holy Office urge all Ordinaries, Superiors, and Rectors … to effectively protect, especially the minds of the young, against the dangers of the works of Fr. Teilhard de Chardin and his followers”. (AAS, 6 August 1962).

The feeble mind of Jorge Bergoglio has not been protected from, or was rather already too corrupt not to embrace, the serious errors which offend Catholic doctrine. 

Now, someone might say that I am taking a paragraph in isolation and ignoring the context, in which Francis even does us the favour of mentioning Christ a couple of times. But this is exactly what we must do. No Pope will ever write an encyclical entirely devoted to espousing heretical thinking. What will happen is that – like every Modernist – he will publish texts in which the errors or outright heresies are mixed with the orthodoxy. We must, therefore, expose this pernicious ideology irrespective of what else there might be in this encyclical which might happen to be right. 

Heaven, Francis is the Pope! He is supposed to publish only 100% orthodox texts!  If Francis dishes us a plate containing excrements, we can’t pick the strawberries out of it and declare ourselves satisfied!






Making Sense Of The Senseless: An Attempt To Explain Francis

What you see is what you get.

What you see is what you get.

Rorate Caeli has a beautiful article from the fortunately (and wisely) anonymous priest writing under the pseudonymous of Father Pio Pace. I invite my readers to follow the link and read it themselves.  Here, I would like to try to give my own personal answers to some of the questions posed by Padre Pio Pace concerning the character and motives of the walking disgrace we call The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, and the world calls Pope Francis.

In my eyes, in Francis several motives, or if you prefer several personality traits, are at work simultaneously. We have – at least and certainly – the following ones: the stubborn child, the megalomaniac, the socially envious former poor boy, the anticlerical, the atheist, and the Marxist. The enviro-nutcase is, I think, rather a product of these than an original trait of the man; in the same way as his obvious work for Satan is far more likely to be the fruit of an obvious lack of faith than of willed allegiance to the father of lies. Still, make no mistake: a Pope so obviously prostituting the Papacy for his own self-promotion is as evil as they come. 

We must also consider this: that whilst the Press tries to construe a coherent “system of thought” in Francis, Francis himself is not at all interested in this. Like a child playing the King, the only thing he wants is to feel that his wish is other people’s command. Coherence is nothing to him. What pleases him is all that counts. A clearly uneducated man, he will spit in your face whatever rubbish seems smart to him on the day, and will either not notice how stupid it is or be aware of it and bask in all his nonsense being swallowed whole by the herd because he is the Pope (see above: child playing King).

A boor and a peasant was made pope. It’s pointless to try to make of him a thinker.

Francis is a stupid, uneducated, arrogant, impious, lewd, petty old man come to power. What does a man like this do when he is elected pope? He will be a stupid, uneducated, arrogant, impious, lewd, petty old pope. That’s it. Life is a simple thing, there’s no need to look around for complex explanations of why a boor behaves like a boor. If he walks, quacks, and swims like a scoundrel, then he is a scoundrel. 

This simple view of the reality in front of us – that is: this accepting the facts we see every day, instead of trying to construe a complex system of absurd explanations to try to find a “logic” in it – is, in my eyes, of great help in understanding the man and his actions. Francis rejects the French ambassador partly because, on this occasion, well-advised (let us be serious here: the man is clearly a homo and therefore unfit for the job, period; would they accept a pedophile just because he is “not practising”?), but mainly and crucially because he wants to spite someone: the man himself, say; Hollande, maybe; or perhaps the man simply reminds him of a teacher he did not like at school…

Francis does not need to question his motives, therefore he doesn’t. Le caudillo c’est moi. But then he lives under the roof of a homo, and makes everything he can to promote the homo agenda. Very possibly he is homosexual himself, and again in the world of a homosexual boor become Pope there is no contradiction in living under the roof of a homo and refusing accreditation to another homo. He does what he likes, and that’s that. Homos are the worst bitches to each other anyway.

It goes on: the FFI slighted him when he was in Argentina, and now he crushes the entire order… because he can. The SSPX are a completely different cup of tea. They would refuse to take wrong orders from him and are rich, influential, and not willing at all to be slaughtered by him in silence. Actually, if push comes to shove the SSPX may well crush him in his reputation and standing, and I think even a stupid child like Francis recognises that without effort. Therefore he is very attentive not to be their open enemy. Stupid child, yes. But a Jesuit, too.

The Synod explanation also goes along these lines. Stubborn child wants popularity among the enemies of the Church (he hates the Church; he hates Catholics. He is a Marxist, of course he does…), and the attack to a bastion of Catholic piety seems to him a very good way to achieve his aim. Francis, the hero of the world. Francis, the scourge of the rosary-counters. Alas, Francis is ignorant and stupid, and discovers last October, with his great surprise and disappointment, that those rosary-counters can, if provoked harshly enough, demolish him all right. Stubbornly, but more prudently, he continues to push the Kasper line; but he knows he will have to stop when he sees the risk of being crushed is still there. October will tell him, and us.

Laudato Si is also very easily explained. Stupid, boorish, Marxist child is – has always been – an enemy of the West, envious of the rich both as individuals and as countries. The role of the enviro-messiah allows him to achieve both ends: self-aggrandisement and chastisement of his enemies. Francis also seems to feel more powerful than he is, and unable to realise the clout of the Pope decreases rapidly when he meddles in things that are not his business. He thinks he can meddle in purely worldly affairs, and shape the planet according to… Castro. Stupid child. Children, particularly when they are stubborn, seldom realise their limits without smashing their nose on them. Francis had such an experience in October. This en-crap-ical letter may well be another of those a-ha moments. 


I could go on, but you get the gist. A boorish, ignorant, stubborn child with no faith and no shame was made pope. He keeps being the same boorish child, only now he has a wonderful toy – the papacy – at his disposal. He thinks himself the best thing since Juan Peron and will – very humbly, of course – let you know it. He behaves like a despot, crushing here and protecting there according to whim. He will put himself at the centre of the secular stage, and seek the applause of the world. He does not fear God because he does not believe in Him, or his trousers would be permanently brown by now. He will enjoy his power to the last and will enjoy even the freedom of being incoherent, childish, and outright stupid without consequence, if he only avoids the very worst.

And he hates you. He hates you. He hates you.


Laudato Si And Humanae Vitae

I read around invitations to treat Laudato Si in the same way as liberals treated Humanae Vitae: ignoring it. 

This is the wrong attitude, and will create bad Catholics. 

Humanae Vitae was about Catholicism. Laudato Si is about environmental madness. The first is a legitimate topic for an encyclical letter and, insofar as it reflects Catholic teaching, must be treated with corresponding respect. The second is a very, very long printed fart of the Evil Clown touching on Catholic issues only when convenient to push an enviro-communist agenda; therefore, Laudato Si must by no means be ignored, but rather insulted as a shame for the Church.

We are Catholics. We accept that the Pope teaches us Catholicism, when the Pope is able and willing to do so, and makes his job as Pope. But we also denounce this buffoon as a secular moron slave of every wrong secular ideology (provided it makes him popular among those he likes, who are those who hate Catholicism), and not ashamed of prostituting two thousand years of Catholicism to promote them.

We do not ignore Laudato Si. We denounce it as a very long printed fart unworthy of anyone with a working brain, let alone a Pope.


New “Vatileak”, New Culprit

Allegory of the Vatican

Allegory of the Vatican


Sandro Magister has been deprived of the accreditation by the press office of the Holy See. Let’s spend two words on this.

1. Magister has not been “silenced”. He will still get all the information he needs, and will still write (pretty much) all that he wants. He will not be there “live” when Lombardi lombardises, is all.

2. Magister has leaked a draft, and he has said so. It is inconceivable that the press office of the Vatican woul dsay to journalist “we will let you have the right version of the encyclical, but for now here is the wrong one for you to familiarise with it”. No. This was a “classic” leak: internal source gives a journalist a document, which he then publishes. 

3. To publish leaked documents is what journalists do. It’s their damned job. Lombardi & Co. should care that there are no leaks in the first place, rather than crucifying a journalist for exposing their own incompetence.


4. To repeat: there was no breach of trust. Lombardi has obviously not broken any embargo. He has not been handed a document from the Vatican press office and has disobeyed the instructions related to it. He has done what journalists do: published a document leaked to him.

5. It is good that the draft was published. People with a tougher stomach than myself will confront the two versions and expose the small adjustments, in which the most obvious giveaways of the Nazi ideology behind this document were removed because… too openly Nazi.


6. The draft has been published in its entirety. If these people were a tad smart they would put codes in any of the draft copies – a praxis used for decades – to identify the owner of the leaked draft. I can’t imagine that at the Vatican they are so stupid that they don’t know this. I rather suspect they are too lazy to work properly, or too incompetent to care for propriety. 

But notice how the world goes: another huge leak bares all the inefficiency of the Vatican, and the culprit is a journalist. 

By the by: Magister is a big, big name. The removal of his accreditation will have zero consequences for him. But he will make a note of this episode, and remember it at the appropriate juncture.  



Laudato Si: The Atheist Is Wagging The Pope.

three donkeys

The Atheist is the one on the left.

Remember Our Climate Dr Goebbels?

Some days ago I had, en passant, posed the question whether the man is a Catholic.

Turns out he is not a Catholic. Or a Christian, come to that. Not even a believer in some strange Oriental religion.

No. The man is an atheist.  

Atheists do not believe in Providence. They mock the very concept, as they mock the idea that there is a God.

Atheists do not believe that they will be judged after death. Therefore, they can shape their own “ethical” system as they believe. If they decide that billions of humans will have to be sacrificed to it, so be it.

Atheists tend to make of science a god; which is wrong even from an atheist – let alone scientific – point of view, but seems to be an irresistible tendency in the human being. For the Atheist the scientific matter – particularly if he has persuaded himself of his accuracy – is the Truth, and he will accept it… on faith.

This is the man on whom Francis has relied the most for his torrential encyclical vomit. A man without faith, without hope, and  most certainly without charity has been hand-picked by this enormous ass to mislead countless Catholics into following what clearly is a purely atheist, worldly, Nazi agenda.

The tail is wagging the dog; or rather, the atheist is wagging the Pope.

Francis has now committed himself to a lie, and will – bar extraordinary favours from the Holy Ghost – continue his anti-crusade for as long as he lives. His reputation will be deservedly crushed when he is six feet under, but at this point I do think he does not care a bit of what happens after he dies. In his stupid quest for popularity he is being used, and fooled, by those with the most satanical agenda around.

What a stupid man this Francis is.

Use the encyclical as toilet paper, and let the media hype pass.

Unfortunately, the stupid pope will remain.


Papal Enviro-Rant 200 Pages Long

It reminds me of Karl Marx. 

He wrote an extremely tedious and extremely long treatise no one would read, so that the mystic about it could grow among the Idiotic Masses.

The Francis encyclical is said to go on for 200 pages.

Obviously, there will be everything and the contrary of everything; but it’s the Enviro-everything that will make the headlines; as the Evil Clown very well knows.

I call a huge sin against purity here.

Before you ask: no, I will not read the crap of this man any more than I read the whole of the “I will make you sleep” apostolic retardation. I will limit myself to comment on what Frankie Boy wants to get to the press as “the message”.

Two hundred pages. 

Karl Marx would be proud of this nincompoop.

I am sure Satan is. 




Environ-Mentalism: Don’t Make A Fuss, Says Grima Wormtongue





You cannot believe the kind of rubbish the fake catholic sites will print in order to deny reality. 

After the huge uproar even before the release of the encyclical (no surprise about that, when Enviro-Dr-Goebbels advises the Pope) we are told (here the link that does not link) that we should simply relax: hey, Popes have always loved a tree, right?

This is the usual smoke bomb of the Catholic libtards, and it might be useful to say a word or two: there is an immense difference between being a friend of the environment and being an environmentalist. Catholicism teaches to use Creation with respect, it does not teach to make of Creation a religion.

Francis made a first huge step in the wrong direction in that he accepts the environ-madness of Prof. Schellnhuber & Co; so much so, that he allows the man to be of the three (and the only layman) who introduce the rubbish work to the press. Having made the first, hugely wrong step, other absurd mistakes (none of them promoted by past Popes, let alone Church teaching) will be unavoidable: the world government madness to keep environment and poverty in check, the enmity with even normal Western lifestyle, and the like. Further steps the Evil Clown will not openly endorse, but they are the unavoidable consequence of such thinking: population control in form of massive recourse to contraception and abortion.

Grima Wormtongue can tell us not to fuss as much as he wants, but this encyclical will be a huge shame for the Church. Not because it will introduce any new “truth”, but certainly because it will show to the posterity what kind of talking ass was made Pope in 2013.

The likes of Prof Schellnhuber shape Papal policy on the environment. This truly says it all. 



When Dr Goebbels Advises The Pope

"Do not ignore physical realities, Ja!?"

“Do not ignore ze physical realities! Verstanden??!”


The soon-to-be-released encyclical about the environment – no doubt, the biggest collection of rubbish ever published by a Pope – will be presented by three men. One of them if Prof. John Schellnhuber, a well-known climate Nazi.

professor Schnellnhuber should, I think, be posed a simple questions: seen that no one believes that his own fantasy-targets about emission reduction will be reached, where does he think the global population should stabilise to avoid planetary food wars, and how does he think the target should be achieved? 

You see, our Enviro-Goebbels is already on record with saying that around 4.5 degrees Celsius of increase in earth temperature would reduce the earth population to around 1 billion. So, if we do not reach the 4, and do not manage to keep the Co2 emissions under control, what is the sustainable earth population at, say, a 2.5 degrees increase in say, anytime between 2070 and 2100? Four billion? Five? Perhaps, if we want to be generous, six? How many million, nay, billion babies will have to be aborted to make this happen? You see: prof Schellnhuber has no doubt at all that a massive global warming is going to happen. He calls nebulous fantasies “physical realities”, as if they were, erm, real! So, in the fantasy world of Mr Schellnhuber – a world, as you will understand, much appreciated by the Evil Clown – a massive adjustment will have to happen anyway: not down to one Billion humans if the worst case scenario does not become reality, but somewhere between the nine Billion projected for 2050 (and the much higher number projected for 2070-2100) and that number.  

So, what does the man propose to do to avoid food wars and worldwide tragedies on a lesser, and sustainable, scale than the ones in the 1 Billion scenario? What exactly? 

I tell you once again: abortion. Abortion on a scale probably not even Dr Goebbels would have considered human, at least considering the untold number of Aryans it would involve. And please do not hide behind the contraception finger. In England there are in the region of 180,000 abortions a year, and contraception is available in a way that would be almost inconceivably costly to actuate in poor countries. This, of course, leaving behind for a moment the Catholic stance on contraception, in which neither the Pope nor Prof. Schellnhuber (by the by: a Catholic, that one?) are interested. 

“But Mundabor! Mundabor! Prof Schellnhuber does not say we must abort billions! He says we must reduce emissions!”

Poppycock. The man may be deluded, but he is not retarded. He knows that his fantasy objectives will not be reached. Never ever. He complains about that very openly, when he says that Western democracies refuse to take his own apocalyptic fantasies (which he calls “physical reality”, so he has no doubt at all they will come to pass) into account in their own planning and legislating activity. Madmen can be very lucid. 

Therefore, there can be only one way: reduce the humans now before they kill each other in 50 years’ time. This is the unavoidable conclusion of this environ-mania. This is the only way any thinking man starting from such sick premises can go on thinking in a coherently sick way. This is the only rational consequence of the environ-mania the Evil Clown is so aggressively promoting, out of his own hate for the West and desire of humble self-aggrandisement.

This man, my friends, has played such an important role in the writign of the encyclical, that he will be one of only three relators, and the only layman. An utterly unbelievable Pope has allowed a papal encyclical to be substantially shaped by a man who considers his own fantasies “physical realities”. It beggars belief.


A man can be, at the same time, evil and astonishingly incompetent. If you think of people like Chavez, for example, it is obvious that in these men a strong ideological hate goes hand in hand with an exceptional degree of economic stupidity, and inability to look three inches beyond their nose.

Francis is such a one. He is evil, but he is also plain stupid in his inability to even think three steps further the path he is asking us to take. When one like Francis decides to write an encyclical about the environment, we can’t be surprised one like Prof Schellnhuber will be the one who shapes the most of its “scientific” part.

The blind (religious leaders, and climate bogus scientists) lead the blind. They are so radical (Schellnhuber, because he is; Francis, because he is accomplice, and too stupid to understand he must not link his name to such nutcases) that their “effort” is condemned to failure and ridicule from day one. They do not care. Schnellhuber lives in his fantasy world, and have made a good living out of it. Francis will, like Chavez, push his own form of hatred, uncaring of consequences, for the short term popularity advantages it will give him among his clients (all but the Catholics) and his groupies. 

These people are environmental Nazis.

To such a scale, that it is reasonable to say that even Dr Goebbels would have been terrified.  



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